Game Theory: Did Dream FAKE His Speedrun? A Final Analysis.
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There has been a controversy brewing on the Minecraft side of UZmatch centered around well known Minecraft creator Dream. He's been accused of faking his speedrun and it has caused a lot of stir. I'm not here to point fingers or accuse anyone. What I'm doing today, Theorists, is going over the facts of this situation and why it is a lot more complicated than people are making it out to be.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Strider Stryker
    Strider Stryker

    This video: *exists* Me: _Not a theory, but a fact._

  • Rosenore Louissaint
    Rosenore Louissaint

    knowledge is power

  • internet person
    internet person

    "Blaze Rod drop rate of 69.2%" Nice

  • Scampi S
    Scampi S

    60+ heads

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    How are people still liking this video even though everyone in the comments seems to be roasting him?

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer


  • lilmanjoshplayz

    2:12 I knew you weren’t talking about latex plastic or whatever it is... I just didn’t know what else it was.

  • Gaster The Old Royal Scientist.
    Gaster The Old Royal Scientist.

    Funny Story!

  • Rhys Hall
    Rhys Hall

    i play halo and mat used the grunt birth day party sound effect

  • max payne
    max payne

    this aged well

  • guy of disaster
    guy of disaster

    its funny how Matt has more subs than his views

  • wesdood

    Um yaknow I bet dream plays off stream in his spare time making the numbers a LOT different

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      that wouldn't change anything cuz, luck isn't a skill. Plus he took this to a count with some small things that'd actually put this in dreams favor, but that didn't help much at all.

  • Issac D.D
    Issac D.D

    My question to everyone is : "Who the hell actually cares?" It's just a game

  • Helo :D
    Helo :D

    I mean- i won 1000 tickets at an arcade and I did NOT modify the earth today sooooo

  • mauren mantile
    mauren mantile

    so did he cheat or what?

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      @lspiral...e yep

    • lspiral...e

      He did

  • Gaming with Four buck's
    Gaming with Four buck's

    number 2

  • The Roblox Wizard
    The Roblox Wizard

    mr beast walking behind them

  • James Dinius
    James Dinius

    Turns out he did cheat. Now, I'm not gonna defend Dream, but I think the Speedrunning community brought this type of backlash on themselves. I've looked at the history of a lot of speedruns, and these communities can get very insular. Here's a big point I've come back to. I've seen a lot of stories about communities changing their rules when a newcomer rises to the top. The Pokemon RB community is one of the worst. One time, they decided that using a glitch that disabled text scroll (bike shop glitch) was allowed in 'glitch less speed runs', saying it was no worse than the commonly used redbar glitch (still allowed, mainly because it is sometimes unavoidable) and would actually remove some of the RNG. Until a newcomer used it and got a new record, then they banned it and sniped him off. At another point, they banned the use of emulators and invalidated all emulator records, setting the record back about a year to a high time a top runner had gotten just off the cuff, not seriously trying. It's especially bad for these game because the runs are so RNG dependent so you can't just go back and do it again following the new rules. This kind of stuff breeds an elitist attitude, and the moderators of these communities actively cultivate it.

  • rBofu (rBofu)
    rBofu (rBofu)

    he did

  • Bravo Owner
    Bravo Owner

    People who hate dream: dying on insulting fans*

  • Evans Family
    Evans Family

    I love how the intro tells you to skip the intro

  • i am back
    i am back

    dream admitted he cheated

  • Joselito Huerta
    Joselito Huerta

    I'm still confused did dream cheat or not?

    • Furious Astro
      Furious Astro

      yes he did he admitted he cheated

  • Cédric Longpré
    Cédric Longpré

    Dream didn't cheat if they complain about the loot he find its because yes its random but 80% of the time the random loot is good and 20% its bad that why he was so fast because he got the 80% chance of good loot dream will never cheat never

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      Also, gonna provide proof?

    • Wonseok Aoh
      Wonseok Aoh

      he admitted to cheating

    • dinosaur night
      dinosaur night

      He admitted cheating

  • Gage Crowley
    Gage Crowley

    MrBeast in the background is everything.


    i'll summarize the whole video; "it's hard to tell, it's really up to debate guys"

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      dream admitted he cheated. But that summarization is spot on good one.

  • steve norrington
    steve norrington

    well, aged as well a lit bomb

  • AquaticalPlays

    My brain has ascended to the end of time

  • Rayna Allee
    Rayna Allee

    My eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss

  • Rayna Allee
    Rayna Allee

    My eeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss

  • Rayna Allee
    Rayna Allee

    I wasn't exited to learn from my teachers but from you ... I don't know why it just... amazing to learn from you

  • Rayna Allee
    Rayna Allee

    Aspesily when your in 5th grade

  • P.J. Smith (Graffixclan)
    P.J. Smith (Graffixclan)

    He literally admitted he cheated and people still believe he didn't. I don't wanna be on this planet anymore.

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      This was before dream admitted he cheated.

  • 十八子影

    No! Dream is not chating

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      Also noice English btw

    • LOW

      Yeah, he already admitted

    • dinosaur night
      dinosaur night

      He admitted

  • Lord Yoofy
    Lord Yoofy

    As much as I like dream, he definitely cheated. Fairly simple math says so.

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      also dream admitted he cheated

  • Dr. Baishali Garai
    Dr. Baishali Garai

    Ok I dont get it correct me if im wrong but just because your lucky doesnt mean you cheated

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      Also, let me ask you something have you been so lucky that you won 709000 lottery all at once, right after seeing the world get ripped and half and still living? yeah that's the luck you'd need there is the same you'd need in the speed run.

    • P.J. Smith (Graffixclan)
      P.J. Smith (Graffixclan)

      He literally admitted he cheated.

  • Patricia Mulkey
    Patricia Mulkey

    New channel: math theory

  • SilverSprint12


  • Nathan Whitney
    Nathan Whitney

    Did Dream cheat? MatPat: Who cares, RNG sucks anyway

  • Bub8les 5
    Bub8les 5

    yes Matt, yes it was

  • Joe Thompson
    Joe Thompson

    watching this after dream admitted to cheating -_-

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      Dream didn't say anything when this came out

  • Brent Jepsen
    Brent Jepsen

    the first one

  • CBYT

    Guys, Dream is my hero, if u want to tell me he 'hacks,' PLEASE!

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      @CBYT Why?

    • CBYT

      @Choco penguin pleasssseee just dont

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      @CBYT Good, still your hero, he was never mine i always found him annoying

    • CBYT

      @Choco penguin I KNOW

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      He literally admitted he cheated.

  • Xgaming_ InTheFishie
    Xgaming_ InTheFishie


  • 施佩霖


    • dinosaur night
      dinosaur night

      He admitted cheating

  • Doctor Rodman
    Doctor Rodman

    Everyone gangster till you put the two dollars signs around your equation.

  • Idk Bc idk
    Idk Bc idk

    7 10 times???

  • Dr Deathriel
    Dr Deathriel

    To answer to your question: Yes dream did cheat the speedrun. Matpat knows he cheated but he refuses to admit it or give a proper answer.

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      The thing is, with a monster that dream was at that time it'd, put he's family and he's channel in danger, plus they are friends I assume the reason he give such a poor answer was to defend dream without actually lying and to keep he's status as a credibly source.

  • Daniel Pearson
    Daniel Pearson

    f u dreams speedrun was real man bet they hate dream for his good speedruns

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      Also i love the fact that he has a sans pfp that doesn't help him at all

    • Monokuma

      s t a n

    • dylan

      @Gardengirl123rd he did, though he claims it was an accidental

    • Gardengirl123rd

      Didt dream admit to cheating tho

  • Ok

    It was reported that dream cheated officially lmao

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      also He literally admitted he cheated.

  • Madelaine Rivera
    Madelaine Rivera

    Did anyone noticed that Juice and Thug where on the trending tab

  • Joshua Arokiaraj
    Joshua Arokiaraj

    I never thought a gamer could be this smart

  • Nightt

    Do more dream smp

  • Hudson Glover
    Hudson Glover

    ok,but did dream cheat? it's a simple YES OR NO MATPAT!

    • That one weird Random guy
      That one weird Random guy

      @Nic.O this video is obviously old so of course it won’t show dream cheated,he said so and admitted to it on Twitter

    • angel lara
      angel lara

      @Nic.O matt pat is a friend of dream so no

    • Nic.O

      @angel lara I’m talking about in the video -_-

    • angel lara
      angel lara

      @Nic.O a Twitter post

    • Nic.O

      @Emanoel Becker Cardoso where what time stamp ?

  • Damperwings 8166
    Damperwings 8166

    I'm just here because of the statistic and how it worked lol

  • y

    This aged well



  • cesar murillo
    cesar murillo

    I'm mad bc mat is calling it one . Six and not one . Sixteen

  • Cobra Assassin
    Cobra Assassin

    100 and 60

  • Krzysztof Paracki
    Krzysztof Paracki

    The intro is funniest thing in the world

  • 💊🛒Flamboyant Octo🛒💊
    💊🛒Flamboyant Octo🛒💊

    Ok out of curiosity I’m gonna flip a coin a bunch of times and write down what I get every time just to see

  • Fredrik Elfgren
    Fredrik Elfgren

    Ha 6,9 m wies NOICE

  • William Goofy
    William Goofy


    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      What, did the twitter karens who are no joke trying to replace, emojis with actually english

  • 陳璿宇Justin Chen
    陳璿宇Justin Chen

    Bubble gum rare pet hunters:tries and gets 1 in 1+4e%

  • OhPizzaYeah

    Flipping coin 100 times 60 plus heads

  • Ethan Jackson
    Ethan Jackson

    Dream as a person is cool, his fanbase is super toxic and it sucks cause I can't watch one of his videos without feeling dirty and need a shower.

  • Henry Ackton
    Henry Ackton

    he cheated like an idiot

  • Bears bEars
    Bears bEars

    yes he did.

  • Maddie Moskal
    Maddie Moskal

    and yes you are that channel for me. i learn so much and i really love watching your videos. it’s makes me want to learn more

  • GaMeme

    This ageed well

  • whiterottenrabbit

    Made it to "Lay-teks", read a couple of comments about how there is no answer, gave a thumbs down.


    "Did dream fake his speedrun?" Sorry mat but its a yes

  • Kaylee Faulkner
    Kaylee Faulkner

    We love Dream!!!!!!!!

  • Clark ken Montales
    Clark ken Montales


  • Felixe’sHelix


  • Jakub Gabris
    Jakub Gabris

    Dream noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • That one weird Random guy
      That one weird Random guy

      It was bound to happen,people who really can see the full picture can know that dream did cheat

    • Jakub Gabris
      Jakub Gabris


  • Blast King
    Blast King

    the only game theory that they failed as it's too hard for matpat

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    When dream literally confessed to cheating: Damn MatPat looks hella dumb now

    • Choco penguin
      Choco penguin

      This was before dream confessed.

  • dreams and candies
    dreams and candies


  • alpha tommyboey
    alpha tommyboey

    fliping coin ten times wnd geting heads 7 times

  • Primus-I

    lol he did cheat

  • Steven Yang
    Steven Yang

    Named looked at PewDiePie’s video and he was also in Sammy lucky dream locked

  • Steven Yang
    Steven Yang

    Retested PewDiePie and he was also freaking insanely lucky

  • K&J

    I think flipping a coin 100 times 60+ heads

  • Dark Ultimate
    Dark Ultimate

    This is not doing well now after the tweet..

  • JoSuE AmAyA
    JoSuE AmAyA

    Number 2

  • Philly19951

    why 31k dislikes i mean yes Dreams fans im not a dream hater but just saying

    • morbideddie

      Yeah, like Brady mentioned it’s just a low quality video that skirts around a conclusion to the question and instead just presents Matts ignorant ramblings on what he thinks something he knows nothing about should be like.

    • Brady King
      Brady King

      Probably because (from what I've heard, I didn't watch the whole video) mat doesn't even come to a conclusion of if he cheated

  • Anna Banaszewska
    Anna Banaszewska


  • Virginia Canfield
    Virginia Canfield

    So funny to watch back now. I thought when this first came out that it sounded like MatPat thought he cheated but didn't want to say it for fear of criticism. Definitely clear that is the truth now

  • Jake Derrow
    Jake Derrow

    Wait so what was the answer

    • That one weird Random guy
      That one weird Random guy

      As of now it is confirmed by dream himself that he cheated

  • mark stephen sajul
    mark stephen sajul

    So what if he modified the blase rod drop and ender pearl barter he did the other stuff so good like the clutches the clever pvp how you gonna explain that

    • morbideddie

      So your acknowledge he cheated his speed runs but because he didn’t supposedly cheat while doing something entirely different it doesn’t matter?

  • Barry Bleat0matic
    Barry Bleat0matic

    It's been confirmed, Dream is a lying cheater

  • ChronomoPlays Something
    ChronomoPlays Something

    Yes, as a matter of fact, dream did cheat on his Minecraft speed run

  • sonicfan3342

    100=60 heads

  • bbbmd 2007
    bbbmd 2007

    what about all achievements

  • Bernard Fournier
    Bernard Fournier

    People it doesn't matter in the end if he cheated or not, it's the science behind it all that's interesting!

  • Owen LeSieur
    Owen LeSieur

    60/100 is more common because 7/10= 70/100

  • LightDarkEquivalent 714
    LightDarkEquivalent 714

    So uhm, matpat, got anything new to say? An update perhaps?

  • Egocentric black
    Egocentric black

    this aged perfectly lol