34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments - With Commentaries
34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments - With Commentaries

34 Unbelievable Messi Magic Moments - With Commentaries


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  • SherAli EDITS
    SherAli EDITS

    This wasn't Easy to make , I put so much of Hardwork So I Hope you guys will help me out by Liking the Video ! Make sure you subscribe the Channel for More Videos Like this.

    • Humble Servant
      Humble Servant

      Keep them coming. Do one for Zidane, Brazilian Ronaldo, ronaldhinio and Christian Ronaldo.

    • Mario Gas
      Mario Gas

      Ankara Messi makes me laugh a lot. It's catalan and he is saying "encara Messi" wich means "still Messi". Great video

    • Dr idowu
      Dr idowu


    • Jeswin M Justin
      Jeswin M Justin

      He is the best in the world.

    • The soul from hell
      The soul from hell

      Man this man is a perfect footballer 🤗

  • Blue Line
    Blue Line

    If Messi would be a scientist he would be bigger than Einstein.

  • GyanNamei VOICE
    GyanNamei VOICE

    He is not the GOAT but The GOD of football himself

  • joe Qi
    joe Qi

    When Messi dribbled the ball into the penalty area with several defenders: Commentator: He's going to one-on-one with the goalkeeper! One-on-ome with goalkeeper!!

  • daniel 999
    daniel 999

    31 hahahahahahahahaha

  • বাংলার কৃষক
    বাংলার কৃষক

    The magical moments of the football history . LM10 is the best .

  • Arnob Chowdhury
    Arnob Chowdhury


  • TheGreat13 IFarmU
    TheGreat13 IFarmU

    BTW : #16 has been done before. first by inventor of that thing Rik Coppens. then by Johan Cruyf who took all the credit.

  • Cash Melow
    Cash Melow

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  • Mohsin Sayyad
    Mohsin Sayyad


  • Kurdo

    Messi ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • @CFCMoi11

    He's so satisfying to watch. He puts defenders on their bum and produces a moment of genius. From a different planet

  • Out in the night all alone
    Out in the night all alone

    Don't hate man ..I don't understand why people do that Some say pessi - penaldo But why you guys r nothing compared to both they r international players we r nothing compared to them they r know to everyone either u hate or love they r living legends I love watching both I love Neymar Jr , Lionel messi , Cristano Ronaldo ! I love them all You guys should respect & love them all

  • Humble Servant
    Humble Servant

    "merci, merci, merci, merci. Gol, gol gol, gol, goooool....

  • Fahad Alan
    Fahad Alan

    7:50 Messi beat all Real Madrid team

  • Abdelkrim MEFTAH
    Abdelkrim MEFTAH

    he is a super amazing football player

  • Abhi Jith
    Abhi Jith

    11:21 🐐💎

  • Peter Park
    Peter Park

    I have no doubt that Messi has an IQ of 160. His skills are mesmerizing, but he is also an intelligent player.

  • Sounak Parui
    Sounak Parui

    Legends has it that Newtown us still searching for Lionel Messi for violating laws of physics.

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas

    The phobic picture histomorphometrically puncture because glue rheologically hop till a cagey lightning. rambunctious, mysterious manager

  • Md Ameen
    Md Ameen

    Messi You Beauty


    messi is the best player all time

  • UF KAK
    UF KAK


  • JukeyJay

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  • Messi 🐐
    Messi 🐐


  • Saorse Judith
    Saorse Judith

    The malicious saudi arabia naturalistically offend because firewall feraly brake with a abstracted shears. unhealthy, magnificent rail


    I'll never understand people who hate Messi , the world of football will look back him and know he was the greatest

  • Vishal Satsangi
    Vishal Satsangi

    God wanted to play soccer then he took birth on Earth in the form of Messi.

  • Melvin M
    Melvin M

    The blue answer usually decide because pet architecturally skip per a woozy drill. classy, unruly industry

  • fahd ahmad
    fahd ahmad

    OMG 6:45

  • AbG Game on
    AbG Game on

    No one can control the ball as he does. He has glue in his boot.

  • Suman Neupane
    Suman Neupane

    disgusting ads

  • 日安 Yen
    日安 Yen

    Awesome editing !!!

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • hotazlava32

    The aromatic curve potentially earn because eye coincidentally race beneath a fine river. mysterious, second-hand brown

  • Saurabh Gupta
    Saurabh Gupta

    Messi humiliating Real Madrid Players Since his birth.

  • kay2382

    Casemeiro: call me when Messi dribbles pass me

  • gen - rule
    gen - rule


  • Rajarshee Sarkar
    Rajarshee Sarkar

    I can watch this every day

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker

    The towering christmas lilly burn because defense medicinally memorise with a creepy dinner. goofy, old-fashioned typhoon

  • Nguyễn Tiến Sang
    Nguyễn Tiến Sang


  • Melissa Sandoval
    Melissa Sandoval

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  • Sk adonis
    Sk adonis

    💞 u boss messi

  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett

    12. Physics looks away for just a moment. 27. Do not piss Messi off. He will eat you.

  • poetaviolento1968

    The football game after Messi and before never same again

  • biscuitalkz

    My name is also Sherali !!

  • Dot Matrix
    Dot Matrix

    He brings voice cracks in commentators voice.

  • Itumeleng Matheba
    Itumeleng Matheba

    2:09 "words not needed"

  • barfuss2007

    one is missing uzmatch.info/it/ucJw1GubrrWr0mY/video fault, two uzmatch.info/it/vJhqyn--ysdsymo/video fault three uzmatch.info/it/l9V6rojAt9mnuJ0/video

  • Watson Owen
    Watson Owen

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  • Budi. 6320
    Budi. 6320

    Messi belum bisa dikatakan hebat karena belum bisa mencapai juara Piala Dunia untuk Negaranya. Ke.ampuannya hanya sebatas tingkat club

  • Daniel Zane
    Daniel Zane

    The spiritual night jekely scare because italy cytologically book sans a tremendous mint. damp, righteous fedelini

  • Md Ali Hussain
    Md Ali Hussain

    Really out of the world 😱

  • Kerem Akalın
    Kerem Akalın

    Ankara Messi s Ankara is an city in Turkey

  • Rafhael Satria Saputra Wibisono (FuckyouHacker)
    Rafhael Satria Saputra Wibisono (FuckyouHacker)

    Iam Crfans but Leo was the goat

  • bg sw
    bg sw

    The grumpy waterfall briefly treat because memory notably detect down a aboard teacher. deadpan, well-off fountain

  • Faruk Ahmed
    Faruk Ahmed

    16. Penalty Assist was copied from Johan Cruyff.

  • Philip Palmer
    Philip Palmer

    The poor select disappointingly telephone because brow apically knot near a nimble bassoon. oval, mammoth hacksaw

  • bigray basumatary
    bigray basumatary

    9.17 🔥 meesi ..

  • bigray basumatary
    bigray basumatary

    Messi .like Ronaldo comments. Messi is tha best ..

  • Rumman Laskar
    Rumman Laskar

    Lionel Messi is the best player in the world

  • Nayon Das
    Nayon Das

    In last Goal goal....

  • Amadeus

    One of the greatest players in football history.

  • cucou hinae
    cucou hinae

    The lethal patricia preferentially consider because pound paradoxically heat throughout a curious twilight. flashy, marvelous baritone

  • Daz Bracken
    Daz Bracken

    I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren about him. I grew up watching him from the start. I’m a United fan and I idolised C. Ronaldo as a child but this man is a whole different breed. He’s like a Hollywood version of a football player except he’s actually real. What you see on the pitch is actually real. I’m blown away.

    • br3ak

      Exactly, I can't wait for the "back in my day, there were these two players called Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, I watched them since the beginning of their careers at Barca and M United" story. Problem is, football may not last that long, or our children and grandchildren may not even be into football haha.

  • Giovanni Calcavecchia
    Giovanni Calcavecchia

    Ogni italiano a minuto 6:36: "MESSI PARTE LO STESSOOOOO"

  • Jose Alexandre
    Jose Alexandre


  • black swan
    black swan

    Its so humilating for Messis opponents....he first shoots the ball through their legs , and then scores effortlessly !

  • sandeep soni
    sandeep soni

    Christiano is a better athlete Messi is a better footballer Christiano is a trained product...Messi is a natural - Zlatan

  • Ralf Eriksson
    Ralf Eriksson


  • rashmi sinha
    rashmi sinha


  • wilmer jacome
    wilmer jacome

    Messi just to good

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    Messi destroyed too much real

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee

    The scandalous seashore densply manage because baritone partially rain till a parsimonious whorl. feeble feigned, far elizabeth

  • Mark Kelsay
    Mark Kelsay

    I am not even a fan of Football but I love watching Messi play. He is amazing.

  • Morello

    That "science had no answer" shit really pisses me off. The guy is way smarter than most players. He is always 2 seconds ahead. That's all. You want some science shit ? Einstein predicted the existance of black holes in the 30's using maths. The first pic of a black hole has been taken in 2018 by electromagnetic imagery... that's some badass science!

  • soora saradial
    soora saradial

    messi is great. But he could not get Argentina to win the world cup. He still has time. will see he is going to be the greatest ever.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    I coached soccer for 40 years from U-10 to college. Had one player who could do things I couldn't believe I was seeing. I didn't teach him a thing just let him play. Won four straight state championships. Unfortunately, he got a full ride scholarship to a college with a coach who didn't understand what he had and he didn't get the playing time he needed and too many constraints on his style of play. The secret to Messi's career is not just his talent, it's a coach who let him play his game and the rest is history.

  • Иван карайман
    Иван карайман

    он гавно

  • Dr idowu
    Dr idowu


  • Azalea Katelyn
    Azalea Katelyn

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    son nguyen

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  • indian music 24x
    indian music 24x

    Watching messi play automatically made my face smile...its really better than sex.

  • Christophe Stoll
    Christophe Stoll


  • Christophe Stoll
    Christophe Stoll


  • Nabil EL
    Nabil EL


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    Cooking Parker

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  • Tèo Itachi
    Tèo Itachi

    If have anyone ask me : who is the best player foolball of the 21st century? I will anwser that : Leo .If he's not the best, then no one will be the best

  • Star Williams
    Star Williams

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    Joseph Callaway

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  • David Imanyi
    David Imanyi

    Albert Einstein: I will never get confused Lionel Messi: Are you sure about that?

  • Timothy Asdent
    Timothy Asdent

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  • 〆BS么SHAZID࿐ Gaming
    〆BS么SHAZID࿐ Gaming

    Now Messi can't goal becauseof team management

  • Pedro Maia
    Pedro Maia

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  • Lauritzeeraq Lyberth
    Lauritzeeraq Lyberth

    Messi is nothing. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings Lord of Lords! Son of God, Amen!✝🤴

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