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  • Andita Afiqa Najma ♡☆
    Andita Afiqa Najma ♡☆

    I loved viv's and i am happy for her that she won

  • Eden Owen
    Eden Owen

    Izzy is tragery

  • Saints Santos
    Saints Santos

    zhc your videos inspired me in so many ways you and your team are the most amazing humans i ever watch on yt ❤

  • Andrew Gaming
    Andrew Gaming

    Feel bad for jake

  • TaeTae

    Actually mkenzie art is good

  • Shadow


  • Mia Crazy adventure
    Mia Crazy adventure

    Ok so it no one talk about how he still has the mega phone just chilling in house

  • Chloe Gilley
    Chloe Gilley

    I was wanted cut to win from the beginning

  • Aeva Starr
    Aeva Starr


  • sandra gurley
    sandra gurley

    viv your thing is awesome too love how it looks real

  • sandra gurley
    sandra gurley

    please win Michelle !! your pig is awesome

  • Sunflower plays Roblox
    Sunflower plays Roblox

    I want vivs art.. :(

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis

    big fan i love zhc craftsss

  • Hakim Usman
    Hakim Usman

    Mixed mind with Izzy’s and vivs

  • Eʟʟɪᴇ Bᴏʙᴀ
    Eʟʟɪᴇ Bᴏʙᴀ

    Now i get how they work out... just by doing art challenges

  • TheBuutbuut

    I love your videos I’m a big fan

  • Natalie Natalia
    Natalie Natalia

    My face when Zach said bad a$$

  • Jari Abbas
    Jari Abbas

    man I gotta admit michelle"s A pro in math!!!!!!!! I think she was a mathematician?

  • xLuhvv

    ZHC and mr beast MUST do another collaboration!!!

  • Axalotl Queen
    Axalotl Queen

    Lol I used to ASK my teacher for A BUNCH of math problems

  • Jane Sonnie
    Jane Sonnie

    I love kenzie's sassy mode at 7:16



  • aima sajid
    aima sajid

    I love viv

  • Dil Ani
    Dil Ani

    Fun fact : Their hair colours tho

  • DIY Queen
    DIY Queen

    If I was the judge I would choose lzzy

  • bachi lol
    bachi lol


  • Vincent Pasag
    Vincent Pasag

    Thats easy for michelle he is a humam calculator

  • Damian Carlson
    Damian Carlson


  • Kristy Austin
    Kristy Austin

    Izzy should of won

  • rockstargamergrl !
    rockstargamergrl !


  • Meghna buddhdev
    Meghna buddhdev


  • Princess Ari
    Princess Ari

    Michelle: hitting a high note Me: Mariah Carey is that you? Me again: *tries then starts to chock*

  • g sai monish
    g sai monish

    i love jake he is super

  • Arjhon Mahusay
    Arjhon Mahusay

    Keep it up Idol ♡

  • Julia O'Neill
    Julia O'Neill

    The smile on Michelle's face with the 100 math problems

  • Carmen chisholm
    Carmen chisholm

    I love your vids but I’m sad I mist a lot because I had to visit my cousin in the doctors

  • Lauren Banaszek
    Lauren Banaszek

    I love your vids you are amazing

  • Stitch

    Zach when mc Kenzie and jake apoligises:back to work

  • Hannah Ziegler
    Hannah Ziegler

    I want a cat

  • Layan Sulaiman
    Layan Sulaiman

    Pls mehr

  • Albie, Sonic and friends
    Albie, Sonic and friends


  • House Master
    House Master

    I really love Izzy's space ship. It screams creativity and has Japanese vibe on it ! 🔥

  • Ciara Meehan
    Ciara Meehan

    Poor issy

  • Freya Bennett
    Freya Bennett

    Michelle acts dumb but actually is so smart

  • Carlie._.Potato

    Has anyone still hasent mentioned that THE PHILIPPINES was mentioned here- I feel so appreciated😊❤ ✨

  • Aine Thomson
    Aine Thomson

    I thought viv had an actual computer

  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz

    I love the pig house

  • Rubina Naeem
    Rubina Naeem

    I loved IZZYS

  • Swit Neha
    Swit Neha

    Mrbeast but cool

  • Angelo Santiago
    Angelo Santiago

    Poor mckenzie

  • Alana Cohen
    Alana Cohen

    is it just me or were michelle’s pushups literally fire for doing 80 burpees

  • BLACK™


  • Katherine Tamina
    Katherine Tamina


  • Katherine Tamina
    Katherine Tamina

    That funny

  • piperrockelle .backup01
    piperrockelle .backup01

    i feel bad for izzy becuse she work 20hrs and loss...but its ok love your izzy

  • Ogoo

    I hate Mckenzie after this

  • kaeleb benjamin Tan yee
    kaeleb benjamin Tan yee

    Is that the ZHC house or is it ZHC and Michelle only house… hu lives in it…

  • yO MoMmaYeet
    yO MoMmaYeet

    I can't get any prizes because I'm under 10

  • Shubashiny Kannan
    Shubashiny Kannan

    well there is millions of subcriber for you then how do you choose subcriber??


    Yaaaaas viv go queen

  • gabriel duron
    gabriel duron

    I hate mckenzie

  • RED_SHARK_102

    Izzy should of one

  • MrTempFrost


  • Quotes about life
    Quotes about life

    I know she gonna give 100 burpis to boys cuz girls hate boys somtime

  • G L U G
    G L U G

    Jesus loves you guys!

  • Scar Saitta
    Scar Saitta

    I have the same pen

  • Cheese Ag
    Cheese Ag

    I fell bad for Izzy she stayed there the longest lol but vivs was good too

  • Aamina Junaid
    Aamina Junaid

    HOLD UP I didn't finish the video but VIV DESERVES TO WINN that thing is spot on! Edit: OMAAAAAAA SHE WONNNNNNNNNNNN AGH

  • Fluffy's Looms
    Fluffy's Looms


  • Velvet Pearl
    Velvet Pearl

    Zach: the loser has to do 100 math questions Everyone except Michelle: 😑 😩ugh Michelle: 😁 😃 😀 yay!

  • Selina Huang
    Selina Huang

    Why does Michelle always lose why don’t you teach her how to do art

  • Breah Perry
    Breah Perry


  • Dartanion Hiatt
    Dartanion Hiatt

    is it just me or are Izzy and McKenzie really pretty

  • Kiahna levesque
    Kiahna levesque

    I would love to be there and lose because I love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Math so I would love 100 math stuff

  • Tulasi Nakka
    Tulasi Nakka

    I would built the White House

  • Magda :)
    Magda :)


  • Magda :)
    Magda :)


  • Jayde Thesan McKenley
    Jayde Thesan McKenley

    I'm in school and I don't have a tablet or a phone

  • Fox Rose
    Fox Rose

    So meen

  • Archana Bora
    Archana Bora

    100 math probloms bring it on I am verry good at math

  • Ice Blockz
    Ice Blockz


  • Sarah Smart
    Sarah Smart


  • Ashley Dow
    Ashley Dow

    Am I the only one seen zack in the back when Viv was presenting her art piece like lol

  • Thea Bengaard
    Thea Bengaard

    I am sobscribe’r but Im Danish so i cant get anny things😭😭😭😭

  • frikybird

    Zach:the loser is gonna do 100 math problem Everyone:what Michelle:yay math

  • cute world
    cute world


  • sp arc
    sp arc

    Why they dont built a super car or jetliner

  • maryamo nur
    maryamo nur

    when i was 8 i had to do 100 math problemes in 5 minutes! i hate school

  • Aarthi Satish
    Aarthi Satish

    Hold up Gabe from Mr Beast!

  • Turbo Playz 123
    Turbo Playz 123

    When u say that I am giving away I pad u just give it to people living beside u u never gave it to me in India and never called me😭😭

  • Jacob Balmeo
    Jacob Balmeo

    Zac: the losers has too do 100 punishment Michelle: hehe boii......

  • its Zoe
    its Zoe

    Unrelated but Jesus loves yall Have an amazing day

  • SKYLAR gamer
    SKYLAR gamer

    iwant to vote for viv

  • Kaiden Gray
    Kaiden Gray

    Zach said bad ass

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    I love you

  • Mia Mei
    Mia Mei

    Poor McKenzie she get bad luck

  • Tordecilla Gonzales
    Tordecilla Gonzales

    🌈 reymbo hair color