What really happens when you bleed
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  • Unknown

    So u have seen cells ar work I see

  • Johntyler Parvin
    Johntyler Parvin

    Blood is blue when in your body when it touches the air it turns red

  • Nataliia Oberleitner
    Nataliia Oberleitner


  • Becka Horton
    Becka Horton

    You so silly. Lol I watched this over and over.


    Shouldn't u be wearing blue tho

  • dancing doggo
    dancing doggo

    This to true in my way when I cut myself

  • El Midgeto
    El Midgeto

    Ian here do be lookin kinda sus

  • Kou Vang
    Kou Vang

    You know....there is a 2 season anime like this. It's call Cells at Work

  • Drake Brown
    Drake Brown

    Is Ian a white blood cell

  • festus ewere
    festus ewere

    Good one

  • Brawn Puckett
    Brawn Puckett

    Thank you mister or missus platelets

  • Elizabeth and idk
    Elizabeth and idk

    Now every time I bleed I will just think of this...

  • ꧁•Thë Lôsërs Squâd꧂
    ꧁•Thë Lôsërs Squâd꧂


  • Bryce Mlinar
    Bryce Mlinar

    Dawg your videos are hilarious

  • George Dagel
    George Dagel

    Hahaha it's true though

  • Natalia Vielot
    Natalia Vielot

    Freedom is like no single file lines in elementary school now that I’m in middle school or teachers watching us or following us

  • Vicente Heredia
    Vicente Heredia

    It's so funny

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    I saw u in king Vader’s video 😏

  • Star Life
    Star Life

    Blood is blue not red 😂

  • bethany emberson
    bethany emberson

    This man is single handededly saving science students their diploma

  • Epicfury

    These videos help me in science so much

  • Katie Bandy
    Katie Bandy

    Omg 👁👅👁

  • Cori Portis
    Cori Portis


  • Cori Portis
    Cori Portis

    Two things why you run like that and the way he hit the door oh my gosh

  • CTI

    Can I hire the dude who repaired the door? Dude works godspeed jeez

  • Jacob Stultz
    Jacob Stultz

    Wierd and I love it

  • Gian


  • 5xp3nsive

    Ya know these videos make me wanna take care of my body more, because I imagine these guys are in my body.

  • gabriel dominguez
    gabriel dominguez

    why are you at corys house

  • Kyle Grey
    Kyle Grey

    That's a good 1

  • Mambe


  • Omar Tarawally
    Omar Tarawally


  • Rayyan animatez
    Rayyan animatez

    *"Cells at work flashbacks"*

  • Ayuzawa Yukina
    Ayuzawa Yukina

    😂 I actually enjoy it so much

  • LukyTreeS YT
    LukyTreeS YT

    Yes who said its a lie 🤡🤡🤡

  • casper *
    casper *

    i can't help but keep wondering why you chose LambDicks as your username.... but hey, we all have our thing. i try not to judge.

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    I love all these inside-body skits.😆

  • Angela Malone
    Angela Malone

    These are the best!!!

  • Marcus White
    Marcus White

    The Power Ranger helmet though

  • Amlxin

    you remind me of young coryxkenshein

  • E E
    E E

    I thought it would’ve been where how in Star Wars if a ship has a hole everyone gets sucked out, I feel that must be what it’s like for red blood cells

  • Big-Mommy-Milker-Party


  • Jacinta Gregory
    Jacinta Gregory

    Its true though

  • Chopstixz

    I have the same poster😊

  • Aye Den
    Aye Den

    They really made an anime about my wound healing ✋

  • Mongolia

    I just got cut and scrolled to here

  • YaZui .I.
    YaZui .I.

    Cells at work be like:

  • Zachary JONES
    Zachary JONES

    Am I the only one that thinks he look like woka flocka when he was younger

  • Lash Grant
    Lash Grant

    I don’t get paper cuts or lead poisoning.

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    Cells at work B like:

  • Box Ssox
    Box Ssox

    All I know is that this guys does human body part stuff but I like it

  • CryxusLome

    This is the fifth vid I've seen. Creative way to inform how the body works. 😂

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez

    What would happen if it was on your ding dong

  • mikey tmnt
    mikey tmnt


  • Mad_dy

    What happens when you have hemophilia?

  • Mintzy Mechanic ツ
    Mintzy Mechanic ツ

    I can stop watching these cids

    • Mintzy Mechanic ツ
      Mintzy Mechanic ツ


  • Yukki _
    Yukki _

    Cells at work on a budget

  • Aurora Adams
    Aurora Adams

    More like what happens on my period "As soon as he looks away I'm gonna make a run for it"

  • Harshita Neog
    Harshita Neog

    Bring out the platelets 😭❤️


    Me as a blood cell:I'm gonna slip three a crack three the skin. Brain:NOOOOO YOU SHALL NOT DO THAT WE CAN NOT HURT THE HUMAN. Me:*escaped already* Brain:still screeming

  • Ian Villaluz
    Ian Villaluz

    Cells at work in a nutshell

  • Rea Family
    Rea Family

    Where did the sub button go? Oh wait i already subbed lol

  • David Prince
    David Prince

    That was a fake wasn’t it

  • David Prince
    David Prince

    They are the same

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke


  • Altanna 666
    Altanna 666

    Then you get a bruise

  • Jisaiah Urena
    Jisaiah Urena

    do you have a tiktok?

  • tristan scott
    tristan scott

    You should do a sleep paralysis video. Thats trippy and frightening at the same time. Allergy vide had me dying!

  • Axel Rod
    Axel Rod

    So no one is gonna mention that the heart IS A MUSCLE?!

  • Keith Wrigley
    Keith Wrigley


  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez


  • ivan torres
    ivan torres

    What happens when you drink nyquil

  • 선성국BTS

    Watching these videos has become my new regular routine 😂

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    That's basically the anime cells at work but different

  • adison hallen
    adison hallen

    Just like cells at work the anime

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco

    “I wasn’t listening to a damn thing” Me in school with every boring/substitute teacher ever

  • Gablsg

    Well you set me up for my test thanks or ive already done it im so confused with my life 🥲

  • Animator Poko
    Animator Poko

    Cells at work be like:

  • Sophia Stout
    Sophia Stout

    LoL 🤣😆🤣😆😆🤣 this is cute

  • Humorous Medicine
    Humorous Medicine

    Stop posting TikTok on UZmatch. TikTok is garbage. UZmatch is art.

  • Mr Baller
    Mr Baller

    Escaping from Kibutsuji like

  • Nelson Stone-El
    Nelson Stone-El


  • Zero tout cour
    Zero tout cour


  • Tempest Schepp
    Tempest Schepp

    Any one see that red ranger mask!!👌

  • Cheryl Johnson
    Cheryl Johnson


  • Eric ERTO
    Eric ERTO

    Omg so funny I had to subscribe I want more

  • Wake up Emma
    Wake up Emma

    Valuable education right here

  • Ethan the Pro
    Ethan the Pro

    I fricken love this yt :>

  • Ben Aldridge
    Ben Aldridge

    Who is this guy XD

  • jack Langton
    jack Langton


  • IllumiZoldyck

    This reminded me of cells at work lmao

  • SuprisingChurro

    he reminds me of coryxkenshin

  • llxn_o

    POV: You’re watching the next Cells at Work episode

  • justin lipps
    justin lipps

    The door was really just a band aid

  • Staci Lamb
    Staci Lamb

    Me when I bleed: licks the blood Red blood cell: where in hell am I??

  • nikki Tate
    nikki Tate

    All those classes that you skip go like:

  • Truth Grace
    Truth Grace

    This introduces the idea that our red blood cells are somehow hostages

  • GodMax, Drinker of Tea
    GodMax, Drinker of Tea

    If cells at work ever gets a live action adaptation, we need him

  • 6 days ago
    6 days ago

    cringe asf

  • Dessi c
    Dessi c

    Funny, cute, and accurate lol