Baking A Wedding Cake With Every Possible Cake Flavor In It
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And now I present to you, part 2 of our 4-part wedding series! We had to make a franken-wedding-something, so why not a cake? We decided to bake an 8-tier wedding cake where each layer is a different cake flavor, and then at the end taste them as tiers and all together. What do you guys think? Do you want a franken-cake at your wedding? Should we keep doing bad culinary science or retire our spatulas for good?

Thank you so much to Rosanna Pansino for helping us bake our cake! You can find her channel here:

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Assistant Editors: Emily Linden, Claire Wiley, Josie Latino, & Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard

    HELLO FRIENDS!! we baked a cake with every possible flavor in it because i am a meme of myself 🎂 you can check out our colourpop frankenlipstick collab here!! xoxo, saf

    • Kallie_WG


    • listen to the front bottoms
      listen to the front bottoms

      @Clara Joan mm

    • Reed


    • Madison Price
      Madison Price


    • Jocelyn S
      Jocelyn S


  • AnAxolotl

    Um you need to life your mixeR XD

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    When Tyler is with safiay when she gives birth 15:46

  • Phe Fellows
    Phe Fellows

    But..... huskey.. he was left out😔

  • Simora reacts
    Simora reacts


  • Joy Shodipo
    Joy Shodipo

    "More eggs than anything ever" watch how to basic

  • kalista parakkoth
    kalista parakkoth

    "no one's gonna know what we're talking about" ME I KNOW

  • kritika patel
    kritika patel

    The height difference between Safiya and ro is ridiculously cute❤️

  • Callie

    thank you Tyler for doing Red Velvet's Red Flavor choreography, it is appreciated

  • Planeparadise

    The fact ro and saf are still friends even after escape the night is so cute

  • Jane Tobin
    Jane Tobin

    me screaming about the oven overflow because you aren't supposed to fill the pan to the top but half way to 3/4 or else it will overflow

  • CLARA😊

    It's just me of Sofia in literaly a GIANT?????(30:00)



  • TeaSpill Studios
    TeaSpill Studios

    As a brit I am mildy offended that you think we put eggs in water... I have never done that 😂😂 I have made a lot of cakes and I did it backwards to how you did... Mix, eggs, and THEN water 😂🍰

    • Summer Peterson
      Summer Peterson

      I put the cake mix and water together first so I can eat a bit of the cake batter without having to worry about the raw eggs

  • Amara 1213
    Amara 1213

    i think making the cake part was easy. what really took a lot of work was... not taking a bite cause it all look so damn good!!

  • Jayden Playz-ROBLOX-
    Jayden Playz-ROBLOX-

    You and guava juice has the same house I think

  • Pink Unicorn Smile
    Pink Unicorn Smile

    37:28 😂

  • Pink Unicorn Smile
    Pink Unicorn Smile

    36:46 Tyler tried and seemed to like 🤣

  • Pink Unicorn Smile
    Pink Unicorn Smile

    21:00 😂😂 screw banana time it’s lemon time

  • Lulu Moomoo
    Lulu Moomoo

    People who think this is clickbait are clowns

  • Odin

    In my grandpa’s life he has bought around 1000000 eggs a decade

  • Samantha Carlson
    Samantha Carlson

    Dang now I want cake 🤤

  • Christina Warmouth
    Christina Warmouth

    I just realized she is wearing the custom nail polish

  • Jahnavi1D

    Why are noone talking about her profile photo. It's Harry dude😩😩

  • The thing
    The thing

    10:20 eh, New England, close enough

  • m a d e l i n e
    m a d e l i n e

    It is inexplainable how re-watchable this video is

  • Meme Freak
    Meme Freak

    My cousins wedding didn’t have cake. They had chocolate chunk cookies.

  • purplekittywuman

    How is this almost two years old already?

  • Denise Elisabeth
    Denise Elisabeth

    I am not done watching the video ... but what did you do with the whole cake tops? Please tell me, that you not just threw it away? As well as the left over batter and frostings? :(

  • Thiccolas Cake
    Thiccolas Cake


  • Jung Jenny
    Jung Jenny

    i knew tyler was dancing to red velvet :P

  • Anaaya VATS
    Anaaya VATS

    21:10 me hearing this: villagers! (mc) :>

  • JMGAlexis

    I know this is way too late to say but I think the reason that the cakes in the home oven over flowed because the humidity was too high or too low, and having multiple cakes with a high water content made them expand even more

  • JMGAlexis

    The champagne pop got me laughing so hard and idk why

  • Lexi Nava
    Lexi Nava

    When she said another round of lady fingers reaminded me of this Get in losers were going shopping 🛍

  • Donna T
    Donna T

    Anyone who's diabetic watching dis 💀


    but... I wanted to buy hand massages icing :(

  • Lilly Hix
    Lilly Hix

    it looks like lhe invisable man ..... YOU CAN SEE HIM

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas


  • Catherine Ault
    Catherine Ault

    I finally feel like I know where I belong with all the friends jokes

  • D.J.Q

    One day in the further when there’s a machine that can produce food in 3.5 seconds people will look back on this video if the internet still exists and laugh at the struggle. Until then, mad props **clap clap**

  • Bella the dog
    Bella the dog

    The obscene company hemodynamically wipe because anger distinctively punish via a hard-to-find perch. wasteful, testy february

  • •C_I_A_R_A•

    Hello Husky😏

  • Emma Dickinson
    Emma Dickinson

    19:13 [Insert that’s what she said joke here]

  • kkrocker 2018
    kkrocker 2018

    I don’t know if anyone has said this before *spice spice baby*

  • Thenuka Damsilu
    Thenuka Damsilu


  • Iva The One And Only
    Iva The One And Only

    Rosanna should do the voices for cartoons

  • Eleni Brehm
    Eleni Brehm

    saf: i'm talking about the cake flavor red velvet but tyler is talking about the k-pop group me don't you mean the cake-pop group🤣😂 ps sorry if dis made u cringe

  • Kelly Graham
    Kelly Graham

    The leaning tower of cake

  • Mxnnie • Wxnnie
    Mxnnie • Wxnnie

    It ‘we’re a matcha made in heaven’

  • BellaBubblegum

    26:45 Holly mother of- THIS CAKE IS ALMOST AS TALL AS I AM 10 more inches and it's my height!

  • Mari The squid
    Mari The squid

    I love how they’re sense of humor is just iconic movie references

  • Allegra Wong
    Allegra Wong

    ro is so cute

  • -.bakugos_.wife.-

    I was debating watching this or somebody torturing a baby doll ( yes this is a reference to escape the night , season 3 episode 6. )

  • Rylie Begley
    Rylie Begley

    How do you even begin to cut that cake you would seriously need a latter to reach it

  • Tammy k
    Tammy k

    how did u not get confused with what was in the fridge and oven on like what flavor it was

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley Taylor

    The reason the cakes overflowed because you cant fill cakes to the top. P. S. I love your videos!

  • Soul dust
    Soul dust

    "What's the difference between German chocolate and normal?" Even as a German i don't know the answer to that question and it somehow really bugs me.

  • Emma Glaser
    Emma Glaser

    I will never get sick of “helloooooooo friends and welcome to another video” it is timeless

  • Ingrid Bailey
    Ingrid Bailey

    I just love how when they are tasting it Tyler's just going ham and shoveling it in while Saf and Roe ate it so dainty and Lady like.

  • Kelly Quinn
    Kelly Quinn

    But if they ate the cake before the wedding, how did they eat this at the wedding?

  • darcy

    8:29 cuz i got a youthful spirit :)

  • Oracle Pizza
    Oracle Pizza

    Its so tall it reminds me of the cake from the little mermaid and Sebastian

  • Eman Sajjad
    Eman Sajjad

    BTW the cake above the butter yellow was also overflowing into the butter yellow causing the butter yellow to over flow into the mint causing the mint to oven

  • Catherine Salonga
    Catherine Salonga

    27:14 the leaning tower of franken cake

  • Fátima Arce
    Fátima Arce

    tyler the best reveluv ever

  • Emma Hix
    Emma Hix

    The harsh bronze problematically strip because double subcellularly muddle atop a selective sky. present, easy mailbox

  • Sarah Coco
    Sarah Coco


  • Zarwa Rizwan
    Zarwa Rizwan

    Betty Crockers : Lets sponser safiya. Safiya : uploads this video. Betty Crockers : 👁👄👁 nevermind.


    did ty dance to red velvet's red flavor?

  • Liz Beth
    Liz Beth

    Bruh the frankenbite at the end looked like cat food? Just me? Okay..

  • Ave_Muse_Mage

    The three musketeers: Rosanna, Safiya, Matpat

  • Emmajane Rose
    Emmajane Rose

    Hey just so ya know I’m British and merry berry is not really on it changes most recent it was Paul Hollywood

  • Georgia Stokes
    Georgia Stokes

    No one: Me: safiya saying frankrn in evry video

  • Jalynn Neff
    Jalynn Neff

    i love red velvet the group not the cake

  • An Anonymous Ducki
    An Anonymous Ducki

    “Are you entering a zone?” “Yes.” “Is it AutoZone?” “.. Yes!” -Safiya and Tyler 2019

  • CJ Klinman
    CJ Klinman

    Okay I know the point of this is because of science and fun (and also to get in the wedding cake zone), but that looks delicious. I want a piece.

  • Mary Tompkins
    Mary Tompkins

    The Disney references paired with the Betty Crocker cake mixes gives me pure joy 🥺

  • Declan Blaine
    Declan Blaine

    "here at rose house"

  • Rebecca Peremot
    Rebecca Peremot

    Do one with FrankenTea. Like find every flavor tea bag at the grocery store and combine it into one tea bag!!

  • Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank
    Why am I still here I ship Gerard and Frank

    22:49 omg Safiya’s voice sounds funny here 😂

  • Mickey Weichner
    Mickey Weichner


  • yogita makhija
    yogita makhija

    Me: ahh a new video but I'm gonna sleep after this Safiya: CAKE!!!!! Me: looks at the time of the video Safiya: HAHAHAH ME: 38 minutes watches the end of the video half asleep lol

  • Katrina Santiago
    Katrina Santiago

    Her voice is annoying… switching channels

    • cinntc

      cry me a river, katrina.

  • sleep tight bingo
    sleep tight bingo

    lmao thanks to this vid, my b-day cake (and filling) had the exact same flavors and ot tastes *heavenly*

  • Vidushi sharma
    Vidushi sharma

    Spice and everything nice layer🤣🤣

  • Royal Pain
    Royal Pain

    Rosanna is so pretty😩

  • Evilqueenpac

    I wish I could gulp up that orange frosting😋

  • Arty Sam
    Arty Sam

    Just watched this video, for probably the 50th time, and I only just noticed the clip of Tyler's lil booty shake at the end XD

  • Mieke van Tonder
    Mieke van Tonder


  • RagingRaven88

    This is NOT the video one should be watching while on a diet. I'll just eat my banana miserably in the corner.

  • Teagan Barton
    Teagan Barton

    a bit?

  • Kat Lucas
    Kat Lucas

    Can we get to the *cuts to how the cake is going to be made*

  • Kim Ternestaal
    Kim Ternestaal

    As I’m re-watching all these videos the only thing I’m thinking is: The only thing I want in my life is to be friends with Saf and Ty. And Ro. Ok thanks.

  • Michaela Ross
    Michaela Ross

    Why do you look like Lauren z side through?????????!?!!? ;?

  • {nene bean 2} UWU
    {nene bean 2} UWU

    22:52 Tyler: "Dont breathe on it!!" Saf: "Well Sorry!". Safs well sorry had me laughing at 2:27 am

  • Juanita Goodman
    Juanita Goodman

    The finished product is almost as tall as me and I'm 4'1"

  • MJ N
    MJ N

    Ro was all chill and cheerful lady until She gets sugar high

  • Jennifer Son
    Jennifer Son

    Not me obsessing over the kpop reference

  • Ieva Merkelyte
    Ieva Merkelyte

    2:23 when he dropped that cake I gasped. So hard omg

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