What happens when 2 Weedeaters Hit Each Other? (28,000 fps SLOW MOTION) - Smarter Every Day 255
Weed Eater Wars: 8 Types of Weedeater Line square off in a single elimination battle.
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Sometimes you just want to goof around in the garage with friends.... and you happen to end up learning something interesting!
View the Weedeater vs Weedeater Main Video Here: uzmatch.info/it/yM-l0YbA17KYzW4/video
View EXTENDED CUT Here: uzmatch.info/it/mJSjt5Sur6WYrY8/video
View FULL Slow Motion Videos From Other Battles:
Battle 1 Star vs Crossfire: uzmatch.info/it/0cmO052vp8WC2p0/video
Battle 2 Triangle vs Sharp Square: uzmatch.info/it/uc6D3H7Sz8WTnX8/video
Battle 3 Razor Core vs Blue Line: uzmatch.info/it/x9urzmWWp5ioya0/video
Battle 4 Sharp Sharp Square Vs Grey Blobby Thing: uzmatch.info/it/mKyqmpur1L5ur4M/video
Battle 5 Razor Core vs Echo Crossfire: uzmatch.info/it/m9GpuoCZkaqFlpk/video
Battle 6 Sharp Square vs Grey Round: uzmatch.info/it/2bift6HJrJiYrIM/video
Battle 7 Razor Core vs Sharp Square: uzmatch.info/it/s5uk2XiapcqHyY8/video
Battle 8 Redo Razor Core vs Grey Blobby Thing: uzmatch.info/it/us2K1niYqcqLr50/video
ALL BATTLES in Slow Motion: uzmatch.info/it/k7ilqo67x5xwmKU/video
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  • SmarterEveryDay

    OK OK, I hear you. Patrons now have access to the raw video of me screaming the announcements.....thank you for the support.

    • Keith Olson
      Keith Olson

      But, but, but you didn't bellow "SLAP FIGHT!" or "FALCOOON SLAAAAAP!!!!!"

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    • Mayn-E-Ack Beats
      Mayn-E-Ack Beats

      lol where

    • Robinson0191

      Aye ya are tho ya tya tt t the one tt t the one that

    • TheProfessor936

      As a diesel truck owner, I hear stories of people accidentally putting gasoline in their truck. They usually drain their tanks to rid the gasoline. I've heard of people pouring engine oil to cut the gasoline a just driving on that. I've wondered what ratio of engine oil would be ok to run, and could you not only use motor oil, but could you also cut enough 2cyl oil with gasoline to run in a diesel engine?

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    Gus Welbaum

    When bay-Blair’s get boring

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    tektronix is a fabulous brand

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    silent scorpion

    This is the most Dad video I have ever watched!

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    HotHeadedFilms HHF

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    Kro DaJuggalo

    Just spent the better part of 20 minutes watching weed eaters high five each others arms off... time well spent.

  • Lyan Villacorta
    Lyan Villacorta

    Man, modern junkyard wars would be amazing.

  • Paulo Raposo
    Paulo Raposo

    In the future battles will be randomly generated.

  • HughsReviews

    I don’t know what’s better, the video, or Destin’s announcer commentary yells. Frickin awesome

  • Hunter Deem
    Hunter Deem

    His screams remind me of the screams from Broforce

  • Ben Clifford
    Ben Clifford

    I think there's a bias in favor of the left-side. To really test that out, you'd need to switch lines between whackers each match and see the results.

  • G P
    G P

    All I could think of when you used that voice was POWERTHIRST! THE! ENERGY! DRINK! FOR! MEN!

  • Cooner Kathmandu
    Cooner Kathmandu

    Yield Strength measures stress at which a force applied causes the material to lengthen and then break.

  • Ayush Mange
    Ayush Mange

    When I heard those sfx I was straight up thi king about adventure time 😆

  • Naz

    ahaha I had so much fun watching this!

  • Fuzhon Was Here
    Fuzhon Was Here

    and now we are watching weed whackers fight

  • Saša Simić
    Saša Simić

    At 10:58 they noticed a mistake but everything was ok untill 8:39 . That was the first time that someone moved correctly placed pieces to a wrong place on the grid. At 8:02 you can still see them correctly placed on the grid.

  • Avaraya

    bros doing bro stuff

  • CaptPicard81

    The sound effects at contact are absolute chefs kiss

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    Let's Plays

    What you're looking for starts at 3:27

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    R Hayes

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    I'm sorry but c'mon *It's called a whipper snipper*

  • Keiran Rooker
    Keiran Rooker

    Why does it sound like the guy from Amish is doing the rounds and who wins

  • SPC pitts
    SPC pitts

    Answering the questions that nobody asked. Ever.


    Excuse me, 2 of what ??

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    sebastian grut

    3:35 why does this make me so uncomfortable

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    Jimi The Giant

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    Ryan Crisp

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    we need more death metal screaming Dustin! this was CRAZY COOL

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    I was on team razercore

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    bach nguyen

    wheres the tungsten carbide laced graphene composite titanium cutting line

  • Guilherme Volpato
    Guilherme Volpato

    Wars could be reduced tô weedeater confrontation, that would reduce deaths and increase our garden technology

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    Devon Chung

    Voting for octagon (crossfire)

  • creation

    Lol y'all look like the cast of the movie grown ups

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    Jalen Lee-bright

    This Is really effn kool

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    connor hart

    "Put smart stuff in your brain!" And so Audible's new tagline was born...



  • Jackasaurus Rex the 2nd
    Jackasaurus Rex the 2nd

    We call “weed eaters” here in Australia whippersnippers



  • name's Zeus
    name's Zeus

    Join us next year for the annual dad-athon. Where we will test which deck can hold up the biggest meanest bbq smoker

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf

    Destin is saying HOMIES now?? Ever seen the movie IDIOCRACY ? Destin is like the white dude that hung out with the pimp and partied with him slowly adapting to his style 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bionic Basheer
    Bionic Basheer

    It’s called a “Whipper Snipper” in Australia or at least where I live in Australia

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf

    This is the event the design team at the weedeater string company Swore would never happen

  • Charles Wolf
    Charles Wolf

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve not been able to stop watching

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    Thienls Games

    Beyblade in Other Form

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    LEMONS!!!!! !

    Beyblade in real life

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    Jake McMillian

    Honey, the guys are coming over. We're going to have a weed wack-off in the garage, but first I need to come up with a new title.

  • Pink Illusions
    Pink Illusions

    I feel like the fact that there is 2 cables so therefore 2 "fights" happening is being overlooked.

  • build time
    build time

    moral I got here is sq weed eater string for good strong string and decent cuts

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    Diego Pizarro Espinoza

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    Daniel Mercado

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    Scowling Sovereign

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    Killbox 1000

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    Tiago Seiler

    Can't believe I waster 20 minutes of my life watching this. I hope they make more.

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      niduoe stre

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    Sara Valentine

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    Koalas eat leaves

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    Deljon Finister

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    Slayer Studios

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    Forest Collins

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    Ahmet Emre

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    HowTo With93%

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    christian rey ansus

    a bunch of middle aged men playing with grass cutters

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    Jordan L.

    Two things: The fleshy tearing/cutting sounds are really disturbing and hilarious. Maximum Noodlage is going into my everyday vocabulary.

  • Evil Biohazard
    Evil Biohazard

    Am I the only person that calls them weed wackers???

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    Lillynette Schiffer

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    So I'm watching two weed straws doing high five.

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    Travis Votaw

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    Raul Gonzalez

    This is dumb. Watched beginning to end tho.

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    Alexander Dennis

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