Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)- REACTION w/ Polo G & Einer Bankz
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This is our reaction to Polo G - RAPSTAR Official Video w/ Polo G
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  • ZIAS!

    BOW!! Prank on Polo G on 2nd channel- uzmatch.info/it/pLqnmGqs1LOfumY/video Buy stop the cap hats here- www.stopthecap.store

    • Underrated Shaan
      Underrated Shaan

      uzmatch.info/it/qreEl47bxNmOwGo/video 🙏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Teng Kungmeng
      Teng Kungmeng

      Hello brothers please reaction rap song of Vannda “ Time To Rise” from Cambodia.A lot of reaction from the world reaction to this song.Thanks in Advance.


      I hope that god puts you in hell where you deserve z being a bully to people will catch up with you remember that homie

    • Yasin Ahmed
      Yasin Ahmed


    • Malik Sanders
      Malik Sanders

      @No Forwhat wassup

  • Rafael Peixoto
    Rafael Peixoto

    God protect Polo

  • Youtubetrash

    so now the white people on tha back huh time changes

  • Bryan Fuentes
    Bryan Fuentes

    Black boys ina front white boys ina back

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed

    This niggas adin recording every lil moment of him 💀

  • Jackson Buck
    Jackson Buck

    Hey Zias, it’s 2,880,000 dollars a day😂😂 there’s 1,440 minutes in a day, multiply that by 2k, you get that 2 mil

  • Botshelo Motlapele
    Botshelo Motlapele

    Polo want mad bru

  • Wade Doss
    Wade Doss

    B Lou was toasted for every math class

  • OfficialGrubb

    adin always being stupid ngl

  • Iconic  King
    Iconic King

    Rate my EP uzmatch.info/first/PLRW1TIoFuWFJTGcjnXNa9cNU3ORchvmR6.html

  • GreenRunsBoston

    5:30 Polo looks like he wants to fuckin turn and punch Adin lmaoooo

  • Buttery

    how the kings crown was passed down 1st tupac 2nd juice wrld 3rd Polo G

  • itzz keke
    itzz keke

    I haven’t watched yal so long I forgot who yal was but I’m back

  • Stephen mckellar
    Stephen mckellar

    2,880,000 that's the answer

  • Kamil grand pierre
    Kamil grand pierre

    2000 a minute is 2,880,000

    • Kamil grand pierre
      Kamil grand pierre

      A day

  • JJ ẞamba
    JJ ẞamba

    Say polo drop those

  • unknown spokes????
    unknown spokes????

    First ever video zias did he said swag school in session niggga I’m the dean

  • Andres

    So they in this nice ass studio but still using laptop speakers

  • Twiine Carlmax
    Twiine Carlmax

    Polo be the spla

  • Tyler Carter
    Tyler Carter

    $2880000 = a day

  • Antoni Ramirez
    Antoni Ramirez

    The fact that polo and the other two guys are moving there head and there dreads moving

  • Dezspammz •
    Dezspammz •

    “Oop I forgot ion do percs” that’s right Polo 🙏🏾Stay off that shit😂

  • WALL-E

    Polo need to drop a song from the beginning that's so fire fr

  • Ebabque Ezkel
    Ebabque Ezkel

    Please make that a song 0:57

  • Nico Vickers
    Nico Vickers

    adin always in the background adding some shit “yea that’s hella big”

  • Jim Dylan
    Jim Dylan

    That adin dude weird asf

    • Underrated Shaan
      Underrated Shaan

      uzmatch.info/it/qreEl47bxNmOwGo/video 🙏🏽🔥🙏🏽🔥🙏🏽🔥

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez

    Einer deserves more respect fr fr

    • Underrated Shaan
      Underrated Shaan

      uzmatch.info/it/qreEl47bxNmOwGo/video 🙏🏽🔥🙏🏽🔥🙏🏽🔥

  • Nelson Masabo
    Nelson Masabo

    2,880,000 money in a day

  • FleeSwervinn

    Why is adin clapping tho 😞

  • 2k Clips
    2k Clips

    "Thats a lot uv muhneee, Jeezis" 5:49

  • 2k Clips
    2k Clips


  • Dillon Silva
    Dillon Silva

    768k per day

  • Sunny PunsTV
    Sunny PunsTV


  • Mason Mcgraw
    Mason Mcgraw

    Is it just me or what cuz idk who said "and im balling with the team" at 1:50

  • Colton Watson
    Colton Watson

    bro zias here lean or mean and know he gotta use the dean bar everytime lmaoooo

  • A.T X
    A.T X

    The nigga that can’t take a joke

  • Willow The Weirdo
    Willow The Weirdo

    PoloG is trash

  • Isaiah Dimanche
    Isaiah Dimanche

    Yea polo g Cant freestyle im sorry he ass fr

  • Symphony Soup
    Symphony Soup

    How rhis channel got mo subs than polo smh

  • Chelsea Bannor
    Chelsea Bannor


  • Noname 123
    Noname 123

    2k a min nearly 3 mil like 2.880,000

  • P E X
    P E X

    7:52 no shout outs for you lilbitboy looking ass 🥺😂

  • P E X
    P E X

    Sumbody reach out to that nigga @ 6:49

    • P E X
      P E X

      He's not even looking at the screen

  • DaToddler

    3:54 is when the magic happens.

  • Winnie Mitchell
    Winnie Mitchell

    Great reaction!! How many of the famous artists you react to give videos as gifts to their fans? Please review this DoMunDi TV cover of "Ordinary People" (AKA "Wayo's Song") from the Thai series "2 Moons" performed by Zee Pruk Panich, #ZeePruk, award winning Thai actor/singer, and influencer for DoMunDi TV Thailand. It is a gift to his thousands of fans, known as "Zunshine" on UZmatch, Twitter, and Instagram, both in Asia and internationally, in grateful appreciation for all the love, encouragement, and support they have given to him during his career. ZeePruk is known for his humbleness and for loving his fans and this song speaks of how humbled he is that so many wonderful people think so well of him and how grateful he is to them all. Thank you for allowing me to post this video suggestion. uzmatch.info/it/ldKL3YXM0NFwnaU/video

  • Manny Jaafar
    Manny Jaafar

    React to Digga D - Chingy (its whatever) You havent reacted to the uk in a long time

  • Prod Bless
    Prod Bless


  • SN Omarie
    SN Omarie

    Stop the cap 🧢

  • Ethan Almengo
    Ethan Almengo

    Yah should react to rigamortus by kendrick

  • Maggie Li
    Maggie Li

    she: he probably cheating on me Me and the boys :

  • Itachi Senju
    Itachi Senju

    You could tell from polo g's face when the video was playing that he thought of ways he can improve is MV and top new charts over and over🐐

  • Edwin Hernandez
    Edwin Hernandez

    Polo g going through sum shit low key no one notice tho...

  • LemonCross

    2,760,000 is how much he makes in a day

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson

    Why polo g sound like devin Williams from 10000 hours 😂😂

  • Mateo Čorak
    Mateo Čorak

    Polo g a fake one lol. SOFT AF BOI😂

  • Christian Richardson
    Christian Richardson

    we need more videos wit adin

  • Langston Cordell Delaney
    Langston Cordell Delaney

    2,880,000 where my five bands

  • Chrissy

    react to lay ya head k suave

  • 604NewCityOfAngels

    Way to many dread locks in one video

  • S A
    S A

    Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni REACTION!!🔥

  • Tamika Brown
    Tamika Brown

    Do more reactions with other Rappers!

    • JahYt

      wassgud what do u think I should work on and improve on my channel and to be better and more entertaining thank u stay blessed. 💜

  • Daniel Krzysiak
    Daniel Krzysiak

    That polo g freestyle was straight garbage ...

  • kuno

    first time the black people were in the front and the white people were in back (this is a joke lmfao)

  • Brandon Tita
    Brandon Tita

    Y’all gotta react to one of lil keed’s songs no kizzy

  • Gsix Zes
    Gsix Zes

    This guy gives me a sense of nostalgic feeling when Lil Wayne was getting mainstream

  • epic games
    epic games

    @ Polo G make 2 mil in 24 hours

  • Titan

    He know about the syn beats video

  • Jaden -GGvam
    Jaden -GGvam

    Anyone noticed that when Juice WRLD and King Von were both on Zias they died shortly after? This means that every rapper that appears in their videos have a higher chance of dying

    • ThatKidNahh


  • EA Gamer123
    EA Gamer123

    Whites in the back how times have changed

  • _.mickey ._
    _.mickey ._

    notice how polo g chain 1300 trippies is 1400 yuh that’s awesome

  • pargenie

    why is einer’s angles hat blue and polo’s dodgers hat red😂

  • Dapt lol
    Dapt lol

    12 grajillion

  • Tripp Gill
    Tripp Gill

    who the fuck let adin in there

  • Miracle Alien Cookies
    Miracle Alien Cookies

    Adin is not funny

  • Clay Harris
    Clay Harris

    Bro polos freestyle was 🔥🔥

  • JR

    Adin Sus freestyle >= Polo G’s freestyle

  • Yoqzie

    LMFAOAOA 5:46 I’m the only one that did the same hand movement as B Lou

  • Nikhil D
    Nikhil D

    Polo g looking serious half the time in the vid.

  • 26wrenj

    Then boys better do a who I smoke react vid

  • Iain Bady
    Iain Bady

    Polo g needs to make this freestyle a song ASAP


    Just me or does every rapper that comes on here always look like they don’t wanna be there

  • Rob Lombardi
    Rob Lombardi

    They skipped the line about him popping pills to hide his insecurities, so deep we ain’t losing another 🐐

  • Chris fortnite TV
    Chris fortnite TV

    bro thats 2,880,000 a day

  • razz_south

    $2,800,000 everyday he really rich

  • Jayron

    2k a minute is 1.051 billion a year

  • Noogy Man
    Noogy Man

    bro react to body remix by tion wayne and russ and more it’s huge in the uk

  • Karlos

    They were vibin until Adian said some dumb shit

  • Chanelle Nikkita
    Chanelle Nikkita

    Dee Shanell reacted to your prank she said you look good good 😜

  • Waylo Fresh
    Waylo Fresh

    Zias do a prank on adin where you pretend to make his sister cry to see how adin

  • Goated Jamz
    Goated Jamz

    Polo was doing the critique face during his video if u know u know

  • Smurfeh

    adin is sus god dam

  • Smurfeh

    yo why they seperated the white boys

  • ab

    react to 4 quarters by maxthademon

  • Hunter Rollins
    Hunter Rollins

    Damn that’s 2,880,000 a day duck

  • SapzZ

    Einers reaction to adin😂

  • DTBD

    Zias I loss a lot of respect from you with that adin prank bro 😭💔

  • Walter Behaylo
    Walter Behaylo

    Yo u habe to react to body 2

  • david t
    david t

    You should react to unknown T daily duppy

  • krinji

    1:47 1:47 1:47 1:47 bro.

  • DarkWarrior

    Yo, do reacts to the King Von pls.