10 Terrifying Recordings of Paranormal Activity
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    • Reid Dane
      Reid Dane

      @Arthur Idris Damn! It took roughly 15 mins but it actually worked!!

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      Arthur Idris

      Not sure if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google if you care

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      haider ali channel

      Nope bro😁

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      Donald Irwin

      Don't you worry The top tens before I go to sleep I dude myself with holy water every night 🌃 when I watch this video every time.

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      Tsering Mutup

      : )

  • Nalijay

    Number 5 is clearly just Renesmee

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    god of texting stories


  • Rom_playz

    If i was a creepy video inspector youtuber then i would make sure it wasnt too creepy before i upload it

  • Belle Angel
    Belle Angel

    6:50 aww so cute it has a baby :3

  • James McGrath
    James McGrath

    “The Rake lives in heavily forested areas.” Me looking out the window at the woods that surround my house: “Oh fuck...”

  • Hydra 54
    Hydra 54

    ok the rake and the child are probably the creepiest ones, especially the child, i don't ever want to see something like that appear outside my door. but the haunted office thing was funny as hell. i can relate to some of the ghosts that were probably there. if i were working in an office and couldn't find what i was told to look for i would probably rage out and throw paper as well.


    3:37 idk if that low hum is what you added or it was part of the original version of the video. Either way it is bloody scary.

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    saju kk


  • jermine joseph
    jermine joseph

    who else look in the comment and make that first part go away

  • Kara Vallow
    Kara Vallow

    Why are people so scared? What if those creatures are even more scared of us?

  • Kara Vallow
    Kara Vallow

    Imagine those creatures are as scared of you as they make you of them.

  • Sarwar

    You are on half screen On the bed Watching the comments Looking back, you're thinking that something behind you And you had searched for this video.

  • santosh padvekar
    santosh padvekar

    Fun fact :that girl has some superpowers and her mother teaching her how to control them That's why that girl is flying cause they are secretly practising

  • Sushant Dubey
    Sushant Dubey

    In Hinduism... these are considered as pret or pishach... Hinduism says that soul is pure and has no form... it can't touch anything...but pret are invisible and they are demonic... who harm humans.... pret can touch things.... but we can't see them

  • anteklipa

    6:32 amogus

  • Martin Leyva
    Martin Leyva

    4:30 someone is walking by on the other side of the window lol

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    Ten birds


  • Ten birds
    Ten birds


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    Maaz Khan

    no its not fake

  • data_recovery

    "with us i want does get" 10/10 sticker quote

  • Sophie McKenzie
    Sophie McKenzie

    Why are most paranormal videos recorded with a potato? Where are the videos that are recorded on 4k super hi-definition cameras?

  • Matthew

    #8 NightCrawler: Just Plastic Bags in the Wind ...

  • Donald Irwin
    Donald Irwin

    When every I watch this I always get my blessings from the Lord above, every time.😊😊

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    Alex Flores

    "May the power of christ compell yee"

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    ghosts have nothing better to do

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    popular resteraunt

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    deez nuts lolzzzz

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    6:51 AmongUs

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    Guys my controller was on the floor this morning 😨

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    Chino Lei Cabales

    Bruh the intro was scary

  • Limmuel June Baylin
    Limmuel June Baylin

    10. when you eat at the restaurant but you found out that you are dead. 9. when you are in a BPO as an agent(graveyard) imagine you are bombarded with call and its pissing you off. 8. hey tall guys we are you heading? 7. lesson learn: do not go to old mining sites with loads of lost souls binded on that chain and evil spirits murmuring about. 6. do not play with ouija. its like shouting to other dimensions "trick or treat here is my body and soul come and get it!". 5. Girl: hey mom look at me, I am superwoman. up up and away.. its either there are spirits involve or she is child kerrigan. damn her brain might be on the other level.. 4. por favor. she might accidentally tripped her foot and broke her proximal phalanx(5th toe). yikes.. 3. only Oligarchs had the body of a pig.. and that picture looks like Groot.. he is groot.. 2. don''t easily open your door(s) while strangers are lurking about.. you'll never know you might lost your life or your belongings 1. shit, gollum did actually exist..begone pawn of sauron!!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!

  • Galyn Groves
    Galyn Groves

    I love The Rake,always one of my favorite creepypasta creatures. I’ve also seen the videos of the flying girl and the stick-like figures


    Dunno why but scrolling through the comments make me feel safe ;)

  • Rage

    The office one is definitely the most fake out of all of them

  • Rage

    Damn that last animal can haul ass😂 you see how fast he be running

  • Konigin zucker
    Konigin zucker

    too much talking

  • Melanie Landsman
    Melanie Landsman

    Yes number one was terrifying!!. I don’t know that I believe in the rake but it still makes my skin cold!.

  • Gamely Life
    Gamely Life

    No one: Literally no one: Me: Torturing myself by watching these kind of videos..

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith

    y make a mess ?! gosh

  • thao taylor
    thao taylor

    I find it scary watching all these paranormal activity is very scary, I think some are fake and some are real cause there no way it can be fake when some thing just can not be explain.

  • Hunter Morse
    Hunter Morse

    Was the door still rattling the hole time ?

  • Cristián rodriguez
    Cristián rodriguez

    Fake fake fake

  • Grammar Gestapo
    Grammar Gestapo

    These were pretty funny

  • Zero1 ZeroLast
    Zero1 ZeroLast

    16:21 Does anyone else feel sad here, not scared

  • Jarrod Taylor
    Jarrod Taylor

    All of these have been debunked if you do the research. Additionally, number 8, 3 2 and 1 are supernatural, not paranormal. Furthermore your “ screen flashes” are tacky. Ghost girl... well lets just say when eyes light up they dont make noise. Pigman is the biggest laughing stock. Again debunked. Every single one of these vids have been around for years and years. You have done nothing new.

  • Andrew Alligood
    Andrew Alligood

    FYI-Demons and ghosts one and the same.They are ALL malevolant,hate us and want us dead.They play"dead relatives"games with you,since they are aware of the dead.Then noise and or unexplained tangible events around you.If you play their games,you have given them legal permission to screw with you.God's protection is removed from those that reject His commands and warnings.From there,it's anything goes.I WOULD ADVISE ALL PEOPLE TO AVOID TAMPERING WITH THEM AT ALL COST!!!It is DEADLY AND NOT A JOKE!!

  • Winter Bear
    Winter Bear

    That scared me 😳

  • Andrew Wiltshire
    Andrew Wiltshire

    Since this was made, Number 9 (the Manchester office Poltergeist) has been identified as an elaborate trick using both physical and computer-generated effects by a group of software game designers. The revelation was broadcast on local TV station.

  • ERldin ALIJA
    ERldin ALIJA

    fake or not i was so scared lol first the office then miner

  • Luka Drobnjakovic
    Luka Drobnjakovic

    not scary. kinda cringe

    • Nevena Toroman
      Nevena Toroman


  • The Legendary Knight
    The Legendary Knight

    Is it just me or these cameras are always of bad quality and the images horribly pixellized?

  • phrog

    The first one the food ghosts got angry

  • Simon Gondolan
    Simon Gondolan

    Viele videos sind gut sehr gut manche gemacht und manche muesste mann genau unter die Lupe nehmen aber ob Geister oder ausserirdusche von 1000 Aufnahmen gibt es vielleicht nur eine wo der jenige nicht wie ein bekloptter rumwackellt so das man nix erkennt 2.es ist sehr kurz3.die Qualitaet ist so schlecht und durch diese 3 Beischpiele veraet sich im algemeinen 99% derjenigen die es hier hochladen ..einer meinte in der Zukunft gewesen zu sein und angeblich wuerde Trump wieder der President sein najq so viel zu diesen Thema .. LEUTE WENN IHR EUCH NICHT LAECHERLICH MACHEN WOLLT LADEN NUR VIDEOS DIE DER WAHRHEIT ENTSCHPRECHEN SONNST SEID IHR DER HAMPELMANN DES JAHRHUNDERTS .LASST ES DURCH LUEGEN VERSUCHEN BERUEMT ZU WERDEN IHR WERDET NUR BERUEHMTE LUEGNER ...FAKEKOENIG ..DAS MEINE IVH ALGEMEIN ICH MEINE NICHT DIESE VIDEOS GRADE ..OK

  • CareyEve36

    Seen them all before except for number 6, also wasn't the rake debunked as fake because of some website that people go on to create such creatures?

  • Lloyd Janney
    Lloyd Janney

    Really great stuff here, I lik the way you narrate the storylines, and you've have probably done some serious research into these stories, the rake is by far the best one, I had no idea these creatures have been roaming around for that long of a period.

  • Gera MotoZ
    Gera MotoZ

    13:13 Number 4, That is Facundo a well known Mexican TV Host, he now has a UZmatch channel uzmatch.info in one of his videos he talks about that encounter.

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    Mark Dunn


  • Mike: Owner-President
    Mike: Owner-President

    It truly amazes me that SEEMINGLY intelligent people, prove REPEATEDLY, just how UNEDUCATED & STUPID they TRULY are!!! Look at the SPELLING of OUIJA!!! It CLEARLY says WE-JA!!! It is even PRONOUNCED: WE-JA!!! It is a combination of TWO languages... French: OUI = YES!! GERMAN: JA = YES!!! Thus, it is a YES board!!! Frickin' IDIOT!!!!!

  • sxxrto

    Going full screen mode 👌🏾

  • Simon Koch
    Simon Koch

    Hey Rake! Meet Shovel !

  • Reynard Mathe
    Reynard Mathe

    Bro the brake thing took legit 1 second to go from a stand still to a million k/ph in the other direction when it watched the camera come into uncharted areas it was like bye ,then gone

  • Lorenzo Luigi Cattaneo
    Lorenzo Luigi Cattaneo

    It's well that I don't watch it

  • miro d
    miro d

    Imagine walking into work and all the papers you organized are a fucking mess dis is some bullshit

  • Manos Liapakis
    Manos Liapakis

    That guy last is so scary man but same time beautiful

  • Hazel Dungan
    Hazel Dungan


  • David Lynch
    David Lynch

    All fake. Especially the office ghost? The door handle rattling, door slamming and files being thrown seem to be standard ghost tricks. Boring. 😴

  • Nick Guerrero
    Nick Guerrero

    #9 is bullshit why would the cameras have sound. Nobody buys security cameras with sound in 2012

  • Eden Darschevutz
    Eden Darschevutz

    Is it me or does he sound a lot like scream(the guy with the musk in the movie)

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador

    I guess I'm watching this before bed because I want to have a nightmare 🙃

  • Xbvr4xzx 001
    Xbvr4xzx 001

    I would armed my self infull ghostly robes as well as the ancient staff

  • Xbvr4xzx 001
    Xbvr4xzx 001

    If this ever happened to me inwould arm myself in full dharoks as well as tge ace

  • Kira

    Omg that computer turning off an on scared the crap out of me 😂😂😂

  • Danilo Correa
    Danilo Correa

    many fake videos

  • mantenimiento

    The first woman was fine

  • Mo Davidson
    Mo Davidson

    It's funny how most are from UZmatchrs and these quickly become their only popular videos.

  • Brendan R
    Brendan R

    Well that's disappointing... 10 items were too quick must be jerked. No one else sitting around her bullshit. 9 the door closing moved the camera. Really the screens aren't obvious? Papers jerked suddenly, and door handles jiggled from the other side 8 pull baggy pants over your head and add a fake skull ta da 7 bat moved the chain. Went back for high view content 5 yes I was just starting my walking video and immediately found a flying girl who definitely isn't supported by wires. Sorry for moving the cam away just as she was stopping 4 Mexico, probably someone grieving a relative or planted 3 aka a radio. 2 unrealistic reaction to seeing a girl in pitch black in the middle of the night. Reopens the door for added effect. 1 really good SFX. Logs are all unknown? Really? It looks like PS2 assets for a horror game

  • Brendan R
    Brendan R

    I had to pause @4:48 to finish laughing

  • Leodark Darkness
    Leodark Darkness

    I weel dislike 👎 it cause there is the title creepy things caught on whatever and ther is a Jumscare lool

  • Clay Murphy
    Clay Murphy

    It looks real of course but it could be fishing line and you can't see hook to everything and it's strong enough to pull chairs napkins off tables etc.

  • Renz Noble
    Renz Noble

    I'm going full screen... Tell my parents I love them

  • XDA

    why you stopped posting videos 🤔


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  • Ketchup

    Every ghost ever: “man fuck all these papers!”

  • أعطيك ب النعال؟
    أعطيك ب النعال؟

    من جاي من كويلي لقيت المقطع في المقاطع المفضله لكويلي

  • Sonia Siddiqui
    Sonia Siddiqui

    fake videos hahahahahaha

  • wayne brough
    wayne brough

    9. it souns like my chainsaw

  • wayne brough
    wayne brough

    in number 9 how is there 1 boy trying to get out. it look like 2

  • M C
    M C

    any ghost orbs?

  • jennifer rosier
    jennifer rosier

    Don't know if it's real OR fake but if I saw number 8 outside my window or on my security cam ......... shit I'd be freaked out ??!!!!

  • Jonas Brumley
    Jonas Brumley

    I was laughing at the two legged head one because it reminded me of a minecraft sfm i watched 3 years ago

  • Tyler Buck
    Tyler Buck

    14:47 girl screaming 14:52 ur friend when u finally make it to the party

  • Tyler Buck
    Tyler Buck

    3:34 this is the closest ive ever come to having a heart attack


    who like Indonesian ghosts please click uzmatch.info/it/26SlsIKZrJ1yx60/video

  • kul ziomal
    kul ziomal

    6:34 jump scare!

  • Mr. Legion
    Mr. Legion

    4:00 the ghost start lissening darude sandstorm 😂😂😂


    Two things! The levitating 🕴 girl. I believe it to be faked. I watched it frame by frame and right when she was to float down into her mothers arms, there was a glitch or distortion from the wild movement, and seconds after the color of her coat, went from bright red to dark red. Plus, in that frame. She never floated into her mothers arms