Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.
These guys gave me this truck and said "We don't want it to exist anymore." What can I say I make dreams come true 😏. Thanks again @ownbosssupplyco. If you have a truck or car you want me to destroy and its unique email me at

  • WhistlinDiesel

    Chill guys its HD 4K its just processing lol

    • misfit diesel
      misfit diesel

      311 camera man fuckin rips ass lol good push

    • yo bert
      yo bert

      Whistlin diesels tire filiment shop

    • TurboFreak

      You stupid ass. Now I know who not sell to.

    • Kirston Martinez
      Kirston Martinez

      Would u destroy a van?

    • Kirston Martinez
      Kirston Martinez

      What about a van?

  • John Shultz
    John Shultz

    Oh this kinda hurts to watch

  • Emmanuel Varghese
    Emmanuel Varghese

    God will punish you...

  • Ryan Fleming
    Ryan Fleming

    Who would want to destroy a survivor classic truck like that you all are idiots. can't figure out what to do with it someone would have bought it

  • kara katsur
    kara katsur

    Old Fords are nothing but problematic. Glad you destroyed that it deserved it

  • viking beard
    viking beard

    Such a beautiful truck and they destroyed it for no reason smh fucking internet

    • Kyle S
      Kyle S

      The reason was for entertainment value. And it was highly entertaining.

  • Turner West
    Turner West

    That tree is strong as hell. I hope it survives that bark loss lmao

  • Blm Suck
    Blm Suck

    Blm could of had this truck or even antifa

  • Ian Swanson
    Ian Swanson

    Facebook marketplace be like this vid. I got a new f-250 truck (that looks like the truck at end of this video.) 10,000 dollars don't low ball me I know what I got 😅😂😂

  • Matti Knoop
    Matti Knoop


  • Daryn Yermukhametov
    Daryn Yermukhametov

    А мне жалко этот форд

  • RG7732

    out of every truck you have beat down, witch do you think was the toughest truck?

  • Marshall Marino
    Marshall Marino

    Can i have the tachometer plz? Also Anything salvageable ? I have never owned a truck. Will you consider Donating me one ? I give you my cars to smash or destroy any way you want.

  • Marshall Marino
    Marshall Marino

    That tree is a beast !!!

  • Internet Guy
    Internet Guy

    Anyone get the feeling these guys are paid by big Detroit to destroy all the old trucks lol

  • flyrock2

    I would to see you bail out and ghost ride a Ford into a deep canyon. Now that be sweet.

  • Paladin Entertainment
    Paladin Entertainment

    "The steering wheel is against the seat" Meanwhile you can check the sparkplug from the rear bumper

  • bonnie the amis
    bonnie the amis

    Karens when they see any rare or classic vehicle

  • Nathan Riddle
    Nathan Riddle

    Lmaooo the scene replicating the scene from incredibles was on point😂😂

  • Lincoln Christensen
    Lincoln Christensen

    pls buy a honda ridge line and kill it

  • Hunter Knuckles
    Hunter Knuckles

    Haha dozer go brrrrrr

  • Ron Doherty
    Ron Doherty

    What an idiot

  • Dawson Delgado
    Dawson Delgado

    this is papa smuf the truck famous in babson park fl and my grandpa helped made that truck

  • #WeHeadyAF808 Fam
    #WeHeadyAF808 Fam

    This comment section is always juicy

  • David Nalls
    David Nalls

    So does this guy just destroy stuff that lots of folks would love to own?

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker

    What a waste

  • Flea

    ignorance is bliss, and yet that is the best thing to do to a ford

  • william stephan
    william stephan

    That's alot of steering stabilization there boss man🤣🤣

  • Gavin Damron
    Gavin Damron

    can I have the chicken

  • Hunzy H
    Hunzy H

    Spoiled brat.

  • AudioGardenSlave

    This is really kinda sad cause there's only a certain number of these old trucks left and it's only going lower and lower. I feel sad for the truck and I'm not even a Ford guy. I'd rather see a 00's model truck get nuked to oblivion, they'll never be classics.

  • Ryan

    Can you just imagine the call to the D6 owner. “Hey bud, you bring the Dozer over....? I flipped my new truck...”

  • _IAmKingReemy_ __
    _IAmKingReemy_ __

    Genuinely impressed on opening the door with the fork 😂

  • Sky Bound
    Sky Bound

    This is fantastic

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Hey Mr diesel. I see u destroyed everything u got wanna help me out with my tuition haha, etrans

  • Akoeng


  • gtaboomgaming

    ford built tough

  • John Boy's Garage
    John Boy's Garage

    You could've at least saved the wheels! You f***ing........ LEGEND!

  • Puppy Paradise
    Puppy Paradise

    a little paintless dent removal and its good as new

  • R6-D2

    Gotta spend money to make money 🤑

  • Matthew Bernson
    Matthew Bernson

    Only watch you destroy beautiful things so I don't have to..

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker

    You guys are crazy!! 🤨👎👎

  • Steve Engell
    Steve Engell

    Only true use for a Ford anyway

  • Three Beer Minimum
    Three Beer Minimum

    "30 second video! hahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry about your fence! I am dying laughing! thank you for this!!!!!

  • Mr Busy
    Mr Busy

    There’s a lot of guys out there that would love to have a nice truck like that but can’t afford one

  • ahynter

    ска до слез

  • chris hare
    chris hare

    i gotta lie, i am impressed

  • Revolution wake up
    Revolution wake up

    I try to think, hes just doing it for the channel but ITS JUST WRONG!!!! If you need to burn youre money, why not just film giving it away F***ING IDIOTS

  • Dan Dun Did
    Dan Dun Did

    I'm still in love with that Incredibles reference 😂😂😂

  • Cruza 1
    Cruza 1

    wow people where im from die for these trucks, you people are morons!!! i have heard allot of hate about you wankers, unsubscribed!

  • Jaden Connally
    Jaden Connally

    Old piece of junk

  • Tren Linsley
    Tren Linsley

    the incredibles reference is not lost on me my good sir.

  • R .M
    R .M

    kill a ford raptor please

  • R .M
    R .M

    fuck the truck that poor tree man

  • duane ayers
    duane ayers

    Makes me sick cause I love old cars and trucks I get it your making big money but you are a snot nosed punk I’ll never watch another video of yours

  • Josiel Rosario
    Josiel Rosario

    Why would you destroy such a good pick up its old and awsome why just why

    • zSpiidey

      Cause it’s his truck. He does what he wants

  • leerjet18

    Definately not your average truck destroy video. The beginning was epic!

  • John Medlock
    John Medlock

    How did the wind shield not crack when it rolled

  • Shatter Dabbs
    Shatter Dabbs

    8:13 is when I hit the like 👍 button

  • Shane Golden
    Shane Golden

    That was TOTALLY WICKED!!

  • Shane Golden
    Shane Golden

    You need a crane .. a big one

  • Shane Golden
    Shane Golden

    How do I win that truck?

  • Gary Stump
    Gary Stump

    Destroy a lifted bus

  • Gary Stump
    Gary Stump

    Please find a lifted school bus and absolutely destroy it

  • Hype Tempo
    Hype Tempo

    8:09 why is there bullet holes through the truck

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan

    9.5k own a Ford 😂🤡🤡🤡



  • Edgar Contreras
    Edgar Contreras

    Ke daria por tener una trocka como esa 😢

  • Cheviesel Cheviesel
    Cheviesel Cheviesel

    Should have put it on the side of the road with a dead deer in front of it and caution tape around it. Film reactions of Looky Lous with a hidden camera.

  • Ashyr Hamblen
    Ashyr Hamblen

    Blow up the engine before you destroy the trucks

  • Kyle Saucedo
    Kyle Saucedo

    What about a pretty clean 6.7 third gen Cummins I’m selling?

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    I don't feel so bad now that i see it's rusted out.

  • popperbits

    And Another one bites the dust!

  • BR1 XH
    BR1 XH

    What a waste

  • Josh Crosland
    Josh Crosland

    Id tear up that ugly ass truck too lmao

  • PAUL 1961
    PAUL 1961

    why would you destroy a nice truck

  • PAUL 1961
    PAUL 1961


  • Brandon Bryant
    Brandon Bryant

    Like How he destroys one of the good fords lol wanna destroy a shit truck grab a after 2000's Silverado cause there already pos coming strait off the line lol 🤷‍♂️

  • Juron Juray
    Juron Juray

    To find someone more destructive than me is quite scary

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage

    Lololololololol shit that's funny 7:37 lololol

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown

    This is what’s wrong with our world kids don’t care they waste when people out there will never get to ride in or even drive a truck or a car they don’t even get the right food to eat and this man take money buys this truck and wrecks it for fun and he would have been a better man taking it and driving cancer patients around who would never get the chance in there live useless waste of history and life of the truck nice hang with heavy D and Diesel Dave and watch the vid with the man with the truck and camper being bothered by people camping and maybe you will learn greatness

  • ManiX207


  • ON3L0VE

    Someone sell him a TRX

  • Dalton

    did anyone else feel bad for the tree XD

  • Nick MDuran
    Nick MDuran

    i can barely afford my rent and this guy destroying trucks for fun 🥲

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis

    Only thing I gotta say is you have young kids like me that absolutely love these old trucks and put all their hard time effort and money into it to make something nice and then you see somebody just destroyed one carelessly

    • Crazy Frog
      Crazy Frog

      Thats too bad

  • Daniel Combs
    Daniel Combs

    man,,Ya.ll fuckin idiots...Really!!!!! I would of gave you 30.000.00 for that truck..Been lookin for that same set up...Well I found it.........killing me.....

  • Kiri The Wolf
    Kiri The Wolf

    These guys are just playing in irl, so cool.

  • FordFanatics518

    look idgaf about wd destroying shit but damnnn thats a nice truck

  • Dennis Good
    Dennis Good

    I cant beleave you destroyed that old pickup

    • Ddg E
      Ddg E

      Why can’t you believe* it?

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson

    That thumbnail is art. Don't care what anyone thinks. That's impressive.

  • Александр Рассадин
    Александр Рассадин


  • Александр Рассадин
    Александр Рассадин

    Неужели вам не жалко эти автомобили 😭

  • Kevin Mummert
    Kevin Mummert

    That poor tree didn’t deserve any of that 😂

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    one of the worst videos I've ever seen. You could be doing so much more with your $, time and videos. If you have been blessed with resources, help others and be a good steward instead of this stupidity. Im sure your parents would be so disappointed. I would be if you were my son. You can do better than this. UZmatchrs would rather see you give this truck away to a Veteran that lost his legs, or to an officer's family that gave his/her life while serving. So I'll say it again "YOU CAN DO BETER THAN THIS".

    • derrick clark
      derrick clark

      This was hurtful to watch... a perfectly good running truck murdered and wasted.

  • Kevin VanBuskirk
    Kevin VanBuskirk

    Everyone is getting mad that he destroyed that truck.... he just made 75k posting it destruction!

  • Tom

    What an idiot!!!!!!!

  • Van Island Moto
    Van Island Moto

    The kid on the bike 😂😂😂

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