Scariest Paranormal Moments Caught on Camera 2020 Compilation (Most Shocking Encounters of Season 2)
In Today's video we are taking a look at some of the scariest paranormal encounters we have ever captured on camera up to date and a few creepy things that were overlooked while filming....
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Links to each full investigation mentioned in this video are below:
Evil Spirits in Rodney Ghost Town:
Little Girl in Burnt Plantation:
Cursed by Voodoo Queen in New Orleans:
Powerful Spirit in Old Man's House:
Shadow Figures in Haunted New Orleans Hotel:
Disturbing Discovery in Abandoned Hospital:
Paranormal Activity in Haunted Ghost Town Hotel:
Summoning Cursed Dybbuk Mirror in Haunted Desert:
Whether or not you believe in ghosts, paranormal activity or demons the things we caught on camera during these ghost hunts are completely unexplainable. Unexplained paranormal activity gone wrong. This felt like living through a horror movie but all events were caught on camera. It was very scary! We will never forget these most shocking moments/ encounters and neither will you.
Join us as we stake out and try to communicate with the afterlife.
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Thank you guys for watching and being part of my dream! The channel is alive and better than ever! I hope this video helped in deciding if this is the one for you!
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    MindSeed TV

    Thanks for joining. We are currently away and traveling the United States investigating more haunted locations! We hope you enjoyed our scariest moments compilation and we will be back with new content in no time. Have no fear, there are a few surprise video uploads scheduled to release while we are away! See you soon!

    • thirdworldassassin masterpieace
      thirdworldassassin masterpieace

      @The Reviewer!!!! are you mad at mindseed tv or talking about someone else ? i think mindseed tv is pretty cool i just found them a week ago , but people like omargoshtv and stuff are a bunch of frauds , omargoshtv wanted me to write him a rap song and said he loved the song for the dumpster dive videos then offered me money for the song then i told him just have the song for free and mention my youtube and he then pretended like he lost the song , idk but theres people who fake ghost videos and it discredits ghosts , i know ghosts are real ive heard the footsteps and seen one in a graveyard walking full apporition with a abe lincoln top hat , ive also experienced other ghosts , im in michigan and know alot of haunted places if anyone wants some haunted house info , but youd have to speak with the owners of the house , striker cemetery is where i seen the top hat guy he was talking across the graveyard

    • Child 'O' Light
      Child 'O' Light

      @The Reviewer!!!! There has always been people to jump on the band wagon and try to make a name or a buck or both for themselves. They have no F'n ideal what they're dealing with and if they pursue doing what they're ignorant of, they will regret it, all it take is one demon and their are no shortage of those.

    • The Reviewer!!!!
      The Reviewer!!!!

      I am a paranormal investigator for the state of New Jersey and I'm ashamed that every so-called paranormal investigation team is commercializing this occupation

    • thirdworldassassin masterpieace
      thirdworldassassin masterpieace

      @Child 'O' Light god is simply the entity that created everything , anything that didnt create everything is not god ... hence the secret socieites worshipping the grand architect of the universe aka TGAOTU

    • thirdworldassassin masterpieace
      thirdworldassassin masterpieace

      @Child 'O' Light im part cherokee and blackfoot and i have no reason to believe in anything supernatural about the jesus story , i believe in the story but i believe that since the apostles talked that you would know him by a sign and that sign would be 3 days and 3 nights like that of jonah and the whale and since the crucifiction was not 3 days and 3 nights it was clearly doctored and that part is not accurate in the bible , the real story of jesus is that the world govenrment is absolute tyranny and that much like our founding fathers in america jesus and his fishermen crew wanted to stop rome ... after rome crushed the rebellion rome absorbed the rhetoric and turned it into one of its 16 crucified saviors of the sun god sol invictus , the plants of the amazon were found by shamans who inggested ayahuwasca or mushrooms and were told what the plants do by spirits , i am talking about shamanism , christ in aramaic means mushroom , read john allegros books , the original sage was salvia devinorum which is a psychadelic plant and the psychadelic plants are real magic

  • Hunter Eury
    Hunter Eury

    i get an add about the best sleep ever

  • Hunter Eury
    Hunter Eury

    at 4:08 mom is that you i was wondering were u were

  • Hunter Eury
    Hunter Eury

    3:19 that vid was tampered people had proof

  • SKYY.

    Why is no one talking about how he was vomiting literal black matter?????


    The one with the person outside the windows seems to be a reflection of the net curtain, and the one with the person sitting with their back turned is that stuff on the floor creating an illusion in that lighting, some of the others are just shadows

  • Harmony Perkins
    Harmony Perkins

    MINDSEED PLEASE SEE THIS COMMENT!! I watched the episode with the sitting child and now I’m watching this one. As the clip of the sitting child appeared i remembered I thought I seen it turn around. Watching this again, I can definitely see it turn its head and look at you! I really need to know if I’m right here haha, it’s actually driving me mad since I seen the episode.

  • Ish Allibor
    Ish Allibor

    The sounds part is so scary

  • Ish Allibor
    Ish Allibor

    Ginoo ko luoda anang itom na suka

  • sasquatch sasquatch
    sasquatch sasquatch

    Hi could anybody PEASE tell me what the gadget the lads are using to communicate with spirit? It comes up on the screen what the spirit is trying to say. Anybody know please?

  • Amy Perras
    Amy Perras

    The stairs still get me every time!

  • Sam J
    Sam J

    Spirit boxes and those ridiculous hand held "word creaters" are so freaking stupid. Especially the latter. It's nothing but random words generated that only make sense through coincidence. What if it said naked sausage party? Would y'all strip down naked and dance around with your peckers swinging about? Would you think there's a ghost who died during a gay orgy?

  • Christopher Blades
    Christopher Blades

    In Tanner's bedroom when the door closes Look Under the Bed

  • tina rose key wolfe
    tina rose key wolfe

    I'm more concerned about the fact there is a light in every room if that falling down abondoned home and u circle one winder with a old clothes over it .. now were u guys already in there because it's actually not the structure but the ground that holds the energy

  • Mani Volmax
    Mani Volmax

    You're as fake as your subscribers

  • Mad

    ...pretty sure the black think running between the pews (don’t know how to spell it) was just a cat

  • jaanu2222

    they made it really scary , it is great wish we could see something real

  • Eric bader
    Eric bader

    In the vid towards the beginning where the bathroom or some other door is closing, the bed skirt is literally being tugged on from underneath at the same time..... what’s that about? That wasn’t noticed or something?

  • Jessica Morgan
    Jessica Morgan

    The what? 1900s was when the old medicine was supposed to be from? Yet one room in this abandoned place there is laid out all neat as if on a shop shelf with very modern vanilla folders and this walker (also very modern) maybe neither of you could have moved it but anyone else sure cuda.. Can't comment otherwise quit watching.

  • Melo

    Camera moves to much on stationary cameras and better clarity

  • Melo

    Focus...I can't see the hand prints..

  • Arguing101

    Yep about as fake as I'd imagine

  • snuffs lopez
    snuffs lopez


    • Jonathan Lawson
      Jonathan Lawson

      Yeah it's so darn fake 😆🤣

  • Josh Mullins
    Josh Mullins

    Crazy how this group is always doing stuff in front of a mirror.....

  • Itsmemike60 J
    Itsmemike60 J

    One of these days I am going to do a video to show you guys how these guys trick you with these things and how they open and close doors

    • Alisson Oliveira
      Alisson Oliveira

      eles são muito bom em casas abandonadas

  • Itsmemike60 J
    Itsmemike60 J

    It’s funny how it’s always at night or the video you can’t make it out

  • Caine Doherty
    Caine Doherty


  • DayBreaker

    OK the stair one got me SOMETHING crawled down the mfing stairs i think it was trying to attach to you tbh

  • Drones - over - Oklahoma
    Drones - over - Oklahoma

    A black window with a light glare!

  • shirin rasoli
    shirin rasoli

    these young men taking as a joke because when a person(as a human) dies their ghost or spirit cant stay in the world if they are telling the truth then these gentlemen dealing with demonic entity especially they are swearing a lot, that's why the entity hurting them, all if is not for show !!!!!!

  • SixElementalCrystals

    20:15 scared the shit outta me.

  • Dee

    Chris brockmoreif you dont like dont watch you tool

  • Benedict Coutou
    Benedict Coutou

    So much ghost 👻stories never really captured evidence for the public...

  • Lazuli

    when that thing ran down the stairs all i could imagine was a fast headcrab but it had hands instead of claws

  • Bill scott
    Bill scott

    At 3:20 minutes in, the bottom of the bed blows in a breeze

  • Ripping Kona5.0
    Ripping Kona5.0

    What the heck was that that ran down the steps at you guys??! The camera didnt see anything but you can clearly tell something is coming down those steps real fast. One of my favorite moments yet probably one of the scariest for you guys is when the whole house shakes after playing the piano key!

  • Seth Burgoyne
    Seth Burgoyne

    its awesome but you gotta watch these videos @t

  • LynnSki76

    Got to say the evp shit always fascinates me

  • Zeeko Zappo
    Zeeko Zappo

    Acting 6/10

  • Greg Raymond
    Greg Raymond

    They use a common ouji board? C’mon dudes, it’s time to grow up.

  • Greg Raymond
    Greg Raymond

    Did he say a “Spirit Box?” What the fuck is a spirit box? Can I buy one and How many spirits come with the box?

    • Seawatersoul

      Oh and if you really just wanna get a spirit box you cAn of course Google that shit under shopping and there are plenty of other tools out there too....and also more accurate.

    • Seawatersoul

      Yeah you can definitely buy one can also go into your app store and look up paranormal...I don't fck with the entertainment ghost and spirit apps I always go for the lifestyle or communication paranormal apps. Alot of them are crap but if you're interested in trying out an app I can definitely help send you in the right direction just reply if you're having a hard time to figure out which is best for you if you'd like.. I live on a haunted property and home (well I wouldn't call it haunted because they've given me absolutely no real major issues but I know how to take care of an evil spirit or demon real quick these days lol) but yeah the actual spirit box can be a noisey piece of equipment. Are you thinking you have a spirit attached to you or home,?

  • Greg Raymond
    Greg Raymond

    Bullshit! More plain bullshit! Next!

  • Ben Ten
    Ben Ten

    Come to house of blues new orleans

  • Nicholas Linn
    Nicholas Linn

    Ghosts don't appreciate all your gender profiling.

  • Resk 11
    Resk 11

    Yo some of these seemed like they were faked

  • Elena Gilbert
    Elena Gilbert

    Which one is the very last clip from? With the banging on the stairs

  • Brittany Walsh
    Brittany Walsh

    I hope you saw a dr about the black vomit

  • Ant Tam
    Ant Tam

    I don’t want to seem like an armchair investigator, let alone an armchair pseudoskeptic, but the shadow moving between the pews in the abandoned church looks like a rat or other type of rodent. I’m probably wrong, though...

  • Roy Thomas
    Roy Thomas

    "What is that?!" AN ADD!

  • david humphries
    david humphries


  • mrNACHOOO_ gaming
    mrNACHOOO_ gaming

    When Tanner plays the piano, the house was just vibing to the music lol

  • Identity Paul
    Identity Paul

    @5:44 Gollum just crawling around on the ceiling....

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales

    “Something closed the door to the bathroom” ...yea the black shadow figure that walks past

  • Manuel Jimenez
    Manuel Jimenez

    Where do you find the link ?

  • Nora Elson
    Nora Elson

    Wow,Stay safe..And did not go back to that haunted land,Where your friend was sick. Your video was very interesting, More to this world them we know.🎶🐦😷📽️📹🎬

  • Ariana Xavier
    Ariana Xavier

    Seu canal e demais amo muito seu canal mais uma inscrita 🥰👏👏👏

  • Ken Richards
    Ken Richards

    If you aren't watching this with really good headphones you've been deprived.

  • Jenny Callaghan
    Jenny Callaghan

    You should know better than to use a ouiji board!

  • Ryan Stall
    Ryan Stall

    The door moved a millimeter......its elementary Watson...GHOSTS

  • Rioumurou Matsu
    Rioumurou Matsu

    I saw black vomit before on my alcoholic daddy. It's pretty common stomach reaction. You guys are fakes, sorry to bring it to your fans. All the doors closing that's a very thin rope which is invisible for the calculator that you are filming on. Sitting boy or whatever? Why haven't you bring the big camera with the light in the first place and you walked with a calculator to tape one of the biggest moments of your life. Must have felt dissapointed as fuck. And the spirit box? Seriously?

  • Nethan Angelo
    Nethan Angelo

    ka OA sa mga pota oy!!!

  • xMangleRod

    I love how u guys have like actual proof of this instead of some UZmatchrs they don’t sometimes I’m proud


    6:45 ok but can we acknowledge how good the music was?

  • Atlas Hammercock
    Atlas Hammercock

    Such a crock of shit lol

  • vestedvoice

    Theres a lot of people trying to prove existence of ghosts and all fail miserably or are just plain out stupididly obvious that they are fake. But you guys actually had some pretty good evidence. You deserve a sub

  • Carlos Rios
    Carlos Rios

  • Emily Renee
    Emily Renee

    That's a bride or girl in a moo moo

  • Lavelle Mello
    Lavelle Mello

    You won’t believe what I caught in my camera if u believe in ghost 😱😱listen closely u can hear it say [hey] go to my page and watch the video

  • Graham S
    Graham S

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  • Anam Tabassum
    Anam Tabassum

    yeah crawler with a tail 😒

  • Anam Tabassum
    Anam Tabassum

    If you see a sitting child you use your light to see clearly and record with camera NOT PUT IT IN DARKNESS AND RUNNING TO YOUR FRIEND....

  • Anam Tabassum
    Anam Tabassum

    Video title: "This is the scariest paranormal activity not for fainthearted" video: *door opens* *furniture moves* *shadow runs* 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joeann Maillo
    Joeann Maillo

    IDK... I saw i cat at that church in between the pews. and that one shot of the window when you were scanning the room just looked like a ripped window screen. Everything else is crazy scary. I will never forget when you were sleeping at that one place and that shadow was at the door looking into the room as you slept.... smh hell nah. You guys have caught a lot of shit that I still can't believe. It's one of those things where you see it on youtube and you can't explain it (so a part of you is like fuck that was real) but part of you is like, well I wasn't there and maybe it was a trick of the camera or something. I would have had to be there.... but I'm too chicken shit. I'll binge your channel and pretend though. lol P.S. Damn good editing. You guys rock. I love you!!

  • Tony Rich
    Tony Rich

    In the next to last video we’re Tanner hit the piano key that was freaking totally terrifying just terrifying if I was thier I would never ever ghost hunt NO MORE EVER!!!! It’s Paula Rich from Tennessee love you guys

  • Here CHOCKY chocky
    Here CHOCKY chocky

    looks like a cat in the church, what you called Crawler

  • Janice Joyce
    Janice Joyce

    I don’t actually see anything...?

  • Franco Colomba
    Franco Colomba

    You guys should really spice things up and start calling the name of Jesus next time you get into an encounter. 😉

  • Robert Strickland
    Robert Strickland

    WTF was that in the house with the earthquake?

  • Bailey Anderson
    Bailey Anderson

    Okay but the thing running down the stairs got me

  • renz castillo
    renz castillo

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  • renz castillo
    renz castillo

    Who is casey

  • Audie Herron
    Audie Herron

    The apparition in the window is a smudge on the outside of the glass. The figure sitting is actually just your eyes playing tricks on you. It's clearly the wierd objects and how the light hit them with the infrared. The crawler was a black cat, come on guys wtf... The shadow figure is someone standing in the yard with a smaller light source behind them displaying their shadow on the curtains. You guys even trying? Ghosts are real, but too smart for most of you. They won't make it easy for you to record them... Especially not for these fakers.

  • Dirk Ryan
    Dirk Ryan

    i think 5:51 and 6:14 is due to the digital cameras compression settings. if it was only the 2 of you that night and neither left your room, then 6:59 was, hands down, the FREAKIEST! watch out for the Ouija board, though! EDIT: i stand corrected; 21:28 is the FREAKIEST (unless you were puNking or getting puNked... not cool)!!

  • mike kitz
    mike kitz

    6:27 its a rat as most old places have them

  • 123

    5:00 was just imagination. The "head" is that blue thing`? hanging there. And its "body" was only shadow/stuff reflecting .

  • Lyn Hembey
    Lyn Hembey

    First clip of door shutting, bed skirt is fluttering.

  • One man and a jack
    One man and a jack

    They have an app for that but camera quality was from an old flip phone.

  • Gaming geek
    Gaming geek

    18:36 that bit is fake as you can blatantly see someone is holding a bottle of that black stuff behind him because it’s coming out his eyes direction

  • Hayden Frick
    Hayden Frick

    Boo you keep yourself scared, and feed your anxiety with nonsense

  • I A
    I A

    You are literally in places where those animals can be found ahahha and you are surprised they are there 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

  • Damon Frey
    Damon Frey

    Maybe the voice in the Rodney Church was telling you to stop filming and leave Rodney Because something bad was coming

  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson

    19:55 - Holy shit! When you heard the sound of someone running down the stairs, I don't blame you for running; I would too. You could hear footsteps right before that, and either a door opening or dragging right before that? (And that black vomit from a previous clip - Yikes!!!)

  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson

    5:37 - There wasn't just movement in the top right window (which was the first thing I saw), there was ALSO very clear movement in the bottom left window. Keep watching the bottom left window!!! A light doorway inside is at first blocked, then revealed! It looks like there's either people in there, or multiple shadow people.

  • RICK Smith
    RICK Smith

    These vids r as real as huff paranormal lol hahaha ..good business boys !! See ya on the other side

  • Nicholas Kohler
    Nicholas Kohler

    Omg the drums were a Drumline part of a marching band😂😂 I recognize the sound of quads and snares throwin down any day

  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson

    Vomiting like cancer one those spirits prob died cancer.

  • Grammar Gestapo
    Grammar Gestapo

    Too many ads. Literally ruin the experience. Maybe have em between the clips rather than in them at crucial times.......

  • M

    With all due respect your video wasn't at all scary. I don’t know if I’m allowed but if not feel free to delete it. This guy owns a channel called Paranormalmi. He has awesome videos and from the way he reacts his videos are real. Have a look. This was his last video where more then one jinn appeared and some of them actually responded without using EVP. Here is the link to the video.

  • Paranormal paratrooper: Darren Ward.
    Paranormal paratrooper: Darren Ward.


  • Chooy 02
    Chooy 02

    5:55 my boi sad you gotta be quicker than that if yk yk 😂😂😂