He Cut a $1,000 Card! #shorts
Twitch: Anthonyssenpai

  • Pokecal

    Just please leave this to the actual Pokémon fans

  • inhumanrhino 2
    inhumanrhino 2

    Yo it's Anthony from reaction time

  • Vishnu Dagdag
    Vishnu Dagdag

    I don't wanna see this again.😭😭

  • PlanetRex

    Anything for the views

  • Roberts Boys
    Roberts Boys

    Me at Target wondering where all the pokemon cards are

  • classsmate ift3
    classsmate ift3

    "why am i doing this again?" Tiktok clout.

  • Schutzstaffel


  • NEKO :D
    NEKO :D

    This makes me uh like bad...

  • Cameron Campbell
    Cameron Campbell


  • VlogNich &Tech
    VlogNich &Tech

    “SOMEHOW” he always cuts the expensive ones

  • Kina McGee
    Kina McGee


  • Itz Frostyy
    Itz Frostyy

    You don’t collect this you just copy what’s popular

  • Jason O'donnoghue
    Jason O'donnoghue

    Stop it with that voice and that song unless you have no friends

  • Adam Olonchik
    Adam Olonchik

    Fuck you for cutting 1000$ card

  • Zeek_ Animates
    Zeek_ Animates

    You dick.

  • ink kitten
    ink kitten


  • Tom Besacier
    Tom Besacier

    Men f*** you why you do this instead of just opening it ?

  • Reyah Smith
    Reyah Smith

    No don't do it

  • BrallBob

    2 cringe trends in 1 video, thanks

  • ๖ۣۜH๖ۣۜA๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜA๖ۣۜN

    Possible name of the song

  • Lukas Mella
    Lukas Mella


  • Ryan Rigby
    Ryan Rigby

    was that a charade

  • muhd syahmi irfan
    muhd syahmi irfan

    Tat card is not worth tat much tho

  • kriper master
    kriper master

    You know there are children praying just to get one card,while a grown man cuts them in half.

  • Nui Keene
    Nui Keene

    Dude stop that’s why there is nothing cause people buy it and do things that is dumb and ruin it

  • Bydimoon

    No why you do that 😢 just stop

  • Dragon _lord
    Dragon _lord

    bruh look at this dude

  • IceCaveLevi愛健運

    This is so painful😩

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    There is always a music clip that gets milked the hell out of

  • Darth Plagueis
    Darth Plagueis

    Your a disappointment to us the viewers

  • TaMieah Morton
    TaMieah Morton

    Can you pls do it I turned 9 to day🙏🏽🥳 it is my birthday

    • TaMieah Morton
      TaMieah Morton

      Do 9

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay

    This guy looks like the grown version of that kid who's always bugging you to play games on your phone

  • Andrejus Pancerovas
    Andrejus Pancerovas


    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ev

  • teodora plesoiu
    teodora plesoiu

    Eight pls i have 8 years old

  • Nidhi Garg
    Nidhi Garg

    Plz do 2

  • Farouk

    Anthony was so chill back then and then he joined tik tok😔

  • Lion Team
    Lion Team

    Is it me or every time I see these types of video I want it to get over with

  • Waleed Noor
    Waleed Noor

    Once i destroyed my brothers pokemon cards thinking they were trash and there was that shiny charzard

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi


  • Emilio ZPunkt
    Emilio ZPunkt

    Why are ppl doing this? Like where is the point of that? Its not even funny.. Pls explain

  • GodZHawK

    There isn't even a 1000$ card in vivid voltage

  • cafe forte
    cafe forte

    Gordo fazendo gordice

  • Xenox

    Isn't this song for furries...

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi

      WARUM !!! WHY !!!?????????

  • JustaGnat

    Must feel nice being a pos

  • el señor partitura
    el señor partitura

    I hate you so much

  • AfonsoAlex 07
    AfonsoAlex 07

    Fucking idiot

  • fabian villarroel villarroel
    fabian villarroel villarroel

    I hate you

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald

    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4)

  • the grey hokage
    the grey hokage

    I'm depressed seeing this

  • Brryy Vvvgg
    Brryy Vvvgg

    He need to cut his weight in half

  • AxeSoccer


  • khairul hasbi
    khairul hasbi

    Not funny!

  • kev's gaming
    kev's gaming

    Can you stop dude your just making us all mad like we cant find Pokemon cards anywhere so do us a favor and stop cutting the cards and do something else and we'll do you a favor of actually enjoying your vids

  • Lydon Borg
    Lydon Borg

    Please...spare the cards

  • CK37

    This guy makes me want to become a bully again and makes me wanna beat this guy’s ass with my history book.

  • Justin 2zd9
    Justin 2zd9

    Disslike !!!

  • Justin 2zd9
    Justin 2zd9

    WARUM !!! WHY !!!?????????

  • jojos

    Wei no mí Pokémon favorito

  • Mihajlo Pesic
    Mihajlo Pesic


  • richSalaz me
    richSalaz me

    If I was asked what super powers I would want. I'd pick teleportation, so I can instantly teleport and bitch slap these people.

  • Sean on Gfuel
    Sean on Gfuel

    We’re you using child safety scissors lol

  • iisann

    your mom

  • David Ray
    David Ray

    Omg these tik tok shorts are so fuckin dumb...this the beginning of the fall of humanity

  • Nabilla Septine
    Nabilla Septine

    Psychopaths 😭

    • Nabilla Septine
      Nabilla Septine

      Oops sorry 😭

  • Marco Stoppa
    Marco Stoppa

    What a dumbass, there are a lot of pokemon fan that could do anything for these card and he cut them

  • leonardo

    No Los rompas

  • Flügel Phönix
    Flügel Phönix

    dont cry, just dont do that then just for followers

  • Sherry Lieggi
    Sherry Lieggi

    Why do that if you buy it you play with your mom or dad like

  • CODE 98
    CODE 98

    You monster

  • Rocc

    You're a moron.

  • flophi 0207
    flophi 0207

    Why though? Who is Entertained by this?

  • Джулиян Мануель
    Джулиян Мануель

    Now eat it

  • Juan Medina
    Juan Medina

    These r the type of people that I hate. I get it he wants make content but this is not how u do it. As a collector u should cherish the cards not destroy them, or if u don't care about collecting and just want the high end cards just give them away. There's alot of real collectors out there that would love the cards that u don't want. Honestly I hope karma come by and bites u in the rear end.

  • Send me mental health
    Send me mental health

    He can tape it together and then boom it still worth the money but use tape where u can see through

  • iam_ Nikitta
    iam_ Nikitta


  • Hariz Danial Nazhan
    Hariz Danial Nazhan

    Me watching and feeling be like= *it hurts so badly hurt*

  • Leviathan Lake
    Leviathan Lake


  • Easter

    This is a special kind of stupid

  • Alexander Gerlach
    Alexander Gerlach

    Fuck this guy

  • a memer
    a memer

    "showing on live" me: *immediately leaves video"

  • Null


  • Vison Xnixna
    Vison Xnixna


  • Lama JonasYT
    Lama JonasYT


  • Storyswap Asriel Dreemurr
    Storyswap Asriel Dreemurr

    Ah yes ferraforn is a 1000 dollar card now. Huh

  • Fairy Luna
    Fairy Luna

    How dare you...

  • Fardin Hasan
    Fardin Hasan

    Never seen anyone more disgusting than him

  • It's Serena
    It's Serena

    means why on earth are you doing this you can give it to me😂

  • Kameron Price
    Kameron Price


  • Peacekeeper

    This guy looks like the grown version of that kid who's always bugging you to play games on your phone

  • James Cariazo
    James Cariazo

    You're so cringe bro

  • Felix Taylor
    Felix Taylor

    I dont know the point of this

  • ryan hammond
    ryan hammond

    😂 ik there was an expensive card in there bc it didnt wanna cut

  • Safiyyah Esfahan Rizal
    Safiyyah Esfahan Rizal

    oh ma gawd

  • messyourself brandon
    messyourself brandon

    But there more at the back of last card he cut it . Did he blind or what ?

  • Joseph ozturk
    Joseph ozturk

    There’s not a single card in the set worth $1000

  • Oatmeal

    Sorry but you getting a dislike from me

  • Jap0665

    This is the type of guy who wakes up his grandma in the middle of the night to tell her she forgot her sleeping pills

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku

    Are you an idiot?!