Hermitcraft SEASON 8 Day 1 RECAP!
Let's go through all the first videos uploaded on Hermitcraft season 8
New Hermits:
PearlescentMoon: uzmatch.info/it/qqyO3Gq6rdafnp0/video
GeminiTay: uzmatch.info/it/mNiRmni0rLKBt2o/video
Server seed: -7381235180058670651
0:00 - intro
2:16 - the whole thing
14:32 - you missed the whole thing!
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  • Lyarrah

    If you're unsure of a viewing order, I say start with the newbies and then follow the trail of bodies.

    • SaltyMia

      I’m only watching the people living in Mumbos town

    • doomies adam
      doomies adam

      Bdubs is the 🐐

    • Angelo_ Infinite
      Angelo_ Infinite


    • Nicolai Porter
      Nicolai Porter


    • Mysterious Moon
      Mysterious Moon

      Lyarrah! Nice to see you

  • sianexe

    hello long time Hermitcraft enjoyers! im extremely new to this, i started watching only Grian and Season 8, i know, its bad. But does anyone have Hermit recommendations? im finding it hard to watch even 5 of them right now since the Dream SMP is still extremely active, and im trying to tune into majority of the streams and lore of it all. thank you for reading, an extremely confused fellow Hermitcraft enjoyer :)

  • Ariana Korth
    Ariana Korth

    5:43 I see a chest burster

  • Andrew Tucker
    Andrew Tucker

    This is so effing helpful 👍

  • Milo Bean :p
    Milo Bean :p

    6:39 jevin no!

  • Markus Norstrøm
    Markus Norstrøm

    High time we got some new women into the mix. For far too long there has only been False, Cleo and Stress.

  • Klffsj

    I'm not sure how I feel about you spelling Ethoslab as "Ethos lab"...

  • CheesyDelphox

    I noticed that they used they/them pronouns for Xisuma. Can anyone elaborate on that?

  • justrodrigo

    I have never watched Hermitcraft, but I have heard a lot about it and wanted to watch it. I didn’t know where to start so I started with watching S8. I’m watching Grian, Gemini and Mumbo’s POV. So far I’ve been loving this series!

  • NagantHunt

    since season 3 i only watched mumbo, but i promised myself to start watching all hermits for s8, and now im doing that

  • Krazy Koala
    Krazy Koala

    you guys are freaking amazing. idk how you manage to do this each week without fail Mad respect :)

  • salted man
    salted man

    my only question is how the h- did you know i only watch grian and mumbo

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson

    Love the chapters

  • Giorgos-YT

    I just got information about hermits I've never watched

  • Sahilgid22


  • fred DaCarrot
    fred DaCarrot

    that vegan teacher when she sees that mumbo is now vegan

  • doggogam3r

    Editor: i must go my planet needs me Me a simpsons superfan: joehills died on the way to his home planet

  • qwertz

    "only watched grian and mumbo before this?" i feel attacked

  • Ampheon

    "Only watch Grian and Mumbo?" I got called out

  • TheCrazyPickle Vloging and gaming channel
    TheCrazyPickle Vloging and gaming channel


  • Brittany Foo
    Brittany Foo

    Thank you Zloy, now I can’t unsee the crescent as a snake

  • A Human
    A Human

    The cold open should have been Keralis saying “I was just rubbing my wood”

  • Lillian

    Bdoubles build is insane

  • Deku

    oh look, ximuavoid is narrating!

  • HelaLoki'sChild

    S7 i watched Mumbo and Grian primarily, sometimes tuned into Iskall's vids, and occasionally watched a Scar vid. This season Ive decided to branch into watching all 4 of those consistently, + Pearl and I might add Gem if I can keep up with all of them.

  • Maddox Xkipxky
    Maddox Xkipxky

    this is so great! I really wanted to watch all of the players but its just too time consuming. thank you for the vid!

  • TheFlingCat

    1:37 how did You know that??

  • Ondřej Doležal
    Ondřej Doležal

    1:36 how do you know ???

  • Noval Wahani
    Noval Wahani

    I really love the LadyBandit. Name of the year

  • Phantom Slayer
    Phantom Slayer

    I miss recaps

  • Commander Lack Gaming
    Commander Lack Gaming

    glad this exits, i only watch mumbo cause i want to find a way to gain his knowledge

  • Joel Johnson
    Joel Johnson

    cool vid , this is a comment

  • SaltyMia

    I sadly don’t have the time to watch every single one (I’ve decided to just watch the boat cult this season) so this is super helpful! Edit: Also watching GeminiTay cause she’s new

  • AquAssassin

    11:03 was misspelling Wels intentional or a mistake?

  • SirSuhr-Exotic

    Y’all are gonna save me. I’m going on deployment so I’m only gonna watch these and maybe a few from the hermits. Thank you guys!

  • GuNCh Bandit
    GuNCh Bandit

    Make your own content you moochers. I hope this channel gets copyright claimed.

  • Noone

    Boat Jenga 💀✋

  • Domen Hočevar
    Domen Hočevar

    when he said i only watch mumbo and grian he was right

  • amit ruth haiken
    amit ruth haiken

    Why you dont join hermitcrft?

  • Rowana Hedley
    Rowana Hedley

    I occasionally would watch one of Mumbo's redstone videos but i hadn't watched Hermitcraft until this season, and even though I technically hadn't really watched any of them I still felt called out at the "Only watched Grian and Mumbo Before?" Because, well, yes, and they were the ones I decided to start watching for Hermitcraft. But I do now watch the other Northern Hermit's videos and plan on watching some others!

  • WaeWae

    Thanks for existing you guys are making my life way easier Please someone do the same thing with grians new third life series PLEASE

  • Donut

    Imagine this as day one of the hunger games

  • TPIM

    Excitedly vlogging about how evil I am is my standard Wednesday night hobby.

  • Name Less
    Name Less

    “they deserve a warm welcome” 🥺🥺

  • Name Less
    Name Less

    woww i didnt know people take this series so seriously

  • Nic Valdivia
    Nic Valdivia

    I’m so happy Gemini is here, she’s such an amazing and adorable content creator and I think she’s going to bring a lot of calm and happiness to the server.

  • Joshua DeNoyer
    Joshua DeNoyer

    Yes, Gem is Great! This is fact

  • Zachary Purser
    Zachary Purser


  • Atticus Chan
    Atticus Chan

    When you realize that the music is royalty-free music from bensound.

  • Xar 94
    Xar 94

    Anyway, here's wonder wall

  • Henry G.
    Henry G.

    all the hermits mining budding amethyst causes me intense pain

  • Bastian Oberle
    Bastian Oberle

    "This should go without saying, but we'll say it anyways!"

  • Faris Latif
    Faris Latif

    Fresh video of season 8 👏

  • Dida a
    Dida a

    Took me a little bit but I can proudly say that I'm up to date with every single hermit

  • Gaming4Christ

    My Favorite Hermits: Mumbo, Grian, Xisuma, Iskall, Impulse, and Scar.

  • Cracked Oreo
    Cracked Oreo

    i used to only watch grian and only figured out hermitcraft was even a thing when he joined a bit before leaving evo. thanks to the base swap last season though i checked out some of zedaph's videos and now have the opportunity to watch his side of things with the new season

  • Aleksandar Gapkovski
    Aleksandar Gapkovski

    I don't get it, why Pixlriffs doesn't join hermitcraft?

  • George Wright mercer
    George Wright mercer

    id love to know how the hermit craft recruitment process goes

  • BlazenAsh

    "before he just turns it into a lamp" I love that-

  • Jacob Barker
    Jacob Barker

    The intro was from fallout new Vegas

  • ItsHobo965

    Last season my watches were scar, mumbo, grian, impulse, and Cubfan. This season I’m adding Keralis and Pearlescent to that roster!

  • Brittany Blizzard
    Brittany Blizzard


  • Boiled Egg Gaming
    Boiled Egg Gaming

    I would love to watch more hermits but I don't think I have time to watch more than 22 hermits combing with the recap, empires SMP and the hardcore survival guide

  • James

    Pearl and Tay are two of my favorite Minecraft builders, I'm so excited to see them in Hermitcraft!

  • SadAnt


  • Shadowkillr 20k
    Shadowkillr 20k

    im so happy to see that geminitay joined

  • Lucas Hagg
    Lucas Hagg

    I can tell Wonderwall is gonna be a fantastic running joke this entire season.

  • Borach McTeague
    Borach McTeague


  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    'reasons known only to himself' We all know Grian wants it to make a lamp.

  • Heïn Brits
    Heïn Brits

    Always enjoy these first recaps. Been here since end of season 5

  • One-eyed Pete
    One-eyed Pete

    5:41 - "I mean sure, but all I see is a sneik holding a stopwatch."

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay

      That guy who said it was rigged from the start is from fallout new vegas!!!!1!!!1!!!😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • HighPingLowIQ

    This season I’ve went from only watching Grian and Mumbo to also watching zombiecleo, Pearl, Gem, Keralis, Stress, Scar, Iskall, and Etho

  • Nikus Lourens
    Nikus Lourens

    I love this

  • Ad1th CPASR
    Ad1th CPASR

    Yay TFC shoutout! (Kinda)

  • knifola

    everyone else: *building starter homes, making things look nice* etho: *blows up cows with tnt and recruits beef for a raid*

  • One Click
    One Click

    The imported adapter intralysosomally try because ex-husband ontogenetically curve without a abortive handsaw. fine, crabby engineering

  • Nuttyknight 42
    Nuttyknight 42

    Thank you I almost forgot tinfoilchef watching his ep one right now.

  • Benjamin Sneyd-Utting
    Benjamin Sneyd-Utting

    peace, love and plann’ts

  • Definate Human
    Definate Human

    There are 3 skeleton farms near bases this season, bones wont be a problem for anyone

  • Joshua Blitzer
    Joshua Blitzer


  • Joshua Blitzer
    Joshua Blitzer

    I don’t have the time to watch all the Hermits


    Bubbles base reminds of that one boss in Slay the Spire the one super annoying one

  • Logan

    "Only watched Grian and Mumbo before this?" damn really called me out on the past two seasons Edit: actually wait no I watched Scar too Edit 2: no wait also Keralis

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiut

    cause everyone is there.)

  • Ann-young Maharaj
    Ann-young Maharaj

    I only watch Grain

    • Kian22

      @Ann-young Maharaj who is this grain?

    • Ann-young Maharaj
      Ann-young Maharaj


  • Snails TheDepressed
    Snails TheDepressed


    • niddg viiut
      niddg viiut

      Oh god another egg...

  • Toxic Oreo
    Toxic Oreo

    That guy who said it was rigged from the start is from fallout new vegas!!!!1!!!1!!!😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Edgar House
    Edgar House

    Im just happy that all the popular SMP doesnt have a crazy weirdass fanbase... i just escaped you-know-which-one and this fandom is so chill it makes me very happy.

  • Matthew Wehnert
    Matthew Wehnert

    We need a hero! Poultry Man flying in through the sky

  • Ares Xena
    Ares Xena

    Can't be bothered to go through every channel and follow the 'Hermits', so this channel is a wonderful summarization!

  • William Benz
    William Benz

    So who wants to take bets on what war is going to happen in this season? Edit: I think someone's going to steal the dragon egg causing something.

  • Brendan Callaghan
    Brendan Callaghan

    The truth is the game was rigged from the start

  • Lokear

    I feel personally attacked. I did indeed only watch Grian and Mumbo (and the occasional Scar) HC videos before now.

  • GoldenElemintz

    I forgot this existed

  • DarthRaider

    Made by gamers for gamers - Razer

  • Alex Ansel
    Alex Ansel

    When you said cottage core, I immediately thought of cottage core lesbians

  • Din Mamma
    Din Mamma

    12:47 🇩🇪

  • supermegamine

    What about xisumavoid?

  • Diamond HeartLv
    Diamond HeartLv

    I love how everyones gone a lil crazy this season. Not in a bad way just a lot more chaos and fun. Makes me believe that there might be a war again maybe >:D

  • Ultralord Fun
    Ultralord Fun

    Fghj kk