One of the most AMAZING aviation stories ever told | TACA flight 110
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On the 24th of May, 1988 a Boeing 737-300 from TACA airlines, flight 110 suffered a dual engine failure during the descend into New Orleans international airport in the United States. The engines flamed out due to heavy ingestion of rain and hail and the following approach and landing will go to the history books as one of the most dramatic ever in the history of aviation.
And the story doesn’t even stop there, how they managed to retrieve the aircraft is a story worth its own video
I hope you will enjoy this video, it was a pure pleasure to make!

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Interview with Captain Carlos:

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733 Battery:

Water Ingestion 1:

Engine 1: @David Monniaux

Water Ingestion 2: @GEAviation

Engine 2:

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00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Chapter 1: Flight Overview
05:01 - Chapter 2: Capt. Dardano, The Man
06:43 - Chapter 3: How’s the Weather?
09:04 - Chapter 4: The Problem with Radar
11:58 - Chapter 5: Engine Flame Out
16:14 - Chapter 6: Attempts at Recovery
19:46 - Chapter 7: Prepared for Ditching
24:30 - Exclusive offer from Curiosity Stream
25:37 - The Final Chapter: Back Into Service

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    • DL Vox
      DL Vox

      Captain are you back and flying now post COVID and picking up some legs in Europe? What’s the state of travel over there these days? I was planning a Croatia trip this summer from the US but gonna wait a year.

    • Jimy Doolittle
      Jimy Doolittle

      Awesome 🙏🏻✈️ definitely Captain Dardano is a badass pilot 👨‍✈️ , Here is another story we like to hear about it from you , ( awesome storyteller ) Capt Orestes Lorenzo , he flew his mig 23 from Cuba to Miami and , later after unsuccessful attempts to legally bring his wife and kids , he flew a cessna 310 back to Cuba , land in a busy roadway an fly back to Miami ✈️👨‍✈️

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      Murray Flewelling

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    • Murray Flewelling
      Murray Flewelling

      @Gen Lin Tell them Biden demands they wear masks, get the vaccine, and under no circumstances gather in groups of more than 10......they will do the rest themselves....:))

    • Gen Lin
      Gen Lin

      Do you know how to get rid Rogue Qanon army and family members who take it upon themselves to control your phone and life?

  • dreamburn1

    What was Captain Sully's least favorite band? Flock of Seagulls.

  • uwais msnn
    uwais msnn

    i just want to ask.. how they move that broken plane after the incident? they cant move it using truck because of that plane is so big.. eventhough they fix the problem, that plane still cant fly without runaway..

  • Ray Brown
    Ray Brown

    Good script; lousy commentator.

    • Ray Brown
      Ray Brown

      @Mentour Pilot You need a course in presentation. Also, study some experts on NatGeo. Your material is too valuable to go unheard.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Really? What can I improve my friend, I love constructive feedback.

  • Monica Enriquez
    Monica Enriquez

    This is my 2nd time watching this! The pilot & co-pilot made such an incredible team! I hope you do a video when Lucas earns his pilot’s license!

  • Charles Bennett
    Charles Bennett

    Absolutely amazing feat. Supernatural pilot at a minimum.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Carlos is a great guy!

  • Ushio Cheng
    Ushio Cheng

    When a aircraft is so undamaged in an accident that you just fly it back to the airport 🤣

  • Prosper Ménière
    Prosper Ménière

    Bye bye miss American vet, flew my Boeing to the levee but the levee was wet.

  • Blue Irony
    Blue Irony

    Very impressive, but not an equivalent ~ even though there was a storm, the plane still landed on land. Sully landed on water. Water is worse to crash into/land on than land. One of the first things you learn in flight school

  • Carl Ahlers
    Carl Ahlers

    TACA - lovingly known as Take A Chance Airlines

  • TheGryfonclaw

    I remember reading about this guy, the captain in particular, and thinking what giant balls he must have and how much fuel he has to burn whenever he pilots a plane

  • Xivex10

    Montour Pilot, do u think u could have pulled it off the same way?? Answer my question?

  • Xivex10

    I flew Taca Many times...

  • timothylegg

    To me, the original Sullys would be Richard Ogg and George Haaker of Pan Am Flight 6. That is one interesting wikipedia page

  • Steve Burke
    Steve Burke

    So, my question is this: Did the Captain know of the "slip maneuver as a result of Captain Robert Pearson "slip" maneuver in Canada in 1983, 5 years earlier?

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang

    The hapless velvet timely fool because toe literally open between a feeble feigned heat. plain, impartial ping

  • stanthology

    Landing at Midway airport years ago in turbulent weather in a 737 the pilot was sideslipping the aircraft big time! It was more like a roller coaster. I could feel him sideslipping and I knew what he was doing. Anyway, Midway has short runways because it was an ancient place. (1923) I remember as a kid I saw Lockheed Constellations there. A jet of some sort actually went through the fence and a child in a car was killed when his car collided with the plane. When we landed, the passengers let out a big collective gasp, like "We're alive!"

  • Moshe the Zealot
    Moshe the Zealot

    Those piolets are bad ass

  • Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
    Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber

    Technically that wasn’t even a crash landing cuz they were able to take off again LOL

  • Alan Macphail
    Alan Macphail

    The perceived problem with having only one eye is the lack of binocular vision. This is not entirely true as human vision is not binocular passed 2 or 3 feet anyway.

  • mlang52

    I remember one in the US where the plane had a pilot who was a glider pilot. It took about three minutes to tell the story. Why pad this story with 27 minutes of trash to pad the story.

  • Tiffiny Harrington
    Tiffiny Harrington

    What is a Discord group flight?

  • Johnny Bumpous
    Johnny Bumpous

    what a super pilot.. I would consider that as a miracle..

  • Jessica Bamber
    Jessica Bamber

    That captain and flight crew are awesome! You did a great job telling us about this.

  • travelinpack

    Do you mean to tell me that aircraft engineers think that water and hail would have the same effect on a plane engine? I hope that’s not true... common sense should tell you that is not true. I hope you misspoke about that. 12:35 or so

    • travelinpack

      At the end now, very cool that everyone came out ok here!

    • travelinpack

      Ok so this was in the 80s but still... I know nothing about aviation other than being a passenger and I would have been asking those questions when testing an engine. As well as what about birds, volcanic ash, and anything else I could think of that might affect my engine in flight - seems like a no brainer.

  • Gerard Duarte
    Gerard Duarte

    The hot huge gate identically pause because child relatively compare lest a accidental test. stupendous, aromatic skirt

  • Night Blizzard
    Night Blizzard

    Loved this story. I’ve seen other docs on this incident, but none as informative or enjoyable. Great work!!

  • Kareem Salessi
    Kareem Salessi


    • Kareem Salessi
      Kareem Salessi

      @Mentour Pilot You could probably wrap this up in less than five minutes, rather than going on & on & on....

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Why is that? I’m covering exactly what I put in the thumb and title?

  • Lasse Versland
    Lasse Versland

    Is the animated engine a cfm 56? I didnt think they had a radial compressor

  • e1123581321345589144

    I'm curious why the FAA doesn't do reports and recommendations from incidents like these. There are lots of things to be learned from them.

    • e1123581321345589144

      @Mentour Pilot ah, good to know. Form your video I understood that there wasn't. Thanks for clarifying that.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      They did. That’s what I used for the video

  • Mister Itchy
    Mister Itchy

    When I was getting my license, I was constantly turning to final too high and had to sideslip. That was in a Warrior. Amazing they did that in a 737!

  • Tony McAlinden
    Tony McAlinden

    I've really been enjoying these little mini-documentaries Mentour does but this one is just wonderful - manages to touch on the personal and technical sides of the incident. Shows that the old "heroic pilot" *can* function as part of a team, and not as the cause of so many avoidable accidents as they did in the pre-CRM days.

  • Aero Dardano
    Aero Dardano

    Increíble how you explained ... Congratulaciones and blessings for your programs; they all are very very interesting... Cap. Dardano

  • Steven Keane
    Steven Keane

    What’s even more amazing is I just read an article that states the plane was not taken apart and removed from the site the plane actually took off from that site I would love to hear that story

  • Civilian Nuclear Power
    Civilian Nuclear Power

    Fun fact the pilot Dardano isn't allowed to compete in any olympic games or other record related sports, upon landing when they tested his blood he was found to have the banned substance, Badassium in his system. Several governing bodies say he may be the source so the is also banned from watching those same sports in person....

  • Celestino Ceniza
    Celestino Ceniza

    What a story thank you so much🤙

  • xisotopex

    if they had not attempted to start the engines until they were out of the cell, would they have functioned normally? what if after starting the engines they did not attempt to gain thrust until they were clear of the rain? just let them idle? would they have cleared and come back on line?

  • xisotopex

    these guys are heroes, and fantastic pilots. I wonder what happened to them? where are they now?

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Stay tuned 😉…

  • xisotopex

    when I was a kid, I was allowed more than few times to go into the cockpit of commercial airliners during flight....

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    OMG dude. WTF happened? Since when did your videos become hollywood level production? How are you doing this?

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      I have managed to find an awesome graphic designer and editor, Dominic!

  • Rob Billeaud
    Rob Billeaud

    Helluva piloting job. You hear about how the newest airliners can quite literally land themselves, but there's no substitute for good pilots when things go sideways.

  • Mike Zerker
    Mike Zerker

    I really enjoy these videos Petter also the graphics are beautiful!! Great job!

  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola

    Awesome story!

  • theone9273

    Anyone know how many hours he retired with?

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      He is still flying!

  • kano 1971
    kano 1971

    Sully was just taking off not at speed or altitude yet he had no choice but to water ditch it was not that amazing .. now this one in the video is crazy

  • Clue Less
    Clue Less

    I seem to remember a rather detestable leader of a European airline describing pilots as no more than glorified taxi drivers ..... so many of these vids show what utter garbage he was talking... keep up the good work !

  • Jim Ross
    Jim Ross

    Watch the interview with Carlos! Take the hour and a half. It's well worth the time. Thanks for that link.

  • Carlos Delgado
    Carlos Delgado

    I hope the pilots got some type of award or recognition for this. This is amazing.

  • Cyr Media
    Cyr Media

    Shouldn't the APU be the first thing they start? Whoops

  • Rick Hay
    Rick Hay

    Awesome video. Thank you for all the hard work.

  • Daedalus Young
    Daedalus Young

    So bye bye miss American Pie Flew my Boeing to the levee but the levee was dry And them good ol' boys were drinking whiskey and rye Singing "This'll be the day that I fly"

  • russell broadbent
    russell broadbent

    Unbelievable what skill great story thank you.

  • Michael Neville
    Michael Neville

    Captain Carlos Dardano' remembered that his primary job was to fly the airplane and land the passengers safely. Well done!

  • Jesus Penaloza
    Jesus Penaloza

    Omg he took long time to tell the story i feel asleep an woke up next day and he still was telling the story

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot


  • Frank Bogues
    Frank Bogues

    What sort of person down votes this? And good lord the miserable lives they must lead. Incredible mini- documentary. Bravo.

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia

    They did a movie about sully, the miracle of the Hudson. They should do one too for this.

  • Judith Gola
    Judith Gola

    I have no idea where this gentleman is from, but he speaks better English than a ton of Americans. I love to listen to his style of storytelling, very easy to follow and fascinating to hear. Well done, I subscribed.

  • pen & teller
    pen & teller

    good video. but i was sleeping. 😪🤤😴

  • Kuwaitisnot adeployment
    Kuwaitisnot adeployment

    I always wonder how flights with so few passengers like this one are able to make any money with 7 crewmembers, the ground crews, and jet fuel costs they have to pay for

  • Blue Marshall
    Blue Marshall

    NTSB sometimes suck. Likey hey did to sully. 🥴 And i love your shirt. 😁

  • Boyd Parks
    Boyd Parks

    Very cool! I recall my flight from Belize City, British Honduras to New Orleans in 1961 on a 4 engine prop plane. Thankfully a very uneventful flight! Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Aaron Nicholson
    Aaron Nicholson

    Great video!!!

  • Jim Stepan
    Jim Stepan

    Captivating narration and description of this miracle of aviation personnel and their mastery of machine over weather !! Well done!, Sir!!

  • turtleninny

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    Babur Ejaz

    Excellent 👌

  • Robert Cleary
    Robert Cleary

    I enjoyed this episode.

  • Eldon Taylor (Watchman)
    Eldon Taylor (Watchman)

    I used to fly TACA whnever I went to Cozumel. We used to call it Take A Chance Airlines. LOL

  • Joseph Connor
    Joseph Connor

    I am not a pilot but have a healthy amateur knowledge of commercial aviation and the information you have provided about this amazing deadstick landing is very illuminating. Thank you.

  • Statist0815

    I like this storys when aircrews can save the day.

  • Realtime inc
    Realtime inc

    This channel is so good that it makes these so called documentaries a pain to watch no disrespect to the creators from this documentaries but the explanation is just on par Keep up the good work

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Thank you! ☺️

  • Alex Gersabeck
    Alex Gersabeck

    As he enders the sideslip, Snoop Dogg starts playing over the PA.... La-da-da-da-dahh

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot


  • Rick Uyeda
    Rick Uyeda

    The Grimley Glider is more amazing.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      I have a video on that as well,

  • bullatthegate

    I remember one of the passengers interviewed said it was one of the smoothest landings he had ever experienced. Incredible ability of the flight crew !

  • Gabbar Singh
    Gabbar Singh

    Wow, amazing pilot! He definitely had his eye on the runway.


    Captain Dardano had AN wye for details.

  • Nancy J. Luna
    Nancy J. Luna

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  • DL F
    DL F

    Great video

  • Salty Rebel
    Salty Rebel

    Don't remember this but it happened on the day I graduated high school.

  • Mandolinic

    According to the Air Crash Investigation documentary about this story, when the captain lost his eye to the sniper, he still managed to take off and fly the plane and its passengers to safe landing. Just imagine: he's been shot in the face and lost an eye, he's in severe pain, might die by bleeding out, and almost certainly lost his flying career. But he remains calm, flies the plane, and lands it safely. So it's not surprising that when he's lost both engines in a thunderstorm, he's still calm and making rational decisions that get the plane down with no injuries, and even manages to save the plane, too. With his courage under fire and coolness in extreme circumstances, this guy definitely deserves to be called a hero.

  • exponent mantissa
    exponent mantissa

    That was absolutely fascinating.

  • Travis William
    Travis William

    Carlos / Sully, I remember that story from the morning it broke. As I recall, the fence was a concrete seawall. Trabajo Muy Hermosa. A welcome relief from genocidal subterfuge.

  • Nelita Sciretta
    Nelita Sciretta

    So much respect for this young pilot and his crew, amazing!!

  • Darrell Uruski
    Darrell Uruski

    Amazing good news story!

  • Joe Shabado
    Joe Shabado

    Not testing hail, not thinking both engines can flame out at the same time? What ass backwards BS is that?

  • rdvqc

    They used the side slip on the Gimli Glider 5 years earlier - on a 767

  • Arthur Biringer
    Arthur Biringer

    I saw this on Air Disasters. I would fly anywhere with Captain Carlos! He is an incredible pilot.

  • enrique lost
    enrique lost

    Amazing as usual…

  • David Allyn
    David Allyn

    I remember this well. at the time I was 1st officer on a DC7B. I was so impressed with the crews expert job at flying this bird that I was hoping to meet this crew just to shake there hands and have them sign my log book but unfortunately it never happened. but the memory of this incredible flight will always be with me. great job to the whole crew.

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    24- Card

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    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Awesome! Welcome to the channel.

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    allan hughes

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    • allan hughes
      allan hughes

      @Mentour Pilot Yes there will but why ????

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      There will always be people who disagree!

  • allan hughes
    allan hughes

    Those that are born to fly will fly and live a long life !! Those that think they can fly will live untill something goes wrong Just like good car drivers and bad car drivers Some learn to drive others learn how to pass their test Those that learn to drive might if lucky get through their lives without incident.. Those that just learn to pass their test but can drive will live a long life If that makes sense ?? This goes for many many things in life SADLY. You can only teach so much after that it becomes Organic and personnaly I love Organic Its always best My love is/are Motorcycles you can learn to ride but a true rider does not need to learn its instinct its Organic ..What does impress me with these men/women is how they stay cool when all hell is breaking around them and their actions = life or death not just for them but those that trust them with their lives. How cool is that and this happens every day of the week as we fly with these heroe's I take my hat off to these pilots True Grit in every sense of the word !! What an amasing story and well presented by from what I can gather someone that knows what they are talking about !!! I would fly with you young man any day of the week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chefstravels

    Great story, well put together and well presented. cheers.

  • Jan Six
    Jan Six

    What a bunch of absolute nonsense! This incidence has no resemblance to Sully Sullenberger whatsoever. No bird strike during takeoff at low altitude. No computer assisted landing on a river. Not even an Airbus, just a dumb Boeing. There are incidents similar to the "Miracle on the Hudson". In 2019 Damir Yusupov landed his Ural Airways A321 after a bird strike disabled both engines during takeoff in Moscow. This story is completely different.

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    rocket man

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    • stein1385

      @Mentour Pilot ❤

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Thank you! I will continue to try and produce stuff you guys want to see, that’s the only way to grow.

  • munseym

    At 0:37 that is a NG engine, not a 300.

  • azopene

    So it turns out the engines were OK to use since they flew out with them?

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      They were changed before the recovery flight.

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

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    The Angry Krieger

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    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Thank you for returning! So glad to have you here!