Funniest DESIGN FAILS To Ever Happen !
Azzyland - Funniest DESIGN FAILS To Ever Happen !

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  • Rando Rodriguez
    Rando Rodriguez

    9:33 it's two pairs it's called a two pair they are just overlapping eachother even though it looks like three legs

  • Cara Lazlow
    Cara Lazlow

    Any love story is probably better than the dumpster fire that twilight was.

  • yuly sosa
    yuly sosa

    The obnoxious utensil perinatally tumble because freeze undoubtedly branch within a teeny-tiny position. laughable, pretty spruce

  • Andathan

    Where my nightmares?

  • Jan Hampton
    Jan Hampton


  • WolfBreath84

    well then get a mail box

  • Jessica Garcia
    Jessica Garcia


  • Travis Thiel
    Travis Thiel


  • Dennis Wiedl
    Dennis Wiedl

    So grose love your vids.

  • EmCat Style
    EmCat Style

    Store owner: eye tests! Customer: how much? Store owner: YOUR LIFE

  • Norma Loera
    Norma Loera

    It said pause for free nightmares and when I paused I saw a normal Azzy face, is that the nightmares XD

  • tamaki hyuga
    tamaki hyuga

    Any love story is better than Twilight

  • Davalius Tutt
    Davalius Tutt

    I thought she would have a nicer voice 🤢

  • Shannon Cobb
    Shannon Cobb

    In Korean mug tips you over 😳

  • StarJames Coffee Café Philippines Official
    StarJames Coffee Café Philippines Official

    "Recall Recall"

  • senior drago
    senior drago

    Love your vidos

  • •New Moon Gacha•
    •New Moon Gacha•

    These people done went SKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Talah Zahran
    Talah Zahran

    9:54 am I the only one who saw a glitch?

  • Blue dog Deon
    Blue dog Deon

    This video made me laugh so hard

  • Mostafa Draz
    Mostafa Draz

    the people who ran this;we didn't get any coustmers we don't knoe why where they going me;they are going to my sushi store were they eat sushi with a fork

  • Finn Taylor
    Finn Taylor

    That person who got the Pepsi max stuck is definitely me. I love Pepsi max.😆


    good job azzy

  • little human
    little human

    Hey free eye test just go onto a train track so you get hit by a train

  • Gacha Raquel World _2011
    Gacha Raquel World _2011

    Maybe the person is already in the 2nd toilet so then you can use the 1st so that’s not a fail unless you didn’t think of it

  • Ilany Gonzalez
    Ilany Gonzalez

    Ok so for the castle one i was in a castle and one of the stairs had a hole so i stepped trough the hole and hurt my leg and i was actually stuck my leg was stuck in the hole it took a minute but they got me out they also put a cream on my leg to help it



  • Leah T
    Leah T

    I would trip on this stairs

  • CloudiiSkies YT
    CloudiiSkies YT

    The garbage can: blowing garbage at you. Me: CORONAVIRUS!

  • gapa gapa
    gapa gapa

    mom and dad created brother and sister who BOUGHT dog

  • JaNa Ameer
    JaNa Ameer

    The sigh has arabic 😃🖐️ (a different language)

  • Ahmed Arabi
    Ahmed Arabi

    4:38 “That’s me!” Made me laugh so hard.

  • PoopPony Rainbow
    PoopPony Rainbow

    Azzy: "A love story better than twlight" me: I've seen a cheating love story before and THATS better than twlight.

  • StarJames Coffee Café Philippines Official
    StarJames Coffee Café Philippines Official

    "Don't flush the toilet it also shoots a crossbow Don't Turn off this lamp it operates a garbage disposal"

  • Simone Cheeky
    Simone Cheeky

    Cool cool

  • Jessica and kara
    Jessica and kara

    I knew that it was stairs this whole time

  • Cupcakes Gaming center
    Cupcakes Gaming center

    I like on the makeup one she just says pause for free nightmares but u not get nightmares u get giggles

  • Sharpie vs. pencil
    Sharpie vs. pencil

    “Until the bad juju is gone” IM NOT BAD MY NAME IS JUJU XCUSE ME

  • Ix Vi
    Ix Vi


  • Anubis Arts
    Anubis Arts

    "Don't flush the toilet it also shoots a crossbow" hahahhaa

  • Trudy Johnson
    Trudy Johnson

    monster within an arcade and I went on one anything to put a thing thenit would be decent them because it would push the thingand I got a prize and it got stuck in little things and I can't get the prizeso really I better tell the personI just remember I'm 7 so it wasn't me it was my mum

  • unicornthehalls Gamer
    unicornthehalls Gamer

    thats funny beacuse my Bathroom lock is broken ;-;

  • Devin Lin
    Devin Lin


  • Aurora

    6:38 there are 43 teeth.

  • Raquel Ebanks
    Raquel Ebanks

    What they mean by brother and sister created dog was the brother and the sister asked for the dog .🙃

  • Savannah Pz
    Savannah Pz

    you said elivitor

  • pls help me reach 1k sub
    pls help me reach 1k sub

    I love how it's say's pause for free nightmare 🤣🤣 3:53

  • Amy Gimoto
    Amy Gimoto

    azzy I don't know what you are doing but you know how I feel about you great work for you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜

  • Toca,s Island
    Toca,s Island


  • KPOP RUNNER I'm Trying To Reach 100 Subcribers
    KPOP RUNNER I'm Trying To Reach 100 Subcribers

    Who is watching this in 2021? Like if you are 👇 i liked my comment lol

  • Clorissa Bartholomew
    Clorissa Bartholomew

    When I was going to hit the like my gum fell out of my mouth and hit it for me

  • Andreea Tsvetanov
    Andreea Tsvetanov

    "You can't win" - Azzyland. GOOD JOB!

  • The Schultz’s
    The Schultz’s


  • Kathy Wright
    Kathy Wright

    i actually want to say something about the boxer briefs- it is showing the two on top of each other, not three holes

  • Pomegranatetangerine

    I know I'm commenting this a year later, but, an ad for Azzy's merch played before the video! 😂

  • iiFelineii


  • Simon Hewitt
    Simon Hewitt

    Hi your vid will not load have a great day

  • Tiger Girl
    Tiger Girl

    i have the mug that "wont fall over"

  • Kayleigh Graham
    Kayleigh Graham


  • Andrew Hepburn
    Andrew Hepburn


  • Samuel Aristilde
    Samuel Aristilde

    When it said pause for free nightmares did anyone pause comment below

  • SC - 01TL 925729 Briarwood PS
    SC - 01TL 925729 Briarwood PS

    This is soooooooo strange really strange sooooooooo strange 😡🤬😠😤🧐🤨😼😾👎👎👎🥺

  • Your local dinosaur :/
    Your local dinosaur :/

    0:26 blind people be like 😑

  • lesley james
    lesley james

    I love your videos are the best 😄😃😀

  • Cottonwolfari

    9:11 my new wallpaper LOL

  • Alex Veley
    Alex Veley

    Azzy, you jinxed the can into exploding.

  • Frank Rochon
    Frank Rochon

    Add my fridge to that list

  • Jamie Mullen
    Jamie Mullen

    Where is gloom

  • Jenna Pup
    Jenna Pup

    Azzy: makes a video. Me: laughs SO hard. (Exept try not to cry vids. Then I cry)

  • Boba_queen2.0 Boba
    Boba_queen2.0 Boba

    “And all the germs are on u” and people that’s why we have COVID-19

  • Boba_queen2.0 Boba
    Boba_queen2.0 Boba


  • Boba_queen2.0 Boba
    Boba_queen2.0 Boba


  • Galaxy Wolfie
    Galaxy Wolfie

    Pause at 3:56 Azzy? You OK?

  • Dolly R
    Dolly R


  • Dolly R
    Dolly R


  • Dolly R
    Dolly R


  • nylah Dodge
    nylah Dodge

    the underwear is just two pares if you read it and look really close its just one pair on top of the other also NO hate i love u sooo much

  • Kelly Rogers
    Kelly Rogers

    4:93 I NEED medical power and Marsa🏥🚴🏼‍♀️💊💉🍉🍖🌰🍆🍽🏺.

  • Kelly Rogers
    Kelly Rogers

    2:10 AZZY NOOO!💋💋💋💘💘💘💚💙💜

  • Kelly Rogers
    Kelly Rogers

    3:54 I am missing you and you should probably get adopted by someone else

  • Kelly Rogers
    Kelly Rogers

    6:37 My friends and Azzy are being very helpful with my opinion (z)

  • Shyla Laurreine Antonio
    Shyla Laurreine Antonio

    Everyone who loves azzy 👇🏻

  • Rosie Hewittppp00
    Rosie Hewittppp00

    i have no friends

    • Yaoi Depression
      Yaoi Depression

      Friends are unnecessary

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander

    I think the boxers one (it said 2 pack or twin pack) was just a weird picture with the boxers overlapping, rather than a design fail.

  • ☕️boba tea☕️
    ☕️boba tea☕️

    Bruh anime is better then these videos sister

  • RebelGhirl Costuming
    RebelGhirl Costuming

    I subscribed

  • Amy Yapp
    Amy Yapp

    Wierd stairs

  • Ryelle Greenn
    Ryelle Greenn

    3:53 I like the pause for free nightmares

  • Ryelle Greenn
    Ryelle Greenn

    Hey I don't judge mabey some people like passing other people while they are taking a fat one

  • Kristina Mason
    Kristina Mason

    With the fire alarm I feel like I would just run and not care about anybody else and I'll just call my friends and say hey there's a fire get all the freaking building

  • Kaku Icecream
    Kaku Icecream

    Mum: STOP WATCHING AZZYLAND WHEN YOU HAVE TO WORK! Me: But I can still learn things..... 3:31 Learn something new

  • Erin Rodriguez
    Erin Rodriguez

    my address is the same as my best friends address so people come to my house instead of her house and she gets my packages.

  • behrad montazer
    behrad montazer

    That big rotading sign is i think from iran At least it has iran wirting

  • Rammy2006

    I love you azzy

  • Rammy2006

    The lion is soooo funny 😄 😆 🤣 😂 😁

  • Unicorn Laly star
    Unicorn Laly star

    I think the teeth one have 23 teeth

  • LuckyLu Meis
    LuckyLu Meis

    3:55 so wrong hi 8:07 so creepy go 1 Sacoan back

  • Gladys Chavarria
    Gladys Chavarria


  • Araceli Lopez
    Araceli Lopez


  • Leah Kim
    Leah Kim

    I just saw a designer commercial

  • El Mundo de Ashley
    El Mundo de Ashley

    3:56 just pause it’s sooooooooooo weird