Game Theory: Sonic is TOO Powerful! (Sonic the Hedgehog)
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Listen, over the years I've given Sonic the Hedgehog a hard time. I'll admit it. It's come to my attention that I may have been a LITTLE unfair. What I've discovered is that Sonic the Hedgehog is actually TOO POWERFUL! So powerful that this blue speedster may have BROKEN his entire reality! All of time and space in the Sonic multiverse shattered to pieces! How? Get ready Loyal Theorists, this is a bumpy ride!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Gummigamer 22
    Gummigamer 22

    Sonic: oooh yummy chili dog. lemme go get it. KABOOOM!

  • Gummigamer 22
    Gummigamer 22

    Lots of zeros like this .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle

    Ah yes... *G E I C O*

  • Zavier Raighne Cena
    Zavier Raighne Cena

    Talk about Sonic.exe is Sonic.exe powerfully?

  • AdiMations

    12:13 how can the camera capture sonic's blur if light hasn't reached finish yet? How can we see anything at all??

  • Danny Key
    Danny Key

    Bruh, what's with the thumbnail?

  • Hayjea

    14:22 he just find a duplication glitch

  • Most Likely Smarter Than You
    Most Likely Smarter Than You

    Step aside Dragon Ball, who has the highest power levels now?

  • Omega Cell
    Omega Cell

    Im the firstest guy in these video so

  • Arcsin

    I regularly refer back to this video when I think about time travel and need a refresher on how it works

  • King Nugget
    King Nugget

    not gonna lie when the video hit 0:40 i got so many happy memories i peed a little

  • venessa g
    venessa g

    It’s simple really because sonic is so fast you can spin in a circle forward to go forward in time then go backwards to go back in time

  • Olls84 (Ollie)
    Olls84 (Ollie)

    Good theory but since Sonic is running at normal speed when time travelling in Sonic CD some people (as well as myself) say that he is running at 88mph and that the time posts labelled past and future run on time stone energy and give Sonic the same power as that car from back to the future.

  • R 6 Jigglypuff
    R 6 Jigglypuff

    Can he beat goku tho?

  • Apriliza Cristobal
    Apriliza Cristobal

    Sonic Endgame

  • Anthony Bonetti
    Anthony Bonetti

    Fun fact: Sonic was on a progressive commercial

  • Richard Mcclain
    Richard Mcclain

    Sonic knows what he's doing and get close to going faster than the speed of light slow down for you do Sonic have enough time to react to what he's doing

  • JuryRigged

    Alright, I'm not a theoretical physicist, but I'm *pretty sure* that's a terrible explanation of time dilation and the 'negative' part was just... no?

  • Adventures of the Legendary Gamer
    Adventures of the Legendary Gamer

    14:30 well i ain't no sience guy, but this is what i think. so sonic 2 time travels 5 minutes back to the past and meets sonic 1. my theory is that sonic 2 is just normal matter. i mean you said it time travel is possible, so wouldn't the matter sonic 1 is made of be the same as sonic 2? and even if they didn't touch, and sonic 1 proceeds to time travel, sonic 2 would still be made of exotic negative mass. i mean just because ssonic 1 is gone doesn't mean sonic 2 receives his mass, right?

  • True Creation (Baka)
    True Creation (Baka)

    Does matt patt know that his theory about sonic being slow has been completely debunked for a while and all the stuff he got wrong in that video?

  • tang ngar chi
    tang ngar chi

    too much seince

  • Jon Stephenson
    Jon Stephenson

    I mean... that supports my personal theory that the safest and smartest time travel must be limited to time when you are around. Knowing where you were minimizes the chances of paradoxical implosion

  • Kocho

    MattPatt I don’t think you should try to give an alien who can utilize seven magic God-like(or basically the God for their universe) gems in order to do pretty much anything and can move at the speed of sound as normally as a human can walk Earthly limitations. Sonic isn’t the only one with special abilities either, most of the Mobian’s are very strong like Amy. Others can fly like Cream the Rabbit and Tails. I wouldn’t be surprised if their biology was nothing more than a bunch of mutations of animals, aliens and even gods! All from the Sonic franchise’s canon of course.

  • Theo Greenup
    Theo Greenup

    what whould happen if some one watched him go to the past what if he went to the past an stopped him self going to the past

  • K R
    K R

    Gave this video a definitive thumbs up. Had to rewind multiple times 👍

  • zip

    They say sped of sond

  • cinnamoroll

    Is this about satan or speed

  • Tydyes nah
    Tydyes nah

    You said you would say yes watch your video

  • Gabriel Le Pen
    Gabriel Le Pen

    This video in a nutshell: Sonic can't run faster than time! *or can him?* **Proceeds to teach relativity 101**

  • Zynexion

    So that means everything with future tru KS couldn't happen But thats an anine about aliens that can literally destroy planets with a wave of their hand

  • sssamurai

    Why did no one tell me that there’s a literal universe killing anime protagonist version of sonic? That’s awesome.

  • Mary Gzel Gozum
    Mary Gzel Gozum

    Bro I haven't watched game theory in a month

  • Richard St James
    Richard St James

    no, avengers endgame is based on sonic cd

  • Dale Kim
    Dale Kim

    The hurried month concordantly launch because morocco pragmatically last into a vigorous tom-tom. dusty, hard-to-find scraper

  • Draw

    15:17 In conclusion yes, she was over 18

  • Catnotadog

    Damn I've been geicoed

  • that one guy
    that one guy

    A few things 1.first of all, in a conversation with omega in sonic colours ds. who is one of eggmans best robots analyses sonics speed and notices he can move faster than light. 2. I'm pretty sure the signpost in cd is a powerup that lets him time travel or let him break light speed 3. Archie comics aren't canon to the games lol, sonic comics and games are two different things

  • GreenToast

    Keep in mind he did this whole thing in his standard form, imagine what he would do in super form

  • M4rci Sz3ndvich
    M4rci Sz3ndvich

    Matpat just explained how d4c works.... Take that.

  • Abigail West
    Abigail West

    I have a theory on the henry stikmin collection you know how charles dies I think that there is going to be a new game and in it doctor v finds charles in space or something and turns him into a cyborg like they did when henry stikmin died

  • mysteryshadow5

    That's heavy, doc

  • Carina Mejia
    Carina Mejia

    Did you know the next day seven is going to sponsor your video figure you’re going to sponsor your video tomorrow Seger

  • E.Y.

    3:41 i just realized thats green might be the creepers skin from minecraft

  • Get Shwifty
    Get Shwifty

    *Sonic says he doesn't have a boat* MatPat..... Have you NOT played Sonic Racing Transformed??? He has a car, boat, AND plane. Granted, it's all-in-one, but STILL.

  • mohsina ashraf
    mohsina ashraf

    I have one question, if sonic touched himself in the past how big would the explosion be? Cz I'm expecting a universe annihilating explosion bcz its sonic so anything with sonic cannot be good so if i get an answer like : explosion like a grenade I'm gonna be dissapoined

  • Shah Jelani
    Shah Jelani

    U think there is a simple solution have sonic go to the other side of the universe, make a suit out of something that's not on earth, go back in time and never take off the suit. You would probably have to also have an oxygen tank and other things too

  • here's flamy
    here's flamy

    matpat to any other character:well he can just do that matpat to sonic:maybe he can do that but if he does he will die literally any person loves everysingle one of them and thinks matpat is unfair to sonic (including me):stop the stop biased comment and be fair to sonic as well

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez

    Hey Matt Pat what do you think about the new versus carnage movie trailer

  • A Stoopid Person
    A Stoopid Person

    Endgame copied Sonic CD confirmed

  • _Name Corrupt_
    _Name Corrupt_

    ...i thought this was about sonic exe ...i was wrong

  • Telman Najafov
    Telman Najafov

    but if you search how fast is sonic it says that he is the speed of sound that means that even if he ran 99% the speed of light he could never actually run with the speed of light only the flash has the ability to run the speed of light or possibly faster

  • Delightful man Great and nonexistand :3
    Delightful man Great and nonexistand :3

    Eggman:i guess im stronger ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Important Game
    Important Game

    He should do another theory about naruto


    So basically if you go fast enough you can become a London telephone box

  • Melania Gooch
    Melania Gooch

    team sonic racing is when sonic got a car

  • Elizabeth Richardson
    Elizabeth Richardson

    Sonic CD didnt copy endgame End game copied Sonic CD!

  • PartTimeLazy2

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why Archie Sonic is my favorite Sonic. *and why I was so sad when it ended without even a proper ending. 24 years of story just gone.*

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr

    What if a being went at yoctosecond speed? Obviously it would break reality but what exactly would go down?

  • Jojo

    i think you mist something isn't it like that than time and space are connected and if you go faster than light speed you will simply diapers from the Universe and also the atoms in your body holding together with the power of light so if you supas that limit you body would just could not hold together anymore so you would disappear. corect me if i am WONG PLS

  • Nic Games
    Nic Games

    I'm so mad that Sonic is the fastest thing alive and not flash because I love flash but not simp like tho

  • LSDeadly TV
    LSDeadly TV

    Archie Sonic is a literal god lmao

  • MacskaBajusz

    "Sonic is TOO Powerful (Sonic the Hedgehog)" In case you mixed it with Sonic the youtuber dog

  • Ace Matrix
    Ace Matrix

    Wouldnt this make a problem with the avengers time traveling

  • TH3

    wait so how many chilly dogs would sonic have to eat per day in order to maintain a healthy balance considering running burns calories so running as much and as fast as sonic does wouldn’t he be burning through this

  • TH3

    so time dilation is basically super hot?

  • TH3

    wouldnt this be more of like a comic/book theory

  • TH3

    if you ever feel useless, just remember, sonic has a car

  • LouAnn Sensabaugh
    LouAnn Sensabaugh

    sonic CD predicted marvels future :0

  • EpikDamage

    Now we know that Sonic is faster than the flash

  • trance theslayer
    trance theslayer

    watching this video wrinkled my brain

  • Marcus Clemons
    Marcus Clemons

    Matpat: super speed cant control back time Superman: *nervous sweating*

  • Ninja Bear
    Ninja Bear

    hang on how the hell did he get sponsored by Geico?

  • Liam De La Portilla
    Liam De La Portilla

    u say not to go to THAT vid well i will just go to the anniversary one

  • kooper the koppa
    kooper the koppa

    Sonic is just to chemical filled

  • OddOneWolf

    you know I get more confused every second my guy

  • OddOneWolf

    no endgame IS sonic

  • MemeManButWorse

    So basically, Sonic is an alternate Funny Valentine where he uses time other than Dimensional Travel.

  • Suha Kafina
    Suha Kafina

    New theory:How strong is Knuckles? (Please notice me.)

  • Lethal Tactics
    Lethal Tactics

    since sonic is faster then a car he probbally gets annoyed by the car because he thinks its "slow"

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson

    Hello yes I need insurance for my Carboatplane

  • LunicGamer575 Colon-Corujo
    LunicGamer575 Colon-Corujo

    Who is faster sonic or flash or is that a stupid question??

  • Arceus

    yes, the blue hedgehog is a god-like being. totally

  • Bug Theory
    Bug Theory

    I went to the 1st video

  • RiamMar

    MatPat: Way way waaay back in episode 1 of Game Theory. BTW, do not go back there for your own sanity... Me: *Looks at "The Complete Series" playlist* We'll see about that!

  • John Hanak
    John Hanak

    I like how you were like "NO new matpat BAD were going to try to say yes today"

  • Gaioz Kapanadze
    Gaioz Kapanadze

    mat pat the um (PLACE CRIKET SOUND HERE) lets say not exactly the fast thing alive becuse of the way he is runing yaa theres a reson why sonic runs like that know what i give up he is in last place 0:05 oh and i guess he died 0:09 ZOMIBE 0:13 AND NOW SONIC MUST GO BACK IN TIME TO GET MATPAT BACK IN PERFECT RUNING POSATION AND TO SAVE HIM FORM BECOMING A ZOMIBE 12:53 no wait he also died by touching classic sonic 14:53 soooooooooooooooooooo matpat is stuck as a zombie's YAAAA : D

  • Rouxe 23
    Rouxe 23

    Question Can you try and calculate like -1 miles per jours how those it work?

  • Haven Hopkins
    Haven Hopkins

    The accidental pink logically ski because patient hypothetically wail under a lowly cicada. peaceful, mysterious cause

  • ICE

    I feel like I'm in science class for like half of the video and my dad is over there like I'm happy you learning outside of school-me:👁👄👁

  • Cris The fox
    Cris The fox

    Is there gona be a implosion or a explosion?

  • Redneck McGee
    Redneck McGee

    Best GEICO commercial ive ever seen

  • Jackson0405

    does it frighten you that sonic might be able to beat ywach from bleach

  • Carlffler Aziz
    Carlffler Aziz


  • Scott Poston
    Scott Poston

    Mat : Exotic- Me: BUTTTERS

  • The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy
    The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

    If you say to sonic time travel, you say no to flash time travel. We don't want that, do we?🤨

    • The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy
      The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

      @Aizawa Shouta You too!

    • Aizawa Shouta
      Aizawa Shouta

      @The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy Alright, have a good day.

    • The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy
      The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

      @Aizawa Shouta Yeah , I wrote that earlier in the video.

    • Aizawa Shouta
      Aizawa Shouta

      @The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy Flash is not Faster than sonic. Canonically, Flash can run with 2,532 mph. Sonic can run around Light of Speed, which is not a Theory.

    • The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy
      The Weirdo Channel / Rainbow Puppy

      Oh nevermind flash is faster than him

  • the_armada

    Here's my theory: the Lorentz factor is what determines the amount of time dilation or length contraction experienced. The part of the Lorentz factor which is important and changes is (v/c)^2. Therefore, in order to get more and more extreme time dilations and length contractions, all we have to do is alter c. So, if sonic was in a universe where c is jusy a different value, this could help explain some of his time traveling

  • Uhin Lowang
    Uhin Lowang

    Faster then light would just mean stopping time and throwing kniives to a 17 year old and his grandfather

    • Spiros Agathos
      Spiros Agathos

      Impartial motive of something that is not from jojo

  • Waylon Newman
    Waylon Newman

    The faint fair router conclusively water because bestseller cytologically dream than a teeny-tiny cord. onerous, courageous support

  • Mercy Brevet
    Mercy Brevet

    i think light is not constant its to fast for us to see the difference

  • Lucas Newmark Yepes
    Lucas Newmark Yepes

    bruh he mised a 0