EST Gee x 42 Dugg - Members Only
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  • Lil Dave
    Lil Dave

    Still a who killa @ Dugg?????

  • D Rob826
    D Rob826

    Not gonna lie, I zooted off these RUNTz but close yo eyes n tell me Gee don't sound like sada baby🤣🤣

  • 4sp3ct

    Who else thinks EST Gee and 42 Dugg is going to be at the top?

  • Raymond

    This shit is super fire! 🔥 I believe EST when he spits! 🤘 💯 Edited: have to include Dugg 🤘

  • Greennie Litty
    Greennie Litty

    Est Gee the hottest that will ever make it outta Kentucky... On God

  • Cory Campbell
    Cory Campbell

    7 mile niggas???

  • Ayo Fr3sh!
    Ayo Fr3sh!

  • BlancOsama

    SIGN UP  Members Only EST Gee MEMBERS ONLY LYRICS [Intro] (This is Greedy Money) (Dubba-AA flexin') [Verse 1: EST Gee] Lame niggas wanna hang with us but ain't bang with us Slang with us, hanging out the window with them things with us Gang members, real pain-givers like a train hit 'em Fuck the game up, me and my niggas ran a train in it Why they playing with us? They know EST the big mob Gave so many blues to you, they slide throwing crip signs (This Is The Sound) Pill poppin', if I did stop then I'd miss Quan 55 Zoski shooting drive, we ain't scared to die Casey seen me laid up, made me cry, thought I lost my eye I don't care who with 'em in that ride, everybody die You ain't one of mine, a thousand on his mind a hundred timеs He be lying, he ain't outsidе, popping shit on live Big slime, I'ma give a dime up for the location Niggas hoes, we gon' tote these poles, fuck probation [Verse 2: 42 Dugg] Thug nigga hate them blood nigga, still a cuz killer Drug dealer full of 35, we gon' buy him out Made my first M with CMG, like, "What you buy now?" All-white, I rock Off White, bitch, that's stock price Bad bitches spend they last with me, ain't never had one Thirty bricks for thirty-three a piece, I'm tryna grab one I'm the bad son, mama say she still love me though Cameras in the bedroom, it's hard for me to trust these hoes Fuck these bows, I done seen a ticket selling bricks, nigga How you serving fiends? Bitch, I only sell to rich niggas Ass-kissing, baby, keep it pushing, I ain't your last nigga Fast whips, damn near hit the car, I'm tryna stash shit Past tense, I got a driver now, but even he know I keep that nickel on me, so if they whoop me, nigga, keep going Don't throw them birds to me, [?], I'm like T. Owens Free yours and free mine Gotti fightin' a body, bitch, I hope you beat it three times You fail, we gon' keep trying Quez been sliding, 'til something killed, he gon' keep sliding Five double-murders, doggy damn near got a graveyard Shoutout to the prosecutor, that's the one who saved y'all Bitch, I'm like, "Who raised y'all?" I don't need no days off I pick up when that pape' call, bitch [Verse 3: EST Gee] Yeah, weak dog, fentanyl involved, make the H strong Making plays how I made my name, it ain't take long Droplets of vanilla in my Tech to set the taste off Pull off make me wait long, I ain't no sitting duck Second run from scoring with that ice like a hockey puck If you wanna get down, you gotta sacrifice your life to us Niggas in that field wearing wires like they mic-ing up Lackin' got yo' peoples' noodle touched, y'all need to tighten up We gon' get this money, give a fuck 'bout niggas liking us Ain't no winning fights with us, you know that we gon' light it up You better have your pipe or something, you must wanna lose your life or something Whipping, all niggas work they wrists like they writing something I brought all my dawgs into that huddle like I'm Mike or something Police found a face inside a puddle of your lifeless buddy Better have your head on a swivel while in traffic Gangster everywhere except my casket I'm a made man if an opp nigga asking With traps in every side county close except for Radcliffe, nigga SHARE THE LYRICS “MEMBERS ONLY” TRACK INFO Featuring42 Dugg Produced ByDubba-AA & Greedy Money Written ByRoyce Monroe, Dubba-AA, Greedy Money & 42 Dugg Release DateDecember 18, 2020 EXPAND TRACK INFO MUSIC VIDEO  GENIUS VIDEO Royce Da 5'9" Reacts To New Detroit Rap (42 Dugg, Babyface Ray, Boldy James) MORE ON GENIUS NEXT UP Young Drug Dealer 2 EST GEE I Still Don’t Feel Nun (2020)EST GEE 1. Opinion Base 2. Young Shiners 3. Get Money 4. Ball Forever 5. Red Zone 6. 30 Boppa 7. Members Only 8. Young Drug Dealer 2 9. ABM 10. Phetamine 11. Shine Together 12. The Department 13. Special Remix 14. FWM 15. Water Zips 16. I Still Don't Feel Nun About Genius Press Advertise Event Space Privacy Policy Licensing Jobs Terms of Use Copyright Policy Contact us Do Not Sell My Personal Information © 2021 Genius Media Group Inc.

  • psc ih
    psc ih

    I always think my phone ringing at 1:37 lol

  • Kiesa Sobers
    Kiesa Sobers


  • Isaac Howard
    Isaac Howard

    Lol est gee .make some.good music

  • K1 Cokee
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  • Lenore J Greed
    Lenore J Greed

    Grizzly flow

  • psc ih
    psc ih

    42 slid

  • Jemme Jenkins
    Jemme Jenkins

    💜😈 🗑

  • David


  • Makeveli Customs
    Makeveli Customs

    42 Dugg is the hardest Stud to ever spit no cap 🧢

  • Deluxe Recordings
    Deluxe Recordings

    Payola at a all time high in HipHop in the new millennium 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🚮🚮🚮

  • chill Rock
    chill Rock

    That ghost writer nice

  • Drizzie

    this nigga is HARD

  • Brad Boss
    Brad Boss

    These 2 bring the best out of each other. I'm sure Gotti's gonna have em do a tape together.

  • hrwatchinpuff

    Keeping them prisons, and graveyards full.


    🎶Real tough guys these rappers dropping like flies🎶 Everybody a kingpin blood crip this that, nothing but lies confusing the hood again again and again!!!



  • sac town records
    sac town records

    gee's jacket go crazy

  • Quan Green
    Quan Green

    EST GEE wearing at least $4000

  • Corey Quinn
    Corey Quinn

    Damn Dugg snapped 😳🔥🤯💪🏾

  • Kelty

    2010 I was mailin it in Fed ex tried to set me up I called ahead and fucked em up Nah I aint cappin Eureka made it happen Stayed with jordanne Sick to my stomach Talked to little bro then left to Manhattan What a summer

  • Solaye Moore
    Solaye Moore

    “ We gone get this money give a f**** about a nigga liking us “ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎✌🏽

  • Solaye Moore
    Solaye Moore

    “ Pill poppin if I did stop I’ll miss quan “ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zay SpenceMusik
    Zay SpenceMusik

    How y’all listen to 42 like he ain’t get dropped by a bitch 💯😂

  • John Blaze
    John Blaze

    EST Gee is like, the new 50 Cent of rap, sick lyricist.

  • Trh

    “Weak dog, fentanyl involved make that H strong” 💯 this how you can tell he’s really from the trenches

    • Trh

      @billydakid yeah, in no way am i saying it’s good. but it’s real shit that a lot of people do to make a living and he chose to rap about it.

    • PostSniper-

      @billydakid you gotta put the right cut on it

    • billydakid

      Yeh but that shit killing People.. how u Gon make money when all the Junkies dead? Shit might sound cool but I see mf's I never thought would've touched dope Shooting up Fentanyl now and dying...

    • Tyrell Hodges
      Tyrell Hodges

      On God. Most niggas talk greasy but you can really tell by certain shit they say. Good ear 💯

  • diah2g

    These dudes really starting to grow on me. EST reminds me of a young BG (Ca$h money). That's why I like him so much!

  • Kpone$JayRome

    Dis sum real niggah sheet


    the new eazy new age Eric fam 42 duglouz

  • LongLive Vroy
    LongLive Vroy


  • TRILL559


  • cash money
    cash money

    Bitch I'm like who raised yall I don't need no days off🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • HomeRun FRESH
    HomeRun FRESH


  • hitman4hire504

    We You in i you

  • Damian Ridders
    Damian Ridders

    May your enemy be given the truest pain with worthiness, may your neighbor be blessed by the local drug dealer, still the most known, still the least seen, αψίδα άγγελος. With my life partner by my side , never going to Διάβολος. All truth No Lies, - ∀

  • HomerunsamSOSA

    Is 42 a Crip? Does he say still a cuz Killa?

  • Lul Phay
    Lul Phay

    This shit hard af!

  • imran She in the hospital
    imran She in the hospital

    mansha is the goat

  • NANGUI DJEDJI Louis Wilfried
    NANGUI DJEDJI Louis Wilfried

    ⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases Washington D.C. United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God @/baphomet Shemhamforash! 🙏🏾@/freemeekmill🤘🏾..

  • starboy

    Gee spitting

  • alumni813

    EST Gee voice and delivery sounds like a perfect blend of Polo G & Chief Keef.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • alumni813

      @T Sinatra so his voice sounds like Gotti and Gibbs? Ok man you got it 🤣🤣🤣

    • T Sinatra
      T Sinatra

      Fuck no, I hear more of a blend of Freddie gibbs & yo gotti

  • slithrgang

    42 Dugg look like when u bring ur son to work day

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    “I got a now driver but even he know I keep nickel on me so if they whoop nigga keep goin , throw dem birds to me like mcnabb I’m like T.Owens , free yours it’s free mine, Gotti fightin a body bitch I hope u beat 3 times you fail we gon tryin , ques been slidin till something get killed he gon keep slidin” that nigga Dugg went fuckin crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Boo

  • BoGScamGanG

  • BigHashGang

    Where Gee from?

    • Prince

      Louisville KY

    • Incognito Black
      Incognito Black

      Louisville Kentucky

  • Motley gunz Roses and crue
    Motley gunz Roses and crue

    They destroyed this beat jeezus. How u serving feens im only serving rich niggas" take notes

  • Cody Garvelink
    Cody Garvelink

    Dis nigga sound like sada baby

  • O'Shea Champion
    O'Shea Champion

    This old school detroit sound man i love it

  • Jeremy Jones
    Jeremy Jones

    Got damn these boys so hard!! EstGee💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 but 42 dugg straight dissin, bossin up, and standing on shit!

  • JayCee Vevo
    JayCee Vevo


  • Art Giddens
    Art Giddens

    42 look like a lil stud

  • NE1 Productions
    NE1 Productions

    Est Gee and Ski Mask the Slump would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rasheem Foster
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  • Manny Ramirez
    Manny Ramirez

    Is 42 a Crip?

    • Cody Garvelink
      Cody Garvelink


  • Just Some Guy with only his forehead showing
    Just Some Guy with only his forehead showing

    4”2 dugg

  • Mar Cash Dodson
    Mar Cash Dodson

    42dugg crips gone C you for dissing! Never Diss a gang as a celebrity or anybody 😲

  • Kevin Fuller
    Kevin Fuller

    Est sooo hard

  • AiW

    7414:410PML / Grow&Develop / TillitBlow

    • AiW


  • Vic R
    Vic R

    How you sell to feins I only sell to rich nxggaz - sheesh

  • RealPsmoke

    Gee dont miss🔥

  • theharrybible

    EST need to make a song big30


    Est and dugg went stupid 🔥🐐

  • Trey Pryor
    Trey Pryor

    He been on this shit just a king taking the throne

  • PrettyBoyBeats

    Dugg snapped

  • tommy atwell
    tommy atwell

    2nd guy sound like Kodiak black

  • Tristan Tellez
    Tristan Tellez

    Dugg hella funny lmao

  • kylerknows

    Yo im dead i never knew how short Dugg was lmao dude came out looking like scrappy doo

  • Kinion Jarvis
    Kinion Jarvis

    How blood gon say he hate blood niggas but he a krab Killa yo must be a snoove or folk

  • Ladaytrien Bent
    Ladaytrien Bent

    My nigga came in dissing the 5, on GD!🔯🔱

  • 32 Nat
    32 Nat

    Dugg so short 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Elliot G
    Elliot G

    42 Dugg is lucky...all of his designer clothes are in kids sizes. So it would be alot cheaper..

    • Xayvian

      @Bomedy Biru he husky

    • Agent Smith
      Agent Smith

      @Some Fire Stuff or with MMA, short dudes build leverage better if they can close the distance. better leverage = more KOs

    • Afro Samurai
      Afro Samurai

      @GetBack A It was a joke bro put the glocks away...

    • Lul Phay
      Lul Phay

      @GetBack A facts

    • Some Fire Stuff
      Some Fire Stuff

      @GetBack A only with a gun that’s why certain dudes can’t get no respect, if it wasn’t for guns dudes would be a non factor and have no place in the streets

  • Jasmine Hairston
    Jasmine Hairston

    This riding ....

  • Rikki Soaia
    Rikki Soaia


  • Sosa Trump
    Sosa Trump

    Why nobody told me Est Gee was this hard!

  • lockyock7

    42 snapped out

  • Finessgod5




  • james thomas
    james thomas

    dugg trash he needa stop rappin fr

  • N C
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  • John Malcolm
    John Malcolm

    link up

  • FatKell

  • FatKell

  • FatKell

  • Doin150likeimherbonem

    I thought that was sada baby

  • Dewayne shorter
    Dewayne shorter

    Ouuuuuhhhh🥶🥶🤬🤬🤬🌪🔥 dug lost his top

  • 502

    Louisville ky EST G be snapping ⭐👌🏾

  • Takara Odom
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  • Mushroom Man
    Mushroom Man

    Them niggas tried to go hard

  • Ace Numba 9
    Ace Numba 9

    Im a real nigga if a opp nigga asking ‼️👨🏾‍🎨

  • Jalen Jackson
    Jalen Jackson

    What's them shoes ?

    • Dame Guapo
      Dame Guapo

      Rick Owens

  • Peace Love
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    Don't just keep tapping in and you ain't subscribe 💯 🤟🏾