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  • Roman Atwood Vlogs
    Roman Atwood Vlogs

    So much going on in this video! Hope you enjoy. Check description for all links.

    • Anna Riddle
      Anna Riddle

      Hey I just wanted to say that I AM SO GLAD that you are recording again!

    • Anna Riddle
      Anna Riddle

      Hey I am SO GLAD that you are recording again!

    • Tegan Moore vlogs
      Tegan Moore vlogs


    • khaled aldoraee
      khaled aldoraee


    • Cheyanne Charles
      Cheyanne Charles

      Do something sweet for Brit just because 🥰 there’s an idea for a vlog 🙂

  • Zeke Fischer
    Zeke Fischer

    Hey Roman I heard you on another vlog talk about possibly having a new saying you can't drop the smile more so here you go smile more frown less stay happy family's everything

  • Caleb Desrosier
    Caleb Desrosier

    Y’all should just move back in

  • vanessa perez
    vanessa perez

    daily vlogs are back this is a good year.

  • Delacruz R
    Delacruz R

    Hey guys check her out

  • Neako’s World
    Neako’s World

    Air BnB please

  • ANG Clutch
    ANG Clutch

    I would like to see more family videos

  • Hello Today
    Hello Today

    Where the gtr

  • ralphie mc
    ralphie mc

    Isn't that against the law for defacing money. I mean not care because that is pretty darn awesome

  • Rin Evans
    Rin Evans

    Would love a catch up with your dad and brother 😊

  • Pavel Bocharnikov
    Pavel Bocharnikov

    I would rent it for sure!

  • angelina alfieri
    angelina alfieri

    If you want if sells it for almost 100,000k

  • Katie H.
    Katie H.

    anything and everything! just record what you want and we will love all it! :)

  • VrBro

    Does he still make RC jump bideos

  • VrBro

    When did they move out?

  • KefunuYT Gaming
    KefunuYT Gaming

    More family stuff

  • Norma Rivas
    Norma Rivas


  • Chloe Shafer
    Chloe Shafer

    Idk but watching him again hits diff

  • abominableallyplays

    Bearded dragon in that big tank. They’re awesome and hearty animals. We have one and she literally runs around my house and we have two cats and two kids. When ppl come over I have to warn them to watch where they step when they come in my house bc carla is out roaming around haha

  • Josiah Sohun
    Josiah Sohun

    Renting it out you would make way more money and you would still own it it’s the better option

  • Cooper Griffin
    Cooper Griffin

    Please don’t sell I’m begging you that’s all of are childhoods

  • Vee Ashley
    Vee Ashley

    Rent it out it would be amazing to stay there I’ve always wanted to go in the pond

  • Chronic Minds
    Chronic Minds

    If you was here before this house when they lived in the old old house and started smile more in the basement your a true og💙

  • Patricia Kromrie
    Patricia Kromrie

    I’m kinda sad to see those pictures at their old house and not in the new one

  • Taylor Nicole
    Taylor Nicole

    Keep the house and rent it out! than it can be one of the kids one day


    who still remembers the RC that roman made for cora before she was born

  • Charity Bonualas
    Charity Bonualas

    You had this house for a while

  • Edwin Clairmonte
    Edwin Clairmonte

    Those are mosquitoes lava not tadpoles.. You can put small fish in the water to eat them up

  • anysia Lyon
    anysia Lyon

    The ring is now at $98,100 with 139 bids on eBay

  • Luka getsadze
    Luka getsadze

    put up on rbnb and let people live in it

  • Tina Butler
    Tina Butler

    You should put a chain link on the punch out so that someone could use it on a necklace.

  • Sara Davey
    Sara Davey

    You can’t sell it! You could make it like B&B yeah that’s true. Buuut, could also be like a cottage kinda place for you guys, oooooooooor what if you made it like a huge kid playground? I mean it could work

  • Malikai Villatte
    Malikai Villatte

    Having an air bnb you could charge alot of money

  • Vanezza Grace
    Vanezza Grace

    I remember I was watching Roman's vlog when I was 18 and now I'm 26 😂 I can'ttt!!!

  • Jade Nutt
    Jade Nutt

    Roman, the rings are AMAZING!! What a blessing to find something new, a new talent you love and can share with the world ♥️

  • Jade Nutt
    Jade Nutt

    We don’t want to help you guys move out! 😅😅😅

  • stay down until you come up
    stay down until you come up

    Like the rings bro. I have plenty old nickels.. If you're interested in purchasing. Ages.. From 1929 also older pennies.

  • Jenny The Fam
    Jenny The Fam

    I love the. Ew vlogs!!

  • Jenny The Fam
    Jenny The Fam

    I would so totally love to come stay at that house!

  • Manuelz32 u
    Manuelz32 u

    Turn that house to a museum

  • zfilmmaker

    You should have kept the old house for vlogging and never told people you moved. Given the security issues you supposedly had, I can’t understand why you made so many videos about moving.

  • MRX Keys
    MRX Keys

    House idea: you keep your new house as a family house and you use the old house as the fun play house!!

  • Rosa Rios
    Rosa Rios

    I think you should keep it & try to turn it into your smile more store. & for when family comes!

  • TenFour99 Godfrey
    TenFour99 Godfrey

    so what is going to happen with your fish tank

  • cameron 16
    cameron 16

    That ring sold for 98 thousand dollars

  • Kaleb Harris
    Kaleb Harris


  • Mike Clark
    Mike Clark

    Old school

  • Leanne Edwards
    Leanne Edwards

    Selling that house is devastating. It’s one of the most iconic things on UZmatch 😔

  • bryan diel
    bryan diel

    $98,100.00 USD for that ring!!! dayum!!!!!! How much, if I supply my own coin, you make it and send it back to me??

  • Owen Esque
    Owen Esque

    That crack helps me a lot

  • sub for 100 dollars  GIVEAWAY
    sub for 100 dollars GIVEAWAY


  • Lydia N
    Lydia N

    Please more daily life vlogs like the og, also I miss zeus so much

  • Aiden Burrous
    Aiden Burrous

    Do more fun stuff like the rc stuff and the friends and family in the pond or lake

  • CryingWindow488

    I want to see everything, just like this blog, I liked it ❤️❤️

  • clark kelley
    clark kelley

    What if you did smile more rings

  • Bonnie Henderson
    Bonnie Henderson

    move back!!! xxx

  • Austin Groat
    Austin Groat

    What you want to do.

  • Austin Groat
    Austin Groat

    Rent it out!


    Rent the house, definitely

  • Trevor Sorrell
    Trevor Sorrell

    it would be crazy cool i would definitely airbnb the house for a few days in the middle of summer

  • Kamden Kidd
    Kamden Kidd

    Hey Roman I have been a huge fan sense 2013 so i guess I’m a OG but I love you content and the most sad thing ever is when Zeus die but in one of my Xbox games I named my character Zeus but I just wanted to say I love your content ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ezinwanne Chikezie
    Ezinwanne Chikezie

    Pinball machine

  • kaptein kork
    kaptein kork

    Your vids are the only I prep for with snacks and stuff

  • joe Richard
    joe Richard

    the ring sold for $98,100 what the...

  • Liam Murphy
    Liam Murphy

    hey i have a question is olivia hammond your neice

  • Winter

    Definitely rent out your house!! You guys see your new house, hire cleaners!!

    • Winter

      Or even yeah, make it an office space or something!!!! It’s be so cool

  • Adam Lillie
    Adam Lillie

    We just wanna see more of you

  • OG Fiyah
    OG Fiyah

    I don’t think you should rent it. I think you should keep it if you can. You know your kids are gonna have kids and they gonna have to leave the nest at one point. Someone in your family is gonna want it at some point

  • Harry

    Have a smile more coin made

  • Braylen Buley
    Braylen Buley

    Where’s flash

  • Bigfoot Jr.
    Bigfoot Jr.

    The fact that I was just a little kid watching now I’m 18.. Wow

  • Yo-yo Bo-bo
    Yo-yo Bo-bo

    Do you know how cool it would be to Airbnb at the famous Atwood house I would be the main customer LOL I would never want to leave that house looks so fun I would live at the pond I think I speak for everyone when I say rent the house out as an Airbnb all of your fans would love to stay there just don't leave anything of value behind because there's people who would want souvenirs LOL

  • Jaimee Leanne V. Gempison
    Jaimee Leanne V. Gempison

    Awee don't sell it. This house has literally been through ups and downs with you guys. It has lived through all your memories.




    You gotta rent it out !

  • Vince Mangupag
    Vince Mangupag

    It’s been years since I clicked on their video

  • Christian DeWitt
    Christian DeWitt


  • Michele Runyon
    Michele Runyon

    Yes!! The mail lady will need a much bigger truck!! 😂😂

  • Talon Stone
    Talon Stone


  • Marz M
    Marz M

    RENT IT OUT! We own a few acres about 30 minutes away but it would be awesome to spend a day or weekend there.

  • Robbie Woods
    Robbie Woods

    i was actually making barbed wire rings while watching this video ( i used wire, little tiny hoops that you can find in a crafting kit and super glue )

  • K. T. E.
    K. T. E.

    Isn't that defacing us currency

  • Dee Wright
    Dee Wright

    Love this house. You lived by my daughter's house

  • SlurSlur4Life

    What a businessman, he sold that ring for $98,100.00

    • SlurSlur4Life

      Look it up on ebay

  • Nightwolf_15

    It would be so cool to rent out the house.... I would go there in a heart beat

  • island sunshine
    island sunshine

    Turn the warehouse into a place you display your fan art and gifts. Def do turtles. Soo cute. Or a bunny. And the house you can use as a base of operations. Have it turned into offices and anything you need for your business for example a pod cast room, gaming room ect.

  • Yamaha Fatboy
    Yamaha Fatboy

    Everything longer videos and everything

  • Ariana Rodriguez
    Ariana Rodriguez

    What if I were to send you a coin to make me a ring? I can pay for it! I have a coin that was in my grandmas desk (he passed away) and it would mean a lot to have a ring out of it to make it useful because I will not spend it❤️

  • Ashley LovesWDW
    Ashley LovesWDW

    I finally got my merch I'm so happy I got the pink and white smile more snapback and my sister got the pink smile more bennie

  • Yamaha Fatboy
    Yamaha Fatboy


  • Noob Tube Gaming
    Noob Tube Gaming

    Air bnb is the way to go

  • buildahome

    You know how to play you’re subscribers and one day it bounces back on you

  • Megan Cederwall
    Megan Cederwall

    Give it to Noah

  • Sevara R
    Sevara R

    DO NOT SELLL THE HOUSE !!!!!!! Seriously .....😑

  • LilyMai815

    Why not turn it into your business headquarters for every business venture that is Atwood’s?

  • LilyMai815

    I’m pretty sure those are mosquitoes and not tadpoles. Get rid of them ASAP. Trust me

  • bigx nation
    bigx nation

    Yes rent it out

  • Lanna Carpenter
    Lanna Carpenter

    Set up a property management company to lease it Air B&B style

  • X-gamer Pro-HD
    X-gamer Pro-HD

    Don’t rent it out. Bad idea

  • Kallista Pelton
    Kallista Pelton

    I personally would be interested in vlogs focused on the business side of Smile More.

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