Look Up in the Sky! | The Amazing Story of Superman
Discover the history of DC Comics in this 2006 documentary with Kevin Smith as he live tweets ( twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith ) along! Spend over an hour with the original superhero who's faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound!

Learn the story behind the legendary Superman! Watch this feature documentary to learn about the history of Superman, from comic book, to television, to the big screen!

  • Christopher Vinci
    Christopher Vinci

    Get a different narrator. 'Re-narrate', then re-publish. It's a Ken Burns work, so I know it will be great work. But a feel as though I'm rewarding Kevin Spacey by watching and listening to this.

  • Alecia E Vasquez
    Alecia E Vasquez

    They need to make an updated one where they talk about Henry Cavill!

  • Dmiller7239

    Remember watching the tv series after school. Then seen the movie on HBO.


    First watched movie in a cinema theater Superman 2 🤩



  • Ravi singh
    Ravi singh

    Stan Lee?

  • Reuben Charles
    Reuben Charles

    The best superhero theme ever!!!

    • gibbs615

      Right on!

  • Sarina Edwards
    Sarina Edwards

    I only enjoy Christopher reeves has superman and smallville was great until the episodes started going crazy


    53:23 even in a cheap outfit and pit stains Christopher Reeves is still convincing and amazing as Superman.

  • Little Red Kermit Gaming
    Little Red Kermit Gaming

    Wait were is henry cavill?

    • zhengyingli

      This documentary was made before Superman Returns came out.

  • Daniel Sahagian
    Daniel Sahagian

    No scene of Henry cavil? I like that

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro

    Hearing the news Christopher Reeve is paralyzed and died will forever be an un healed wound in the hearts of us who loved him as Superman/Clark Kent

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro

    In the words of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor in Batman vs Superman DOJ when we see Doomsday in this part of the video: "Ancient Kryptonian deformity. Blood of my blood. Born to destroy you! Your Doomsday. Now God is good as dead!"

  • William Miles
    William Miles

    Truth, justice, and the American Way 😎🇺🇸🤘❤

  • Richard Lundberg
    Richard Lundberg

    We could use Superman & Captain America today to fight the fascist, white supremacist domestic terrorists that have have crawled out of the sewage these past few years. "Superman, we need you more than ever."

    • zhengyingli

      Superman's more likely to break those white supremacists out of jail.

  • Theo Pillay
    Theo Pillay

    The Greatest Superhero Of All Time

    • gibbs615

      Right on!

  • Joey Hsiao
    Joey Hsiao

    I think there’s missing a Superman

  • Jtrillz Kenobi
    Jtrillz Kenobi

    Really should’ve included Cavill in the intro with all those amazing Supermen. I know this company has a thing out for Zack Snyder for some odd reason but man leaving Cavill out doesn’t sit right with me.

    • xAceRPG

      It's a documentary from 2006.

  • Emma Crawford
    Emma Crawford

    RIP Christopher Reeve will always be superman we love you and miss you Christopher Reeve is number one superman

  • bernard miller
    bernard miller

    George Reeves was depressed because he was typecast as Superman. Everything even what he said to the Lois lane of that show pointed to suicide. It very well could be murder. Someday someone will dna test and find out more.

  • bernard miller
    bernard miller

    The Superman Curse is just a joke. What happened to Chris could have happened to anyone. Okay Simmons is okay he shared his childhood Superman entertainment.

  • bernard miller
    bernard miller

    Why shouldn’t Stan lee comment? Other super hero cartoonists read the competitions comics. It’s not a war or a fight. It’s just fictional comics and every company has there own heroes. I will say one thing our youth and young adults read too much anime and are lost in Naruto and Pokémon and One punch man. I only wish they will read Superman and the rest and bring back Truth, Justice, and the American way. Mark Hammil yes he has reason to comment his character in Star Wars is a comic thing and he’s a voice for comic book characters for cartoons.. Dean Cain too campy in his version of Superman.. Adam West’s version of Batman too campy.

  • Neil Forbes
    Neil Forbes

    Superman is the figment of two late-1930s teenagers and nothing more. But America needs superheroes because America is so insecure and paranoid of the outside world.

  • Neil Forbes
    Neil Forbes

    1:23:10 The *New Millennium* dawned on 1st January, *2001!* The year, 2000 was the *LAST AND DEFINING* year of both the second Millennium and of the 20th Century.

  • Cholayman

    Why you guys havent talked about henry cavills sups?

    • Ziad Usama
      Ziad Usama

      The documentary is from 2006

  • Smokey Mcb
    Smokey Mcb

    Jor-El: [bidding his son farewell, as Lara looks on] "You will travel far, my little Kal-El. But we will never leave you... even in the face of our death. The richness of our lives shall be yours. All that I have, all that I've learned, everything I feel... all this, and more, I... I bequeath you, my son. You will carry me inside you, all the days of your life. You will make my strength your own, and see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father the son. This is all I... all I can send you, Kal-El."

  • אורלי אלמדווי
    אורלי אלמדווי

    Misses Christopher Reeve!♥️😓🦸

  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh

    This guy never goes out of fashion

  • qolau mumiu
    qolau mumiu

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  • mj011n1r

    Margot Kidder was so beautiful.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    The music near the end and the inspiring history near the end made me cry

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    42:32 Adam West!

  • Pat Sheppard
    Pat Sheppard

    After watching these wonderful programs on you tube about the world of Superman, I came to realize something. It takes a special person to portray the character of Superman. If you watch each era you can see the actors and their affect on the public. As the means to see and hear about Superman grew from a comic book to Saturday morning cartoons in the local theaters in every small town in America he became the favorite of children. Why because most kids have imagination. They can believe in the possibility of flight and all his other powers that helped what’s best about America prevail. These entertainments spread around the world. By the light of Libertys torch, the inspiration of Superman became part of the American consciousness. When the TV show came along in the 1950’s I was a little kid. I watched him every week. My parents never spoke against him as not real. I think the reason was that he set a good example for children. If you keep your imagination as you grow, there is plenty of room for other characters to become your hero’s also. The Superman actors were a special group. You had to believe in yourself doing this role. Not only did you have to be Superman but you had another life as Clark Kent. The mannerisms of each character were important. It’s moments of human emotions that are best remembered about the actors playing the dual roles. George Reeves had a wonderful smile and as an adult I watched him and Lois Lane to see if he really did like her in scenes. Christopher Reeves was younger charming, and he wanted to be Superman in the first films. In his Lois Lane is the first woman he is around a lot and she makes an impression. Of course she doesn’t realize it because it’s Superman she falls for but it’s Clark Kent that she spends time around. When he realizes the situation he just smiles whenever he sees her as Superman. He never lets on. You wonder a lot if he will ever win her. I don’t think she should be considered stupid because she suspected Clark Kent for a long time of being Superman she just couldn’t prove it until they are at Niagara Falls. She is just too close to the problem. It was a long time before they could create a similar romantic intensity between another Superman and Lois Lane. that was finally in Superman Returns. Brandon Routh is the Superman I like. That film is memorable because he is at a disadvantage with everyone being gone five years. He’s vulnerable, he’s hurt not getting her to come back to him. In one moment out by the sidewalk Lois admits to Clark how she felt about Superman without saying his name.. Jimmy’s right she still loves him and he still has her loyalty. She tells him about the son he didn’t know he had when she thinks he’s dying. She dived into the cold Atlantic Ocean to save him in a deep dive. The man currently in her life can see every moment of how she is with him. In the end of the film when he agrees he’ll always be around to see his son and her you feel that they may be able to get back together. There hasn’t been a sequel. America is famous for always cheering on the underdog. We always hope that the long shot will win. The actors that touch our hearts will long be remembered as the reincarnation of Superman.

  • Angela Carleton
    Angela Carleton

    To me, there would "ONLY" be Christopher Reeve as "SUPERMAN." I cried when he died and was an incredible human being and loving husband to his wife and children. RIP Christopher.

  • Jason Anders
    Jason Anders

    Is Kevin Spacey narrating this?

  • The Jaguar God
    The Jaguar God

    now that i realize hes jewish i understand jerry Seinfelds obsession.

  • HitLie .SunxBlaze
    HitLie .SunxBlaze

    Golden Bat was before Superman.

  • simon carlile
    simon carlile

    Superman obsessed when I was a child.Had all the merch,the comic books,etc.Christopher was to me what Star Wars is to kids of my age.Brandon was a close second.Third,Dean.

  • nosuchthing8

    How did SM trip over that rug?

  • nosuchthing8

    300m bucks. That was a lot back then.

  • nosuchthing8

    Amusing that this is narrated by lex Luthor

  • nosuchthing8

    No one has been better than Reeves

  • Elliptical Barber
    Elliptical Barber

    They need to make a Dragonball Z/Justice League crossover.

  • Rebecca Dolashewich
    Rebecca Dolashewich


  • Keeley Hassan
    Keeley Hassan

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  • Tony

    superman is NOT dark and gritty, he is NOT clinically depressed or phytologically tortured !!!!!

  • Der Typ
    Der Typ

    Now I need a full documentary about Batman

  • Caroline Corman
    Caroline Corman

    George was my favorite SM.

  • Michael Graves
    Michael Graves

    Been a Superman fan since my dad took me to see Superman as a kid. I even jumped off my roof in underoos trying to fly😂

  • Trumpets Of Heaven
    Trumpets Of Heaven

    to me Christopher Reeves is and always will be Superman.. i loved Smallville too !!

  • Sugar Ray
    Sugar Ray

    There will never be another perfect Superman. C.R. is the best of all time.

  • Mister Why
    Mister Why

    Who else thinks Gregory Peck would have been an amazing superman

  • johnmajormastersawza

    Is there a Batman version of this documentary?

  • Stephen Baer
    Stephen Baer

    This is a great follow-up of Supermen from radio shows to Movies and to TV shows and beyond.

  • Tony Kruy
    Tony Kruy

    The nonstop quality transmurally bruise because agenda untypically crack on a boorish temperature. deadpan, tranquil pickle

  • Geoffrey Lane
    Geoffrey Lane

    George Reeves was murdered that is the truth he didn't kill himself.

  • Simon Nguyeb
    Simon Nguyeb

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  • Veronica Balfour
    Veronica Balfour

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  • RamboLambo

    ayy Kevin Spacey

  • Graig Weich BeyondComics. TV
    Graig Weich BeyondComics. TV

    I have the 1 of a kind original hand painted 1941 production animation cel showing Superman full figured from the front by Max Fleischer, took me 19 years to find it, comes with COA, won it in the auction. Love it. After I found a different one which I later sold with Superman and Lois. Most of the cels were destroyed by WWII since they off-gassed so as to avoid a fire. Only a small handful remain saved by the artists and passed down to family who eventually sold them to auction houses.

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid

    I feel obligated to say a serious comment on how i love the character but im just mostly surprised that there's a variant of the Daily Planet Called the Daily Bugle years before the iconic Bugle from Marvel

  • D C
    D C

    RIP both George Reeves Christopher Reeves. On a side no mention of Henry Cavill on this.

    • zhengyingli

      Of course Cavill wasn't mentioned because this was made in 2006.

  • K Kundera
    K Kundera

    Ah yes, Superman…before Zach Snyder messed up the character.

    • gibbs615

      Yeah he really did, just like Frank Miller messed up Batman.

  • Lana Gievski
    Lana Gievski

    Those animated shorts still hold up unbelievably well today. They were some of my first exposure to Superman

  • System Analyst
    System Analyst

    Tragic story. We never got to have Otisville.

  • Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox
    Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox


  • Chris Polak
    Chris Polak

    58:30 Honestly, if she told me that Christopher Reeve actually held them both up, I'd believe her

  • freebird6591


  • Daniel Caliz - YouTuber Católico
    Daniel Caliz - YouTuber Católico

    The first superhero on comic book was Tarzan on 1912. By the way there are 9 more superheroes after Tarzan and before Superman (Zorro1919; Buck Rangers 1929; The Shadow 1930; Doc Savage 1933; The Lone Ranger And Tonto 1933; Mandrake The Magician 1934; The Green Hornet And Kato 1936; The Phantom 1936; & Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle 1937). That Superman (1938) had more publicity than the others. That could be possible, of course.

  • Lisa Salustri
    Lisa Salustri

    Amazing documentary, thank you for share it! Chris Reeve Forever!!

  • Benjamin, Jr. Magisa, B.
    Benjamin, Jr. Magisa, B.

    The first time I watch Superman, I was age 6, a long time ago indeed but until now He is what keeps me going to help people in all fields not to mention I am also a Christian and a follower of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. 🙋‍♂️🤓🤗🙌😎🙏 Thank you DC Comics... God be with you all and bless you with all the good you pray for. 💖🙌👍🙏 How I wish and pray I am Superman to stop all wars.

  • Thomas Cleland
    Thomas Cleland

    Superman is the number one super hero no one can touch superman.

    • gibbs615

      Right on and Batman is just under him as second best.

  • nesseiht gnay
    nesseiht gnay

    superman the MOST iconic superhero of all time!

  • skipsen

    I grew up watching this man and even today I still watching him. Thank you Christopher Reeves

  • Conner Benson
    Conner Benson

    Superman is my favorite superhero on Dc comics character

  • Tom Sproson
    Tom Sproson

    Kevin Spacey AND Bryan Singer?…Oh dear. 😪

  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    PS: SNL way back in its 1st season did a spoof of SUPERMAN called "UBERMAN". Speculating on what would've happened if baby KALIL had landed in HITLER's NAZI GERMANY instead of the cornbelt in the USA. It featured the usual suspects. Later on the show aired on HALLOWEEN night. BELUSHI played "THE HULK" in that one. Bill BIXBY's and LOU FERIGNO's interpretation had already aired by then on another network. Look them BOTH up. The video's gotta be on the web somewhere? "Up. Up and AWAY!!!"

  • John C. Bojemski
    John C. Bojemski

    As a little kid in the 1960's I saw two SUPER HEROES on TV as LIVE humans Gearge Reeves as SUPERMAN and Adam West/Burt Ward as BATMAN&ROBIN. That last series had a bevy of "Guest Villains" which introduced many of us kids to some true super star actors and celebrities (1960's and earlier vintage, of course.)

  • david kahil
    david kahil

    Superman could be the most boring character ever made

    • gibbs615

      @david kahil I just told you.

    • david kahil
      david kahil

      @gibbs615 what skills did he have, I thought batman was the one with the skills

    • gibbs615

      @david kahil Actually the point I was making was with or without his powers Superman is still quite the hero and survivor. I mean there was also that one episode of JL TAS when he was presumed dead but was transported elsewhere and he didn't have his powers cause of a red sun. He was still managing to get through it with his wits and surviving skills until his powers were finally restored at the end.

    • david kahil
      david kahil

      @gibbs615 OK so you like him when he is not superman (without powers). The only time I liked superman was when he fought myxpltzk (something like that) He so much more powerful than superman that he turned sup into a regular man.

    • gibbs615

      @david kahilBeing a survivor when he doesn't have his powers. Also being a true natural leader of the JLA.

  • Jonathon Bide
    Jonathon Bide

    This is the sad thing about today unlike the days of George Reeves. Nothing is special anymore. The kids of today don’t even have a Saturday morning like we had. We truly were the lucky ones.

  • George Pawlak
    George Pawlak

    Now this is the typs of movies and cartoons hollywood should be makeing & producing.

  • James Bridges
    James Bridges

    Lots of history of America and the Superman coming up throughout the decades. Love the way it starts out and gradually works for all who are working so hard to entertain the people that wanted a positive role model for kids and some adults as well. The comics STORYLINES have been told all over the world. May anyone that loves to read and learn about positive role models, comics, drawing, & just having fun enjoy fully. Simply put, up, up, and , away. Now , let's not forget about his cousin Kara, SUPERGIRL.

  • SevenDeMagnus

    Philosophical question: What makes a story?

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    there will NEVER be another great production of Superman or other DC heroes characters...as that depicted in SMALLVILLE. Smallville in my opinion, was a masterpiece. It portrayed a great series of stories of Superman, and his life. But , it ALSO FOR THE first time, in a TV series...has enough time to spend character development, on Lois Lane, on the enemies of Superman [many were introduced...including Silver Banshee ] and OTHER DC heroes were shown. Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary and even a kid Flash, briefly. And frankly, BEFORE SHE WENT PYSCHO, Allison Mack WAS GREAT on the Smallville show. You can see the series on Hulu.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    Salkind was great! IF THERE IS ANY HONEST and self analization and reflection BY ANY COMIC BOOK fans or supehero movie fans, the truth is, NONE of the modern superhero movies and none of the modern DC Comic books compare the great FIRST 3 SUPERMAN movies starring the great one CHRISTOPHER REEVE, god rest his soul! Salkind's movies were great. I don't know what the BS hulaballoo is about the Superman Returns movie or Superman, Man of Steel or Batman vs. Superman was...but none of them had the impact Salkind's movies had on us. Along with STar Wars, and the returning Star Trek movies, the Superman movie had impact on a whole generation!!

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    I wish they had Superman shows, movies and the old TV show on Netflix or Hulu or Disney plus, but they don't

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    the Truth about Werthan and his "seduction of the innocent", was that he was a communist Jew. I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING against jews. I have some GREAT FRIENDS who are Jewish [ are you listening, Google UZmatch people?? ]. My jewish friends do NOT LIKE the Wertham character. he misunderstood comic books and it should have been the parents' jobs to watch over their kids and comic books. It was mainly the horror and EC comic books that were the problem, not early DC comic books or Marvel Comic books.

  • luke yznaga
    luke yznaga

    This characther Superman was one of the greatest things to happen to young people seekng heroes and comic book entertainment. That is why at has happened in the movies the last 8 years and the demise of good writing and art at DC Comics, makes it such a crime. Warner Bros. and the people at DC and also the "DCU " movie machine has ruined superman. They killed off Jimmy Olson in Batman vs. Superman.

  • jon sayers
    jon sayers

    Sad day when Superman committed suicide.

  • Mele

    Christopher Reeve forever the best Superman.

  • Intrograted

    The score is *so* distracting 😡 does it really need to play the whole time, and so bloody loudly? Edit: it gets less intrusive as the doco progresses

  • Daniel Clark
    Daniel Clark

    The original superhero and the best. I mean, the guy has laser eyes and can fly. Enough said.❤

  • lookinforthe70s

    They have just about all the wrong people making the DC live action movies. They have just about all the right people making the Marvel live action movies.

  • L vento
    L vento

    Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane It’s Blackpink XD

  • SoapyMess

    Glance! Above in the atmosphere! The object of of which I am speaking of is known as a fowl! The object of which I am speaking of is known as an aircraft! Negative, the object of which I am speaking of is known as the male humanoid of superior ability!

  • Gerardo Blu
    Gerardo Blu

    I really liked Superman Returns.. It is the movie that made me fall in love with the character and introduced me to the Christopher Reeve anthology and the Smallville series..

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    Smallville: Gotham, if it was more focused and thought Superman was better

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    It might be strange to say, but I think Superman is the most human superhero, at least in DC. His powers are really just his way of expressing that and protecting people.

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    The hell!? Stan Lee!?

  • Samuel Barber
    Samuel Barber

    In my opinion, Batman and Superman are the two single greatest heroes in comic books, again, just my opinion.