Swapping Siblings For A Day
Swapping Siblings For A Day with the Merrell Twins! Vanessa Merrell and I go out shopping and workout while Alex Wassabi and Veronica Merrell learn Boxing and how to cook Tacos! We also did videos on each of their UZmatch Channels so be sure to check them out! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE so we can hit our GOAL of 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!! Thank you!!
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  • merrelltwins

    We had so much fun filming this collab!! 😊

    • Oya Owl
      Oya Owl

      More people that likes anime :D

    • Randall Elliott
      Randall Elliott


    • Srinika Kumar
      Srinika Kumar

      @Alice Yu me too

    • Alice Yu
      Alice Yu


    • Srinika Kumar
      Srinika Kumar


  • I’mOnABirdCraze XD
    I’mOnABirdCraze XD

    Aaron: touches nessa touches her torso to pick her up Nessa: feels very uncomfortable knowing her sister and him dated- AHHHGHGGG

  • Sofea Raisha
    Sofea Raisha

    8:02 alex: punching violently* after~ roni: what did the bag do to you? hahaaha

  • lexi san nicolás
    lexi san nicolás

    you can tell who’s twin is more athletic 😩

  • lexi san nicolás
    lexi san nicolás

    mmm Alex said that roni might become his sister some how ... and the only way that would b possible is that Aaron will propose in the future and Alex will b her brother-in-law 😩. or they will js act like siblings

  • Kaitlyn Singh
    Kaitlyn Singh

    Lol I would like to swap my sister forever 😂😂😂

  • Hillary Arevalo
    Hillary Arevalo

    Kuya that's so cutee


    I wanna be arons younger sis now

  • Rachel Jukes
    Rachel Jukes

    When you think of it they are all siblings

  • Rachel Jukes
    Rachel Jukes

    Aa rock: SHOES!?!?! SHOES!?!?! Nessa: SHUT UP YOUR ENBARASSING ME!

  • Rachel Jukes
    Rachel Jukes

    Alex: AND THE WINNER IS... RONI wassabi Roni: ...?

  • Seema H Mahes
    Seema H Mahes

    Have fun watching this❤️

  • gw3n

    pls this made me think ronron is 100% real: nessa: dont make .. a girl... mad because she takes it out on me also when aaron told nessa to just do what him and roni do and they were both like "NONNONONONON"

  • Adrija Janaviciute
    Adrija Janaviciute

    Arron us such a god brother for Nessa her cared about her safety and if she was happy he also was happy made her laugh

  • JaRyssa Jones
    JaRyssa Jones

    nessa at 22:01 with aaron gets me weak

  • Wendy XX
    Wendy XX

    Omggg when Vanessa said Eren Yeager I was like yesss 😩❤️ Stan a queen who loves attack on titan,✨😌

  • PJ0211

    When Roni compared her hand to Alex hand awwnnn 🥺❤️

  • Luna Mune
    Luna Mune

    It's so obvious RonRon has been confirmed

  • Mary Love
    Mary Love

    nessa is a mood lmao

  • Anrica Ei
    Anrica Ei

    Where is Levi from attack on Titan

  • Wendy Gomez
    Wendy Gomez

    this video is the definition of their future

  • Kxtîę Çhxvēż
    Kxtîę Çhxvēż

    How is nobody mentioning the fact that Alex said “if you become my real sibling” and not said anything about how it’s possible if Roni and Aaron get married

  • Alli Sunflour
    Alli Sunflour

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m more like Vanessa, because I too scream when someone touches me 🙃

  • Kindale Mercado
    Kindale Mercado

    I wonder if you can do a Filipino only challenge for 24hrs

  • Patti-Lynne McLeod
    Patti-Lynne McLeod

    I want to do that

  • nazneen anwar
    nazneen anwar

    "We do what siblings do,we fail together" got me wheezing😂

  • Iyah Rombo
    Iyah Rombo

    WAIT! Are they filipino?

  • Iyah Rombo
    Iyah Rombo

    Idk who roni is and idkd who vanessa is ._.

  • Sashenka Irina
    Sashenka Irina

    I'm literally rewatching this right now... If there is another Nessa and Aaron vid, I'll be so happy!! Aressa!!!

  • aliyah ferrara
    aliyah ferrara

    Just do what me and roni do.. nessa:NOOO

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    She said Eren Yeager. I instantly screamed

  • freya bourne
    freya bourne


  • nanette jamora
    nanette jamora

    Wow Philippines language kuya I’m impressed

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez

    What are you doing step bro

  • john gayleard
    john gayleard

    Omg so funny

  • MJ Noriega
    MJ Noriega

    Aaron alex are u half filipino? Im from Philippines Mahal ko kayo😁❤❤❤-ilove you in english😁😅

  • Limelight

    *14:43** I thought Roni was Nessa for a second-*

  • Randall Elliott
    Randall Elliott


  • Randall Elliott
    Randall Elliott


  • Zahid Qasim
    Zahid Qasim

    Step bro n step sis

  • Stacy Moran
    Stacy Moran

    If it were Alex and nessa they would be funny siblings

  • Efsun Güven
    Efsun Güven

    Aaron is terrified of Vanessa 😂😂

  • Ashley Reyes
    Ashley Reyes

    I didn't know that Arron and wassabi are obsessed with philippines 🇵🇭

    • RonRon

      They’re Filipino

  • MegnogTv

    thats so fun to watch! hahaha

  • Ian Shea
    Ian Shea

    21:59 headphone warning

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar

    We need a part 2!!!!

  • maya ruiz
    maya ruiz

    *ronron confirmed*

  • Julia Mailhiot
    Julia Mailhiot

    The twins look so small compared to Alex and Aaron 😂

  • Ally Ivey
    Ally Ivey

    i literally laugh so hard during these collabs😭

  • Mary Marnel Javarez
    Mary Marnel Javarez

    22:00 my door when im going to the bathroom at 12 pm

  • Patricia Balunsat
    Patricia Balunsat

    Teach Merrell Twins tagalog words

  • Chrislyn Pagdato
    Chrislyn Pagdato

    Are you guys filipino?

  • Virginia Ibanez
    Virginia Ibanez

    Wooooooo kuyaaaaa

  • Katelyn Mallari
    Katelyn Mallari

    Kuya 🤩🇵🇭

  • Miley Balcom
    Miley Balcom

    Alex meant sister-in-law

  • Bernadette Vicente
    Bernadette Vicente

    Kuya is a filipino word Kuya means brother

  • Some Human
    Some Human

    roni “dang!! you made it” alex : “i made it” roni: “you made that”

  • Some Human
    Some Human

    6:50 nessa: “noo. an outfit you can’t wear”

  • Alexene Lynch
    Alexene Lynch

    It's the "kuya" for me HAHAHAHAHAHA i'm from philippines btw

  • Zek_Huskies

    Eyy Aaron is a FILIPINO

  • Charleen B
    Charleen B

    "Kuya" and "Pansit". ❤️ Proud Filipino fan here. 😘

  • Jan Nah Villasor
    Jan Nah Villasor

    I didn't know Aaron can speak tagalog😯 I should definitely watch more of his vid. Nakakaproud naman hehe😍please teach Merrell twins more tagalog words😁

  • neovcty

    4:06 LMAO I'm 16 and just know the use of that 😭

  • Leii Fadriquela
    Leii Fadriquela

    Why their voice was so cute 🥴 anyways he said kuya haha nice

  • jason Baxley
    jason Baxley

    The whole time Alex was teaching the boxing I was thinking abt the time he got ko by fouze or what ever his name is

  • Faith Jantoro
    Faith Jantoro

    Roni: You want me to punch you in the face?! Me: My jaw dropped for the rest of the video. My jaw: I'm tired, can you PLEASE close me??? LOL

  • Lucky Mandal
    Lucky Mandal

    They are looking really tiny and adorable in front of them.

  • Isobel Kellock
    Isobel Kellock

    Tacos are Mexican

  • kai _
    kai _


  • IceyVision

    Nessa: ok big brother Alex: Don't say that it sounded weird Nessa: genuinely confused* Alex: That sounded familiar Me: HAHAHAHA boi you just got exposed

  • Alyanna M
    Alyanna M

    i was actually about to say how it would be cuter (and would also help form the sibling bond) if they grew up in a culture where there is a name to call older siblings, but then aaron taught nessa the word “kuya” and im like-🥺🥰

  • Alyanna M
    Alyanna M

    for me, roni and alex are like the goals/expectation for siblings; the brother is looking out for his sister by teaching her self-defense and she teaches him cooking in return. and there’s nessa and aaron, being ACTUAL siblings; casually spending the day together at the mall, embarrassing each other in public for their weirdness, and teasing and low key insulting each other while working out 😂

  • Aira fathimah az-zahra
    Aira fathimah az-zahra

    I'm having so much fun watching this i really really hope they make a part 2 of swapping siblings for a day

  • Brian Boulay
    Brian Boulay

    “ArE YOu ReAdy SIbLing” -Alex

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    25:41 I don’t know, Aaron.

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    25:37 I’ve pulled up my dad and you think pulling up Aaron is the hardest workout? Come on now!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    25:03 but I thought only Veronica was Roni? I guess not! 🤣

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    23:37 that deserves a moment of silence because y’all did so good!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    23:09 is that a TikTok dance, Veronica?

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    22:30 there goes Aaron…showing off like usual! I’m only kidding!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    21:16 thanks for enlightening us all, Vanessa!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    “How do you have that much energy?” Because she meaning Veronica Merrell is always busy doing other stuff.

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    19:33 “My elbows are gonna lock” oh Roni the comedian as always!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    18:36 Roni is like “are you sure? That don’t look easy.”

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    18:19 Alex is such a good singer…wow!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    16:57 Aaron, your funny!

  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    15:17 I hope Guppy is smelling great! Yep, he smells good!

  • Aesthetics With Sabrina
    Aesthetics With Sabrina


  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    Alex: “So should we touch it a couple more times?” Vanessa: *laughs* no.

    • Jordan Bodger
      Jordan Bodger

      @Michelle Jiang why you always gotta correct me?

    • Michelle Jiang
      Michelle Jiang

      @Jordan Bodger no you're wrong lol. Alex was with Roni and Aaron was with Nessa :)

    • Jordan Bodger
      Jordan Bodger

      @Michelle Jiang no you’re wrong.

    • Michelle Jiang
      Michelle Jiang


  • Jordan Bodger
    Jordan Bodger

    14:02 Alex: “is there like a ground turkey or like a sky turkey?” Vanessa: sure… That part made me crack up.

    • Jordan Bodger
      Jordan Bodger

      @RonRon NOPE! Wanna keep arguing about this?

    • RonRon

      @Jordan Bodger that’s literally Roni with Alex and Nessa was with Aaron

    • Jordan Bodger
      Jordan Bodger

      @betch Noir that’s what everyone else thinks and no I am not shipping them because they’re just friends

    • betch Noir
      betch Noir

      @Jordan Bodger ur shipping them😀?

    • Jordan Bodger
      Jordan Bodger

      @betch Noir no, because #Alessa

  • maria luzcelle Gido Pagaran
    maria luzcelle Gido Pagaran

    I feel like nessa and aaron was the real like siblings and alex like fun and funny

  • Donut Queen
    Donut Queen

    Wow for once, for once roni is with alex and nessa is with aaron

  • Gizella Gorgeous
    Gizella Gorgeous

    RonRon CONFIRMED👀 @ 4:48 - 4:58

  • Gizella Gorgeous
    Gizella Gorgeous

    Nessa "don't make a girl mad cause she gets upset at me too"👀👀?!!?? #RonRon CONFIRMED!!😁😁👏💕💕👏👏

  • Giah Diaz
    Giah Diaz

    1:50 Alex got caught!! He was talking about Roni and Aaron getting married😂😂

  • Danna Paola
    Danna Paola

    nessa screming all day

  • Mommy Cherrie
    Mommy Cherrie

    WOW!!! I NEVER KNEW Alex and Aaron were both Filipinos =)))) Are they half or pure Pinoy blooded? =)))) Love from the Philippines!

  • Carmena Dillon
    Carmena Dillon

    Alex: If you ever become my sibling... somehow Me: Oh... I know exactly how

  • Masifa Khurram
    Masifa Khurram

    Aaron and Nessa actually look like siblings... I'm weird never mind.

  • Beatriz Moreno
    Beatriz Moreno

    Watching nessa do abb workout had me dying 😭