The Egg - A Short Story
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
The Egg

Story by Andy Weir
Animated by Kurzgesagt

A Big Thanks to Andy Weir for allowing us to use his story.
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    • Prathmesh Chaudhary
      Prathmesh Chaudhary

      Why everything is human centric here

    • Funny cat
      Funny cat

      *The expanding universe, I understood, the egg is expanding universe*

    • Frog

      "No youre a fetus"

    • wible wobly channel
      wible wobly channel

      Very nice video you make

    • Juna

      Hi Kurzgesagt, I would like to submit better subtitles for this video (English) can you tell me how to go about that?

  • EZRA


  • albino478 gaming
    albino478 gaming

    "So i'm the anonymus?" "And everyone they hacked"

  • end gamer
    end gamer

    Btw u are not re-bron u go to heaven or hell

  • end gamer
    end gamer

    Lol so fake God is no human

  • OkEmilia

    "Im james charles?" "And his sisters" 🗿

  • Ruo yi Liu
    Ruo yi Liu

    an amazing story

  • SnowWolf_Gaming_YT

    Did the start of this just make anyone else question their life choices?

  • Guy Fredericks
    Guy Fredericks

    Thank you for this short story this is what I believe deep down. Like we god divided into so so many existences/consciousnesses.

  • Akshay Alure
    Akshay Alure

    Sweet home Alabama

  • big chungus
    big chungus


  • HB arts
    HB arts

    I never said this to anyone, but I'm genuinely scared of the end, I mean everything will be gone and how will you feel when you die? What's next? I mean I might sound like an insane person but I don't wanna die, I want to be immortal... I'm just really scared of it, just not and never will be willing to accept death...and anyone tell me why? What's wrong w me? Am I going crazy or am I just.. I don't even know how to explain it.

  • Ethan Koh
    Ethan Koh

    It wasn't genocide ... it was *forced mass suicide*

  • Sufian Rana
    Sufian Rana

    "It's not true, I did not hit her!" "I hit *myself* "

  • Lianna Ciccone
    Lianna Ciccone

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  • Rob Key3s
    Rob Key3s

    Talk about reverse @Exurb1a

  • Jeipster

    Pretty much we will never know really who lurks behind every human being, might aswell be you since we dont know and will never know. But chasing that idea would be a bad idea. Maybe human beings were not made to take life personal, maybe the internal personal feeling is just a feeling and thoughts. That means we focus internally on something we are confused about. Maybe the bhudda was right, maybe he was wrong. Maybe not figuring out life is the best way to live.

  • Vincent Andrew
    Vincent Andrew

    Now I can take credit for literally anything I want, because it's mine.

  • Aditya kumar
    Aditya kumar

    So my crush who is me rejected me and is dating the other guy who is also me 🙄 so one way or another I ended up together with my crush 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • LFK Saiyan
    LFK Saiyan

    It is scary, I really don't like it lol. It is just a story tho, but people still act like if it was a theory. Remove your dislike, dear god believer

  • Jad Zarzour
    Jad Zarzour

    Cant believe ive been to the moon, I am so awesome

  • altair5010

    my brain fused too much that it fused strange matter and then created an blackhole

  • MrRakvalen

    hey me!

  • Shekhar Mishra
    Shekhar Mishra

    At the end of the video you say, 'support us', instead of, 'support yourself'.

  • 123fisica

    wow, its deep.

  • chanon elli
    chanon elli

    This is like logics everybody album

  • *NOT* A Member of Illuminati
    *NOT* A Member of Illuminati

    It was a good story- until I started thinking that _basically god is imprisoning you and torturing you by putting you in an endless cycle of life and death_

    • Raduem_

      oh damn

  • yiğit acar
    yiğit acar


  • خلود مبروك
    خلود مبروك

    I believe that

  • Legends Reborn MW2005
    Legends Reborn MW2005

    I am pewdiepie

  • emiliana medina
    emiliana medina

    this is so calming

  • newbimagaming ✓
    newbimagaming ✓

    So I'm you and you guys are me

  • Tribal Force87
    Tribal Force87

    This video made me shed a tear... not from sadness, but from how beautiful it was both in concept and animation. Been binge watching all your videos. Keep up the amazing work!!! Much love ❤️ from Cali

  • Vince Gayondato
    Vince Gayondato

    This was like Communist party convincing us that we are what we are because you already did join us.

  • Vikraman Parthiban
    Vikraman Parthiban

    you made out with yourself and gave birth to yourself. Does this make us sexual or asexual beings?

    • Raduem_


  • Vikraman Parthiban
    Vikraman Parthiban

    so if I kill every living being including me, in the afterlife would I take a single form representing all humans I have killed or multiple forms each representing their human form but interlinked to represent one that is the fetus? So according to this story genocide is basically suicide. Noish 😂

  • rukozhop

    What a religious snot with sugar? I thought it is a science channel not a fairy tale.

  • Aamin Khan
    Aamin Khan

    But what about the souls who never went to GOD and passing their time in Earth only (places like ghost house, forests, hunted doll)

  • pham vanhung
    pham vanhung


  • FMŁ

    Luv this too much

  • Subliminal Society
    Subliminal Society

    Remember the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated

  • Lost_RJ


  • William Gilliam
    William Gilliam

    This is a skit from a Logic album!

  • Mr_Crazyman 9612
    Mr_Crazyman 9612

    “So im the one who outpizza’d the hut?” “No lol”

  • Adam Kaczyński
    Adam Kaczyński

    man wtf why >_

  • PaleRiderYT

    I’m everyone Me: so he married himself and had his own kids who are himself 🤯

  • Pushkar

    Oh then I guess I know the last name of sir Obama?????

  • Anthony Churko
    Anthony Churko

    Me: So do I go through these lives in a particular order or something? God: No, it's completely random. Me: how long until I'm someone famous? God: Famous in their time, or famous in your time? Me: Either. God: You'll next be famous as the 1950s actress Dorothy Dandridge in just under 9,000 lifetimes. But in only 1,200 lifetimes after her, you'll be 1990s NBA player Moochie Norris. Do you remember him? Me: Yeah...I think he had an afro? God: Yes. Me: Okay...that's pretty cool, I guess. That's sure not for a long time though. God: Not as long as you think. A large portion of your lives will end before age 5. Me: WHAT?!

  • Crystal Dylan
    Crystal Dylan

    I think I read this on creepypasta once

  • YT gaming_zone
    YT gaming_zone

    This is so crazy to think about

  • Verronique Lee
    Verronique Lee

    Wait a minute... So I was in love with myself and fucking myself all this time? hahahahah END MY MISERY PLS :'(

  • Ridha Alsaraj
    Ridha Alsaraj

    الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام

  • Lhord Balismon
    Lhord Balismon

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  • Progamer3457 GT
    Progamer3457 GT

    so... i am bill gates too? and the human who made school? i hate myself XD (joke)

  • snosraP nediA
    snosraP nediA


  • William Wester
    William Wester

    You are me and I am you and booth of us are the same person and we are all of the countless people that will ever live

  • Aditya Sixviandy J (Aibenq)
    Aditya Sixviandy J (Aibenq)

    everyone make many fun comment down there... but me? adore the last scene when the title showed up... the whole animation is just... perfect... *chef kiss great job... me ;D

  • Shyla Giroux
    Shyla Giroux

    The typical crocodile pragmatically warn because pencil intringuingly press without a tasty toast. terrible, spiky swing

  • Nit123 Reg456
    Nit123 Reg456

    Dear Kurzgesagt Team could you please make a Video about how the Brain works? Please... ant by the way this Video is the best!, like all the others you made!

  • yonatan zerach
    yonatan zerach

    I cried ...... That really deep shit you got there

  • Victoria Davies
    Victoria Davies

    4:34 god really said you wouldn’t know them they go to another school

  • Caroline Tosh
    Caroline Tosh

    I’m so baked

  • MemeDaMeme123

    So I bully myself, Steal from myself,kill people, cause car crashes, AND IM ELON MUSK?

  • Terence Sayers
    Terence Sayers

    My head hurts help

  • Sylvophobia

    This weirdly gives me so much comfort

  • Ellen Morris
    Ellen Morris

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  • Türkler Bilsin
    Türkler Bilsin

    When you don't recognize the God who created you and sent down the holy books and the prophets, you make all kinds of stupid and meaningless stories like this. Stop being foolish and read the Quran - the final message from the God who created you and the whole universe. There you will understand the meaning of your life and the whole universe.

    • K Bro
      K Bro

      You are so lost buddy

  • martin martinovic
    martin martinovic

    Comment section passed a vibe check

  • Sion Chakrabarti
    Sion Chakrabarti

    This should be a religion.

  • PhoenixCC

    The fact that this same talk between these 2 entities probably happened billions of times

    • The Jobless Coder
      The Jobless Coder

      Imagine though if it takes billions of lifetimes to be born what kind of existence such a being has once they are matured

  • Tomáš Chlad
    Tomáš Chlad

    What about animals?

  • KNIFEGUY1701

    If I die and I don't hear a kurzgesagt voice welcoming me to hell, id be depressed

  • Dawoo Maheshwari
    Dawoo Maheshwari

    so you mean every time I get killed, he (god) tells me the same story only for me to forget again.

  • travis tan
    travis tan

    "So I'm the queen?" "And the king she mated"

  • You'll be reincarnated as a Chinese girl riiight now Girl ? Girl

    • Crypto NWO
      Crypto NWO


  • Mido Calijon
    Mido Calijon

    hello my other millions of reincarnations of myself, love ya'll

  • 人哦 Tanji
    人哦 Tanji

    So I’m a bird ? Or a Dino or everything that’s not human but animal

  • V - EDITS
    V - EDITS

    So basically i made this video... I'm gonna copy strike

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B

    ….but I don’t wanna be Trump ….. again ….

    • Nitin Shaily
      Nitin Shaily

      @Mikey B ok😶

    • Mikey B
      Mikey B

      @Nitin Shaily thanks for making me glad I’m NOT you …… ever ….

    • Nitin Shaily
      Nitin Shaily

      thnks for doing exactly opposite of what the moral of this video trying to say

  • CheeseBoy

    this is the coolest youtube video ive ever seen

  • GummyPug

    that is a very interesting theory

  • Asha Chowdhury
    Asha Chowdhury

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    Riano Escate Giribaldi

    Ai pelo amor de Deus!

  • Filip Tylicki
    Filip Tylicki

    Wow realy wow

  • Devilfruit

    Holy shit I’m Kurzgesagt

  • CondensedPhysics

    You are an egghead for posting this eggcelent video on the EGG.

  • Jing Magallanes
    Jing Magallanes


  • CyberGranola

    **We could make a religion out of this! **

  • murkish

    "I'm the spiderman pointing at himself?" "and the spiderman pointing back"

  • Akash mourya
    Akash mourya

    So, I am the one who made ads and I am the one who gets irritated by them.

  • Pusheen the Cat
    Pusheen the Cat

    This idealism must've required a lot of bored people to make

  • Chinedu Odinigwe
    Chinedu Odinigwe

    this hits different no cap

  • Jack Fleck
    Jack Fleck

    so if I push someone that means that I pushed me and they pushed the person that pushed them so that in doing that you made someone push themselves but at the cost of pushing yourself but then they technically didn't push themeselves but you actually only pushed yourself, while you're a fetus, in order to eventually become a god?

  • Shadowplay1919

    Every Fucking Comment Gold.

  • Nathaniel Torres
    Nathaniel Torres

    Well then, that’s a trip

  • Jonn King Viray
    Jonn King Viray

    Wait so possible in my past life I could be in the future or past

  • yorhey

    This video had my 6yo silent like no other youtube video has.

    • dino


  • Elijah MacCauley
    Elijah MacCauley

    I cryed

  • Philip Brackett
    Philip Brackett

    Geez. I'd be annoyed having to explain this billions of times for every human that dies.

  • Hayden Price
    Hayden Price

    As beautiful and haunting as this is, it sounds like hell. I am me, i like me, I want to be me. I am a weak, pitiful creature, a creature with lots of flaws and failures, weaknesses and imperfections, but i don't want to be anything else. It's not selfish to want to continue to exist. I would resist this horrific fate with all my energy. This creature can take his reincarnation and suck it, I would choose oblivion rather than submit to its tyranny.

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