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  • TheTyping Avocado
    TheTyping Avocado

    i would say that the punisher is underrated

  • BatMadd

    “Mezz Miggezzuhn”? Mads Mikkelsen?

  • Honey Shark
    Honey Shark

    Man Of Steel and The Amazing Spider-Man are over-hated. The Amazing Spider-Man had so much potential but Sony messed it up after the 2nd movie, A superhero movie that needs to be hated on is Age Of Ultron and Birds of Prey.

  • Dee Gravelrama
    Dee Gravelrama

    Super impressive! Thanks for doing this. I love the continuity aspect that they have maintained (regardless of a couple minor exceptions). I mean, the fact that this exists is so awesome, & even cooler that you put this together with clips & pics in order. It would be cool if Disney + or whoever would make an actual timeline option where we could watch everything from the beginning in order. Wishful thinking anyway...

  • comet star
    comet star

    I feel Suicide Squad is the most overhated. I actually like the movie and never really saw anything that bad from it. It's not great but I don't think it's the worst thing ever.

    • Kauswe Kazilimani
      Kauswe Kazilimani

      I think the Brian ruined that movie foreire than anything.

  • Lauren Masters
    Lauren Masters

    Overhated...... Spider-Man and superman returns

  • unKnown_Goat

    I love X-3 and Man of Steel which I think are over hated films

  • Anurag Srivatsa
    Anurag Srivatsa

    I saw The Suicide Squad a few days ago, it's pretty much everything you would want from it

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker

    Xmen three

  • Cian Conachy
    Cian Conachy

    The fact that the petition to turn you into carnage has not passed 100 votes even though these videos have ecumalated over 2k views is truly a tragedy

  • micpere1991

    I mean any piece of media thats popular can be overrated if you think about it.

  • George Alexander
    George Alexander

    Cool thing about A Clockwork Orange. In trainspotting, the bar is based on the Moloko bar in A Clockwork Orange

  • Comicbook King
    Comicbook King

    How did you know Spider-man far from home gets a lot of hate ?

    • Michael Scarn
      Michael Scarn

      @Cxrved and why does that matter? This is a new take on the character and hes in the MCU. So have him close to Iron Man. Why is that a problem. Makes more sense given that he started being Spider-Man at 14/15. So of course he will be dependant on someone like Stark.

    • Zane Drake
      Zane Drake

      @Michael Scarn 100% Correct. Not liking his movies is fine, but the vast majority of the hate is coming from blind rage or nostalgia rather than legitimate issues. Hightops is a good example of the former.

    • Cxrved

      @Comicbook King also I think he mostly leaches on to iron man for some of the movie

    • Comicbook King
      Comicbook King

      @Michael Scarn oh. Ok.

    • Michael Scarn
      Michael Scarn

      Tom Holland Spider-Man gets hated on by people who are too blinded by their nostalgia for the Maguire era

  • Average anime man
    Average anime man

    Personally for me, I think Black Panther is really overrated, but I understand why people like it.

    • Honey Shark
      Honey Shark

      @comet star I loved the movie because it made Wakanda come to life from the comics and Chadwick was gone too soon :(

    • comet star
      comet star

      100% agree. How did this movie get Oscar nominated lol like what was so good about this movie. Your telling me Logan doesn't get Best Picture nominated but Black Panther does (By the way Logan I feel is the most underrated in my opinion). I have so many problems with this movie. It's not bad but it has a ton of problems and for me it's on the lower tier of the MCU. It's a shame cause there was a lot of potential with his character based off of Civil War which he was great in and such a stand out but then they waste all that potential in his own movie and he essentially feels like a different character and not in a good way. Also Chadwick was the perfect Black Panther and it's a shame he passed on too soon.

    • Nick Tube Video
      Nick Tube Video

      Yeah, the action is pretty bad with the ugly visual effects and that’s not good for a blockbuster superhero movie

  • Penguin Milkshake
    Penguin Milkshake

    I haven’t been on this channel in a while but I will always check up on a channel that got me into UZmatch

  • Dinnage09

    The Incredible Hulk is is the better than iron man 3 you heard what I said

    • Honey Shark
      Honey Shark

      I think Incruble Hulk was an OK' movie it's not better than iron man 3 tho that's a big reach.

    • Locks

      @Dinnage09 it would be more cohesive but I think mark has proved himself so far.

    • Dinnage09

      @Jake Nelson I can guarantee everyone would like it more if they did not recast Ed Norton ( I don’t hate mark btw)

    • Jake Nelson
      Jake Nelson

      Gonna have to disagree on that one

  • dillon uitts
    dillon uitts


  • Le General
    Le General


  • Whyro

    Im so sure i saw the scene from 14:54 in the movie. Is there a posibility that it was cut in some countries or something. Like i can remember it crystal clear

  • davante barbain
    davante barbain

    Sword is the first line of defense then theres shield and then in between is the heros of earth also captain marvel being at the end of aou makes more sense and could've had her movie take place between winter soldier and aou and they could've just found out about her from fury promoting them to recruit her

  • Whyro

    Im pretty sure Tom Holland appears in that scene at 5:13

  • mrbatz


  • I'm Confused
    I'm Confused

    This guy sounds like dream lamo

  • Keira Scales
    Keira Scales

    Peter is not dead!

  • Keira Scales
    Keira Scales

    It's already been Christmas so it's out in the commissioner 's

  • Isaiah Cooper
    Isaiah Cooper


  • MLG Gamer
    MLG Gamer

    Honestly I kinda liked the deleted scene from guardian of the galaxy 2 it was funny

  • mrbatz


  • Cathal O'Brien
    Cathal O'Brien

    I totally agree with the 5 movies but in a different order I would switch infinity war and the avengers so….. 1. Avengers Infinity War 2. Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Captain America the Winter Soldier 4. Avengers 5. Spider-Man Homecoming


    I ended up watching the whole thing 😃😂

  • SuperWorm Gaming
    SuperWorm Gaming

    Love Homecoming

  • Eric W
    Eric W

    So your telling me that Steve went to art school, so if hilter had actually gotten into art school, he could've been captain germany?

  • me here
    me here

    The first avenger was boring but interesting, it was bad when it came to fight scenes and they 100% didn't define his powers,

  • Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια
    Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια

    i really liked the captain marvel movie myself

  • Ben Jimmy
    Ben Jimmy

    Guardians of the galaxy is terrible I would have it out of like all of the movies it would be like third last

  • Abdul Rahman Badwan
    Abdul Rahman Badwan

    1. BLADE 1998 (still Marvel) 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3. Thor: Ragnarok 4. Ironman 1 5. Avengers 1 6. Captain America: Civil war 7. Avengers: Infinity war

  • The Comic Director
    The Comic Director

    Yes the 1st avengers is also my fav too and still my fav movie ever

  • MBJ Studio
    MBJ Studio

    This is a very relatable film for me anyways, of not getting it done, trying for something then loosing the confidence is just amazing without hardly any words, great stuff here, hope to see more

  • MBJ Studio
    MBJ Studio

    Avengers Infinity War Avengers Guardians of The galaxy Captain America Winter solider Iron Man for me

  • JB0N3S_007

    Has anyone noticed that in the deleted glasses scene in far from home Peter says Tony instead of Mr. Stark. It’s really weird to hear cuz he has never called him Tony.

  • laserman500

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 3. Avengers 4. Infinity War 5. Iron Man

  • Niner

    "speaking of him(quicksilver), scenes were apparently shot." oh damn

  • Austin Rose
    Austin Rose

    The Loki cap one was Huston of the first takes before they over layed Steve’s face

  • Dive instructor Daniel
    Dive instructor Daniel


  • ReusableRocket

    21:00 I like to think that the soul stone heals the person using it or makes them more invulnerable, or even gives them Heimdal’s powers (the guy from Thor who has an orange costume and can see/hear everyone in the universe)

  • C7 Avenger
    C7 Avenger

    Gonna be honest I thought ghost rider was dc lmao

  • Hamperbottom

    My Top 10 favourite movies: 1. Batman The Dark Knight (2008) 2. The Longest Yard (2005) 3. Zombieland (2009) 4. Tropic Thunder (2008) 5. Employee of the Month (2006) 6. Step Brothers (2008) 7. Ted 2 (2015) 8. Kingsman the Secret Service (2014) 9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) 10. Hot Fuzz (2007)

  • Furqan Chishti
    Furqan Chishti

    I skipped the moment you said "This video is sponsored". 9:54

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire

    the only thing i disagree with is far from home being so high

  • Walt Powell
    Walt Powell

    This was my favorite Godzilla movie out of all of them, I'm not a movie reviewer or anything like that but I felt it was a masterpiece

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips

    1 endgame 2 Iron man 3 3 the avengers 4 captain America and the winter soldier 5 avengers infinity war

  • Sean Grant
    Sean Grant

    Most to the point video I've ever seen!!!

  • KJs reviews and stop motion
    KJs reviews and stop motion

    Amazing list! I respect it.

  • Opinionated Right
    Opinionated Right

    Civil war is probably the best movie ever u trippin

  • Kofrix Guia
    Kofrix Guia

    Is the Judas bullets, chitauri metal that came from Avengers 1?

  • Foxydoesgaming

    What if Hulk de-ages cap with time travel like he did to Scott

  • allanvide

    I remember when avengers infinity war came out people where going wild in the theater

  • Jalen Bradley
    Jalen Bradley

    I think that when hydra was taken out ww2 the "2 heads" that took the place of hydra are shield and sword.

  • ThinkMarkThink!

    I am bad

  • Josh Hunter
    Josh Hunter

    1. Infinity war 2. Endgame 3. Civil war 4. Winter soldier 5. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 2

  • Trajoan Mayberry
    Trajoan Mayberry

    My Top 5 MCU Films 5.Avengers Age Of Ultron 4.Spider-Man Homecoming 3.Captain America The Winter Soldier 2.Avengers Endgame 1.Avengers Infinity War HM Iron-Man Captain Marvel Ant-Man The Avengers

  • Supun Praneeth
    Supun Praneeth

    this list is stupid

  • Jaelyn

    1. Thor ragnarok 2. Avengers: Infinity war 3.Guardians of the galaxy vol 1 4. The Avengers 5. Loki ( not a movie but shut up ) 5. WandaVision ( not a movie but shut up ) 6. The winter soldier 7. Spiderman FFH ( fight me ) 8. Guardians vol 2 9. Antman ( underrated ) 10. Captain America Civil War

  • shloomy shloms
    shloomy shloms

    5 Spiderman homecoming 4 guardians of the galaxy 3 civil war 2 avengers endgame 1 avengers infinity War