Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)
Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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  • Johnny Harris
    Johnny Harris

    so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come! -Johnny

    • Dalto

      And you just got a new fan

    • WRTopGlobal

      nice wonder how much infested your hair is

    • gcKukie

      Im a mechanic, i need something to clean the motor oil and mud from my hair, but you clearly dont have that problem ;)

    • Michi Khoda
      Michi Khoda

      I've been not using shampoo for a year. And yeah it's working

    • XCL4M4t10N

      @Richard V. WTF, all the people I know shower themselves everyday. I don't know where do you get this information but I can totally deny it.

  • Tecno Argentino Labs 2.0
    Tecno Argentino Labs 2.0

    Ervery Time I see your map I remember one video about one geography teacher explaining why the majority of maps are wrong in scale on purpose, you should investigate that maybe it's very interesting. Greetings!

  • Sulthan Alam
    Sulthan Alam

    It's been a week and feels very itchy now. But I will keep endure it until 1 month. If the itchy not going away, I'll stop and do shampoo.


    Water, conditioner, and cocounut oil for me. Culry hair shampoo once or twice a month MAX. Def reduced dry scalp and dandruff that i had most of my life.

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand

    But what happens if you wash your hair, condition it, and NOT put product, is the cycle broken then? Product does not work in my hair even when it was short, the only time it would work is when grease was put in it and that was when it was really short. Now It's too wavy, curly, and long, and I am not going to use a blow dryer to damage it in any way. I shampoo and condition once a week and rinse/wet like twice a week because the hair ties I use take out my natural curls and makes it a bit straight and frizzy.

  • jmn sqac
    jmn sqac

    agree. after i stop using shampoo and using vegetable oil soap bar 1 week, my hair is not itch or have any dandruff problem. *not using petroleum soap!

  • Alex Myth
    Alex Myth

    Do you use soap instead or just only water?

  • mitigatedsteam07

    So do people who tried this wash their hair with just water everyday? Or do they take some days off and wash with just water

  • Remy Ché
    Remy Ché

    Me too! I also don't use soap 😅but my partner asked how I don't have BO and it made me think, body has normal bacteria that stops the BO. If you wash it off, it smells. just hot water shower and rub down. And don't use deodorant, only colone sometimes. Also no shit, no tooth paste, just brush and water. All my teeth are there and white. Haven't needed to go to the dentist in like 20 years. I was just about to go to bed now I'm thinking way to much now

  • Tiago Varella
    Tiago Varella

    your video was brutally interrupted by a loud shampoo ad, oh the irony

  • pepperoniseas

    I dont think this applies to super hot, humid countries.. If I go two days without shampoo my head gets incredibly itchy and sticky.

  • N R
    N R

    Why does black peoples hair seem oiler is there a reason behind this?

  • Firzanah

    Please cover the Palestine-Israel next!!!

  • shreyansh jain
    shreyansh jain

    Is it that you didn't even wash your hair with water in these past 5 years?

  • Angelo Templa
    Angelo Templa

    Do a video if using skincare products is necessary for a face or not

  • james jones
    james jones

    Another great video!!! Thanks for this it's really crazy how marketing is on the attack to sell their products!! I personally only wash my hair 1-2 times a week now and I have been that way for years I think I'm gonna try even less !! Thanks again, Mother Nature always knows best , IMO

  • Flo Laforet
    Flo Laforet

    so your hair right now is dressed the way it is naturally? there is no gel involved? who are you kidding? so you are still using some chemical in your hair even if it's not shampoo, so the message like "h chemical in my hair boo boo so bad" it's a bit paradoxal...

  • Darque Rosa d’Avis
    Darque Rosa d’Avis

    Coming here to see that I have one more vicious and cyclic problem in my life... thank you 😂

  • Douglas Meura
    Douglas Meura


  • L.R Feral
    L.R Feral

    Women's wash cycle in the west used to be approximately once a week. Wash day was also rag curl/ pin curl/curler night, hence the old common excuse to avoid a date "I'm washing my hair tonight". As the days of the week went on, the curls would be put into different styles and protected under a silk cap every night night until the end of the week when it was washed and fresh curls put in to dry over night. The routine was pasted all over old women's magazines.

  • Brian Blackwell
    Brian Blackwell

    You just described how all of life works in our corrupted society. As John Rose says, “Washing is a mechanical process, not a chemical one”. Money is a tool of degradation and enslavement. Consider removing ads from your channel.

  • Olivia Sena
    Olivia Sena do you wash your hair Johnny? please make a video on your shampoo-free hair care methods!

  • Bobby Jackson
    Bobby Jackson

    I had a similar experience with toothpaste years ago. Brushing and flossing are important to get food particles out from between your teeth, but toothpaste is just goop that makes your toothbrush taste minty

  • Alvin Earl Lasala
    Alvin Earl Lasala

    After watching this, and from being a Head and Shoulder user since I was in middle school, I am using water for my hair only. I have dandruff but it seems that natural oils work for me.

  • Émile Painchaud
    Émile Painchaud

    Obi wan Kenobi??

  • Rikked

    i use shampoo only once a month

  • Linus

    Female here, Mid 50's I wash my hair once maybe twice a month. I do use a bit of shampoo. Its never looked better :)

  • Max Wedgie
    Max Wedgie

    Stopped using shampoo 15 years ago. My dad and both brothers have hair loos in mid 40’s. I’m 50 now and have literally no hair loss. I use Shea soap.

  • Dinh Nhan
    Dinh Nhan

    My hair is oily and sticky like a week without washing my hair after just one day

  • ゴーストghost

    Imagine not balding during your mid 20’s couldn’t be me.

  • Valentino M
    Valentino M

    I pretty much have NEVER used shampoo since I was a teenager, never dry it, never use pomade. But I do wash my hair every day with regular shower gel, otherwise I do feel unclean. I never cared too much about it, and since my habit seemed good enough for my hair, I never bothered changing it. Now in my 30s, among many guys who are starting to bald and many gals with frankly horrible hair, destroyed by the constant stress of different chemicals and thermal shocks, my hair has even become the envy of many ahahahahah Anyway, it's unclear to me after watching the video: do you use just water? soap? shower gel?

  • maggie j
    maggie j

    Don’t know how I got here. Is UZmatch spying on me? 😱. Haven’t washed my hair in months with shampoo and it’s in the best state. Just use water only and a fine tooth comb in the shower to detangle and get any debris I may have. Shampoo = scampoo for me.

  • Laurenz

    But like, how do you keep your hair from looking like a sticky, ugly mess after like 3 days of not washing it? Or do you just wash the hair using water and nothing else? I don't understand

  • Zoran Ivanić
    Zoran Ivanić

    Try washing your hair with an egg. To be precise - with yolk and egg white. It washes your hair without drying it out.

  • Incrementium

    UZmatch has been pushing this video on me since it came out xD FINE, i'll watch it lol

  • Jake D.91'
    Jake D.91'

    Don't give into corporations. ...Hold up..let me tell you about my sponsor 🤣🤣🤣🤙😏

  • Abyss Strider
    Abyss Strider

    Interesting, my dad stopped using shampoo years ago and uses soap instead, he never gets dandruff

  • The Magician And the Moon
    The Magician And the Moon

    I've been there! For a DECADE I tried every product labeled "for dry damaged hair" including immense amounts of conditioner. Then almost 2 yrs ago I realized what I needed was a biotin supplement! I have a damaged stomach that doesn't absorb nutrients well and I was biotin deficient. I suffered for so long and wasted so much money it's so frustrating!

  • rimzan rauff
    rimzan rauff

    Then what kind of cleaner u put for head..??

  • kmdsummon

    I always use regular soap because I am too lazy to remember to buy a shampoo and body wash. I just use soap and have no problem with that.

  • Zad Rasera
    Zad Rasera

    Dandruff isn't caused by poor hygiene, too. It's (probably) genetic.

    • Zad Rasera
      Zad Rasera

  • Sharkahh

    Only wash my hair once a week have no probs at all

  • Gerald Buzo
    Gerald Buzo

    what a coincidence, I just write something about " teth pasta is a lie"

  • lehlogonolo papo
    lehlogonolo papo

    Sham on you poo

  • Aristela De Leon
    Aristela De Leon

    That modern ad from Head & Shoulders is from the Philippines. 😅

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    I take a shower like 1-3 times a week lol

  • Aarafath

    You should make an video talking about Palestine and Israel

  • Neil Paliwal
    Neil Paliwal

    Shampooing also depends on the climactic conditions in which you love. India doesn’t allow not shampooing. Dust and heat will compel you to shampoo. Though we also regularly oil our hair

  • Ricky Jaeger
    Ricky Jaeger

    "no poo??" what the FUCK SHAN'Tpoo, people, come on!!! it doesn't affect the "not defecating" connotation, but at the very least replace "sham" with something that sounds like it. i suppose the only reason they didn't just say SCAMpoo or SHAMpoo is because they're barely different from the word and without context someone would just assume you misspelled shampoo.

  • Richard Hogg
    Richard Hogg

    Shampoo is a sham🤔...poo..? 💩

  • Riccardo Fissore
    Riccardo Fissore

    ok but in practice how do u “wash” your hair, for example after doing sport? Just water?

  • Lourdes Villela
    Lourdes Villela

    So, I am curious. How do you care for your hair? Do you put water on it? I wash my hair once a week with an herbal conditioner and that’s all my hair needs.

  • Maciek Radziszewski
    Maciek Radziszewski

    Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. And shampo, is as a lie.

  • Willy Drucker
    Willy Drucker

    Dove soap for all the body parts bruh. You're welcome.

  • Sinora

    I've been washing my hair with regular soap since i was like 14. What is conditioner?

  • Alerta Alerta
    Alerta Alerta

    I went through that same cycle 10 years ago and quit using shampoo and I never went back

  • Keith Woodcrest
    Keith Woodcrest

    It's hilarious seeing all these people talk about how they never wash their hair and how *they* think their hair smells, looks and feels fine. Biiiittcch. I give *zero* shits about what *you* think of *your* hair. I wanna know what *other* people think of your hair and how it looks, feels and smells. Just wash your hair twice a week and shut the hell up already. Jesus Christ. This isn't uncommon knowledge. Like you think the people at "Big Shampoo" *aren't* also washing their hair?? lol come on.

  • yewwowduck

    My hair gets extremely greasy if I don't wash it, and in fits of depression/no need to leave the house for long periods, I 100% can tell you it gets worse over time, and gets really gross and feels terrible. I also do not use product, or conditioner.

  • Jeef Squaa
    Jeef Squaa

    my hair is so disgustingly greasy and I don't use products and that's only a few hours after shampooing

  • itzhexen

    This guy is a fucking idiot.

  • itzhexen

    No, conditioner is the problem.


    Hi, i try it's work thank you.

  • LeͥgeͣnͫdTM

    6:38 Are you fucking kidding me!?

  • Muflah

    This video is mostly about marketing!

  • chaewon's bang
    chaewon's bang

    Does it works the same with girls' hair?

  • Social Xperiment
    Social Xperiment

    I only shampoo once a week, should I just cut it out entirely?

  • Luke Milligan
    Luke Milligan

    13:59 help?

  • Cornelius Sianturi
    Cornelius Sianturi

    once a week use shampo and it's feels better than everyday shampo my hair XD

  • Non A
    Non A

    A good video. It’d be a bit better to cut the “do whatever you want with your hair” repetition. The message was clear from the first time you mentioned it.

  • Juan Olaya
    Juan Olaya

    Freud approves

  • Mitchell Shields
    Mitchell Shields

    Bro doesn’t swim in a chlorinated pool every day. If you put crap in your hair, you need to clean it out... walking in the city, swimming in the pool, using hair products, using hair styling tools... then you need to clean your hair.

  • dustinbboyd

    Only reason why i watched this is because i stopped using shampoo two years ago. Best choice ever, and the only thing conditioner is good for is shaving 😆

  • markus

    l not use shamboo and l havet never be broplem my hair but yeah like to say they use pyschological trigger so many other product and yeah so many wall that trap and they make money out of it

  • A

    My son is 6 years old and he has Never, not once used shampoo. His hair is amazing! Never looks oily, always looks normal. My husband decided to stop using shampoo 5 1/2 years ago after noticing that my son’s hair was perfect and his hair fine. He doesn’t have any issues, it’s not oily and his able to style it perfectly. I wish my mother would have never used shampoo on me.

  • J.D. Vision
    J.D. Vision

    It's not bad to clean your scalp at least once in a month... I'm bald so...

  • Justin Becker
    Justin Becker

    Makes sense, how do you remove dirt and sweat after a hot day or going to the gym for example? Water alone? Soap?

  • sf jazz
    sf jazz

    Then how do you clean your hair after exercise?

  • K B
    K B

    so wait a second... do you only use water to wash your hair then?

  • Mahdi Naeen
    Mahdi Naeen

    Over the years with my hair has been tough and annoying my scalp and hair was healthy slightly oily but there was no issues. My family then started having the universal belief that we need these products then one day my parents started buying our entire family this shampoo which I won't name. So I started using this shampoo every shower and I started getting flaky hair and I thought I clearly need to wash more so I did and it just got worse and ever since I had a really bad dry itchy painful scalp it also made my hair feel like confetti so this shampoo clearly was bad for my hair. I start living on my own and I used a different less stronger brand and my hair and scalp feel so clean and nice I ran out so I asked my mum to get me a shampoo...She got me the one my family use *sigh* so I used it and would you believe it my scalp got dry and itchy! Now this clearly tells me the top brands don't make the best or one that works for everyone. Nowadays I use more product than ever because the damage to my scalp is too much I have to use special shampoos to clean my scalp then I have to look at ingredients properly I wish I could fix my scalp I get such dry hair with large flakes of dead skin out of my scalp. In conclusion I've come to realise that these top brand shampoos have too many chemicals and likely do more harm than good. So I agree with what you said toward the end and I wish I was aware of this growing up and being independent.

  • MitsuhashiTakashi96

    i cant not wash my hair like it makes me sick if i dont for a few days

  • a̷l̷l̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷s̷a̷m̷e̷!̷ iProductions
    a̷l̷l̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷ ̷s̷a̷m̷e̷!̷ iProductions

    I gotta employ the LOC method to seal in moisture to my low porosity hair. Otherwise it’s a mess. Also, for a year or so I was washing my hair with yogurt and honey combo, then rinse with acv.

  • Keith Carmichael
    Keith Carmichael

    Been using baking soda for 10 years. I hit it with vinegar rinse when it gets dry feeling. Nothing better!

  • Justin Eltoft
    Justin Eltoft

    What do I do after hockey and my hair smells like my disgusting hockey helmet?

  • surfer dude
    surfer dude

    I stopped wearing deodorant years ago because of constant itching and health problems, and no one has ever complained that I smell. All I do is shower everyday and that is enough. There's some people who are too cheep to buy toilet paper, but that's taking it a bit too far.

  • Zeph Orac
    Zeph Orac

    So hip, the hipster beard, so ironic.

  • Herson Alfaro
    Herson Alfaro

    So how is it you keep your hair maintained without shampooing or conditioning?

  • Pranjal Shukla
    Pranjal Shukla

    How do you wash your hair?

  • amargamentedoce

    I stopped using deodorant for a long time and realized that my smell is not as bad without deodorant as when I used it.

  • Siebe Bakker
    Siebe Bakker

    So how do you get your product out of you’re hair then?

  • thedorsinator

    So what do you do to keep your hair clean? Do you just rinse it? My hair has been in this exact fucking cycle my whole life.

  • ezforsaken

    Every skin is different, I have slight Seborrheic dermatitis (diagnosed by a dermatologist) and I need to use medical grade shampoos to destroy the huge amount of lipids my scalp produces. If I skip washing my head it gets really gross lmao.

  • Sonia Sabanal
    Sonia Sabanal

    • Mike Philip
      Mike Philip

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      Gracly Lisa

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      Frank William Travon

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  • juanjeanjohnful

    I have to use product in my hair for it to look remotely good. I'm not going to just rinse it out to remove it - I have to use shampoo to remove the hair product I use every day.

  • Adam F
    Adam F

    This is true for most personal care products - down the rabbit hole.

  • Moôtez Bouazra
    Moôtez Bouazra

    Mom : why you hair stinks Me : I've watched a youtube video telling me not to wash it anymore

  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos

    i have long hair if i dont wash it its getting all greasy. this whole video is based on literally nothing. your hair must smell like a garbage dumb right now

  • Miroslav Antsipovitch
    Miroslav Antsipovitch

    I don't wash my hair and it stopped to become dirty

  • Rexor

    Conditioner is a lie, i only use shampoo.

  • Robert Bryk
    Robert Bryk

    yea but when I dont wash my hair it feels very greasy and itchy and nasty

  • tendurrr34

    Yo, Filipino ad @9:35 quite surprised you included this lol