am i millenial or gen z
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  • Second Drink
    Second Drink

    kid pix was probably the best part of my life

  • Kirin Narukami
    Kirin Narukami

    gen z is the last letter signalling that they bring doom. they are harbingers of the apocalypse

  • flightofthestars

    The problem is that the older Gen Z grew up as millennials because we’re so close

  • Meredith Gray
    Meredith Gray

    Ok but as someone born in 2004, kid pix was very much the shit 🤨🤚

  • Ben

    I'm 29 and I find it interesting how much of a difference a few years makes... As soon as the JoJo question came up, and you answered it... I knew immediately that you were Gen Z and I was a millennial lmfao (well I already knew I was a millennial).. I have no clue who JoJo Siwa is

  • DragonMaster Draws
    DragonMaster Draws my dog is a greg, thats for sure ^^^

  • Ally Cook
    Ally Cook

    Danny’s outdo made me feel like I was talking to my little sibling on FaceTime

  • Flamingo Plushie
    Flamingo Plushie

    Beanie with brim

  • redsweatersandrants

    man I was born in 2002 and I can relate to like half the "millennial" things like the gen z stuff is just tiktok kids 😭

  • Blue Dapple
    Blue Dapple

    Danny is Trans-Generational.

  • Chef Betsy
    Chef Betsy

    After Gen-Z Comes ALPHA.

  • Out of The Hat
    Out of The Hat

    No one remembers JoJo even though she's finally back recording I just wish she was as famous now as the start of her career

  • Jocelyn Prier
    Jocelyn Prier

    "Did you grow up watching disney channel or mtv?" ...I grew up watching PBS kids

  • Jocelyn Prier
    Jocelyn Prier

    So I'm like, 100% gen z (born in 2002), and I do half the things on the list of stuff gen z is making fun of millennials for doing. Also, yes I know what a VHS tape is. I actually grew up using them. My family still has a massive cassette player and a ton of cassettes. It's called growing up poor and not being able to instantly adopt new technologies. I'm honestly so sick of "gen z doesn't know what video or audio cassettes are" jokes. Many of us grew up with them.

  • MagentaApex

    He enjoyed taking the buzzfeed quizzes so he is a millenial

  • salty sandy
    salty sandy

    3:49 Gornio's theme starts to play

  • Danish Winata
    Danish Winata

    if you dont know the gen after gen z is gen alpha, it starts from 2010-2024 and after that is gen beta

  • Emerald Gem
    Emerald Gem

    Danny you’re a millennial, if you weren’t a youtuber you wouldn’t enjoy gen z things 😂

  • Margarita Mikalauskaitė
    Margarita Mikalauskaitė

    the generation after gen z is gen alpha for those born from 2010 onwards

  • Alaina Kerry
    Alaina Kerry

    My first cell phone was a Virgin Mobile black and white brick like that Nokia so I feel you.


    Hah u call em brick phones too 😅

  • Ash Animates
    Ash Animates

    I hate the which one do you think of cause I don’t think of either. For JoJo I thought of JoJo bizarre adventures and for the other one my mind was blank

  • Nicole K
    Nicole K

    I find so many millennials just like to either gatekeep the stuff they had growing up or be salty that we joke about stuff they had growing up. I'm 19 and had a Walkman and VHS tapes that I watched on our heavy grey box TV that didn't have a remote and only 20 channels. Yet all that and I still see millennials on tik tok being genuinely upset that a gen z kid said something about the concert tees and big smudged eyeliner look they rocked 10 years ago. I have or did almost everything millennials had or did as kids when I was a kid, yet I see so many "gen z will never understand this super common thing that only really stopped being popular about six years ago"

  • Jesse Smith
    Jesse Smith

    Watch Friday right now

  • Ava Morehouse
    Ava Morehouse

    Ur oubviously gen-hawt🤭

  • Chloe Moore
    Chloe Moore

    The next generation will be known as gen X Æ A-Xii

  • Lily Brass • 9 years ago
    Lily Brass • 9 years ago

    You talk really fast

  • Yoda

    4:15 bro I did that(not well I was very young) and I’m 16, my grandparents and even just my parents had a bunch of vhs tapes still around

  • Julia Fails??
    Julia Fails??


  • chagerts

    i’m gen z but i relate to so much millennial stuff and i am in no way a cusper

  • Gdxnsk

    3:50 Is that a Jojo's reference?

  • Jakey Berman
    Jakey Berman

    I was born in '03 and I got that I was a Zillenial. hmmm. something was a little fucky with that one lmao

  • Agustina

    I thought he was like, 19 or something, but then he said 1994 😳

  • Fungus Fish
    Fungus Fish

    7:55 teacher when i ask a question regarding homeless mans poo

  • Kiwi Love
    Kiwi Love

    The next generation is called gen alpha

  • Valencia

    10:48 FBI OPEN UP

  • Valencia

    ok but real talk, coming from a gen z, please stop trying to take away my side parts and skinny jeans. My curly hair would look a mess with a middle part and my fat thighs need some structure.

  • Valencia

    Just fyi, the generation before Millennials is Gen X, so it goes Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z. And the Generation after, which consists of young kids around like... 8 right now, is called Generation Alpha. I don't know why I know this.

  • Silvaten

    It's kinda weird that buzzfeed thinks all gen z are like liberal environmentalists when a whole lot of them are weirdly conservative. Like TikTok guys.

  • Humna Chaudhary
    Humna Chaudhary

    i was born in 2007 and we had kid pix at school it was like the best part of computer class-

  • daryn collins
    daryn collins

    after gen z is gen alpha

  • pls don't ban me again you libtards
    pls don't ban me again you libtards

    you've never seen Friday..?

  • Preetom Bhattacherjea
    Preetom Bhattacherjea

    Come back to me when you're sponsored by currant. The jelly.

  • Preetom Bhattacherjea
    Preetom Bhattacherjea

    Why don't you know what Friday is? Rethink your choices.

  • James Keating
    James Keating

    ok anyone who gets mad at people for using laughing crying emoji ironically doesn't deserve to be picky about which emojis are cool

  • waffle falafel
    waffle falafel

    Me, a gen z who doesn't use tiktok that still loves the kesha song :0

  • Adriana Christensen
    Adriana Christensen

    You are an ancient old man in this video

  • Sydney

    I knew about Next and room raiders ( especially room raider cuz that was my jam so some reason) didn't know the date my mom was a show then when Danny read the description i was thinking oh sounds familiar until I realize the actual show i was thinking about was called parental control. man Mtv had a lot of shows especially dating ones. we will call it diet reality shows. well this will prob start me on a rabbit hole of MTV reality shows. I am a 93 liner but a late one (dec 28) so def a gen y lool.

  • Prince Spooks
    Prince Spooks

    bruh im gen z but mid parts are kinda just ugly Edit: i played kid pix on my mom old 90s comp am i a zellenial?

  • Vinneythe14th

    "when your hear Jojo, what do you think of?" ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA

  • AKA Chicken Nuggets
    AKA Chicken Nuggets

    Dude I’m a Gen Z and kidpix was my heroin

  • elie m
    elie m

    i was born in 1999 and am supposed to be obviously gen z, but i also saw a few sites, articles, whatever, that said 1999 or 2000 was the cut-off. i also always felt more millennial than gen z, because i'm not from the US or any english-speaking country and trends, news etc. used to take a while to reach other parts of the world, so my 2003 also still felt like the 90s. i also just do not relate to anyone who's like 19 or younger, basically all of my siblings, and that's not even a lot of years. i also consider myself a 90s kid lol. now i feel like custard. i'm very comfortable in the "idk who cares" category of like 20 to 26 year olds

  • Li Nota
    Li Nota

    thew fact that Danny secretly doesn't want to be directly classified as millennial makes him even more millennial because we all are going though ageing crisis now...

  • FreyyWolf


  • FreyyWolf


  • Alaina Marks
    Alaina Marks

    I feel like this entire debate exists only on the internet. Like no one in real life actually seems to care about these things. Besides, I’ll admit that I’m not good at keeping up with trends. Why get upset at someone for not liking the same things as me when I can just embrace what I like and unironically laugh away the pain like this: 😂😂🥲

  • an


  • Gothel Weaving
    Gothel Weaving

    Dan you sure you not 17? Smh

  • Gothel Weaving
    Gothel Weaving

    I thought 'millennials' was the stan twitter version of the word 'millionaires' 💀

  • tendohno


  • zelda RAINBOW
    zelda RAINBOW


  • Carrot Juice
    Carrot Juice

    Why do millennials like pics of kids so much?

  • jokubas lt
    jokubas lt


  • Abigail🌹

    As a Zillennial who peaked in 2010-11, Harry Potter vs. Harry Styles offends me, like those are the SAME ERA they DIRECTLY OVERLAPPED

  • FanNaf 2018
    FanNaf 2018

    Danny you became a millennial when you went on a buzzfeed quiz

  • Kaitlynn Sylvester
    Kaitlynn Sylvester

    I'm a custard 🤣 🍮


    After gen z it’s gen alpha

  • You Lost The Game
    You Lost The Game

    When you think of JoJos bizarre adventure when you hear jojo

  • Stella Kozume
    Stella Kozume

    it'll be Gen Z Jr once they run out of letters

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    buzzfeed for fun with my friends in 6th grade and continuously talks about harry potter: :/

  • carmina music
    carmina music

    buzzfeed be like

  • Hayley Miller
    Hayley Miller

    I used to love date mom and I was born in 95

  • BlackDot

    You're possibly depressed

  • ᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛᴛᴇ

    Well gen Z’s do share their top 6 lol

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon

      The generation after gen z is gen alpha which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet

  • Alexis

    Wait I'm younger than Danny and I've never thought I was gen z I thought the cusp was 98...

  • A floating pair of eyes
    A floating pair of eyes

    You don’t know JoJo?!?!! did you not have a childhood

  • AxSyN ;3
    AxSyN ;3

    Danny is a gen z because of him being 12.

  • k_singsss_


  • CrazyCupcake69

    *is 5 years younger but still more millennial then you*

  • Bryant Smyth
    Bryant Smyth

    I specifically stayed through the ad read for the outro song only to realize it wasnt the main channel...

  • Lark Dunham
    Lark Dunham

    Really struck me when he said that they switched to cds before he was old enough to write. Now i KNOW I'm poor cuz I'm turning 19 this yr and i was using vhs up until i was like? 13-14 maybe?

  • Painted Finch
    Painted Finch

    The “in Boy Scouts” cut has me crying.

  • Isabella Stephens
    Isabella Stephens

    'kid pix is a millennial thing" i was born in 2008 and i played kid pix :/

  • Honey Gaming
    Honey Gaming

    Omfg kid pics unlocked a new memory. And I’m 14...

  • Isabella Stephens
    Isabella Stephens

    danny u r taking a buzzfeed quiz thats such a millennial thing to do.

  • Broly Nakeith
    Broly Nakeith

    When jojo comes to mind I think of jojos bizarre adventures

  • GloriaOfGold :3
    GloriaOfGold :3

    I did kid pix only like a few years ago and I was born in 2009. My school didn’t know what to do with us during technology.

  • Caoilee Box
    Caoilee Box

    The generation after gen z is gen alpha which is the first letter of the Greek alphabet

  • Aidan Farris
    Aidan Farris

    50% of us thought about anime when we heard Jojo

  • Mia Andrea
    Mia Andrea

    was born in 2000 and took the quiz and got millennial

  • Milly Martin
    Milly Martin

    When Danny says my name over and over again: I feel so special 😌

  • Jaxx Rose
    Jaxx Rose

    Being born in 1999 this has always been such a HUGE struggle for me even though it doesnt really matter that much, but it's also made me see that people in the middle kinda get both sides a little easier than the people who know for sure where they lie. Also Motorola razors were dope

  • The Quick shot
    The Quick shot

    Jjba is what I think of

  • Cowzz 42
    Cowzz 42

    dislike how youtube's algorithm hid this video from me for an entire week despite being subbed but all he had to do to get millennial was the flip phone answer prob hahah also: gen alpha is kids being born now and then gen beta is next LOL

  • Chelley Proletariat
    Chelley Proletariat

    I'll still be listening to the Libertines in 2040!! Lol

  • Ollie

    Ironically, I'm kind of on the cusp but closer to gen z, and got millenial on the first quiz, lmao

  • Wisdom Wicked
    Wisdom Wicked

    I’m gen z and I still use the 😂emoji

  • Koby Cossins
    Koby Cossins

    3:50 'When you hear the name JoJo, who do you think of?' *_Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me?_*

  • Silver Nether
    Silver Nether

    the gen after gen z is gen alpha witch are all the small kids, babys and toddlers rn

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