Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

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- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.

  • Rahul Saha
    Rahul Saha

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  • Sulthon m alief
    Sulthon m alief

    I would be a Trex Tamer if dinos were still alive, imagine how badass is that

  • Mio Naganohara
    Mio Naganohara

    I'm so lonely that I wouldn't mind being a little abused for getting a little company.

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy

    *”Dinosaurs uh-uh had their shit and nature selected them for extinction”*

  • Kenneth Bergan
    Kenneth Bergan

    I disagree with this. First off, although it may accelerate the speed at which a galaxy travels away from us when "exiting" the zone, that doesn't mean we also won't increase acceleration when we one day in the future travel on that very same path. Also, future technology may be uncomprehensible today, so the word "never" is completely inappropriate and should be avoided entirely.

  • Below average bicycle pump
    Below average bicycle pump

    Alternate title: be grateful you little bastard

  • AsianRayyan


  • Jenna Brown
    Jenna Brown

    May I have a bird

  • The Adventures of Jimmy Crapola
    The Adventures of Jimmy Crapola

    so, there's hope for Democrats yet.

  • Emre Yalçın
    Emre Yalçın

    fluent visualization and an inspiring subject, as always. thanks a lot...

  • Fuyu. Chan.
    Fuyu. Chan.

    Man This is literal free theraphy subbed cuz i loved this video

  • App Landon
    App Landon

    Isn't his intro so satisfying?! I love it!

  • Matakala Mangala
    Matakala Mangala

    Thank you for using kilometers & Celsius

  • miel brysbaert
    miel brysbaert

    lol i have an exam about bacteria and viruses (including phages) tomorrow, i didn't understand it like till now cuz of this vid


    5:51 kurugzeat predicted covid 19

  • cherubin7th

    Most English words are as stupid and funny as "yeet". Also yeet always meant (why not meaned? Stupid language) to throw out at high velocity.

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi

    The day the dinosaurs died = the day our ancestors had a fighting chance

    • serdy ximi
      serdy ximi

      that one new creation maybe will be my favorite dinosaur.

  • 🠔TitanNish Nishad Nadkarni Ugly Ass Face
    🠔TitanNish Nishad Nadkarni Ugly Ass Face

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  • Evelyn Psychotic
    Evelyn Psychotic

    “Unintentional consequences”? Like, you think this WASNT an active and intentional way to destroy countries for imperialist aims?

  • Peter Breja
    Peter Breja

    alternative title: fallout shelter

  • Slava Thereshin
    Slava Thereshin

    @Smii7y has officially made the "yeet" come back into English. Hats off, you did it!

  • Connor

    "Yeeted into space." -Kurzgesagt (2021).

  • Margaret Brooks
    Margaret Brooks

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  • Halezz

    Solar storms could be dangerous... earth: hold my beer

  • tech-preist ryzan
    tech-preist ryzan

    Nice stargate reference

  • Axel Donadio de Mersan
    Axel Donadio de Mersan

    No government is prepared for being nuked, except Switzerland

  • Eswar K
    Eswar K

    Lots of fake comments here telling to contact a particular person for trading and stuff... probably made by same person with multiple accounts to cheat people of their money. Don't fall for them guys

  • Jonnie Chuah
    Jonnie Chuah

    Kurzgesagt on another level

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    Lianna Ciccone

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  • Charlie Gracia
    Charlie Gracia

    No wonder us Mexicans smile in the face of death it quite literally in our land

  • Harvey Calosing
    Harvey Calosing

    We call them aliens but we’re no different

  • Rob Key3s
    Rob Key3s

    Talk about reverse @Exurb1a

  • Drip Kage
    Drip Kage

    but i want this to be in the history books

  • MrWanapon

    perhaps a lesson about the danger of greed

  • The power of Zen
    The power of Zen

    This is the first time meeting you. See you In another 13 billion years.

  • Francisco 1234 Cruz
    Francisco 1234 Cruz

    Two Frames of this is used in a Meme format

  • Vladimír Gregor
    Vladimír Gregor

    Link to poster does not work anymore.

  • Calvin

    i have absolutely no friends

  • varun kaushik
    varun kaushik

    What if an event like this has happened before where an once intelligent civilisation possessed and used such weapons after which all life ended and began again, and we and everything we know are simply a result of that.

  • Jeipster

    Pretty much we will never know really who lurks behind every human being, might aswell be you since we dont know and will never know. But chasing that idea would be a bad idea. Maybe human beings were not made to take life personal, maybe the internal personal feeling is just a feeling and thoughts. That means we focus internally on something we are confused about. Maybe the bhudda was right, maybe he was wrong. Maybe not figuring out life is the best way to live.

  • Michaela신지유

    Am I the only teenager here? So sad...

  • crazy gamer
    crazy gamer

    Is it a nano virus? I play alot of plague inc

  • Iffin

    Kurzgesagt where are the birds?

  • Natasha Eliot
    Natasha Eliot

    The concept is amazing. But I would definitely not want to live at that time.

  • Kokopelle Z
    Kokopelle Z

    “Humans love to eat meat..” *paused* 🙏🏾😑 this video better not make me second guess the next burger I eat. *plays*

  • Andy Kline
    Andy Kline

    add a plush of all the types of ants u did

  • Imran Kutianawala
    Imran Kutianawala

    All that and they couldn’t give me a billionaire family that lived in a European cottage 😒

  • Davide Cracking
    Davide Cracking

    0:34 I didn't knew that telephone booth was a food made possible by impollination

  • Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
    Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO

    Dani: angry screaming

  • Gh0st

    I remember one of the more interesting theories from undergrad was that the loss of sunlight and the mass decay of vegetation was so beneficial for fungi that they almost completely dominated. This would have released huge concentrations of spores into the atmosphere. Since cold-blooded reptiles are much more susceptible to fungal infection compared to warm-blooded mammals, they would have been particularly at risk. Was a pretty cool idea for explaining early mammal success in the new earth that emerged during the extinction event.

  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith

    U should do an ADHD video

  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith


  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith

    I requestith the video-ographerpher makith a videogrofy ofith the ADHDith

  • Andrew Forte
    Andrew Forte

    Consensus: play more dnd

  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith

    You should do a vidoe on ADHD

  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith

    Y’all should totally do a video on ADHD

  • sohag khan
    sohag khan

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  • Brandon Marr
    Brandon Marr

    It all comes down to opinions and politics in the end, as always

  • Titanius Anglesmith
    Titanius Anglesmith

    Can you do a video on ADHD?

  • Clint Beck (Bob Gadunya)
    Clint Beck (Bob Gadunya)

    They need another channel devoted to the human body and health called Gesundheit.

  • Minve 47
    Minve 47

    I like to think that there might be some way in the very distant future where we colonised the whole local group that we can travel with enormous speeds (way beyond the speed of light somehow) to reach nearly everything there is

  • mosquito boy
    mosquito boy

    4:26 long live the king

  • MrCaturday

    02:34 "and you felt you were lonely" brother didnt have to do me like that.

  • The ZoneSeeker
    The ZoneSeeker

    Human is just a piece of Alphabet. We are just the specialist on the thing. What about others? i just couldn't find any clue.

  • MennQ

    why don't you turn monitozation on, so you can also make money from ads

  • this is the wrong hat
    this is the wrong hat

    We don’t need to modify the climate, we just need to modify our lifestyle. Our consumerist society is ruining the planet, and the solution isn’t to ruin it more

  • I like trees I like nature
    I like trees I like nature

    ''Nuclear explosions are about you''

  • LemonLimeLine

    I know this is really late but damn! That bird got cake at 0:35

  • TribalTree

    I never thought I would get emotional over a dinosaur video...

  • M Simmons
    M Simmons

    Is it just me or is the animation just so pretty

  • Gary Walker
    Gary Walker

    Creationist fools proudly proclaim that the Theory of Evolution is a lie and responsible for racism and "White Supremacy". This is bullshit. First, the Theory of Evolution is directly supported by evidence. Creationism is supported by dogma and lies. Second, racism and "White Supremacy" was alive and well long before Darwin published and most if not all white supremacy groups reject the Theory of Evolution and are creationist. Examples of this are the KKK that proclaim themselves to be a christian organization and the Dutch Reform Church that was the spiritual heart of South Africa and the Apartheid policies. The Theory of Evolution shows that all humans come from a common population, we are all one species and the differences in stature and skin color are trivial compared to what gives us common bonds. Further, the Theory of Evolution does explain our genetic heritage but is NOT an advisory for how we should arrange our societies.

  • Wol Bern
    Wol Bern

    Why throwing so much shade at brown dwarfs?


    4:26 Saddest anime death.

  • Alexander Carey
    Alexander Carey

    but what if the move gives the planets too much speed when they follow the sun and it sends their orbits into chaos?

  • DoggoThe Man
    DoggoThe Man

    Space caused human. Humans are worse then the devil. We have destroyed multiple types of creatures entirely

  • Thiwanka Samarasinghe
    Thiwanka Samarasinghe

    Why am I addicted to this channel I can't watch any other videos on UZmatch

  • Federico Miceli
    Federico Miceli

    11:20 please, start making debugging ducks (they are smaller versions of rubber ducks). They would be awesome <3

  • Louis Stubbolo
    Louis Stubbolo

    5:25 lol "debris yeeted into space"