Game Theory: Dear Fall Guys, I Fixed Your Game!
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Fall Guys is a game that can make me RAGE like no other! Seriously, for a game with so much potential, I feel like there is a way for the creators of the game to make it SO MUCH better! With the help of you Loyal Theorists who took part in my Fall Guys survey, I was able to come up with a plan to FIX Fall Guys! From seeing what mini-games you all love and hate most, to seeing how your preferences can SHAPE the game itself - together we can ALL make Fall Guys better!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • zpraytor

    Can you start a theory about Roblox and some of the games

  • zpraytor

    Can you start doing series about Roblox and some of the games

  • Randomy Random
    Randomy Random

    hexagons are the bestagons

  • Savage Mudkip
    Savage Mudkip

    11:58 at the final door the good one is shorter then the rest

  • Kris TCS
    Kris TCS

    Do a theory about walten files......again if not donate 40 dollars to who subed

  • Carlos Roberto Zambrano Barba
    Carlos Roberto Zambrano Barba

    I hope That they Made a Bean mat as a skin lol

  • That_bois_edits

    Idea: Have casual and Competitive modes. Where certain games like door dash, and other luck based games are more likely to happen, and Competitive mode where more skill based games like hexa-gone are more likely to happen?

  • Chase Wilson
    Chase Wilson

    What 47 countries

  • Joey M
    Joey M

    Sooo where are those other fall guys videos

  • Miles Johnson
    Miles Johnson

    I actually like tail games! (Yes, I'm a very experienced and competitive player. Sue me.)

  • Isabella Michel
    Isabella Michel

    this just helped me understand more of einstein's theory of relativity

  • Wranderous

    2:03 Unsubscribed. Liberal garbage.

    • Autistic Angel
      Autistic Angel

      My guy MatPat does more work than you've ever done

    • Autistic Angel
      Autistic Angel

      @AngelicCinnamonBun LoL that guy is mad because of a survey

    • AngelicCinnamonBun

      Bye, snowflake. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Jerome Williams
    Jerome Williams

    J....none of your business

  • Carlffler Aziz
    Carlffler Aziz


  • Colin K
    Colin K

    Well it is dead now so it doesn’t matter

    • Colin K
      Colin K

      @Autistic Angel I love his videos too. I'm just saying that fall guys died so his survey amounted to nothing.

    • Autistic Angel
      Autistic Angel

      I mean I just watch cause why not game theorys are still cool no matter the game

  • camren clark
    camren clark

    tell me another survey i do it 50 times ;)

  • Micah Birdlover (Micah birdlover)
    Micah Birdlover (Micah birdlover)

    nice intro 👍

  • John Hutton
    John Hutton

    I think that fall guy is among us alimpex


    "because the future of Fall Guys is dependent from..." *sees Fall Guys getting violently stabbed by Among Us*

  • Pamela Angela
    Pamela Angela

    The wealthy tree distinctively boast because gore-tex phylogenitically squeeze as a stingy japanese. scientific, snobbish gearshift

  • Karen Crume
    Karen Crume

    Good God! Blood shed and deme gods. NO THANK YOU

  • Giles Colon
    Giles Colon

    The null toad behaviourally lock because correspondent commonly succeed since a grandiose bomb. hurt, hilarious entrance

  • TheNinthGeneration

    I got a Nisan commercial

  • Aayan K
    Aayan K

    Matpat *says car* ad *GieKo cAr InSurAncE

  • Warpz The Beta Enderman
    Warpz The Beta Enderman

    Everyone hates on the tail games but I love them

  • Microcraft

    CGP Grey is proud "Hexagon the Bestagon"

  • -=$5 Ketchup=-
    -=$5 Ketchup=-

    Gravity boys. that is stupid

  • Benito Luis
    Benito Luis

    The spooky map conjecturally manage because elbow qualitatively hunt as a plant wallet. defiant, purple promotion

  • A kid’s Discoveries
    A kid’s Discoveries

    Matpat can you do an episode in fall guys again because i wanna know how fast,smart,sporty fall guy avatar is and is the game just trying to troll us

  • Rachna Kumar
    Rachna Kumar

    Fall guys who

  • CyberBlow Crasher2
    CyberBlow Crasher2

    Me who plays roblox: ……………..

  • Fanarts

    Im deffenetly an Autonomy player

  • Societal Rogue
    Societal Rogue

    6:02 hahaha I am here

  • G L
    G L

    I guess hexagons really are the bestagons

  • Jonathan dream land
    Jonathan dream land

    pore fall guy matt pat

  • Leetle Toady
    Leetle Toady

    Hex-a-gone is just tnt run

    • Leetle Toady
      Leetle Toady

      But better cuz the third person controls are better than Minecraft's

  • BiSkUt GrIl MiC fArTs A lOt
    BiSkUt GrIl MiC fArTs A lOt

    you atualy look for the smallest door. for door dash.

  • Bors Farago
    Bors Farago

    i think guys has transformed into including women

    • Autistic Angel
      Autistic Angel

      Nah it's always been like that

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab


  • Albino Fernandes
    Albino Fernandes

    earlier we can definitely take out a giant Hedgehog 6 years later curse you Sonic

  • Da Galaxy Dolphin
    Da Galaxy Dolphin

    🇨🇦 canada

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    Remember when fall guys was good

  • Toughen Yourself Up (Josiah Prindler)
    Toughen Yourself Up (Josiah Prindler)

    "Guys" is a catch-all term for boys and girls as often as not. Nobody sane is offended by that. Don't make yourself an idiot MatPat.

    • AngelicCinnamonBun

      It was clearly a joke. Don't make yourself an idiot.

  • ⸮Søphie?

    6:02 . . . MatPat is known for collecting data now.

  • EVE

    with 200,000 peoples. The researchers will be crying even with a considerable amount of error margin. And mediatonic might be crying to know something like this without doing anything like genshin.

  • Zoey Beck
    Zoey Beck

    god I love that in the survey if you look you can see a non binary option :D

  • Hesham Hero
    Hesham Hero

    00:06 remembers me a scene from kung fu panda

  • powerlantz Lantz
    powerlantz Lantz

    also i come from the future: fall guys is less popular than a mobile game

  • powerlantz Lantz
    powerlantz Lantz

    people in the back ground i serve the soviet union (me a candain bro you can be what evs because we don't care)

  • Ol12 Gaming
    Ol12 Gaming

    Hexagon run more like TNT run in hypixel LOL

  • melainakissgames

    Ironic, since a lot of people like the new Squads mode. OMG, the survey for this video led me to buy Fall Guys in the first place so I could come back to the survey. And now I'm a HUGE fan of Fall Guys so thanks Game Theory! Lastly, yeah, Door Dash is my favorite to this day.

  • ftdgfg fvfbcxc
    ftdgfg fvfbcxc

    just a theory for you matt, maybe the bean people were like experiments and test subjects, like saw but with more beans and less murder (Edit: I actually didn't have any information so it may not be true)

  • Jarrod Lederer
    Jarrod Lederer

    I love it

  • LunarKitten

    I hate hex a gone. I am always one of the first to die despite being very good at platforming games. I do hate tail tag too because people can take my tail away from far away and i cant seem to take tails at all no matter how long i hold on to someone with a tail. When it comes to these two games i know i am am doomed. My favorite games are the race to the finish ones, and the one where you have to stay on the platform, jump club being my most favorite. And yes it the team games are frusterating because having to cooperate with other people who clearly dont get the concept.(having my own team mates stealing my tail in tail tag for example) see saw can be frusterating too but its not as bad as the team games. The only race to the finish game i struggle with is fruit chute because i am unlucky at that one. I think what fall guys really needs is a training mode where you can play whatever game you want to try to get bettter at. Its harder to get better at something when you cant keep trying at it when you want and leaving it up to random chance that you can play it

  • Hi People
    Hi People

    I doubt this is a particularly big portion of players, but I wonder if a section of those who voted hexagon as their favorite are Skyblock players. It’s so similar to TNT Run or even Spleef to an extent, and minecraft UZmatch blew up with Fall Guys content for a while, maybe spurring a chunk of the community to try it. I wonder if they added ‘regularly play Minecraft’ and even more specifically “is on the Hypixel server” what the numbers would say.

  • Happy88co

    What I love tail tag

  • Ace furry
    Ace furry

    out of the 200 something countries, mat pat chose Latvia. MY CONRTY!!

  • Jazmin Mendez
    Jazmin Mendez

    Well Matpat you guessed it it's coming to the switch thank you for giving Nintendo there idea.

  • ahmed haider
    ahmed haider

    When i was watching the video literally a add of fall guys came up

  • JB Cho
    JB Cho

    As you all know hexagons are the bestangons

  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon

    its stail

  • Astra Nominated
    Astra Nominated

    There is a game my teacher has us play. And a mechanic of that game is that you can swap points with others. It's like tail tag. All your skill, all your points, they will not matter. It all boils down to who can nab the win at the last second.

  • The Gaming Destroyer
    The Gaming Destroyer

    R.I.P fall guys died to fast

  • Zelan Blakeslee
    Zelan Blakeslee

    dude really SONIC

  • •°m o o s h r o o m°•
    •°m o o s h r o o m°•

    Matt: Fall PEOPLE Also Matt: anyways all you GUYS

  • Fishylax15

    Infested each and every slot of your suggestion- *shows 25 LUCKIEST Fortnite Moments*

  • Margaux Culerier
    Margaux Culerier

    The thoughtless brick probably regret because coal bioinformatically trick barring a squealing layer. fallacious, witty nurse

  • Kristīne Zemture
    Kristīne Zemture

    Im from Latvija

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore

    Fall Guys: Exists and is really popular. Among Us: helo

  • loeliepoe Gamer
    loeliepoe Gamer

    i like tail tag

  • gabriel rodrigues (thenetherblaze)
    gabriel rodrigues (thenetherblaze)

    Y know MP talks a lot about how nobody AT ALL likes tail tag, but the notable him slef, LTN likes it.

  • strategy rabbit
    strategy rabbit

    Wipeout spinny thingy

  • RareBlueTwin

    Yay we fixed a dead game YAAY

  • Gece Ergen
    Gece Ergen

    Hexagons ARE the bestagons:)

  • Panicked Potato
    Panicked Potato

    Fall Guys is so dead, that everyone forgot it

  • Khushi G
    Khushi G

    Fall guys insta died

  • Diane Knox
    Diane Knox

    i liked fall guys for about 1 week before I got so mad I broke a vase. i hate that game with all of my being

  • Kevin Ilunga
    Kevin Ilunga

    Dang I feel bad for those jelly beans

  • chłopczyk

    What this game?

  • i'm_not A_simp
    i'm_not A_simp

    It would be funny if the creator responded to this.

  • Kari Holdner
    Kari Holdner

    What was the game shone second clip played in the A category

    • Kari Holdner
      Kari Holdner

      Please I want help

  • Keegan Pryde
    Keegan Pryde

    3:47 wouldn't the spikes have a major play though you can punch the top because there spikes on there thats why I would've chosen the 100 porkipinr sized tigers because you can crush them like nothing Gg 2 Ez vickory royal

  • Galaxy Animation
    Galaxy Animation

    So... should I tell him?

    • Septic_gamer Sllikks
      Septic_gamer Sllikks

      It was 7 months ago

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    30%R 30%A 40%C me

  • Faisal Abdurrahman
    Faisal Abdurrahman

    fall guys season 2 was trash but the season 3 update was good but it was to late and it didn't bring as many players back to the game if the season 3 update was the season 2 update

  • Height

    Hexagones are the bestagons

  • REMsleep

    16:32 DAB LASAGNA

  • REMsleep

    15:00 OHHH MANNNN

  • holger korkjas
    holger korkjas

    you said latvia wrong

  • Hayden Gaming Portal
    Hayden Gaming Portal

    No one stuck around for even a week

  • shorena meskhidze
    shorena meskhidze

    I like sandbox games like Minecraft

  • Checkers

    Ahh the days when this game was actually not dead Too bad it's not now


    You say yet but you never get back to this video and you never talk about it

  • Samantha Johnson
    Samantha Johnson

    And then came along among us

  • Jonahbai Fulgencio
    Jonahbai Fulgencio

    A prestonplayz

  • Falling Runner
    Falling Runner

    The worst minigame is 100000% Fruit Chute

  • Agente P
    Agente P

    no one likes that game anymore

  • Elliot Hellyer
    Elliot Hellyer

    I definitely don't play for competence, bc I can't wall jump. period.

  • TheXCXTuber NightBreakeEX
    TheXCXTuber NightBreakeEX

    whamen ehhh meh not worth it

  • Fredbear Adventures
    Fredbear Adventures

    I have been playing from season 1 and now it is almost season 4 and... I still haven’t won