ITZY(있지) - 마.피.아. In the morning(Mafia In the morning) (Music Bank) | KBS WORLD TV 210430
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  • Zulanore

    I love their perfomance and outfits!

  • 동영배의 눈코입
    동영배의 눈코입

    노래 처음 나왔을 때 나포함 노래 구리다고 죄다 혹평이었는데 바로 빌보드 핫 200차트 148위 진입 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    Lia so amazing this comeback

  • ฮาจิมะ ทีวี
    ฮาจิมะ ทีวี


  • ฮาจิมะ ทีวี
    ฮาจิมะ ทีวี


  • Edith B
    Edith B

    Don’t like it , Iike their previous songs

  • Jessielyn Sonsona
    Jessielyn Sonsona

    Sarry , their mics are ON!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • aliens are kind
    aliens are kind

    Okay but why is no one talking about the bruise on Yeji's forehead in the thumbnail? It made me so concerned ( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ )

  • Alex SS
    Alex SS

    Their rapping skills are shining in this comeback✨

  • Maricel Alberio
    Maricel Alberio

    I remember Jisoo everytime I see Lia, the most beautiful and...

  • Kpop_Idols

    1.Yeji-yeji. 2.Lia-리아 3.Ryujin-류진 4.Chaeryoung-Chaeryoung. 5.Yuna-유나

  • もぬ

    Shhhhhhh Guess who loves youナヤ ナ Do I show you Noヤ No アジッ タイミ アニャ ナン ジョム ド カッカイ ジョム ト カッカイ クロダ カプチャギ ッサッ I’mma steal it マウムル フムチョ You are gonna love me キョルジョンジョギル ッテ イッパル トゥロネヌン Type ナワ トゥ ヌニ マジュチョド ナン フンドゥルリミ オプソ No ノル サラハヌン ゲ チェラミョン ボミヌン Who You’ll never know Baby ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリゲッチ ノン キョルグゲン ネ ッコヤ ネ ッコヤ ネ ゲ トェゲッチ ノン イジェ Finally finally テッカル シガニヤ ッポルソ オヌセ ット パミ トェオッスムニダ I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ット アチミ パルガッスムニダ オジェッパメド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ナリ パルガド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ペウボダ ト ペウ ヌッデ カジゴ ノヌン ヨユ ジョニョ アンボ イゲッチ Clue ハジマン ナエゲン タ ケフェギ イッタゴ Go クマン モムッモムンデ スルスル ジャンジョン ケシ ノル ペッソ ペッソ ペッソ Like a caper movie アル ス オンヌン Poker face ジョンリョンヘ ニ マムソッ Place Hurry up Baby catch me if you can haha Baby ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリョ ヘッカルリゲッチ ノン キョルグゲン ネ ッコヤ ネ ッコヤ ネ ゲ トェゲッチ ノン イジェ Finally finally テッカル シガニヤ ッポルソ オヌセ ット パミ トェオッスムニダ I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ヌグイルカ Mafia マジマッ パミ キッポッソ イ パミ チナミョン ニ ギョテン ナ ハナ Yeah yeah アチンネ ピハル ス オンヌン アチミ ワ Hahaha I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia I’m the mafia Ma ma ma ma mafia ya ya We do it like a mafia ット アチミ パルガッスムニダ オジェッパメド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia ナリ パルガド You don't even know ヌグイルカ Mafia

  • AJ Ocean
    AJ Ocean

    Itzy’s coming for that throne


    2:23 dis is why i have trust issues

  • Abby E.
    Abby E.

    I'M ADDICTED TO 3:03 RYUJIN : 😃 TO 😏

  • Lala Lisa
    Lala Lisa

    Ryujin deep voice 🔥 !!!

  • Emma

    Lia’s bridge made me do that instant rewind lemme hear that again thing it was that good. Not the biggest fan of the song but me liking the bridge best in a song might just save me

  • ayesha ali
    ayesha ali

    Liaaaa That rich airy voice Chef's kiss All girls were amazing

  • Alba Castro Suarez
    Alba Castro Suarez

    When I'm a baby Stan of any Kgroup I'm like 99% sure who my bias is since the second one, but broh it doesn't work with ITZY. I don't know who I supposed to focus on, they have so powerful visuals and OMG the rap and the vocals😩 they slayed it.

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara

    International midzy

  • Jhoren Paler
    Jhoren Paler


  • lalisa manoban
    lalisa manoban


  • U

    아 jyp 코디 진짜 화가 치밀어 오른다 아무 리 팬들이 글을폭탄으로써도 반성1도 안하네. 제왑피 제일 큰 문제점은 코디임. god 때부터 한결같이 제일 구린 스타일링 피지컬은 제일 좋은애들 뽑으면서 계속 제왑특유의 저 비닐바지 입히고 진짜 대대로 !! 저이쁜애들을 저렇게 밖에 못입히냐 god때부터 성골 제왑빠인데 오래묵은 화가 치밀어 오른다 진짜!!!!

  • dlyjdbs

    역시 👍 있지 😎 사랑해용 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚 😍 💖 😘 💕 💗 😚

  • SoInto You
    SoInto You

    Yuna is so appealing

  • Muhammad alen
    Muhammad alen

    Idk why but when the intro I'm laughing at chaeryoung face lol love itzy vote itzy

  • susmitasingh Thakuri
    susmitasingh Thakuri

    wow oh my god whatt a mafia.

  • DenimAndLeather

    This song is such a bop

  • ᅳᅳ

    진짜이쁘당 유나~~

  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan

    What a stable voice👑💞

  • Nicole Dunkak
    Nicole Dunkak

    lia and chaeryeong’s vocals are so good this comeback???? they’re both so stable oh my god

  • cain Jaik
    cain Jaik

    720p????? KBS 가 망하는 이유

  • choo

    Lia era

  • 장세금

    진짜 아쉽고 아까움.

  • Christine Bermudo
    Christine Bermudo

    Love Ryujin's hairstyle

  • Xaniah Kho
    Xaniah Kho

    i rly loved lia’s voice in this song i’m addictedddd

  • BLACK BT21
    BLACK BT21

    Itzy is copying style of blackpink outfits , song lyrics , they trying to copy blackpink

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    * twerking aggressively *

  • lorraine ibay
    lorraine ibay

    lakas maka flex ng live vocals

  • Ravenclaw

    Gzzz why Yeji look like Hoshi more n more I saw her 😭😂

  • 셀빗シ

    이 노래 별로라고 생각하는데도 계속듣게됨...

  • neji

    damn theyre stable

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      1:05 cameraman on crack

  • Joe joey 90
    Joe joey 90

    So amazing song

  • Good

    Airtime so bad, It is Chraeryoung shot but the camera took Yeji in that frame 😡

  • Lynx

    This era for them hits different Yuna's parts are all my favorite 2:23 SERIOUSLY RYUJIN'S DUALITY I GOT GOOSEBUMPS

  • sunday melody
    sunday melody

    this is my favorite stage for mafia in the morning

  • sunday melody
    sunday melody

    you'll never know

  • ZS_0927

    YEJI's voice and rap can kill us so easly guys....

  • ZS_0927


  • kagnomi

    Yuna at such a young age keeps improving more and more! She is literally oozing charisma!!!

  • MiLia Karamargisa
    MiLia Karamargisa

    Hope everyone can support the group by plowing the view for this post to 100M. Thanks.

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin

    Dear god their vocals are so stable especially Yuna and Lia HELLO

  • Yani Daryas
    Yani Daryas

    Yuna gurl has grown up becoming the baddest bitch i- 👁👄👁

  • No_i

    Omg itzy really don't know how to lip sync

  • Mmachukwu

    we do it like a mapia

  • Selen AKDOĞAN
    Selen AKDOĞAN

    1:05 cameraman on crack

  • def soul
    def soul

    I love the dance , but not the lyrics ..

  • Bunana Palumbung
    Bunana Palumbung

    Is this Lia's era?

  • mashaal shahid
    mashaal shahid

    Guess who loves you? Naea na

  • mashaal shahid
    mashaal shahid



    I love when Yuna says" you are gonna love it" with that expression

  • Anita Padilla
    Anita Padilla

    Lia QUEEN

  • Miss Lee
    Miss Lee

    lia's vocal was so damn stable😍

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi

    Yeji is the reason why I breathe

  • 4everinsomnia773

    Seriously. Where to start? What a performance!

  • 귀족쿠치키

    진짜 유나 채령 머리카락진심 너무잘쓴다..소름끼쳐 서로 머리돌리고흔드는데 완전 홀린다..ㅜㅜ

  • Yuri Land
    Yuri Land

    They're very talented their stage is perfect litterly

  • Elizabeth Galvan
    Elizabeth Galvan

    If you like this song 👇

    • gioyu comi
      gioyu comi

      류진이는 진짜 나중에 연기로 나가도 될듯 분위기 오져.. 표정도 자연스럽고..

  • Menal JH
    Menal JH

    كل شي حلوووووو💙💙💙🔥

  • GreenNinja Playz Roblox
    GreenNinja Playz Roblox

    yeji's underarms attracted me.

  • 顏蘊華


  • 顏蘊華


  • 顏蘊華


  • Alejandra Menendez
    Alejandra Menendez

    *twerking like the mafia*

  • GoldenHobi loves Sprite
    GoldenHobi loves Sprite

    Anyone else being so bias wrecked by Chaeryeong this comeback? Her voice is literally angelic to me here

  • KK

    lia has improved so much! she seems so much more confident and her vocals are amazing as ever

  • Michelle Mostacero Castillo
    Michelle Mostacero Castillo

    Chaeryeong ~ Best dancer

  • 응듀정


  • possy clover
    possy clover

    OT5 That's it

  • simplysee chelsea
    simplysee chelsea

    I love that this is yuna's era

  • Dramatic Llama
    Dramatic Llama

    Why they're so beautiful at their outfits..

  • 당근

    류진이는 진짜 나중에 연기로 나가도 될듯 분위기 오져.. 표정도 자연스럽고..

  • Moments of Alwaysness
    Moments of Alwaysness

    I'm not really a fan but why am I so happy to see Ryujin and Lia's improvement in their live vocals. And Lia's voice holds soo much power that needs to unleashed. Way to go girls!!🔥


    Sizce en güzel kombin kimindi Bence: YEJİ

  • Martha Angelina
    Martha Angelina

    TY for the fire, MuBank You really know this stage must became hot

  • chasa jane
    chasa jane

    Today is mitm 1st win congrats!!

  • chasa jane
    chasa jane

    4th gen queen itzy

  • Niña Quilaquiga
    Niña Quilaquiga

    Yuna's ring ding ding ding Lia's Bridge part Chaeryeong:finally,finally Ryujin:do is show you? Yeji's all raps

  • Hwang_

    Dalla Dalla : 9🏆 ICY : 12 🏆 Wannabe : 8 🏆 Not Shy : 5 🏆 MITM : 1 🏆 and counting Total : 35 Wins 🏆

  • Just A Kool Kpop Fan
    Just A Kool Kpop Fan

    Atleast we can all agree taht intro is not it, bruhh editor replayed the intrp 3 TIMESS!!

  • Claire Armstrong
    Claire Armstrong

    ryujin’s mic is ON

  • Salvador

    Ryujin ❤

  • Amani Bayaty
    Amani Bayaty

    People...... CHAERYEONG AND LIA ROCKED !!!!

  • April

    눈을 뗄 수가 없네

  • Ezgi Su Kilit
    Ezgi Su Kilit

    OMG Lia knows how to wear definitely!!!

  • purplingtae

    lia said MY MIC IS ON 2:31! yuna and lia blew me away this comeback

  • Leyton Jann Abunda
    Leyton Jann Abunda

    Is no one gonna talk about that they are literally singing live Edit: Thank you for 5 likes its the most likes i ever had

    • Eman Fatima
      Eman Fatima

      But now you got 42 likes😂😂 so thanx to others 37 who liked your comment😂😂

    • choo

      Wdym? They always do that

  • Qian Kun
    Qian Kun


  • Kai Arneson
    Kai Arneson

    Who, did we ever figure out who the mafia is?