Making chainsaw robot, carving logs
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The robot arm I used:
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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    • Steve J
      Steve J

      Hey, you should try an offset grinder with the chainsaw blade. You could probably do more intricate cuts. Just a thought. I could NEVER figure out how to do all that you did.



    • Michael McGregor
      Michael McGregor

      Your videos are awesome! Idea: Mirroring programming While the saw is attached to the arm, have a zero point. Have a professional carver carve something while the arm records the movements. Once they are done, save the the program. Now, every time you place the log and robot arm at zero, you can just run that program... would be awesome! Mass produce famous carvers works at a fraction of the price.

    • Michael McGregor
      Michael McGregor

      Your videos are awesome! Idea: Mirroring programming While the saw is attached to the arm, have a zero point. Have a professional carver carve something while the arm records the movements. Once they are done, save the the program. Now, every time you place the log and robot arm at zero, you can just run that program... would be awesome! Mass produce famous carvers works at a fraction of the price.

  • Jan K.
    Jan K.

    Michael Reeves got his hands on one of those boston dynamics dogs. I think now it's time to do a crossover and mount the chainsaw arm on the robot dog.

  • Richard DaVis
    Richard DaVis

    When his wife is mad she accidentally turns it on & boom a human sculpture dog 😂

  • Axel Skördeman
    Axel Skördeman

    Can anyone tell me what note/sketch app he is using at 04:29 ? :)

  • Mynx

    well you sold me kiwi co that looks great

  • Ishaan Kapoor
    Ishaan Kapoor

    Which software do you use for technical drawings?

  • Joel Garcia
    Joel Garcia

    I am crazy when I saw the foam dust on the robot I blew on the screen of my phone just on instinct what is wrong with me help

  • Caleb Hughes
    Caleb Hughes

    Turn the 50 cal bat into a power hammer

  • Joe Marty
    Joe Marty

    Bro, use it for ice-sculpting instead (over-heating problem solved)... great work, man!

  • Johannes Omberg
    Johannes Omberg

    What is the program being used here,, in this clip? Looks really nice. Great project.

  • andrew Powell
    andrew Powell

    I would move heaven to earth to have that dog

  • mAGiXO94

    I would transition to using a laser. That would improve the chainsaw mobility problem. The downside is your kill radius increases and gets other flavours like a blinding radius.

  • Lukas Werner
    Lukas Werner

    The particle swarm optimization among others (e.g. genetic algorithm) could help not ending up on a local optimum, right?

  • Cyphen Rozulus
    Cyphen Rozulus

    Your videos awaken my creative capabilities and so do others

  • Roma Belov
    Roma Belov

    а она сама себе харакири не сделает пока будет что то выпиливать?

  • JustOneAsbesto

    I think you mistitled the video. It should be called "Haircut robot v 2.0"

  • Mirnich 10
    Mirnich 10

    For whenever or never you will make dog from a log you miss two key things... Lubrication to the chain (that is why it was heating) and different chainsaw bar shape. It is funny how we always try to predict all small details and forget something major (still can't believe you tried to cut wood without oil).

  • Kamala Nenavath
    Kamala Nenavath

    I love it

  • Stephen Cervantes
    Stephen Cervantes

    Hey why don’t you turn the saw vertically. That’s how lots of the cuts are made when humans do chainsaw log art ? It would solve issues for getting into those tight spaces you have when the saw blade is turned horizontally. Like maybe you start horizontal get off the bulk then rotate for the detail .. let me know if you think this is a good idea ! :)

  • random crap
    random crap

    When’s the collab with lpl and your lock

  • Mark Pulver
    Mark Pulver

    ___ wow ___ super cool. Well Done Sir!

  • A O
    A O

    I can't believe the wife is impressed

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones


  • Christian Buzzio
    Christian Buzzio

    Hi! One very common way to overcome the non-global maximum search is to add simulated annealing, it follows the same principle as the annealing of metals by adding some randomness to the calculation of the gradient descent (or ascent, it depends on how you pose your problem) in such a way that some times the optimizer makes a decision against what would be optimum locally.

  • robdude1969

    14:30 - thumbs up if you roll UZmatch while you work.... how else do you think I found this video?!?!

  • MrJacobegg

    With as many comments as this has, I'm guessing you won't see those but, in the off chance you do: look into Particle Swarm Optimization to help with your problem of getting stuck in local maxima. PSO will sample tens to thousands of points from your vector space, in a single run, then moves all of those points around in the problem space for some configurable period of time, eventually converging around the collective swarm memory of the lowest (or highest) point observed by any member of the swarm. This helps avoid the problem of tunnel vision from sampling a single point in each run, as with gradient descent. You can also combine PSO with gradient descent (or ascent) to get the best of both worlds.

  • YanTing Cheng
    YanTing Cheng

    If a kid likes video games, is Kiwico gonna give a gaming station? LOL

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones

    I love how you assume people will not be paying attention to your speaking to look at the hilarious web pages you have opened up xD. Keep up the good work!

  • Trion3

    man im impressed of what he managed to get programed automatically speaking as someone who works with robots every day. i do have some thoughts on things you might want to look in to if it is possible to do on that robot, and that is 1) defining the shape of the tool that the robot is using and 2) defining the work space of the robot, that is setting limits on where the robot is allowed to move to

  • Filip Milojevic
    Filip Milojevic

    This is the first thing you've made that really needs a LOTO system

  • daniel diaz
    daniel diaz

    Where did this man went to college? He is my life idol of engineering

  • KaitharVideo

    Remember that time you build a robot that waved sharp implements near your head? *watches the chainsaw robot stab things* yeaaaah

  • AcidDaBomb

    I want one, but they are expensive, and I can make a worse one for free, all I need is thousands of dollars of equipment.

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill

    I will be really impressed if you parked that helicopter there using the R/C...

  • John Brock
    John Brock

    I'm a 30-year mechanical and electrical/software engineer and I continue to be amazed by your breadth of knowledge and ability. Thank you for showing the world what a knowledge of math and science and fun can bring to our lives.

  • EnergyWolff

    Can you give us a update on your lock for the lock picking lawyer 🥺

  • Real Change
    Real Change

    This dude right here makes science cool and nerds manly

  • Fred Scott
    Fred Scott

    could lose an arm.

  • Michael

    “They call a cheater, when you have a bolt that’s really stuck, you get way out here... and snap your wrench in half” 😆 wasn’t expecting you to say that but that is a possibility

  • Gary Gilbenson
    Gary Gilbenson

    "if i tell it stab yourself in the face, it'll do it!" _processing request_ "what sto-"

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes

    My first video and am loving every minute of it

  • Korey M
    Korey M

    nice to know we won't be replaced by machines any time soon. additionally it's interesting to see the difference. i'm a software guy so seeing the hardware side of things is fun. the chainsaw was designed by Man for Man. i wonder what a chainsaw designed for a robotic arm would look like.

  • Christopher Mattera
    Christopher Mattera

    I saw you write TWERK when talking about guessing passwords, don’t think you got away with that😁

  • Korey M
    Korey M

    next time someone asks me about 3d printers and how they work i will tell them to watch this. great example of Gcode!

  • Jax

    "mark rober on steroids"

  • Chris Douglas
    Chris Douglas

    you should do a few more carvings with the saw and make the montages into youtube shorts. it would be a great way to quickly grow your channel even more

  • Richard Pellegrino
    Richard Pellegrino

    Shane, did I understand you that you employed some sort of auto-optimization for your python? I have never heard of this and a popular internet search engine didn't bring up anything I prob. misunderstood.

  • Explosion Implosion
    Explosion Implosion

    16:33 lol "Fortunately I know a guy with a tree"

  • Dylan Turney
    Dylan Turney

    i mean, why *NOT* give a robot a chainsaw

  • roboknight

    That is amazing. Man, there ARE so many ways that must've gone wrong off camera.

  • medopop2010

    I really want for you to make coding courses channel it would be amazing As I am very interested in the code behind and the algorithm that made these videos happen

  • Telmo Pena
    Telmo Pena

    Which language do you use to write the code?

  • Anon nomous
    Anon nomous

    Does anybody know which iOS app he using for drawing and writing?

  • Aldreius

    Spend more than 2000 bucks in equipments for saving 2000 bucks of a wood bear, brilliant !

  • Tony Notstated
    Tony Notstated

    I thought I had a cool shop.

  • Matthew Heiskell
    Matthew Heiskell

    Use that robo arm to film some cool camera angles!

  • kyle zindel
    kyle zindel

    what monitor/device is he using at 11:27

  • Kyle Jessop
    Kyle Jessop

    "And that's when you get way out here, and break your wrench in half" Sounds like a solid Idea to me!

  • Raymond Strydom
    Raymond Strydom

    What if it were rather a circular saw in place the chainsaw?

  • nabanitus

    Waiting a robot arm chainsaw haircut.

  • Ishrat Begum Shaikh
    Ishrat Begum Shaikh

    But can they make robots to make oxygen?

  • TanK

    I want a workshop like you so that I can spend all my time doing what I love.

  • Damazy Włodarczyk
    Damazy Włodarczyk

    How about the lock? You didn't do shit about it.

  • Manic141

    I dont like how your chainsaw robot video suggests I watch your haircut machine video. Hahaha

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder

    We need a horror movie " called killer chainsaw robot "

  • 36. Yazid Rizki Kurniawan
    36. Yazid Rizki Kurniawan

    Make a drone that will always follow you around on your back so you can unlock third-person perspective

  • Federico Musci
    Federico Musci

    and the unpikeable lock?

  • Skullboy 066
    Skullboy 066

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  • Francis Balfour
    Francis Balfour

    6:14 Jackknife* sorry but it bothered me

  • Edmund Michał
    Edmund Michał

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  • Gies Anthonissen
    Gies Anthonissen

    what software do you use to program your robots? very Nice videos man!👍

  • Ace Shott
    Ace Shott

    Looks like a pile Of shit

  • Chris Lawrence
    Chris Lawrence

    Might I suggest an active suspension R/C truck for a future project? Maybe something like this

  • Skemooo

    what is teh app/tool he uses to draw on tablet?

  • Pitbull Gamer81
    Pitbull Gamer81

    Did you have chain oil that might be why it got hot

  • Jim Marriott
    Jim Marriott

    An E Stop button is never enough safety to go into an industrial kill zone.

  • Jon France
    Jon France

    When talking about gradient ascent, you reminded me of basically everything I learned about in computational logic. There are *huge* swaths of documentation in the AI field about avoiding local minima (or in your case, local maxima). Dunno how much that would have helped you (or if you already knew) but that would be a great place to look in future endeavors.

  • Clean Cuts Trees
    Clean Cuts Trees

    Your chainsaw needs oil... dont file down the rakers/depth gague's it wont help I promise

  • Stephen Southard
    Stephen Southard

    with all this effort you might as well have learned how to carve it yourself. all the same this is really cool to see

  • La Cai
    La Cai

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  • Viro

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  • Full Name
    Full Name

    How can I learn to make stuff like you do? This is incredible.

  • Catharsis

    Awesome sponsorship! I got a 3 month sub for my cousin! Keep it up, excited for the next video

  • Emilio Roman
    Emilio Roman

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  • skyracer2012

    If you would not port your python code to c++ and use multiple threads you could do it in 1 minute ro so

  • Evan Noyes
    Evan Noyes

    This was painful to watch. Take down your rakers and sharpen your saw. Chain was probably too tight too

  • Ryan Chenier-Poulin
    Ryan Chenier-Poulin

    Sounds so monotoned... even the wife rubs off on it lol

  • Mark Evitts
    Mark Evitts

    use it as a sacrificial mold!

  • CarEnthusiast

    This is a perfect example of how the robot's productivity gains get eaten up by the amount of programming time. Even manufacturing at factories tends to utilize more than one process to get to the end product.

  • Annette Texas
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  • just_here to_nap
    just_here to_nap

    Why use a chainsaw at all and not some other more maneuverable wood carving tool

  • kalhoon

    try a grinder with a wood file disk

  • Keyaneth Solen
    Keyaneth Solen

    You are great. I love your videos. I also want one of those arms.

  • B Ward
    B Ward

    shouldve made a robot arm for the log instead

  • Филипп Здоров
    Филипп Здоров

    Hey, the idea of gradient descent is good. Of cource you can reach some local maximums. But you can try to make many attempts of starting positions and look which will be better

  • Addison Huy
    Addison Huy

    Amazing truly job well done.

  • 13loodyDove

    I'd love to see you tackle fishing. Maybe a self casting, bite detect, and auto real fishing rod. All auto.

  • Matthew Cecil
    Matthew Cecil

    Your chain saw is overheating do to lack of lubrication. Also not professing to be an expert at robotics, but where j work he have huge fixtures mounted on robots and you just have to tell the robot where the new tool center point is wether it is 6 foot off the arm or 6 inches, the robot will move accordingly to that point.

  • Poeder Ruiker
    Poeder Ruiker

    What's the music around 1 minute?

  • Efajigaloop The First
    Efajigaloop The First

    Have you considered using an air motor for the saw? This should help offload weight from the saw. Also I don't know enough about your workflow here to say for sure, but I know most robot control software allows you to define tools, which could help prevent the "why are you hitting yourself" issue