Making uranium glass
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WARNING: Working with uranium and radioactive material is dangerous, and this video is for entertainment/educational purposes only. Please don't try and repeat what you see. Also, when the project is done, the waste needs to be dealt with and handled properly. On my second channel, NileBlue, I show what I did with it and you can check it out here:

For this project, I'll be making radioactive uranium glass, which was very popular 100 years ago. Under a blacklight, the uranium in it fluoresces to give off a nice green color.

Applied Science:
Nile talks about lab safety:


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  • Jon Rutherford
    Jon Rutherford

    A book that gives a good feeling for the difficulty of crafting large pieces of glass is "The Perfect Machine" by Ronald Florence (Harper Perennial, 2011). It tells the story of the 200-inch Palomar telescope and its predecessors, a chain of disasters and near-disasters, dogged perseverance, and ceaseless experimentation. Hard to put down.

  • Matthew Basil Ference
    Matthew Basil Ference

    Forbidden cheese 🤣

  • Eternal Jaxton
    Eternal Jaxton

    My friend who is 9 years old has calcium hydroxide

  • Chemysterium

    Actually, uranium glass is still produces by many companies and artists and sold freely. At least here in the Czech Republic.

  • Winston.s

    14:07 buddy that looks like crack not flower

  • So so
    So so

    9:01 the forbidden orange juice

  • Joshua

    This is the biggest bag of crap

  • MC MIC
    MC MIC

    Hmm Heavy Metal Poisoning? I think I know what you are talking about XD

  • Ty Hart
    Ty Hart

    19:30 *how to make uranium egg*

  • Ty Hart
    Ty Hart

    *makes pebble of glass* "I'm ready to get uranium involved"

  • Ty Hart
    Ty Hart

    14:07 magic powder ;)

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    Space Cadet Silver Boots


  • Nicholas Wuite
    Nicholas Wuite

    Whats up guys NileRed here today i will be giving you a tutorial on how to get on a government watchlist

  • [Imflex]

    Don't make so long videos pls

  • Coda Chara
    Coda Chara

    Help I keep hearing urinal in the beginning when he says Uranyl nitrate (´༎ຶ ᴗ ༎ຶ)

  • Ren Zaluski
    Ren Zaluski

    The fact that you put no nuclear bombs as a con kind of concerns me

  • Harold Bradbury
    Harold Bradbury

    You are supposed to anneal the glass in an oven at 350C

  • veistelija

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  • Brady Johnson
    Brady Johnson

    Uranium nail polish. Uranium macaroni cheese.

  • A sentient chocolate brownie
    A sentient chocolate brownie

    6:02 “hey this juice tastes a bit off

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    5:07 - ah. the famous dwarf fortress "fun"

  • Just Add Water
    Just Add Water

    "However, it would be a bad idea to carry them in your pockets all the time" Marie Curie: WELL NO $#!7

  • Just Add Water
    Just Add Water

    14:04 Hey guys i'ma bake a cake why does it taste funny...

  • Just Add Water
    Just Add Water

    "This dude is gonna die someday" -Me I mean, the dude is literately messing with f$&(%#@ URAINIUM! I know it's depleted and all, but GOD this is dangerous I hope he was wearing radiation protection.

    • Carlos Spicy-Wiener
      Carlos Spicy-Wiener

      It’s really not that bad. Most of it is just alpha particles, I mean u could see that the Geiger counter registered zero difference when it was in the container. He has already made way more harmful stuff lmao

  • Dannah Hartsock
    Dannah Hartsock

    My hair was the color of that sodium diurinate for a minute lol it was also that pretty flourescent green for a bit too. Yes, it was florescent too lol

  • Dannah Hartsock
    Dannah Hartsock

    "Something called sodium hydroxide" I was like,, bro you don't know what sodium hydroxide is? Lol then I realized I worked in hardware for years... everybody loves some good potent drain cleaner. Don't use it in your toilet lol

  • Holly Dauparas
    Holly Dauparas

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  • Santiago III Lumancas
    Santiago III Lumancas

    My uncle has uranium almost a kilo he want to sell it

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    Cassandra Collins

    If you have heard of skeppy you sound like a smart version of skep

    • Cassandra Collins
      Cassandra Collins

      I ain't saying he dumb

  • Kaylin VW
    Kaylin VW

    I bet this dude is on sooo many government watchlists.

  • Phantom gaming-roblox
    Phantom gaming-roblox

    imagine disliking this video and not liking considering he worked so hard for that much days

  • TiLapse

    If this was taught in schools I would willingly go to school even on weekends.

  • Hab ich nich.
    Hab ich nich.

    What a dude.. Playing around with uranium and Potassium cyanide...

  • Daniel Rodrigues
    Daniel Rodrigues

    Have you done any experiments with Tritium?

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken

    Element 115

  • Miles Of Smiles
    Miles Of Smiles

    seems like you lost alot aof radio activeity to the water you passed through it

  • Nilou Tambour
    Nilou Tambour

    This video is much more funny when you replace "uranium" with "uranus"

  • Koala boy Gaming
    Koala boy Gaming

    Please tell me I’m not the only person that just got a piece of uranium glass and now thinks we’re all fancy?

  • B3 Yumi Cruz
    B3 Yumi Cruz

    Thanks god he is using celsius

  • AFS Salim
    AFS Salim

    What do you do for a source of income??

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White

    this video gives me anxiety

  • Cloven Beast
    Cloven Beast

    Shit I've always been behind you and now we are catching up on what I'm interested in now. I've done extractions but as a general rule I don't do chemistry with radioactive compounds because I'm not going to reuse the glassware for anything else. The waste is ridiculously hard and honestly I won't dispose of it like other things. Doesn't mean I haven't done it but everything has been added to a container

  • CoinScorpion

    17:33 death

  • Sam's Entertainment
    Sam's Entertainment

    After four years of pharmaceutical calculations for a masters degree, hearing the sentence 30% solution so to 70mL of water I added 30g made me cringe a bit...

  • Cheemscoin

    That is 1060 CPM above what is remotely safe 4:13

  • Józef Korzeniowski
    Józef Korzeniowski

    i'll enrich my own uranium glass, with blackjack, and hookers.....hey do you guys hear a helicopter?

  • tomsterBG

    How dense is this glass?


    next time - how to make a nuck at home

  • ً

    16:30 that moment that you know you're gonna f*ck up everything butbit turns out that everything is fine

  • - chipped stars -
    - chipped stars -

    Nile would be the guy in Fallout universe running around bopping to Uranium Fever in the glowing sea

  • WilldoesBjj05

    How do you know there’s not going to be any long term health affects if the things you touch and work with?

  • Linkolnverse

    Uranium Mancala pieces. :D

  • dalejr183

    YELLOW CAKE COOL. There was a bunch of plants processing that in secret even I was a kid in the 80's still in the Cold War although we r facing the same increasing threats again today

  • Chris Armstrong
    Chris Armstrong

    10:20 "The forbidden KD cheese"

  • Nihilus

    Government: You cant show how to refine Uranium! Also Government: HeRe HaVe ThIs ReCiPe FoR cHlOrGaS oN tHe NeWs (for those who dont know what chlorgas is: Its a german war weapon used during ww1 which is the very weapon that caused bio weapons to be banned forever because it was so terrible and inhuman So Great job america!)

  • go away
    go away

    Pour on to graphite Put back in furnace Drop temp by 100° every two hours Do not open for 48 hours after last temp drop to zero A round mould will help distribute the stress more evenly

  • Dhruv Kansal
    Dhruv Kansal

    no one: literally no one: nile: “before this i had never heard about brilliant”

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    FrenZy _1

    8:54 ngl it looks like orange juice nd i wanna drink it xD

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    Jamal Wilson

  • Toby T
    Toby T


  • Ramsey

    @2:49 that cloud chamber is sick!!!! That would be the most awesome “lava lamp” style night light in a child’s room, just make sure it’s up high enough they can’t reach it, and on something stable and solid that they cannot ever for any reason knock it off or knock the dresser over lollf

  • James Hales
    James Hales

    6:05 the forbidden Gatorade

  • Londondo

    How he wasn’t laughing at all those words that sounding like “urine” is just magical

  • Anderson- May
    Anderson- May

    6:45- So now I know that if I have a radioactive solution all over anything I can just rinse it with water

  • temporary id
    temporary id

    @1:54 govt. doesn't really like it..., that's hell of an understatement. Was just wondering if I'll end up on a list by watching your videos.

  • Nancy Rodriguez
    Nancy Rodriguez

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    Zippy XP

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  • nando dz
    nando dz

    Saw a tea cup made of uranium glass in an antique shop and had to search up it was true 😳

  • Labinzel 3712
    Labinzel 3712

    Just watched his Prussian blue video: you know if you mix that uranium dust with oil and gave it to someone you could poison them with radioactive paint😊

  • john aaron
    john aaron

    You only need to worry about consuming alpha radiation. It can barely pierce a price of paper let alone your skin or clothes. Beta radiation is small enough to Pierce the clothes you wear but not your skin. You only need to worry about breathing it with beta radiation

  • SuperWeebElijah

    Radioactive Cheetos

  • Gabriel Braz
    Gabriel Braz


    • Gabriel Braz
      Gabriel Braz

      @Rob it made more sense when I wrote it

    • Rob


  • Neolithic Grandpa
    Neolithic Grandpa

    Forbidden orange drink mix

  • Keith Hernandez
    Keith Hernandez

    Forbidden macaroni powder

  • Frostwolf74

    Nile: "The dust it gives off is toxic to humans" also Nile: *shakes it violently*

  • Maureen Mendoza
    Maureen Mendoza

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  • Joseph P
    Joseph P

    You can also coat the glass in clear rubber to keep it from breaking and it might keep the radiation levels down.

  • Something idk
    Something idk

    8:59 the forbidden orange juice

  • Dracoon Beats
    Dracoon Beats

    11:30 the minus IQ here is unbelievable

  • Prabplayz

    If im in that video i going to run or block the radiation by useing Lead

  • Q Qube
    Q Qube

    Turn off the lights and see if you glow. LOL LOL LOL

  • One Word
    One Word

    To insulate the cooling glass, you should have used aero gel. But where could you get some of that?

  • Rolan Samonte
    Rolan Samonte

    21:42 the furnace sounds tho lol the holy glass

  • Colored Chess
    Colored Chess

    After working with uranium, Nile's going to get the CIA Excellence in Science Award in the back of the head

  • DommyDGreat


  • Simon

    12:26, I don't think the UV light can pass the glass, so perhaps the sodium diuranate is flourescent

  • Matthew Domenico
    Matthew Domenico

    8:55 The forbidden orange juice

  • E Van
    E Van

    Even regular uranium metal is only a little bit radioactive and safe to work with. It's dangerous if there is too much in one place like the demon core.

  • Yeeter Deleter
    Yeeter Deleter

    Btw depleted uranium is a common sight in tank rounds (which today look like metal arrows) all modern APFSDS(armour piercing fin stabilised discarding sabot the specific tank round for any tank to tank combat) have a depleted uranium core to make the round very tough and heavy thus with minimised drag through the armour and maximising inertia (with DU) you get max penetration So DU can still be used to make weapons and in some cases very strong (yet heavy) composite armour

  • Markus Aquarius
    Markus Aquarius

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    Tanner Stogner

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  • Freddy Fiddle
    Freddy Fiddle

    Ok don't show it but at least give me a text breakdown of how to refine the ore I'm never gonna achieve world domination otherwise

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    Erin The Great


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    Red Lady

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    4:56 when you are your bro go for a piss after eating heaps of salty chippies

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    Mr. Awesome Pants

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    Nassi Love

    And I thought 15 was a lot. The ones in our classroom only counted around 5

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