Lil Reese: Doctors Said My Voice Would Never Come Back, Never Rap Again/ Will It Get Better?
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Part 3

  • Andrew Ko
    Andrew Ko

    Ever since i saw the video of him shitting on himself i csnt get it outta my head

  • The Father Of Dragons
    The Father Of Dragons

    At the end Reese said “I’m good everything Normal” he should put that at the beginning of his mixtape.

  • nick b
    nick b


  • nick b
    nick b

    Quit looking at your phone like you a female

  • Iamthetruth21

    🤣🤣🤣 he laughed when bro said he could b watching this video, bro Fs in the mud sumwhere

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    He needa switch up his flow cus he already got fans

  • David Young
    David Young

    lil Reese’s cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴

  • TeKary James
    TeKary James

    He laughed because the nigga that shot him dead now ....

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Reese really GOT LUCKY 🍀 !! .. . That’s been some real smoke 💨 really real !! For those that don’t know Dreco shoot a 7.62x39mm .. It’s a flying Crayon 🖍 !!

  • Dior Prince
    Dior Prince

    Suppa Savage ii I use stay bumping bacc n Dem yrs Reese a ChiLegend too, FareelFareel RESPECT drillmusic had it for years since 2011-now

  • Devin Warfieeld
    Devin Warfieeld

    Is the interviewer guy white or black I can’t tell??

  • Bernie Cohens
    Bernie Cohens

    Reese is a G lol

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Yeah it definitely does sound like he is getting his voice back a song a lot more louder than last year

  • Rodolfo Almanza
    Rodolfo Almanza

    Lil Reese might be the next king von u never know 💯

  • Phu Ku
    Phu Ku

    I’m still laughing that he got shot at a country club lmao

  • Chris Ron
    Chris Ron

    " Far as we know, the person hasn't been caught yet, they prolly gonna see this" reese smirks, that's cause they not here nomore 🤣🔥💯

  • Mattfu Tv
    Mattfu Tv

    Really just imagine yourself not talking for a whole month bro try to please 🤣🤣🤣

  • manifergi

    Loool why are you trying to gaslight the situation Cam Capone? Man said, “is there anything you wanna say to the killer out there ? “

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    Reese A Savage RIP Fredo This Shit is history Hopefully Reese sees survival as a chance to live a better life at heart God Bless

  • Rich Hawk
    Rich Hawk

    They say niggas that shot him wasn’t trying to shoot him . Was trying to get the nigga with him . He really was in the way they tried to squash the beef Reese said fuck that


    All that effort 😂 prime example of a trash rapper.

  • Satan's Son
    Satan's Son

    I can't with this nigga sitting like that 🤣🤣

  • ESFitnessPro

    "nah, nobody invisible" Yah don't say

  • Fernando Ibarra
    Fernando Ibarra

    Its been 10 yrs and Reese still looks the same..dude really doesn't age

  • aaalex.96

    Good to see him make his recovery 🦾

  • Phu Ku
    Phu Ku

    The blur job was great until 1:14 lmao

  • Val Outlaw
    Val Outlaw

    Yeah it definitely does sound like he is getting his voice back a song a lot more louder than last year

  • Cloud9

    "Yeah they recommended all of that but I ain't do none of that shit" 😆

  • Takontop

    Them doctors they kno shit , they don’t kno enough

  • Zae TV
    Zae TV

    His voice has improved significantly since bro got shot. He’ll be back soon 💪🏾

  • Terrion Based
    Terrion Based

    Can’t wait til he drops Lamron 2 . Might as well drop it 4/20 😅

  • A-dUb

    *KNOCK KNOCK* “Who’s there?” “DOGE!” “DOGE WHO!?” “DOGE TO THE MOON!!”

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    Reese a real one and deserves more respect ✅

  • Tu Sancho
    Tu Sancho

    You paid 20 racks for fhis interview

  • Krew Official
    Krew Official

    50 cent voice didn't come back either 😏

  • Rey Santana
    Rey Santana

    That nigga aged 50 years with THAT stretch 😂😭

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    4:17 capper

  • OTF


  • Zo3 aka 3 chainz Aka Zo dawg
    Zo3 aka 3 chainz Aka Zo dawg

    Yeah he dont play around I can see it all over him he definitely scares the devil 🤣🤣

  • Laron Worsley
    Laron Worsley

    This man is blessed! God has a plan for him!

  • Kamy K
    Kamy K

    I never believe a word this guy says for some reason he seems fake an most over rated “driller” in history tbh 💩

  • Huncho Jack
    Huncho Jack

    He laughed @1:47 because he know they ass dead 😂😂

  • Acesiz Official
    Acesiz Official


  • d d
    d d

    Blessed guy

  • BHunna Chapo
    BHunna Chapo

    he’s getting back to his normal self. he’s def down n out cause he don’t sound like himself

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      He was like nasfuratu for a month 😂 Reese was running around flicking lights like a little kid 😂😂

  • Montalvo Monteka
    Montalvo Monteka

    It really sounds like it does hurt to talk though no jokes hope his voice gets better though

  • 45 Jugga
    45 Jugga

    He skinny asf but hard body how wtf

  • Julius Perez
    Julius Perez

    This nigga be asking sum dumb ass questions😂😂 Reese be looking at this nigga blew lol

  • Damian Diaz
    Damian Diaz

    Can y’all nighas please stop thinking this nigga el chapo lmao niggas talking about the shooters already dead and shi lol

  • Damarion Tatum
    Damarion Tatum

    He too tall for that chair

  • Jazzco Records
    Jazzco Records

    Everything lamron 👊

  • D.J. Black
    D.J. Black

    I'm glad he ended it with the question I wanted to ask. With that being said, it still would make struggle bars harder

  • Z T
    Z T

    Damn Reese just move after your getback at least we need u to live till 60

  • Micah Hayes
    Micah Hayes

    I fuck with Reese but I hope his new rap voice doesn't sound bad like when the DOC briefly tried to come bk.

  • Micah Hayes
    Micah Hayes

    The chrones disease now the shooting and his voice being permanently damaged. I pray no more bullshit comes Reese way.

  • BikeLife POV
    BikeLife POV

    Should have asked him about when he got jumped on camera

  • Chris B
    Chris B

    Herbert the Pervert

  • Marequis Dobson
    Marequis Dobson

    Keep pushing nobody voice is your voice that’s what’s makes you U

  • Ryy Annn
    Ryy Annn

    Chicago wild mfs aint like his music an tryed to break his voice box 😂

  • DoloPaid

    Voice not even bad to be honest he back fr just gotta move smarter

  • Bryan Maikano
    Bryan Maikano

    Chiraq's grim reaper!

  • Leo Webb
    Leo Webb

    He look like Big Sean's big brother lol

  • Trench Mafia Locco
    Trench Mafia Locco

    reeses voice definitey is restoring. God gave him another chance. I think he should use this new voice and try new techniques

  • Ryo Ryuji
    Ryo Ryuji

    he look weird without his mustache for some reason maybe because im used to seeing him like that i guess idk

  • William Coleman
    William Coleman

    To be real his voice almost sounds normal aka lamron

  • 415getActive

    voice low key colder now...he was a lil dry compared to chief keef

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    Swag deniro was about to be happy asf if Reese passed

  • Terrance Wicks
    Terrance Wicks

    Dude put your MF phone down!

  • Toya Clare
    Toya Clare

    Lil Reese I know you looking at the comments and you better say hey to me too nigga

  • TioneTheFilm Guy
    TioneTheFilm Guy

    KEEP RAPPIN MY G... NO "PAIN" NO "GAIN"... TRUST ME ✊✌️👌... I GOT HIT 17 TIMES 👁️💯💯💯... I'M 44 AND STILL KNEE DEEP... PRACTICE MAKE$ PERFECT 💯💯💯🏋️🧗🏊🤸🏇✍️🗣️✨🌟⭐✊...

  • TioneTheFilm Guy
    TioneTheFilm Guy

    Don't sit in the dark my guy come to the light 💯💯💯💯✨🌟⭐💫✊👁️🧠👌✌️🤳✍️🗣️🤸🏊🏋️🧗🏇👣🙏🕴️🎥🎞️🎞️🤴... Be Blessed.

  • MerkszWavey

    I wonder if he smoked at all in the first month

  • ThaDons


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  • Cory Walker
    Cory Walker

    Niiga kept looking at nothing on his phone 😂😂

  • Eli swervo
    Eli swervo

    He the boys

  • Damone Wilson
    Damone Wilson

    reese lying..he making it up as he goes

    • New Whips
      New Whips

      He ain’t making nothing up

  • AntCantMiss

    Bro this nigga go hard af . Anybody from any hood in any inner city u kno what time it is bro. this nigga steppin

  • RARVisuals

    Shout out Cam Capone for getting Reese. Not many people can get a grim reaper interview. #300

  • RARVisuals

    300 4L

  • Zoe Sh
    Zoe Sh

    @1:45 when reporter said “They prolly gon see this”. Reese laughed like how a dead man gon see

  • Tia Jones
    Tia Jones

    Love some lil reese & keep the interview coming

  • Grady McKinney
    Grady McKinney

    He must've paid that million

  • Shawn Johnson
    Shawn Johnson

    Somebody please tell me what the hat say ??

  • MentallyXpressed

    on trending

  • Andrew Pouncil
    Andrew Pouncil

    Good interview Cam Capone news

  • Andrew Pouncil
    Andrew Pouncil

    Lil Reese blessed he survived that neck shot

  • Adam Osak
    Adam Osak

    Another guy talking about himself like a woman and using limericks like a court jester.

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Us

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  • Tyya Johnson
    Tyya Johnson

    He said “the person who did this will probably see this”... then Reese... laughs y’all know damn well that man is deceased

    • kovu

      @Damian Diaz 💀💀💀💀💀

    • Damian Diaz
      Damian Diaz

      Lmao y’all think this nigga John Gotti

    • PJ1989

      No he's not, relax lol

  • Lord Killa90
    Lord Killa90

    He looks so uncomfortable

  • Wayne

    Glad that boy Reese still here and got his voice back 💯


    Sounding like he just hit puberty.. but it’s a blessing to live another day to tell the story

  • Brian Hacker
    Brian Hacker

    Nobody Cares !

  • I MaChamp
    I MaChamp

    He looks hella uncomfortable in that chair💀

  • LilRubio44 //
    LilRubio44 //

    Keep that pole on you at all time bro we don’t want nun happening to you

  • Ramon Ray Martinez
    Ramon Ray Martinez


  • No Cappin Tv
    No Cappin Tv

    Do he still smoke weed ?

  • Cull Obsidian
    Cull Obsidian

    When Reese was younger dude had way more weight on him shoulders & all now look like the nigga aging backwards 🤣