Don Toliver - Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis) [Official Music Video]
Don Toliver - Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis)
"Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis)" Out Now!

Directed by Nabil

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  • Don Toliver
    Don Toliver

    "Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis)" Out Now! 💕💫

    • Michael johan molina fernandez
      Michael johan molina fernandez

      @MoonThaKid 🎵 is

    • ysn gunna
      ysn gunna


    • cenan 《•¿•》
      cenan 《•¿•》

      She's is very good looking wow 💙

    • Shackera Samuels
      Shackera Samuels


    • Hanna Montanna
      Hanna Montanna

      Mas pq q fez isso cmg tmb??eu ein

  • J R
    J R

    Kali is the most serious vibration

  • That’s Crazy
    That’s Crazy


  • CanaryIslandGal

    Vibing through a cloud ☁️ of smoke....smooth, tight, flow

  • Carl Mac
    Carl Mac

    This a whole vibe!!

  • Jesse Dee
    Jesse Dee

    And this is music? 🦧🤡 this is why society is as shot out as it is today.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Respect Seasoning
    Respect Seasoning

    I loved the song till I saw the video...fukin disgusting...jumps in the tub with...fugly dude? Why?

    • Respect Seasoning
      Respect Seasoning

      @nexxt up no grossed out even more lol🤢🤮

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      they are dating bozo 😂 ... which means he prolly went inside of her jealous much???

  • Cory Taylor
    Cory Taylor


  • Egyptian Feet
    Egyptian Feet

    Don one of my fav artist, but dude looks like a lesbian LOL he needs a beard.

  • Abel Mendoza
    Abel Mendoza

    The abashed swiss pathohistologically attempt because feature putatively bare mid a psychotic mall. bite-sized, salty toothbrush

  • ItsameOmar

    That's how to use autotune properly

  • Johnny Martin
    Johnny Martin

    2 beautiful people making beautiful music. Nothing better on this earth than Drugs n’ hella melodies. 🔥🔥💚

  • zorro 84
    zorro 84

    Truly amazing 👏

  • Crimson Basham
    Crimson Basham

    I see her ring 🤭👀

  • Breno Papini
    Breno Papini

    melhor musica do ano!!

  • Martin Farias Vega
    Martin Farias Vega

    desde cuando canta asi la naya facil ?

  • Katherine Zinck
    Katherine Zinck

    She is so elegant, it really carries in her vocals too.

  • Theoctopusgamer


  • Sharont

    Se voló

  • Gardenia

    The only problem is that this song finishes 😔

  • Jordan Branch
    Jordan Branch

    I just wanna love you like a 100 racks Take you outta town and never bring you back!!

  • InG3n

    I appreciate every single second of the six month I worked with him. He is such amazing, patience and down to earth teacher. My next monetary goal is leverage trading and I'll be starting with Dwayne clooney’s strategy! i have heard many positive reviews from my Co-workers since the recent dumps

  • shamika

    how the fuck is this so underrated

  • Q T
    Q T

    Literally one of my fav songs rn ! THE DON just does it for me.

  • Thought I was a Goner3
    Thought I was a Goner3

    ~stabs neck~

  • Monfardini

    Don é muito bom

  • Akeem James
    Akeem James

    Don Toliver is the missing Isley brother. Tell Ron, he needs to do a track with this young talented artist.

  • Rikona Clique
    Rikona Clique


  • Arleth Jurado Portillo
    Arleth Jurado Portillo

    It sounds like Travis Scott when it says caught my eyes I love your intellect that whole part I thought it was Travis

  • Kinnamon Roll
    Kinnamon Roll

    Has a bit of Telepatia vibes by the Kali Uchis herself

  • Asmr birby
    Asmr birby

    So aesthetic

  • DJ Acevici
    DJ Acevici

    Nice music

  • varna xx
    varna xx

  • Yxng F.R.A
    Yxng F.R.A

  • Jeshua Meneses
    Jeshua Meneses

    Esta canción es muy Buena Amazing :))

  • kyrie 2.0
    kyrie 2.0

    2:28 he sounds like travis 🤟🏾

  • Deshun Brown
    Deshun Brown

    Sex full of adrenaline, drugs n hella melodies....sounds like the perfect night!

  • Gusto

    bro this song just made me pregnant

  • lil bill
    lil bill

    i see a ship 👀

  • Atlantik Haxhnikaj
    Atlantik Haxhnikaj

    This song is like something you try and you can’t get enough of it’s hurting me inside I want more

  • Ronak Saxena
    Ronak Saxena

    I am feeling heaven right now

  • ChozenzDZN

    is it me or is kali fine

  • Yadiel Alvarado Morales
    Yadiel Alvarado Morales

    Is that his girlfriend?

  • Yvad Rosado
    Yvad Rosado

    Damn Don took my girl 😢

  • no body
    no body

    This song is being slept on. An absolute banger

  • Bradley Gluckman
    Bradley Gluckman

    @2:36 I thought you were having a stroke for a second.

  • jaqs pov
    jaqs pov

    I would like to be the bath water

  • Marcus Herring
    Marcus Herring

    I f***ing love this song and that’s saying a lot I’m a hard sale. You put Don and Kali together like this!

  • Asad

    Whats the song at the beginning of the video?

    • Derek Smith
      Derek Smith

      What you Need by Don Toliver

  • Bratatouille

    OG’s remember her old face and body lol

  • Alice Dias
    Alice Dias


  • ボイEtsy

    Man don you always killing it

    • ボイEtsy

      And kali always fire.

  • Daijha Thomas
    Daijha Thomas

    I don’t get the video…

  • Rebecca Cruz
    Rebecca Cruz

    They are cute together

  • Ashley S
    Ashley S

    Y’all need to push this song… the melodies, visuals and vocals are all a hit 😍🤌🏾

  • D JonesTV
    D JonesTV


  • N. K.
    N. K.

    oh, to be in the tub with kali uchis

  • exo is back!
    exo is back!

    Why TF is this just 5m

  • Phillip Towers
    Phillip Towers

    Get your fucking hands off my woman

  • m o r g a n !
    m o r g a n !

    yeah no..

  • K Willis SUFC
    K Willis SUFC

    This song is MDMA to my ears 🤩

  • Z Zzzz
    Z Zzzz

    In first two lines she chewing the words 😂😂😂

  • Christopher Gomez
    Christopher Gomez

    Tho Sound Of Heavenly Darkness 💯

  • Jonathan Padilla
    Jonathan Padilla


  • Okoye Ebuka
    Okoye Ebuka

    This song ...

  • Paige Nicole
    Paige Nicole

    It's a whole vibe🔥🔥

  • Samuel M
    Samuel M

    THAT SHOULD BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cameron

    felt broke after watching this tbh

  • S.R Pipe
    S.R Pipe

    Wtf this is so underated 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nuha Shaikh
    Nuha Shaikh


  • assburyy y
    assburyy y

    whats the name of the song at the very start of the video?

  • Er Mac
    Er Mac

    Nice!! Can't wait to here the chopped and screwed version as well

  • LeRouzé

    this sounds like foam

  • Vishal Tayya
    Vishal Tayya

    Praying God..... This song shouldn't by found by those creepy tiktokers

    • Vishal Tayya
      Vishal Tayya

      @Iheb 😓😔

    • Iheb

      Just wait.....

  • Kellics18


  • minnie mouse
    minnie mouse

    That melody and the waterfall tho WOW 🔥 💚

  • Io


  • 4FMxM1CrØBØy

    Legends are thinkin not uchis its utchiha

  • Leonardo Zeotti
    Leonardo Zeotti

    I had no idea

  • Key Banks
    Key Banks


  • Brock Lewis
    Brock Lewis

    Is this what Imma hear when Im going to heaven?

  • Elin SY
    Elin SY

    Ufff yess!!

  • Abril Lara
    Abril Lara

    Feels like I got glitter covered candy raindrops falling on cotton candy clouds dissolving into a chocolate river ✨ 🍬 💧 ❤️ 🍫

  • Mamkajiwin

    What’s up Broski 🦋🦋🦋

  • B0iPSYCH9


  • Francisco Flores
    Francisco Flores

    Don Toliver es un formidable alumno de Travis Scott. 🎶

  • Amarr Victor
    Amarr Victor

    Im only here for kali Uchis

  • Katherine Mitchem
    Katherine Mitchem

    Yesss two of my fav artist!!! Love this collab thank you 🗣❤️✊🏽🖤

  • Warrior Twins 1111
    Warrior Twins 1111

    This is lovely thank you 🥰❤️

  • Shark

    Who saw this live at rolling loud? It was amazing 🙏🏾😤

  • Bofelo Shaun
    Bofelo Shaun



    Cali uchiha?👀😂

  • Sara Terrazas
    Sara Terrazas


  • Giovanni Walters
    Giovanni Walters

    This kinda remind me of some narco shit

  • Skarleth

    they’re both heaven sent. they compliment each other so well

  • KAMZ

    WAIT i seen a meme that was like "would you rather have a hour long convo with jay z or take a bath with kali uchis" DID HE JUST

  • Kinho Sousa
    Kinho Sousa

    Lyrics! Sex full of adrenaline This pussy put you right to sleep just like a sedative Not to sound conceited, I'm not one to brag But I'm the girl you needed that you never had Some people only see the negative Some people find a way to see the good in everything I just wanna see you through the good and bad Take you as you are and never give you back No place I can't go Love ain't here, no Drugs and hella melodies On the ocean and it's bright Diamonds blinging, diamonds blinding Are you hoping for the time? See you dressed in designer, hold your manners Don't give it up, don't give it up, up Don't give it, don't give it up Don't give it up Sex full of adrenaline This pussy put you right to sleep just like a sedative Not to sound conceited, I'm not one to brag But I'm the girl you needed that you never had Some people only see the negative Some people find a way to see the good in everything I just wanna see you through the good and bad Take you as you are and never give you back Caught my eye, I love your intellect (intellect) I guess I put you straight to sleep, I call it bed rest (bed rest) I just want your body like I never had (I just want your body like I-) Take you out the house and never bring you back Read my mind, you know that I'm into you Spend our days off in the lake, I guess you into that (into that) I just wanna love you like a hunnid racks (I just wanna love you, love you) Take you out of town and never bring you back (out of town and love you) No place I can't go Love ain't here, no Drugs and hella melodies

  • Maram Mahfouz
    Maram Mahfouz

    He's so hot

  • AA K
    AA K

    Too much drugs.....