Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy | Official Reveal Trailer
AD trailer:

Fire up Star-Lord’s jet boots for a wild ride across the cosmos in this third-person action-adventure game, a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. With the unpredictable Guardians at your side, blast your way from one explosive situation to another, with original and iconic Marvel characters caught in a struggle for the fate of the universe. You got this. Probably.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is coming October 26, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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  • James D
    James D

    Deus Ex deserved better smh. Worst trade ever

  • Josh Holder
    Josh Holder

    Too bad it's singleplayer would be cool to be apart of a team with my friends and family.

  • NPL

    Final Fantasy XV but Marvel

  • Moon Knight00
    Moon Knight00

    This must be the UFOs the governments talking about😂

  • Mitchell Partridge
    Mitchell Partridge

    Looks much better than avengers ngl

  • ToMoSK1

    after Avengers fiasco, i was not looking forward to this.. but.. it looks good, if its story driven cutscene fun gameplay and it feels like guardians (which it do from trailer) im keeping my eye on this square!

  • Capr

    ngl main reason im buying this is for the soundtrack

  • Carlos Eduardo Terra Galvan
    Carlos Eduardo Terra Galvan

    So what`s next ? ... Marvel`s ThunderBolts ???

  • Harry Blue
    Harry Blue

    So why do the Guardians of the Galaxy deserve a solo game when Avengers was so awful? Guardians are good for movies and nothing else. And seriously? What's up with the overuse of this song? Not very promising

  • nikolas gaming
    nikolas gaming

    How can I beat the scientist supreme????

  • Mario E.
    Mario E.

    Featuring: UZmatchr; Kratos; Mass Effect Reject; Fur Fighter; Not Vin Diesel,

  • Yuliya Schneider
    Yuliya Schneider

    This "Galaxy Lord" looks like Prince Charming from Shrek

  • Reddest 1000
    Reddest 1000

    Super Excited For This Game :D

  • Kitz N Blitz
    Kitz N Blitz

    First, game about traveling to Disney worlds, now games about Marvel characters. Next thing you know, Square Enix is going to make Star Wars games, or even adapt the movies.

  • nikooalessi201996

    Sembra fantastico, speriamo in bene! Il sistema di combattimento sembra bello ma il fatto che si possa usare solo Star-lord potrebbe, a lungo andare, rendere il gioco ripetitivo e monotono. Non sarebbe meglio poter utilizzare tutti i guardiani?

  • Furnox

    That i need a hero song is from loki disney + lol

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    understand why this isn't praised more. I think this looks just like such a successful work and I can imagine how the team is just so happy to finally get this trailer out.

  • James Elctise
    James Elctise

    Why star lord looks like Jhonny bravo

  • Keng Yuan Chang
    Keng Yuan Chang

    But too bad not the original movie casts.

  • Ross

    I would take a new Deus Ex game over this any day!

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Masters of the Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy... how many more of these trailers need a hero?

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Блин, эта песня у меня ассоциируется только со Шреком

  • Clan MRN-Marine
    Clan MRN-Marine

    I need a Hero On Loki Episode 2 :)

  • MrIntimissimi

    Hah, no money for original cast? Doubt this will do good.

  • DazBradyLM

    So so so EXCITED about this!!!!!😍 Could be epic. Got everything crossed.

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      They are such a mood

  • Connor Bailey
    Connor Bailey

    So it’s available for Xbox series x/s , ps5 , and ps4 but not Xbox one?

  • Elder Roll
    Elder Roll

    i think this is the 1st ever game trailer i saw with a trendy trailer humor. an mcu signature. momentum, sudden silence, actor 1 delivers joke, actor 2 response, back to momentum.

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    this looks fun as hell

  • GrammarNazi238

    This is sooo good!

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv

    Trailer looks dope 10/10 Gameplay makes me realise the casting for movies were very important .

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    Блин, эта песня у меня ассоциируется только со Шреком

    • Yuliya Schneider
      Yuliya Schneider

      Да и вид у Лорда как у Принца Чарминга из Шрека

  • Klishar122

    Seriously? No one’s going to mention that ending? I am SO disappointed in this comment section.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      estrelas tbm ficou esquisito na questão dos olhos do capacete. e a cara do drax ta muito tipo de bonzinho. Fora isso achei os gráficos ótimos e a movimentação dos

  • ViciousArcanum

    Am I the only one that actually preferred the DMCA-Free version of this trailer? Also I want to know the music they used in that version.

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv

      Didn't expect Macklemore to be in this game. Cool.

  • Antoni Kristofer Lim
    Antoni Kristofer Lim

    Ok can somebody explain to me why Groot is hugging a purple llama?

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout

      So who is here after watching Second episode of Loki?

  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny

    Блин, эта песня у меня ассоциируется только со Шреком

  • AlexDron

    Amazing 80's atmosphere, cool graphics, hope the gameplay will be up to the expectations! :D!

  • Renan Rodrigues
    Renan Rodrigues

    Já sei que será ruim...

  • Gorgan Horn
    Gorgan Horn

    Please improve Star Lords face. Its like you hired Ryan Gosling's D listed stunt double. Please Square, MORE young NATHAN FILLION and less Pharmacy Tech.

    • liouy cnny
      liouy cnny

      Well, my hopes are THROUGH THE ROOF

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn

    Блин, эта песня у меня ассоциируется только со Шреком

  • Markus Fury
    Markus Fury

    But we're not gonna see Mantis, Bug, Captain Universe, Ben Grimm, Venom, or Kitty Pryde in this game are we?

  • Shahin

    deus ex 5

  • Dragonic26

    Why Drax isn't in this trailer ?

  • Hebl von Heblowitz
    Hebl von Heblowitz

    I don't know when I've been so conflicted about a game before. I like the vibe, I like the humour, it actually looks promising, but I'm so used to MCU version of how they look and that's just not it. I guess using movie licences for those actors was just too expensive?

    • Hebl von Heblowitz
      Hebl von Heblowitz

      @laskin riubn Točno tako. Se absolutno strinjam.

    • laskin riubn
      laskin riubn

      Tomara que não seja tão ruim quanto foi o jogo dos Avengers.

  • Freeze

    It would be soooo good if it wasnt a DAMN avengers game

  • TheBadGuy235

    This is like the third thing in a week or so that's used that Bonnie Tyler song...

  • SnakeSpiker

    And that Hero song is also being played on Loki episode 2 hoho.

  • Givaldo Soares
    Givaldo Soares

    O groot e a gamora e ficaram muito estranhos ( o groot no quesito rosto e a gamora no quesito ombros e busto sabe aquelas partes brancas dela) o capacete do senhor das estrelas tbm ficou esquisito na questão dos olhos do capacete. e a cara do drax ta muito tipo de bonzinho. Fora isso achei os gráficos ótimos e a movimentação dos personagens também. Os inimigos e as batalhas com ajuda da equipe ficou muito bom. Dá 0ara de divertir bastante com o jogo, não prestei muito atenção na narrariva mas por ser os guardiões da galaxia acredito que o enredo como um tudo vai ser muito engraçado se fizerem dublagem ai sim que vai ter incrível mesmo.

  • Mohammed Shahid
    Mohammed Shahid

    So who is here after watching Second episode of Loki?

  • Врун Врунович
    Врун Врунович

    Ого черных нет, уже автоматом лайк.

  • Intellectual Films
    Intellectual Films

    Where's Deus Ex?

  • ananta will
    ananta will

    is this a joke ?

  • SMS Barnacle Boy
    SMS Barnacle Boy

    Well, my hopes are THROUGH THE ROOF

  • frank

    I can't believe how monstrously stupid they are to make yet another Marvel based videogame and not match the movie's character styling and voices. It's downright idiotic. Avengers was *terrible* and while this actually looks somewhat fun, it also seems to be the same game. Sigh. :(

  • Hans Neuman
    Hans Neuman

    After Marvel's Avenger crappy game I will wait a month AFTER release to see what up with this game Sorry but the era of buying games before release is over for me

  • rrruizzz

    Masters of the Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy... how many more of these trailers need a hero?

  • AleK

    Tomara que não seja tão ruim quanto foi o jogo dos Avengers.

  • SnobGlarb The Great
    SnobGlarb The Great

    Looks like garbage

  • marcusduck

    1:03 that looks like some 2009 animation

  • Daniel Morinigo
    Daniel Morinigo

    the modeling of the characters is sad

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo

    Eidos Montreal if you are a hostage Square Enix, let us know.

  • Jorge Matheus
    Jorge Matheus

    The game can not Online 👎🏻only Offline 👍🏻!

  • Woodsie Lord
    Woodsie Lord

    I never asked for this.

  • Hansebeanger Valde
    Hansebeanger Valde

    I hope they don't screw it like The Marvel Game Avengers after 20 hours I was done

  • bliglum

    Peter looks like a blonde douche bag in this, but other than that it looks good.

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo

      Meh, would have much preferred that X-Men RPG that SE was supposed to have been developing years ago.

  • _ Thomas
    _ Thomas

    We all have to admit, it LOOKS pretty good with the colors and animation rendering. I really hope this won't disappoint!🤞

    • Gentleman Jeb
      Gentleman Jeb

      "Looks good?" Are you being serious? It has outdated visuals, empty environments, awful character design (especially Star Douche), frequent framerate slowdown (not the slow mo parts), boring combat, and you can only play as Star Douche. What's good about it?

  • charles Ordonez
    charles Ordonez

    Changing the characters appearance will always change how I feel about the game. The only relatable character now is a raccoon that looks like another raccoon we know because raccoons all look the same

  • Dash & Mash
    Dash & Mash

    Franchise-gone-videogame is a concept so hard to deliver, I think its worth noticing how well this is pulled off here. Except the heavy leaning on cutscenes I don't really understand why this isn't praised more. I think this looks just like such a successful work and I can imagine how the team is just so happy to finally get this trailer out.

    • Dash & Mash
      Dash & Mash

      @MeshsCorner but isn't that what trailers are somehow made for? Sure this is a pretty cinematic trailer that doesn't show a lot, but if a trailer transports a wrong feeling of how you might perceive a game, it might be a bad trailer (which is pretty often the case). But generally judging about what to expect according to a trailer seems to be a pretty natural thing to do. That's why I usually block every trailer. In this case I knew its the Deus Ex team and was just curious what they are cookin and I think it semlls great. Looking at the game's gameplay makes me still wonder why they didn't include more ingame scenes as it looks surprisingly solid.

    • MeshsCorner

      perhaps gamers have FINALLY learned not to judge how good a game is going to be by watching a trailer for it.

  • MeMao

    Why does Gamora need to have the most generic futuristic lesbian haircut

  • Andrew Novak
    Andrew Novak

    Are you serious? We can only play as Star Lord?? Wtf is the point? Are they gonna have a paid character playability dlc???? Yo Disney, Idk about you guys but can you guys start diversifying your game developers?? Especially after they directly gave you a poor performing game just over a year ago? I guess this was probably greenlit a long time ago and I cant speak too soon on if this game is any good or not but given their track record and how limited this looks, I'm not hopeful and probably won't pay for it. The best Disney game that has come out was Jedi Fallen Order but that was made by Respawn. Battlefront 2 is a close second but it took DICE multiple years until they finally got their basics learned.

  • Marcin K.
    Marcin K.

    2:25 - Thor: Ragnarok vibes? :D

  • Marcin K.
    Marcin K.

    Flarking great, Quill! xD

  • farhan shima
    farhan shima

    Did anyone notice kassandra from AC oddysey or it just me?

  • Manoj Varughese
    Manoj Varughese

    Never ever repeat the mistake with that stupid Avengers multiplayer riddled with stupid dumba$$ microtransactions....this seems promising.

  • Bobby Boykin
    Bobby Boykin


  • similaritiesendhere

    Pre-order now? Nope

  • Job Celis
    Job Celis

    That looks nothing like the guardians of the galaxy 🤮🤮🤮

  • Cyril Murasaki
    Cyril Murasaki

    Meh, would have much preferred that X-Men RPG that SE was supposed to have been developing years ago.

  • Grim

    Instead of getting Deus Ex, we are getting this generic turd.

  • awesomeiMike

    This song is from the Short Circuit film

  • aero64cz

    You can't make good game with ridiculous "homemade" characters... People wants "movie stars"...

  • Master Korg
    Master Korg


  • Interestingly Anji
    Interestingly Anji

    How cool would it be to have an Avengers game where you could create your own character and apply to be on the team. Like the whole game is a vetting process where you respond to villains and calamities and in the end you're made an official member of the team

  • Robin McIntosh
    Robin McIntosh

    How does that work on a flat , non rotating plane?

  • CLOB!!

    Why does this feel strangely similar to Final Fantasy XV

  • IridiumFlare

    Please make them look like in the movies :/

  • Thor Parker
    Thor Parker

    Mobile game vibes.

  • East Salinas [Æ.D.]
    East Salinas [Æ.D.]

    Voice zones Are Cheesey, Not The Voice Of The Actors.. Whack Already, Not Gonna Buy

  • MattBatty

    You can play the other guardians of the galaxy, but you have to pay extra. Well looks like Square Enix has found it's monetizastion.

  • Nollywood France streaming vost
    Nollywood France streaming vost

    What will be good is that in multi player you can make strategy you have tried before because the menu for PNJ will become a menu for give aim to your mates, and if you play with mantis, or later with Charles Xavier or Jean Grey you can oprimise the team play of your team the more the telepathy is strong the more you can optimize the performance, and I think for those game even if some characters have their personality as soon as the player can have the choice, the character should chance his personality like if you are Charles Xavier you can choose to ally magneto or use cerebro for a lot of things and also use your power an other way the characters do if you do something special

  • Anthony De Alba
    Anthony De Alba

    Where Chris????

    • Motion Paths
      Motion Paths


  • Just_a_- _man
    Just_a_- _man

    Why all SE games look so bad. PLS don't make MARVEL games, this is not for you.


    Well. time to get the lube before people port gamora model to blender and sfm for smut

  • Mackdaknife6669

    "Sun Lord, right?" Eh you're kinda right

  • random user
    random user

    Star lord looks like a UZmatchr that makes 3 am challenges

  • NeonBaron

    Thats two things announced already using a remix of i need a hero within a week

  • Stuart Nicholas Green
    Stuart Nicholas Green

    This looks really good, I just hope you can turn off the incessant banter as seen in the gameplay videos.

  • SorryBootThat


  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob

    Yeah i see this being as boring as the avengers game

  • J Gentry
    J Gentry

    The only thing about this that made me hyped was the Cosmo cameo

  • Sutōmu Hantā
    Sutōmu Hantā

    Why are all the game trailers suddenly using "I need a hero" as their background song?

  • KeyShay

    I really ain’t diggin the graphics but Im a Marvel fan so I’m still getting it

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We Got Mobbed...
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