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100% of my revenue earned from this channel, merch sales, and brand deals I receive from this channel will go towards our food pantry!

  • Beast Philanthropy
    Beast Philanthropy

    Don’t forget that all the ad rev, merch sales, and brand deals I receive off this channel go towards running my food pantry! Next video will be an update from the communities we feed

    • Gray Corbett
      Gray Corbett

      fight for the poor

    • bob


    • Brendalee Letendre
      Brendalee Letendre

      When my daughter 1 st told me about you and what you do..I thought it was just a silly gimmick .now that I've watched more if your vids I'm very thankful there's someone like you out there doing so much good. Please don't are appreciated ❤️

    • Jeronimo Costa Zini
      Jeronimo Costa Zini

      Hi Mr beast im from argentina, im an artist traying to get by. But its hard here, i leave you here my nft art, maybe you can help me finding who can buy it. Thanks and thanks for making the world a better place. Cryptomoonland in opensea.

    • Rozh Hawzhen
      Rozh Hawzhen


  • THE battle cats noob
    THE battle cats noob

    Hi mr.beast the chances of you seeing this reply are very low but I’ll try anyway, I have a great video use for you gaming channel, you should make a video where you give people 1 week to send in videos or pictures of their gaming set up, they will also have to show proof that it’s theirs, you’ll rate the setups and then give a new set up to the top 3 worst ones, now I’m doing this because I have always dreamed to be in one of your videos and I know my set up is trash and would love to get my first actual pc. Hope you see this and keep up improving this world.

  • phath phann
    phath phann

    1:00 Back in my days we did not have books made out of chromes.

  • Sike

    You know one thing jimmy can do is go to a hospital and pay everyone’s bill fees because here in the us it’s expensive asf plz do this jimmy pretty plz

  • Mic Mac animations
    Mic Mac animations

    Gimme shoutout

  • Aravindh L
    Aravindh L

    This is Aravindh from India,I am a new subscriber to your channel,I need a help i am really in a bad financial situation i saw that your helping and surprising everyone, financially i am very poor i have almost 25 lakhs credit kindly do some favour to help me and my family please

  • Meck

    The school when I skip it for a day:

  • Lil Laigt
    Lil Laigt


  • NOoBDAxGaming

    I also need these things

  • Jhuned TV (Jhuned TV)
    Jhuned TV (Jhuned TV)

    Hello my idol yahooooooooo my friend

  • Sean X Playz
    Sean X Playz

    I just donated to charity... I'm a good person now

  • Cole Brady
    Cole Brady

    Can we do something for the bees too? Does that count?😊

  • lishanth Lishu
    lishanth Lishu

    Bro Ducati Diavel 1260, ❤️please

  • Aditya arts
    Aditya arts

    hey, Mr. beast I need a laptop too 😢 the country ur living is rich already almost every one can afford laptops 😢

  • GoodSheet TV
    GoodSheet TV

    Mr.beast i hope im the one you pick to help cause i need it i have a lot of problem so please help me im your fans here in philippines 🙂

  • Missy Hernandez
    Missy Hernandez

    I hope your kindness can reach our students and school here in the Philippines because we teachers really wanted to help our students especially the rural communities.

  • Riel Hendrix Gomez
    Riel Hendrix Gomez

    I hope i am one the happiest student to be helped by your generosity. Doesn't have money to buy a laptop for my studies

  • Christian Rivas
    Christian Rivas

    Hello, I have seen your videos. I don't know if you have thought about helping people in an international way. My name is Christian. My girlfriend a year and a half ago lost her mother to cancer. She went into a strong depression and did not want to live. We have overcome it little by little but it is still not good. Now we are getting married and we do not have the resources to face this life together I wanted to know if you can help us with a loan of $ 30,000 to be able to offer her and make her very happy Thank you very much I hope you can help me ...

  • Fernando Tan II
    Fernando Tan II

    hope to receive some help. to serve a better viewing and help others like you do.

  • Abel Manriquez
    Abel Manriquez

    I wish he can come to my city and give out money that is my dream

  • Joe Runge
    Joe Runge

    yay you are cool

  • Juliet Corrimo
    Juliet Corrimo

    Wow nice

  • Școala de chitară C.A. - Brăila
    Școala de chitară C.A. - Brăila

    Very nice

  • RivEnteN

    people should teach thear children to subscribe to mr beast. it 100% wort it good job mr beast

  • Z.G.W

    How about them apples … what it was a dad joke beast, your not a dad ha I have 5 cats😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love that also share this vid help mr beast help others my bro’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hraesvelgr

    Waiting for waths Mr. Beast doing a road in Latin America, helping the people

  • Sahrish Abdullah
    Sahrish Abdullah

    Wish I was born in US..I am a med student too

  • Asriel Gaming
    Asriel Gaming

    Good vid!

  • The JB’s
    The JB’s


  • Mats Milo Wannebo-Sorensen
    Mats Milo Wannebo-Sorensen

    Hey beast, vid idea. Maybe you can buy all the clothes in a clothing store and donate it to a homeless shelter and people in need

  • CJ Janzen
    CJ Janzen

    Whooohooo, so happy for those kids!

  • Yuliana Razo
    Yuliana Razo

    I love your vídeos ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Inay Roxxy
    Inay Roxxy

    Mrbeast if you read my message please contact me soon or your team. Someone used your account, hacked it and ask for money. I am 1 of the victim. I also gamble my kids allowance on what he has done. I can send you all the proof

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    Hey Mr beast I love you brother and I bless you in Jesus name brother. My family is going through some rough times man with our 10 month old and 5 year old and 4 year old I lost my job due to covid just getting back to work man if you know of anyone that can bless us man my cash app is $Anthonybell2021 I really appreciate it Mr beast cause if we bless others it comes right around to us love ya dude be blessed Mr beast ❤💙 if you know of anyone willing to help us get back caught up on rent man I'm just getting back to work brother we have exhausted all our options man my cash app name is. $Anthonybell2021

  • Total Gaming✅
    Total Gaming✅

    Jimmy is Honestly the Best....

  • kcirederf _TV
    kcirederf _TV

    You guys are the best..hope I can do that too..❤️

  • Damo galea
    Damo galea

    You are the best I am from Australia get me some murch

  • Shijir Purev
    Shijir Purev

    Bruh 4 mil=3vid lol

  • Simon ghost Riley
    Simon ghost Riley

    “I got five cats” - Darren 2021

  • Chinnari Infra-Con
    Chinnari Infra-Con

    Can I have 20 Nintendo switch please because I have seen in my apartment that they needed the Nintendo switch so please please give me the 20 Nintendo switch please so that I can give this kids please please 😭😭😭😭

  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes


  • Helen Burnes
    Helen Burnes

    Wait if I spam e would it help? Ima try it anyway

  • Sara Banda
    Sara Banda

    Can you also helo me please?? 🥺

  • anfanger4

    On christmas you can dress up as SantaBeast and put all the iPads in a bag. This will fit through doors.

  • Lakshya

    Give me one I pad :-)

  • Yujin patuti
    Yujin patuti

    I've been a fan of your videos and your kindness wish you can notice me mr beast you are one of the most unique vlogger out there keep safe y'all❤️ #freecar😂🥺❤️

  • Sage Sama
    Sage Sama

    😭😭How lucky they are

  • winnie lopez
    winnie lopez

    IPhone please 7 am i from Philippine For my online class

  • winnie lopez
    winnie lopez

    Please give me iPhone cellphone for online class

  • Daniel Tadeo
    Daniel Tadeo

    i will bay all the things on @t

  • Yolanda Gutierrez
    Yolanda Gutierrez

    So true :)

  • Gaming Grim27
    Gaming Grim27

    Can you do the Boys and Girls Club of the rogue Valley please

  • Rothel Florendo
    Rothel Florendo

    I wished better days are coming for me mr.beast .please pray for my mental health. Because of this pandemic I lost a job 😑

  • R A A J
    R A A J

    Jimmy having a ipad is my big big dream. It would help me for study purpous and help me become a big youtuber. But it will just end as a dream. Hope those students get beifitted❤️

  • Erect

    Adam is the man

  • NotFunny

    Longest 3 minutes of my life

  • Robert Correa
    Robert Correa

    This is amazing…

  • Pure Joy
    Pure Joy

    Puns make me laugh. I laughed at that pun. 🤣

  • bling

    What a generous man

  • Rushell Laing
    Rushell Laing

    Good afternoon Mr beast I watch your videos everyday and I see this one that you are giving away tablets and I just want to ask you please if you could give me one of these tablets to do my school work because I don't have a phone and it's been a year since I have not go on school so I'm asking you please if you could give me one of the tablets I'm just a little girl I'm 10 years old and August the 6 is going to be my birthday

  • Sean OBrien
    Sean OBrien

    This is awesome

  • Binod

    This you do is the best.

  • burning caratao
    burning caratao

    Filipinos are in need of gadgets for our online classes wish you visit our country

  • AJ Rivera
    AJ Rivera

    I watch your videos over and over so you get more ad revenue

  • darwin cajis
    darwin cajis

    Mr.beast i only wish to have your autograph on my birthday on august 27

  • willplays 1
    willplays 1

    I'm Donating By Watching These Videos K I'll Watch It A Few Times LoL

  • Nathzz Gaming
    Nathzz Gaming

    Ow i want a new phone too bec my phone is like 6 years from now and i still dont have enough money to buy i new one so i wish that someday i'll have a new phone

  • ahmad usman
    ahmad usman

    Great work. ❤️ Me and my daughter are your old fans but now we r your brand new subscriber. 😘

  • Benjamin Campollo
    Benjamin Campollo


  • Best Gamer
    Best Gamer

    Please give me

  • Levi Karll DV Zayas
    Levi Karll DV Zayas

    the best platform of a politicians we'll never have. God bless you more. Jimmy!


    Pa shout out Idol I need 3m you are so good boy

  • Rory c
    Rory c

    I wish I had a nice headteacher


    you are soooooooo sweet im kid too

  • Wizardaron

    Well.... this channel was good while it lasted.

  • Shana Emmanuelle
    Shana Emmanuelle

    Mr Beast is the best!💙

  • Adriano Fletcher
    Adriano Fletcher

    Mr beast is a caregiver he cares about kids ans people in the world

  • Sugar Davis
    Sugar Davis

    how much money do you make per month or week or day or yearly

  • Parkerdude56

    This is a comment so view engagement goes up and this channel goes more viral. Have a good day :)

  • Parkerdude56

    This is a comment so view engagement goes up and this channel goes more viral. Have a good day :)

  • FJ Shrederr
    FJ Shrederr

    All the other kids: smiling and gasping That one kid on the left of the card: staring at the camra with a blank face... I hate to say it but that would be me in a since. Id fake my reaction for youtube but id really be thinking of the future online assinments. Online assinments be cheating you tooooo... when you accidently click slash then come still right dough. The electronic: im bout to end this mans while career...the answer is 24 not 24/ you: what?! Thats the same thiiiiing

  • Arden

    I love Darrens humour

  • Justin daniela
    Justin daniela

  • Nolan Weinberger
    Nolan Weinberger

    1:39 why is his mask over his eyes?

  • IXKoda

    I guess that by me hitting a button or two that won’t even effect me could help out people in need🤔🤔🤔 which would mean I’m a nice person😁

  • Human Hotdog
    Human Hotdog

    I’m sure you have nothing going on this weekend. Come to Portland, Maine to Rappel down a building and raise money for veterans. Bring you dad for Father’s Day. Me and my dad are doing it. I raised about $1,200.

    • iButter!

      Keep it up Hotdog, you’ll be the next Mr Beast!

    • JWelch Maine
      JWelch Maine

      I’ll be watching you!

    • Omega Joey
      Omega Joey

      Nice job little dude, just watched your video.