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  • Paranormal Nightmare TV Series
    Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

    Brand New Episode Coming This Coming Friday.... Thank All Of You For Your Support...

    • Joe Alred
      Joe Alred

      Have you guys looked into the case of 13 year old Robert Bee from pekin il? I really believe you guys could find out what happened to him... it's a very sad case.

    • peggy caterino
      peggy caterino

      Thanks Guys for putting out such gr8 videos!!

    • olgierd ogden
      olgierd ogden

      @Cindy Nicely My pleasure and I hope what I have suggested helps you.

    • Cindy Nicely
      Cindy Nicely

      @olgierd ogden thank you for some help I will try that😊

    • olgierd ogden
      olgierd ogden

      @Cindy Nicely Forgive me from saying so but you have quite an interesting name. But forgive me for that. I take masses of screenshots on various subjects as it is part of my trade as I’m an artist. And my best solution for nailing down a particular screenshot that you wanted is to “bracket” them.. In other words take a load of screenshots on the “before shots” that lead up to the one you want. And then again continue to take “continuous one’s” that lead past the screenshot. And finally take a load of “screenshots after” the image which you wanted has gone. And afterwards it’s a matter of sifting through all the screenshots that you have taken and reading each and every one for the screenshot that is of value to you. And personally I find that 9 out of 10 screenshots I have taken will prove to be the one that you were looking for. -I cannot guarantee that your results will prove 100%, but as near as damn it that you will get the one that you were searching for. -A tried and tested theory of mine that has helped me many a time. And you will also gain a new ability which goes by the name of PATIENTS. And I really hope that this helps and aids you

  • Sheldon Hatch
    Sheldon Hatch

    @19:12 that was such a strange sound. The amount of times they replayed that it just seems to be such a unique "growl" or sound, none like I've heard before



  • Becca Machado
    Becca Machado

    This really made me sad. Poor kid.

  • Lisa Fitzgerald
    Lisa Fitzgerald

    My dad commit suicide and i always said something demonic got inside his head, sending my condolences to Joseph family, and another great paranormal video guys, Look forward to next one 👍💞

  • Jeffrey Moorley
    Jeffrey Moorley

    At 12:00minutes you see brother ghost arm.12:04 exactly. Check it out seen by

  • Jeffrey Moorley
    Jeffrey Moorley

    At 12::04 you see the ghost arm

  • Jeffrey Moorley
    Jeffrey Moorley

    If you look over his sister s shoulder when he asked do you think your father will mind you can see the brother ghost wave his arm over her left shoulder

  • wanderdworld Halen
    wanderdworld Halen

    It seems as though a lot of mental trauma happens to people that live in these mobile homes. A lot of their episodes are shot in trailers.

  • Blue Vandal
    Blue Vandal

    She seems like a good sister, my condolences to her.

  • jaime jones
    jaime jones

    Such a sad story...the pulling out of the eyelashes and hair is a self soothing mechanism. Its called Trichotillomania. I have a sibling who pulled their lashes from a very young age and to this day (theyre 42) they still do it. The more severe cases can actually leave large bald spots on the head.

  • Daniel Scuiry
    Daniel Scuiry

    @ParanormalNightmare Could your migraine have been related the fatal gunshot wound? Another way of trying to communicate with you?

  • Miki D.R. Wulf
    Miki D.R. Wulf

    Great Work Guy's ....... From a Paranormal Investigator from Denmark

  • tami lamoureux
    tami lamoureux

    i find it interesting that Shaun hears the voices more clearly than Rocky and Josh, this of course implying that Shaun is more of an auditory empath/medium. Do you suppose this may have something to do with his earlier experiences? Actually, i'll pose that question openly here to anyone who HAS had experiences in their lives....did you find your own senses sharpened , and if so, in what form? i myself can 'sense' and 'see' fairly easily, but find i have a great amount of difficulty with auditory unless i take away my sight and concentrate very, very hard.

  • tami lamoureux
    tami lamoureux

    well, i'm not sure how i missed THIS episode, but i'm glad to have caught it. there was so much going on here in this place. although the young lady's father may be an angry drunken sort-not my words- he is also correct about there being something involved with the land. there WAS something that caused Joe to commit, and he said so. he is not the only spirit to have been trapped/collected, either. there were at least three voices trying to come through, and i'm pretty sure the entity behind it made an appearance as well-it's presence most notable by the sudden hush. you asked for it to come, and it did. you asked for it to prove itself, it caused you so much pain, you had to leave. this may or may not be demonic- i feel it is not- but it does have an ancient feel about it, and i might personally think wendigo or similar...this feels like something primal that the early native tribes knew about. it may be conducive to the young lady to investigate along those lines.

  • Jos Goossens
    Jos Goossens

    These Ghosthunters Mix the Sin of Necromancy with Christianity. Because of that, they can not Protect or Cleanse or Cast Out. The Ghosthunters Must become Bornagain Believers, Quit Sin, and Become Really Spiritually Strong. The Demons Pretending to be Ghosts are just Playing Games with them always because the ghosthunters are still somewhat Deceived..

  • Jos Goossens
    Jos Goossens

    Ghosts dont exist. Only Demons. Spirits of the Dead are NOT able to Communicate with the living! It's Only Demons you are talking to. You Pray to God in the Name of Jesus, but then you Mess Up by Comitting the Sin of Necromancy! Don't be Deceived GhostHunters!

  • Sugar Spring
    Sugar Spring

    I would go back in that bedroom alone with just a spirit box for $40,000

  • Brett Allen
    Brett Allen

    43;00 arrest em! 39:36 yes i was stupid.

  • Bulchi & Chilma
    Bulchi & Chilma

    Damn when his voice came in spirit box the voice of her brother says im sorry sound so sad..

  • Jeff Childers
    Jeff Childers

    There were five shells missing one in the ceiling the one he shot himself but never left his skull where did the other three shells go what's the boys shooting at something

  • Jeff Childers
    Jeff Childers

    The scariest part of this video is when she says that her dad may be drunk and violent

  • ☆☆Mandy☆☆

    The spirit box sessions are the best part! I would watch 20 hours of it! Especially when spirits are responding like they were here!!

  • Skittles31 skittles31
    Skittles31 skittles31

    Shaun is still a HANDSOME MAN...🥰 You men are so brave. This investigation was real sad. But you men did an awesome job. As always...God bless you men...❤️

  • Christina Labarbera
    Christina Labarbera

    At 30.50 to 30:51 there was a big round white llight to the right of the screen over his shoulder

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith

    So Shaun I had to laugh with you when the spirit said your fat some funny stuff coming from orbs

  • April Angell
    April Angell

    This one is a tough one. You guys are so respectful and empathetic. Thanks for all you do!

  • felix_gb

    wow this paranormal activity is truly crazy bro thats a like from me!

  • felix_gb


  • Emilie Fulgencio
    Emilie Fulgencio

    I was only a kid when my sister where calling those spirits in the glass

  • Emilie Fulgencio
    Emilie Fulgencio

    that's how we feel negative and always hostile to one another both peace probably that's why my father left us

  • Emilie Fulgencio
    Emilie Fulgencio

    I love it when you just roll the camera not interrupting telling their stiories

  • jessica p
    jessica p

    Idk about anyone else but I got nauseous when u started filming in the house.

  • Kylie Sutton
    Kylie Sutton

    Hi from Tasmania Australia, That was awesome guy's love your show 👹👻👹

  • steven brewer
    steven brewer

    I love how you guy's dont mess around and get down to the point. i herd the voice say Arin, wonder if somone committed suicide there before they moved in the house, i can't imagine the rage of wanting to end it all only to find out you still exist just dont have a body, misery loves company, just a thought....

  • Nicole Kenny
    Nicole Kenny

    What happened when you were real young huh I want to know what you were going through with your life in your house when did it happen to you my friend huh?

  • Dec Magnet
    Dec Magnet

    How Rude @ 26:44. 😂

  • Dec Magnet
    Dec Magnet

    It’s frightening the fact a demon can convince you to commit suicide! Even if you don’t believe in organized religion it’s best to have some relationship with God. Work on your spirituality it may come in handy.

  • Michelle Côté-Lafontaine
    Michelle Côté-Lafontaine

    My deepest respect to the family, it’s never easy to loose someone period, have to deal with a loved ones suicide is most difficult. We are left with more questions than before and more quilt. 15:39 a shadow crosses the wall to the dad. 22:29 off to Josh’s right s’aide is a shadow figure, you see it well standing by the door.( Josh’s shadow is behind him)

  • DSR317

    You guys may be somewhat sensitive...picking up and feeling the "self inflicted"gunshot to the head from the kids suicide? Why you guys had the headaches and feeling those emotions?

  • Clay Brien
    Clay Brien

    Thank you for helping loved one's who needed help

  • Diana Cardenas
    Diana Cardenas

    FourMan Brothers WHY?-WHEN Asking Questions Y'all NEVER Use The SPIRIT*BOX???-Are Y'all Trying To Hear DISEMBODIED*VOICES With Y'all Own EARS👂??? Just Asking, I'm Curious 🤔 Y'all Do A GREAT JOB INVESTIGATING...AT First IT Didn't Make No SenSe But EvenTually I GOT IT😂)-(SomeThing Is Close By You or Near Walking Around Rockys Camera Keeps Getting Blurry and That Happens When A SPIRIT, ENTITIES, 👻 GHOST👺DEMONS ARE SOMEWHERE CLOSE BY.. BE CAREFUL GUYS

  • 53840mp

    Could it be that what Shaun was feeling was the pain Joe felt when he shot himself?

  • Elizabeth Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas

    I was sad😥💔 then suddenly, look fat..😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Wendy Roberts
    Wendy Roberts

    I have to ssy something right now this young ladies story is mine ton.v a tea .. i have lost my brother, my nephew and father from something evil .. it has torured my family for a long time . This is how i became a demonologist but i had to hang kn my hat for awhile because they threatened my son .. i know that fear

  • Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    “Shaun.... you look fat” 🤣

  • Walton Huggins
    Walton Huggins

    It’s pretty awesome that you guys found your calling, to help the deceased and their family’s... it’s nice to see ghost hunters on UZmatch actually attempt to help the victims of these haunting. Documenting proof of the other side is very important, however bringing peace and light is noble. Please keep it up

  • crazy gamer
    crazy gamer

    So we need to be homeless

  • Elizabeth Hannah
    Elizabeth Hannah

    All the times y’all asked for whatever to show themselves,have they ever?

  • Alfons Visser
    Alfons Visser

    Dear fourman brothers i like your episodes you do so match good work i wont to ask you to go to a very Proud man roland with me he needs help so please contact with him i dont belief that you reading this but if you do thanks he needs all the help he can have again he is a very Proud man so please contact with him Alfons keep on the cood work Alfons

  • Kelly Lupton
    Kelly Lupton

    RIP Joe ♥️

  • Kelly Lupton
    Kelly Lupton

    Just a friggin poser that cracked me up 😂❤️

  • Talia SC
    Talia SC

    36:35, when you’re talking about the headache/spirit box, there’s a female spirit talking over you...

  • Theresa Ohman
    Theresa Ohman

    Thank you for all you do to help people, you are Gods warriors, sent to help. God bless all of you.

  • Jessica Hammerly
    Jessica Hammerly

    I pull out my eyelashes too :/

  • Feline Faye
    Feline Faye

    They waited too long before they made a positive move. I almost lost my daughter. NEVER NEVER doubt your children! They can hide their true feelings very well, be aware of the suicide signs!!!! There is extreme unexplained evil out there, some we can NOT see. That kind of evil is the worst kind. God Bless you, Shaun, Rocky and Josh.

  • Desiree Meloy
    Desiree Meloy

    This young woman is truly fantastic my heart breaks for her and I'm amazed by her courage and strength and her undying love she had for her little brother staying with him through his cremation so touching God bless you honey ♥️

  • Merlin

    Amazing you were able to get rid of that demon so quickly! God job, fellas.

  • Merlin

    It IS trying to get in your head and the same thing causing the headches is putting words in your heads.

  • Merlin

    Joe's going to be limited in what he can say because he is now in the demon's control;.

  • Merlin

    Dad's so full of sh_t, nothing he says matches up to what the daughter said. it wouldn't surprise me if he was carrying around an attachment of the demon or it's minions. He just won't accept any responsiblility for anything including HIS gun!

  • Merlin

    If ever there was a case for you guys this is it. Demon-1 Family-0 . She had a good question, you can cleanse property but how do you help someone with an attachment or possession? Good luck, guys.

  • Jaynie Bo Baynie
    Jaynie Bo Baynie

    These spirits are ruthless...a few episodes back, they called Rocky "Fatty" and "Dildo" and now they are telling Shaun he looks fat LOL

  • Bex & Dave Taiapa
    Bex & Dave Taiapa

    You guys do such amazing things for all the families that seek your help, keep up the amazing work you're definitely their Guardian Angels. Love and Light to you all from New Zealand, West Auckland xxoo

  • Brandon Scutnik
    Brandon Scutnik

    The ghosts running around trying to give them signs when they ask for them.. “walk up to us” 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️ “touch something” 👉🏼 “talk to us” 🗣 🥵🥵 😠 HOW MANY SIGNS DO YOU NEED

  • Hannah Llewellyn
    Hannah Llewellyn

    Second time I had chills watching this video

  • Kassandrra Guzman
    Kassandrra Guzman

    God I am not even into the investigation part of the video and her story sounds so much like mine and my 3 sisters. Thankfully no one died but the rage she is talking about that she felt I can honestly say I have felt that way in my childhood home. I was the oldest and once I turned 15 I emancipated myself just so I can get rid of my home. My mother was a saint but my step father changed when we moved in that house. That house tore my mother's relationship up maybe for the best. What I will say is I'm 33yrs old and my sisters and I still have nightmares reoccurring of the house calling us back to it. I love your Channel Fourman brothers thank you for what you do. Makes you almost feel like you are a survivor for all you've been through.

  • Raylin Ervin
    Raylin Ervin

    I feel this is happening to me. The pain in my head doesn't go away until I leave the house. Its very heavy here.

  • Annalisa McLaughlin
    Annalisa McLaughlin

    Been binge watching all their shows but this one was very compelling because the brothers usually stay stoic and pulled together. You could tell the house was getting to them. And they snapped at each other a couple times. This story was also very interesting, because I feel like I've been in same angry house. I love how you try to move the spirit's out. Not many paranormal teams do that. Makes for a happy ending. ..

  • Nikki Le Verdier
    Nikki Le Verdier

    Yet another fantastic episode, I truly hope Joe's spirit can now be a rest. So very sad hoping his family are doing ok x

  • margaret sot
    margaret sot

    I m sorry but I am orthodox Christian and no soul after suicide can be in peace. That s what Muslim says that's what catholics say... I hope God forgives him and the family start to believe in Lord. I hope they Ara happy

  • willowmaster! cute
    willowmaster! cute

    After seeing all of your videos I went to watch another team. I couldn't even get watch the whole video,I believe there were things staged. You boys are the real deal. I'm a junky to your channel. Thanks for always keeping it real.

    • Paranormal Nightmare TV Series
      Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

      Thank you

  • Incognito Nunya
    Incognito Nunya

    I admire how you tried/did help Joe at peace, not to mention getting rid of the demons. You guys are doing such a good thing but for the living involved and for future residents 🙌👏👏👏

    • Incognito Nunya
      Incognito Nunya

      I just read the ending... awesome job sorting it all out 💜

  • SkromnitsaKrasotka

    I wish you didn`t have that stupid music in the background it is really annoying and just gives me a headache

  • Bri G
    Bri G

    Love when y’all use the spirit box

  • Sudesh Livinda
    Sudesh Livinda

    Check 20:28 , It looks like someone peeking in the background.

  • StarbrightHigh

    At 38:30 there is an audible uh huh also at 39:26 a similar sound there are other such sounds through that spirit box session that are not from the spirit box ! I think at 39:16 it sounds more like “my left finger slipped “I love these guys 🙏✌️

  • Benjamin Wayland
    Benjamin Wayland

    UN, World Bank document, and installers prove Covid 19 is a chip used in 5g. 1=A,9=I,=AI.. 5g has Laser capacity! Ask Jesus to forgive your Sins, and come into your life from your heart, Now, Miss Hell!

  • heather krug
    heather krug

    Her brother is totally playing with her hair the whole video!

  • heather krug
    heather krug

    Did anyone notice her hair in the beginning.. It doesn't look like wind.

  • Stephanie Quaresma
    Stephanie Quaresma

    I could hear voices having a conversation in the background at 37:15

  • Matsuri

    Reminds me of my childhood home. Never mess with the ouija board. Just saying. If a demon does take interest in you, rebuke them in Jesus's name and pray for God to help you. It worked for me and it'll work for you.

  • Heather Daniels
    Heather Daniels

    Just curious why u guys don't use Kinect ? I'm sure there is a good reason . Great videos !!

    • Paranormal Nightmare TV Series
      Paranormal Nightmare TV Series

      Yes we do

  • Joy Head
    Joy Head

    At 5:55 i start seeing movement of sum sort. Am i the o ly one?

    • Joy Head
      Joy Head

      The only one

  • Joy Head
    Joy Head

    Is there a reflection on that screen or is the fan blowing her hair ? Im seeing some movement somehow.

  • G &V family
    G &V family

    God bless this team and protect....🥰🥰🥰

  • Michelle Owens
    Michelle Owens

    Dude, I'm seeing alot of stuff happening in this video..I'm at 6:20 now, but I've been seeing stuff for like 30 seconds now. Is this visual effects, or is this real? Am I the only one who saw this?

  • Mya143

    I kept hearing a man talk at 37:05 and after everytime Josh would talk.

    • Gen transporter
      Gen transporter

      I can hear something too .. He answers at 37:05 with the words : I must be bad ?

  • Mya143

    I pray that GOD our heavenly father protects your mind, body, spirit and soul and also your loved ones while you all continue to help those in need. May a shield be put around your houses, your families and yourselves. In Jesus' mighty name I pray Amen🙏 Thanks for all you do guys! And thanks for documenting your experiences

  • j leigh
    j leigh


  • radiobob805

    Turn on a light so we can see what is going on. That continuous green is annoying.

  • Regina Rowe
    Regina Rowe

    I prayed with you and asked The Father to clean every home you attempt to clean an fill it with the light of life that these people may live.

  • Elizabeth Drake
    Elizabeth Drake

    She breaks my heart. My best friend commited suicide...29 years has taken me this long to even attempt to get past it. I applaud this young lady and hope y'all helped her. To anyone considering it suicide is never the answer.

  • Amanda castro
    Amanda castro

    I think you guys deserve your own show on travel channel I think this is my next favorite ghost videos to watch right next to ghost adventures! Thank you for uploading , I love them!

  • s. gates
    s. gates

    The bipolar -if that was problem, can give us really crappy days. Even when we make extra effort for good day c rap has way of moving the emotions wrong directions. Even things decades later can hit and dig in. Heart goes out to family for the loss.

  • sowdika

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen

  • sowdika

    To this people everything is a a sign of a ghost 👻

  • z frenzy
    z frenzy

    At 30:15 there is a hand in the dark

  • the coco fam xoxo have fun xoxo
    the coco fam xoxo have fun xoxo

    Love you guys.x


    At 12.01 looks like an arm was removed from around her.