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In Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5 "The Truth," Sam embraces the mantle of Captain America (after doing some soul searching with Isiah Bradley, Bucky, and his family). The episode sets the stage for the final battle against the Flag Smashers, the Power Broker, and Stage 5 of the MCU.

The Wakandans shuffle Zemo off to the Raft, where he may be recruited to create the villain team The Thunderbolts. While Isiah's grandson Elijah will become Patriot and lead the Young Avengers.

And, we break down the Julia Louis Dreyfuss cameo, who she is, and what role she'll play in the MCU going forward.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( twitter.com/ryanarey )
Edited by Katherine Woloson, Antonio Polito, and Ryan Arey

  • John Juniet
    John Juniet

    @ryanarey I still think the sound of Walker pounding out the shield is the sound from the close out credits from End Game. 🤔

  • motoo nakabayashi
    motoo nakabayashi

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  • Isabelle Jackson
    Isabelle Jackson

    The horrible digestion reassuringly sign because millimeter finallly complain between a fresh iraq. grotesque, mellow check

  • Emerson da Silva
    Emerson da Silva

    Something I noticed: The shield is really light. We can notice it on the scene where Sams nephew is playing with it. If a kid can lift it up, it explains why Sam can throw the shield the way he does, without having super strenght.

  • ClayZi Bly
    ClayZi Bly

    DYRFIS was a terrible choice for this

  • ClayZi Bly
    ClayZi Bly

    JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!! such a great tv show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken Plays
    Ken Plays

    Why must you say "Your Mom"? that's so rude!

  • Rozy Berger
    Rozy Berger

    omg bucky is bucky

  • Rozy Berger
    Rozy Berger


  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner

    I don't watch WOKE BS, thumbsdown

  • SkitsoFx

    Tf is that thumbnail?

  • Andrew Horne
    Andrew Horne

    From what it seems like to me is that the show is saying that there was always a Captain America. But then you get Steve Rodgers who became The Captain America. And now that Steve is (whatever he is) you now just have a Captain America.

  • hhg hhg
    hhg hhg

    Do you ship Barah? or Sucky???

  • Senior Ricketts
    Senior Ricketts

    Maybe bucky went back where he fell and found them

  • Faris Raihan
    Faris Raihan

    i come from future, sorry bro, no arnim...

  • Mr Model
    Mr Model

    This Final Episodes was one of the WORST THINGS I have ever seen on TV. The ending where everyone stands around and talks only seconds after nearly everyone almost dies in horrible fiery plummeting deaths is worse than the ending of Thunder Force, which was a 'comedy' superhero movie that was supposed to be funny. Falcon's ending was excrutiatingly painful to watch because it wasn't meant to funny, it was taking itself serious with a "message". "WHY" did the Falcon carry the 'bad girl' down from the sky with his wings spread open like he was a delivering angel from Heaven when in the end the 'bad girl' wasn't redeemable at all. She was as bad & completely evil as they come. Not a saint. And, instead, the Falcon leaves his best friend on a cold concrete floor with a bullet lodged in her gut as she bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. While the Falcon is having this totally unconvincing calm & intellectual conversation with world leaders on a dark street with destruction all around as his female friend with the bullet in her gut is probably dead by now. Good God. GOD THIS WAS AWFUL!!!!!!!!! I had to turn it off before the show ended. I cannot stand to see a Marvel production deteriorate to this level of blech..... PLEASE do not make another show like this again. I am begging you Disney+ & Marvel !!!!!!!!!!!! I will throw my own Captain America shield at you if you make another show like this one again.

  • Alex Hockenberry
    Alex Hockenberry

    I don't think Zola is the Power Broker, especially since we've made it up to the season finale without ANY hint to it. Sounds a bit "Mephisto"-y. However, ep 5 did end with glitching screens at the GRC meeting. Wouldn't it be WILD if the episode started with Zola appearing on those screens? Guess we'll find out in 45 minutes.

  • Batkevn

    Bucky only hits John with his right arm. Not the Vibranium one. I think this shows he is far more human and on the right track. Edit: goes to show more of how he defaults to his human side and not the programmed side. Especially with his comment about being right-handed.

  • Daniel Llera
    Daniel Llera

    This video is a touching tribute to your mom

  • Tr1pleOseveN

    Grandson not nephew...🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nachiket G
    Nachiket G

    Please share the original comics sequence to read for the current MCU storyline

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart

    Robot Zola is the new Mephisto

  • Sean Gibson
    Sean Gibson

    I think Valentina is a Skrull. There is a Secret Wars movie coming up. Valentina was a Skrull in Secret Wars, so this could be a lead in to that.

  • Jeffrey B. Campbell
    Jeffrey B. Campbell

    I’ve had my dog tags reprinted. It’s a simple process. Probably wouldn’t even be considered a favor.

  • Mat Nardone
    Mat Nardone

    I figured Sharon IS the powerbroker

  • Retha Blair
    Retha Blair

    I'm glad this show came after WandaVision💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • xKA9

    If you cry about this being political you’re a snowflake

  • susan pasarow
    susan pasarow

    Just an FYI, there is no regulation for re-issuing dog tags because it's a basica supply request completed at the company level, just like getting additional uniform patches or rank. Nice catch though, Bucky's tags may be Steve's...

  • Will Grandin
    Will Grandin

    I think it should also be pointed out with the "Uncle Sam" part: the real-world Uncle Sam is based on a man named Sam Wilson

  • Andi Bowe
    Andi Bowe


  • Yoav S
    Yoav S

    The way he goes into the commercial is so cringe. It's just... no other word actually.


    I think Zemo will either given super serum on the raft by Ross and told to lead Ross's Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers. This is what he hates the most and will he be bribed for the Antidote by Ross, which there is none. This all leading up to Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers vs Young Avengers and there will be a few toss ups of who sides with which team. Examples: Agatha, Wanda, White Vision.

  • Arnold Norris
    Arnold Norris

    That dog is cute af

  • raymond luca
    raymond luca

    a spooky thing called all whites are racist and it made us eternal slaves to "diversity" diverse is a classroom of all nonwhites, a non diverse is a classroom with 1 white kid

  • raymond luca
    raymond luca

    a white man aint ready to be the king of wackoffhanda

  • chefatron

    Batroc is wearing purple and gold just like the colors of his costume in the comicbooks

  • FenixintheDark

    Sharon IIIISSSSSS the Power Broker. I've been nagging all of these videos all along. Why are all you XY's so against that?

    • ScreenCrush

      I’m not against it, I just think it would be obvious. I actually love the Idea of Sharon turning heel

  • FsM

    No no no not sharon Carter pls 😂😂

  • DnDBasement

    theodore G is spelt liek you would pronounce "Jericho" its just written in french or some other near french language !

  • DnDBasement

    it all adds up, really... but one single thing in the movie doesn't fit... "THE BLACK PRESIDENT !!" yup, obama was president during the events. so saying a black captain america is a no go... it seems kinda wrong at that point in time. so the whole argument of the comic book falls flat. this is the thing though... the whole point of isaiah thing is "he's stuck in the past" to him thats never gonna change, but reality is... like falcon says... we're in a time of change. and he's right ! thats the whole point of falcon as captain america... steve rogers believed in him, more then bucky, more then anyone else... the only person not believing in himself, is falcon ! thats the point ! whatever bullshit isaiah says, is just bullshit from an old man who lost his life and becauseof it, is salty about life. he even think they'll come for his life if they know where he lives. at that point in time, the government would be proud to have a soldier like that to their side. or even if just to tell his story. but no he keeps on saying they will still wanna kill him if they know. stuck in old farm ville... falcon is not stuck on the past... he thinks future... thats why its important. isaiah is bullshit at this point. thats why sam took the shield... trained, he knows itsbullshit. he knows he has to try still. thats answered by the end of episode 5.

  • The Crispy Chip
    The Crispy Chip

    What why am I JUST getting this notification..

  • Douglas Lopes
    Douglas Lopes


  • bluejew2

    Sharon also uses an Android phone, a bit of a clue that she is a villian

  • mysillynick

    At some point I'm gonna see the "your mom" joke coming. Not yet, though.

  • Madiha Khan
    Madiha Khan

    I don't know if anyone's said this yet, but Isaiah talking about how he goes and saves his men when they were captured is just like how Steve saved the soldiers from the Hydra Base. But Steve was revered as a hero while Isaiah was punished for not listening to the government.

  • Ivipro 626
    Ivipro 626

    One thing, don't u think that Sharon can be the son of Peggy and Cappy???

  • Lincoln Ward
    Lincoln Ward

    Sees thumbnail - "ah yes, Bucky had an old man hidden in his collar the whole time."

  • Dat Truth85
    Dat Truth85

    Are you not going to touch on how trash Walker’s shield is going to be it’s just made out of steel not the material of the actual captain America shield so it should be able to be destroyed very easily especially by Buckies arm

  • Ted Peck
    Ted Peck

    Sharon Carter = Power broker. I don't get the need to drag dead villains from the dead to play new villains. I also actually loathe win media (film, shows etc.) hand out medal of honors to characters. Especially living characters, and multiple at that. Silly thing to be bothered by in a fictional universe and all, but still reduces the meaning of those medals in the real world for cheap character building.

  • Ian T
    Ian T

    Isaiah was put in jail for 30 years for the same thing Steve Rogers did in First Avenger without penalty.

  • chicagobudoka


  • Udayaprasad

    After San becomes an expert with the shield he is wearing red and blue representing cap's uniform when throwing the shield near the dock.

  • LadyMasKerade

    The episode seems to be putting Walker in opposition to Iron man. In the episode he has two scenes where he insists "I am Captain America", seeing as how "I am Iron Man" is so central to Tony, I don't think this is a coincidence. This is made even clearer with the post credits starting with the hammer banging, just like in Endgame. And, like you said, creating his shield.

  • Berger James
    Berger James

    We all know Bucky is a Ladies Man😎🤩

  • Andreas Wang
    Andreas Wang

    You missed the detail that is Nick Fury hired Bartoc back in the Winter Soldier.

  • Dylan Mccargow
    Dylan Mccargow

    Did anyone notice that when bucky pulled the trigger on xemo he flinched

  • Nevanada (Nevanada)
    Nevanada (Nevanada)

    Never seen this channel before. Is the thumbnail satire or legit

  • Dex Deaton
    Dex Deaton

    love the wire music played when mentioning baltimore

  • Cutie Galore
    Cutie Galore

    BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!! I hope they do make a Black Man Captain America. No justice No peace.

  • fmg182

    "and, the text at the bottom, is a touching tribute to.. (and here I was waiting for a revelation) ..your mom" I will now subscribe because of this

  • Matt

    Is it just me or when Falcon was training and running was he running on the right side of the track, leaving space on the left... on your left callback?

  • Mark Hamilton
    Mark Hamilton

    I have always wondered. What are the straps on the shield made of? If they are leather then ripping it from Walkers arm should be pretty easy for Bucky yet they always stay intact.

  • poop py
    poop py

    We need White Wolf suit!!!!

  • tconn

    I lost it at "WALKER SANDWICH!"

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro

    The tags have his name on them. No one elses. Sebastian Stan put the tags on instagram and you can see the pattern matches the ones he's wearing on the show. I know people wanted them to be Steves but no, they're just his.

  • S1X_K Truu
    S1X_K Truu

    Did anyone notice that when Sam threw the shield and caught it, it held more resistance or looked heavier compared to how well Chris Evans used it?

  • TJ Kells 3rd
    TJ Kells 3rd

    Only critique is Black Panther called him White Wolf too

  • Aurelio Fabricio Induni Ocampo
    Aurelio Fabricio Induni Ocampo

    My dude, look at the Medusa painting. That is not the only black man in the painting. The main figure is the black man at the top, signaling their location to a ship passing by to save them. The painting was actually portraying a black man as a hero, just as this series portrays Sam and Isaiah as heroes.

  • S1X_K Truu
    S1X_K Truu

    Ryan your realll slick with the your moms and VPN ads😂😂😂

  • Heather Peterson
    Heather Peterson

    I expected a mention of how John Walker kept saying "I am Captain America" as being an echo/callback to Tony Stark's famous line "I am Iron Man."

  • T R
    T R

    "Making tea and learning evil" hahahahah

  • Pickle Productions
    Pickle Productions

    Putting the actual video aside, that thumbnail is HORRIBLE

  • kilroy987

    Yeah what's on his collar oh nothing. Right, thumbnail psychology, keeping people inured.

  • Chris Hurley
    Chris Hurley

    Sam in blue and red??

  • Shizzaff

    I can't believe you didn't talk about Sam opening the case at the end, I watched this whole thing to see what you thought was in it and you didn't say anything about it

  • Naomi G
    Naomi G

    John walker is such a fan girl

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3

    Hail Lobster

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3

    LMAOO the dora milaje are taking zemo to the raft? with the other supervillains? I thought they had jurisdiction wherever they went why aren't they taking him to Wakanda to face wakandan justice?

  • Jarid Parrao
    Jarid Parrao

    Missed the scene when Sam and Bucky remove the shield from John Walker, almost like when Iron Man and the Avengers on Titan tried to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos and failed, however Sam and Bucky were successful and in the process of removing Steve's I mean Sam's shield they broke Walker's arm.

  • Tara Easley
    Tara Easley

    From this day forward, if anyone asks me what I'm doing my response will be "Making tea and learning evil" AHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!

  • Taylor Eckert
    Taylor Eckert

    Shang Chi trailer just dropped! Are you putting a review together and where this fits into the MCU?

  • Blake Miniard
    Blake Miniard

    I wonder if the case has a new Redwing with what is most likely a new suit.

  • spinn1

    Can someone explain why the Dora Milaje would send Zemo to the Raft, instead of face justice in Wakanda? I know they've opened up to the World, but the first reveal of them in FatWS seemed personal.

  • Mario

    About the dog tags - Dog tags are easy to replace or get made extras of. You just have to pay for them yourself

  • Chad Cognac
    Chad Cognac

    I dont think she is recruiting anyone in Black Widow since it takes place in the past.

  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas

    You need to look up what "in cold blood" means. Walker killing the guy with his shield was the opposite of cold blood. Thanos' snap? Cold blood. Peter Quill losing it on Thanos (or Ego)? Not cold blood.

  • Gray Man Concepts
    Gray Man Concepts

    Your comment about vets bring contractors at 4:52 is ignorant, inappropriate and out of line.

  • Iggy Norant
    Iggy Norant

    Sharon is Mephisto confirmed.

  • Randall Rapp
    Randall Rapp

    Looking forward to a breakdown/history of Shang-chi &LTR vid.

  • Randall Rapp
    Randall Rapp

    These MCU show's keep getting better with each episode! I was thinking Sharon Carter was going to be Madam Hydra, then Val hits the scene.

  • Kitten Bunteman
    Kitten Bunteman

    Am I the only one that when I heard those hammer blows that was reminded immediately of the end credit scene/sound of endgame - maybe signifying that this is the beginning of the villain arc in the MCU. That the villains from this series is going to be an arc long battle?

  • Andrew Ambrogio
    Andrew Ambrogio

    FYI it is very easy to get new dog tags in the military.

  • Michael Carr
    Michael Carr

    Loving these recaps, theories and explanations Ryan & Doug. Just a small thing but at 08:30 you said nephew, but wasn't Eli actually Isiah's grandson?

  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith

    Might be far fetched... I am rewatching the MCU currently in chronological order since new movies are releasing soon. I just watched Iron Man again and, in the movie, Pepper talks to Tony about an expensive painting, Tony proceeds to tell her to buy the painting.. Is the painting we see in this episode the same one mentioned as a part of Tony's collection in the first Iron Man??

  • peekitty

    Thanks for the quick detour to address the "Why's the show gotta get political?" idiots.

  • GlueTubber

    I hate hate hate when people say that Truth depends on your viewpoint. It doesn't, truth doesn't depend on your viewpoint. Truth is. What people call their 'truth' is just their interpretation.

  • Thomas Gideon
    Thomas Gideon

    False Supposition: That Bucky's nickname of the White Wolf was given to him by kids. There is zero evidence that children came up with it first. We just hear children use it first.

  • Thomas Gideon
    Thomas Gideon

    Isaiah is so blinded by his racial hatred, he can't see the truth. He definitely has a point about how blacks have been treated in the past. There have been real horrors done to them, including experiments disguised as inoculations. Yes, in the real world. However, what Isaiah misses, is that his race and the race of his men that were experimented on had nothing to with how the government treated them. The government would have ordered the deaths of all of them when captured if they were white. The government would have imprisoned and experimented on the only stable subject if he was white. That had nothing to do with race, and everything to do with an arms race. I do think he well represents the continual cycle of hatred that even right now keeps us circling the drain.

  • Jim Dock
    Jim Dock

    The flag smashers are terrible, don’t think they are justified in the slightest? They are saying the world was better off when half of the people were taken away what makes their ideology any better than thanos? I don’t understand why they’re portrayed as victims

  • Abass Ali
    Abass Ali

    The only thing Nord VPN can’t block is your ads 😭