The Story of Batman The Animated Series | The Heart of Batman
When animators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm were tasked with creating an animated cartoon, no one knew whether the team would be able to reinvent the character away from his campy television roots. But what came out of their collaboration was "Batman: The Animated Series", an award-winning new chapter in the story of the Caped Crusader. Explore the complex, nuanced world and exceptional characters created by the designers, composers, and directors of this groundbreaking series.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick Wentzell

    The reason Batman animated series is so awesome and fun is because of actors that make these characters very believable they are for real. I feel that Kevin Conroy along with Mark Hamil and Tara Strong make it so much fun always I have the complete series on a collection set. I also enjoy the games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City these two games went much darker than what fans many were use to. In that movie Gremlins Two The New Batch this one flying with wings crashed through glass leaving behind the famous signal shape. and of course another one paints the Warner Brothers logo on his own kind then you've got that female Gremlin looking a lot like Madonna. when Gizmo finally gets rid of them one Gremlin is dramatizing like the wicked witch as he starts to melt away from lightning zapping all around. " I'm melting I'm melting oh... what a world what a world." Family Guy poked fun at the way Hanna Barbara cartoon were during that time another funny thing is Tiny Toons animated funny. the episode that sent a message to lots of young people and it's the episode One Beer I thought it was extremely hilarious makes me laugh. Batman forever well said and titled shout out to Tara Strong another to my hero Gal Gadot beautiful. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Tarvares Melton
    Tarvares Melton

    Latenight snacks & the animated series🏆

  • Lamar Brown
    Lamar Brown

    Old tv shows return on online

  • Hels Phoenix
    Hels Phoenix

    Thank you, to everyone who made this show possible.

  • Another Syouz
    Another Syouz

    You watch this Masterpiece and then you watch Im not Starfire and you weep for the fate of DC :(, i grow up watching Batman Animated Superman/ Justice League they are a special part of my Life



  • Wicked gym dudes
    Wicked gym dudes

    Man the music is soo good

  • alister wildman
    alister wildman

    Animation is always undervalued in the West. This was one of the first shows to go as dark as Akira from a western studio, opening up the whole genre to a different audience



  • magnetizam86

    45:30 track name?

  • cloudtx

    What a show and what a great documentary! I remember being glued to my TV as a kid when watching this show. It's definitely one of the all-time best western animated shows I've ever seen right along with Batman Beyond and Superman TAS which were amazing as well.

  • DoodyDraws

    will always be my fav art style for DC characters

  • Blaise Tighe
    Blaise Tighe

    Gene should be the president of all of DC and WB. She understood the characters, and left the creative process to the creator’s. Not ad executives that don’t understand their demographics. This was probably the best era of WB and DC animation.

  • Curtis Carpenter
    Curtis Carpenter

    Good documentary I think the background electronic music perfectly adds language to events.🎯 See no evil is the best episode I think I saw.🤯🧠🎐

  • a person
    a person

    Someone re-edited this documentary and put in hype music lol

  • Yetti

    I remember old tom and jerry, bats and knives and unmolested violence..wholesome stuff

  • Knot the End. (Crochet)
    Knot the End. (Crochet)

    This was the very best animated series. Loved it from the first moment it aired. It made the character seem almost real.❤

  • frankballs999

    because im batman

  • Storbang

    I’ve never watched this show but this is an incredible story of how it all came together. May have to get my hands on it for a good ol fashioned binge 😃

  • Grant Jackson
    Grant Jackson

    why such dramatic soundtrack throuout the whole episode lol

  • Peter Maclean
    Peter Maclean

    These gen xer artists are moody af

  • Drake Ryden
    Drake Ryden

    Two-Face made me love this show and still do!

  • Noland55

    These are the people who should run the DC movie franchise.

  • Ken Johnson
    Ken Johnson

    He made the bad side black and the good side white. And he doesn't even see an issue at all with that.

    • cloudtx

      That kind of Light vs Dark aesthetic has been done for decades if not centuries. It's a cornerstone of storytelling by this point. You're entitled to your own reaction to it but recognize that you're bringing something that wasn't in the creator's mind when he made it.

  • trolly trujiyo
    trolly trujiyo

    dint x-men animated series come out before batman's, they had violence soo what was the big deal?

  • Annette Ayres
    Annette Ayres

    I like cartoon of Batman I like new seasons of the cartoon of Batman thank you 😊

  • rodolfo puente jrrodolfo
    rodolfo puente jrrodolfo

    It was the best and Batman Beyound 👍👍

  • Luis Galvez
    Luis Galvez

    This show was my childhood. I still love it til this day.

  • Optofix

    I used to tape every episode because this show was very special to me. It stayed in my head for years afterwards. Heart of Ice especially. Thankyou for the series and this BTS.

  • Fugettaboutit

    An outstanding and timeless achievement, and part of the last of Western hand-drawn animated programming.

  • TL Corbett
    TL Corbett

    The problem with DC movies is they're not made by fans. It should be required that anyone making a Batman movie has to watch [Batman 89, Batman Returns, The Best Episodes of the Animated Series, Mask of the Phantasm, Sub Zero, The Batman Superman Movie (World's Finest), The Nolan Trilogy (Or in the Vary Least Dark Night), Joker 2019).] They also have to read [Batman year one, The Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, ETC (Basically the comics that define the best of Batman)] Once someone has read/seen all of this and understands the caracter and world of Batman they can make a movie/ Show.

  • TL Corbett
    TL Corbett

    Literally DC could remaster the Animated Series and aired it today. They would basically be printing money.

  • TL Corbett
    TL Corbett

    There are only 4 Batman. Adam West (66), Michael Keaton (Classic Batman), Kevin Conroy (Definitive Batman), Christine Bale (Modern)

  • TL Corbett
    TL Corbett

    There are only 4 Jokers. Jack Nicholson (Classic Live Action) , Mark Hamill (Animated), Heath Ledger (Near Perfect Live Action), and Joaquin Phoenix (Modern Live Action).

  • TL Corbett
    TL Corbett

    There are people born for roles. Mark Hamill was born to be Joker, Kevin Conroy was born to be Batman, Hugh Jackman was born to be WOLVERINE, Patrick Stewart was born to be Professor X, and RDJ Was born to be Iron-man.

  • Paul Polpiboon
    Paul Polpiboon


  • Fisher Theadore
    Fisher Theadore

    8:47 Make it goofy, make it wacky, make it zaney. In 2021 Congress got their Wish went it came to Destroying action cartoons.

  • Fisher Theadore
    Fisher Theadore

    The definitive Action Animation Drama.

  • Jose Guevara
    Jose Guevara

    And now Bruce W. Timm with the United Talents of J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves the director of the Upcoming The Batman Movie, are bringing a new Creation from Warner Bros. Animation and Coming to HBO Max and Cartoon Network, Batman: Caped Crusader.

  • Soullumi

    Thank you for filling my childhood with so many beautiful memories.

  • 1938Superman

    1:08:30 The most important description of the character of Batman ever. EVERYONE who writes, directs, or plays this character NEEDS to understand this. Unfortunately, few have to this point.

  • Darren Herbert
    Darren Herbert

    Whoever did the sound mixing for the original video needs to sort themselves out. Awful.

  • Mike Zharov
    Mike Zharov

    Song at 34:19? Amaizing video, really shows the quality of work that went into this

  • Pete Esposito
    Pete Esposito

    some of the music is from brigador

  • TheMad Sk8er
    TheMad Sk8er

    I loved Biskitts.

  • AgeDrain

    This is how I feel about the industry in this time. Everything is getting hard to watch because their seems to be a quota of woke things that always gets put in.

  • Ric Flair
    Ric Flair

    Lightning in a bottle

  • animalchandler

    Batman: TAS, X-Men:TAS and Spider-man: TAS were the three shows that defined my love of superheroes during the 90's. It was a great time to be a superhero fan.

  • toxman99

    For me, BTAS and Justice League Unlimited were the pinnacle of superhero cartoons.

  • Declan Lawford-Wickham
    Declan Lawford-Wickham

    The resonant disadvantage proximately bare because bread apically confuse via a idiotic session. wonderful, brief menu

  • Crill Creates Classic Chaos
    Crill Creates Classic Chaos

    One of the most influential and definitive animated series ever made. Definitely in the top 3 animated series of all time

  • Nesty

    since i was a kid i used to lay or sit on the floor and watch w/e show was my fav still on my 20s i did that while watchin batman tas,loved the title cards and the episodes that felt special like very diferent than the others ,mostly the emotional ones and in the of it i had to take my time and sigh before gettin up

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    Kevin Conroy IS Batman!!! I'm so happy that the Games (the Arkham series) kept him as the voice, as for me, there's no one else who sounds "right".

  • Due Decimal
    Due Decimal

    look how the producers used to make Batman to remain having 1 identity and personality. Batman now: 1 personality in comic, 1 cheap looking version on The CW, Battinson, Batfleck, a clown in Lego movies, i think i saw another one they slapped into Batwoman to save the show, what else are there i have not seen?

  • eastern2western

    I personally think that animated series is better than any of the live action movies.

  • Jackson Kim
    Jackson Kim


  • Peter Lane
    Peter Lane

    Okay, you ain't fitting to hate on Duck Tales around me, lol. Batman is a masterpiece though.

  • Gjergj Aurelius
    Gjergj Aurelius

    Honestly this show was waaaaay too mature for me when it 1st came out. I didn't like batman until yrs later.

  • Candi the Great
    Candi the Great

    I loved this show so much as a child and still do as an adult. I will stop if this show is ever on tv, discussions, or clips.

  • Mac Tex flex capacitor
    Mac Tex flex capacitor

    I still watch it regularly. It's just so, so, so good!!!

  • Gananathan 6382
    Gananathan 6382

    Eagarly waiting justice league next movie

  • SpotOnArm

    The music in this documentary, a lot of it was not in the series; but this music was very impactful and resonated with my psyche. Art it art! Music is music!

  • Manwolf

    I followed this series as addictively as I did with Dragon Ball, and I watched this right after the "Dark Knight Doc." and Chris Nolan happened to be able to get to define his own Batman he had planned for a while but with total creative control or it wouldnt work. Either coincidence or someone that also knew all the facets to define "The" Batman for preset times.

  • Manuel Ramos
    Manuel Ramos

    Not just one of the greatest Cartoons ever one of T.V.'s greatest shows, an absolute Masterpiece. 🦇🦇🦇🦇

  • 3dartistguy

    Batman was a silly, juvenile comic book way before the tv series.

  • Darma Kisson
    Darma Kisson

    We need a new batman tas and a dark one

  • Mostly Penny Cat
    Mostly Penny Cat

    Saturday morning on ITV It was the soundtrack that keyed me to it being something different, something special. It was more real than everything else. Obviously with no BS&P here in the UK our fayre was very different but even though we had a lot more "non-zany" content here batman still stood out as something special.

  • Jamie Honeycutt
    Jamie Honeycutt

    Hey DC, the music is almost louder than the voices. Makes it a tough to hear them talk.

  • Tim Fernandez
    Tim Fernandez

    DC just sucks now.

  • Notso_super mario
    Notso_super mario

    How did it come to this, when it started with that...

  • bjbell52

    Batman, the Animated Series was FANTASTIC! I will add on thing - much was borrowed from Doc Savage.

  • Gonzo York
    Gonzo York

    This should have millions of views.

  • palmshoot

    Someone really needs to do a documentary on the accomplishments of the self-taught. I know I'd watch.

  • Donuts

    Ironic how this contrast with all the progressive, unauthentic garbage Marvel and DC pump out. No, is not when you shrink your heroes to fight insects when you know you are desperate for stories, it is when your heroes are reduced to their sexual preference, pronouns and skin color when you truly know there is no creativity whatsoever.

  • Tim Reyes
    Tim Reyes

    Let’s not forget Bill Finger !

  • Daniel Kazmer
    Daniel Kazmer

    No mention of Clay Face, the best story arc in the series?

  • RobertBobby PelletreauJr
    RobertBobby PelletreauJr

    "Batman the Animated Series" was awesome and "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" was the best Batman animated movie.

  • kingpin 3
    kingpin 3

    It was and still is one of the best animated shows ever and thats because it didn't treat kids like idiots like alot of shows today do, teen titans go for example

  • bbernard1981

    I'm sorry but as an Xmen fan this show was superior.

  • eric hakim
    eric hakim

    Definitely not a kids show

  • Phoenix 03
    Phoenix 03

    I found the Blu-Ray full series on Amazon one night... Bought the Blu-Ray full series on Amazon that night... binge-watched the whole series three nights later... re-living my childhood : Priceless.

  • David Geldner
    David Geldner

    I also grew up loving Tiny Toons btw and never knew what made it so good until now. It’s the team.

  • Margarita Hernandez
    Margarita Hernandez



    The explanation about the psyche of Batman/Bruce conveyed by Kevin Conroy at 1:08:27... BRILLIANT. No wonder he will always be THE VOICE OF THE BATMAN.

  • Computer Analyst
    Computer Analyst

    The best animated series ever created in the history. Batman is the best crime fighter.

  • Progressive Libertarian Viewer
    Progressive Libertarian Viewer

    The opening was captivating

  • tim r
    tim r

    omfg the music is so loud

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo

    I watched this show every afternoon, in the early 90s , after school. I still love this show. It holds up and I think it always will ...

  • William Cox
    William Cox

    The word you struggle so hard to find is "Psychodrama". Motivations, backstories, a raison. You might need to be a child of the '60s to get it.

  • zerocool

    Watched in the 90s as a kid. Watched again as an adult. This show aged like fine wine.

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller

    Its an incredible show. The best of Batman.

  • Jen Kaad
    Jen Kaad

    I truly believe that the animated series is the best rendition of Batman to date. I love the series as a teen, and love it even better as an adult.

  • Damaddok82

    One of my favorite animated series of all time.

  • Joseph Biondi
    Joseph Biondi

    This show ruled as a child, it rules even more as an adult.


    “Batman: The Animated Series” is truly one of the greatest animated shows that have ever made. I still see myself as a first grader when I first was introduced to Batman, seeing the animated series was such an unforgettable experience. The show’s art style is absolutely fantastic, the voice work sounds so real, and the tone is beyond mature. The people who made the animated series were truly an ambitious crew, and their efforts really made the animated series as iconic as we all know it to be; while proving that future animators can be just as successful in this industry!

  • Joseph Christian Roldan
    Joseph Christian Roldan

    The best cartoon Batman ever!

  • Leamen Cone
    Leamen Cone

    I’m autistic and Batman was my first big special interest and this show was probably the biggest influence with that. It’s stuck with me for so long.

  • Moc Ka
    Moc Ka

    This right here, made me into the DC fan I am today. Every episodes are amazing

  • Uchral Chonos
    Uchral Chonos

    Who downvotes these??

  • MUI Clausi
    MUI Clausi

    i loved this tv show and i think afleks batman has a touch of it

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