Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead
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I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • The Memer
    The Memer

    matpat:and thats why the Minecraft nether is a soul trap that sucks peoples souls out for energy... so have you heard of rayon's wireless earbuds?

  • Eison John Tulod
    Eison John Tulod

    Heres my advice matpat i know your great when it comes to theories about games and knowing their secrets, but my only interest is facts or predictions that are real those are important one some say theories are 50v50 true or false but yeah i appreciate one of your videos but one thing notice is that the animation you've edited is a bit too much you need to at least edit the video less cuz it makes me cringe sometimes

  • Azguard Mike 2013
    Azguard Mike 2013

    opening barter bit, was half expecting Matt to do a Dream reference and get 4 ender pearls straight away, get excited and do it again and get another 4. (or a entire stack of them) The gravel drop was nice. One mistake though. Matts avatar wasn't wearing any gold so they should of all attacked him at the start.

  • Shadow Ash Gamer
    Shadow Ash Gamer

    The nether is hell

  • Blurry !!!
    Blurry !!!

    Game exsists: Matpat: OOGA BOOGA

  • Jumerald

    Imagine:You die in the nether and soul sand spawns

  • Thomas Engelthaler
    Thomas Engelthaler

    What is the feed ratio for insects

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      This theory is backed up even more by the fact that there are ruined portals referring to the fact someone had to build them before you joined the world, this implies that those

  • Lord tabs
    Lord tabs

    Ita not soul its lava

  • Daniel Huelsman
    Daniel Huelsman

    Wouldn't the lava provide energy somehow? There's even lifeforms adapted to the extreme heat, so why wouldn't it be treated like a sun?

  • David Martin
    David Martin

    What? It's the first time I hear about the theory that the Nether is inside the plante deep underground beneath the overworld and not a diffrend dimension. Shure it sometimes is refeared to as a hellscape....but that's because it is. I mean looknat it more hell like that you can't get am I right. Well...than again I watch a lot of chanells where they actually break the bedrock to build things on the nethers cieling revealing a vast space wich is perfect for building farms.

  • soviet potato t.p
    soviet potato t.p

    I wish he would do a fortnite lore video fortnite lore is pretty deep

  • lesjackc11

    Mojang: says something Matt: *LORE*

  • Miles W
    Miles W

    Ah, yes. The sun. Very renewable.

  • Ty Richards
    Ty Richards

    Make a vid on a way out plz

  • Gracen Argo
    Gracen Argo

    The energy could also be coming from quartz sense you can’t find quartz in the overworld and quartz can produce energy

  • Kenyatta Barton
    Kenyatta Barton

    Lava also produces some light as well as heat

  • Kenyatta Barton
    Kenyatta Barton

    Or maybe they get there energy from the heat produced by lava ?

  • Kenyatta Barton
    Kenyatta Barton

    What about the lava ??

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones

    You need to do a theory about how the enderman are in the nether

  • Brian

    Could the nether use heat as it's energy source. There is lots of lava and heat there.

  • frozen miner
    frozen miner

    The vegeterian thing is so stupid the cows eat plants that are not edible to humans and most of them are pretty much are waste like peels and skins of some veggies

  • Jonathan dream land
    Jonathan dream land

    pvz theory pls

  • A50ftfall

    If you were dream you would have gotten everything you need to defeat the ender dragon

  • Nicholas Parcheta
    Nicholas Parcheta

    This theory is backed up even more by the fact that there are ruined portals referring to the fact someone had to build them before you joined the world, this implies that those people entered but didn't come back and that's why there ruined, its similar to the end where they went in but couldn't escape and became endermen those same people entered the nether and didn't come out with there souls being left in the dust for the fungus to grow and the piglins to fest off of.


    Nobody thinks that the nether is located under the overworld, everyone who's dug down in creative knows that.

  • Balkanized

    Now I won’t be as mad when I die in the Nether


    Why you say potions and show a bottle of dragon breath?

  • Zerokoolsentenals

    I thought it was hell

  • Gacha Apples Edits & Memes and series’s
    Gacha Apples Edits & Memes and series’s

    Hey I got a random theory... What if the old super building people where like herobin? And the last herobin we see as the ghost/god is one of the last super building people- but the only reason why herobin is the last one is because he killed the wither. And we bring the whiter back cause herobin to go to the nether to hide away from the wither that was already as hard to kill and he was afraid to fight it again. Remember that’s just a theory A THEORY FROM A OVERTHINKER

  • Selissa Thompson
    Selissa Thompson

    Look at something interesting the pillagers don't attack baby villagers mat pat you need to look at this like and comment on this comment so he sees this he need to theory on this

  • ah ah
    ah ah

    Perhaps the soulsand Valley is the result of a positive feedback loop. Originally, one area of the nether has a few more monsters in it, and a few more people die there than in other areas. This means that more dead bodies and souls pile up, creating more skeletons and soul sand. This makes the area more dangerous, killing more people and creating more skeletons. The cycle continues until people learn to avoid the large expanse of soul sand

  • Sparrow the genji main
    Sparrow the genji main


  • Icycoolbeand

    They could be useing the heat as energy. There is so much of it. Rember that the neather is closed off so the heat isn't going anyware.

  • no_one 8.8
    no_one 8.8

    Please can you solve the lore for little nightmares 1 and 2. I would love to hear you explained it’s lore. It’s a very good HORROR game which might interest you and I hope you’ve heard of it

  • Doin Daworst
    Doin Daworst

    Please help! With Don’t Starve Together! It’s just like Minecraft! Relaxing and easy, with lots of lore and no stress!

  • My last account got deleted, thanks Susan
    My last account got deleted, thanks Susan

    Here's another theory: the Nether has bacteria that feed off of the heat, similar to bacteria located around thermal vents on the ocean floor. This bacteria provides the energy for the plant/fungi forests.

  • Mike Walker
    Mike Walker

    Give editors a raise.

  • orange fox
    orange fox

    When Matt was zooming into the soulsand, I thought he was gonna say that the lava was the power source because there’s so, so MUCH of it and also because he just talked about the Sun’s heat being used as an energy source

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    What if the souls are entities you kill in the overworld? would explain why there's so many

  • Eliza Wulf
    Eliza Wulf

    Yeah, it kinda bends the laws of physics to have a natural (not artificial) parallel interior world with no sun that lets you cover more distance in the overworld...


    Moral: save trees

  • Matt the Hedgehog
    Matt the Hedgehog

    Dude, anybody else getting City of Ember vibes here

  • Campbell Palmer
    Campbell Palmer

    Did Matt never consider how much Energy the Seas of Molten Rock flooding the whole place could produce? has he not thought of how Volcanic stuff is full of minerals that can support life such as silicone based rock monsters (Ie: the literal slimes made of living molten rock, or the Striders who have their feet calcified into seemingly rock to survive Million degree, oh what is it? Something... Matt just can't put his finger on it though)

  • Ironymus

    even a barren planet that inhabits life only in caves is circling a sun and recieves the most energy through Sun radiation. Where heat is, is quite likely also microbial life. The base for all life on earth to grow. So I think there is no need for the nether to sustain on souls.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    What about radiation or heat energy Maybe they consume radiation like godzilla or know how to convert heat into energy

  • undead crusader
    undead crusader

    I have a theory of the blaze in Minecraft I think it’s origin has to do with the ancient race of builders maybe they combine soul sand and magma or used something else,I think they were made to protect the fortress in the nether,but there’s a problem with my theory they are found in a monster spawner,so did the builders used a monster egg and put in the monster spawner? I’m not sure but I’m happy to share this Theory with you matpat thank you for reading this

  • Teen Gaming
    Teen Gaming

    there could be another source of energy: heat. The nether is obviously boiling hot. Now, irl, there is one type of mushroom called the Radiotrophic fungus, wich gets its energy only from radiation. This kind of fungi grows in irradiated regions, such as the Chernobyl. (,of%20Low%20Earth%20orbit%20spacecraft). What if in the Minecraft universe, the mushrooms in the nether have adapted to a lifestyle based only on the energy gathered from the heat? Is that possible?

  • Clayton master04
    Clayton master04

    Mat I don't know if you could do a theory on this but I have a possible theory, the theory is that the wither is actually an ancient building experiment went wrong on one of there own Simmion (which is the name of the wither, I can't remember the actual spelling)

  • Mishal M
    Mishal M

    How about Thermal energy from Lava, and the lava is heated powered from heat from out of that bedrock layer

  • a human
    a human

    There is a giant ball of lava right in middle of nether and unlike earth its out there and gives heat and energy to world Gametheory:no it cant be that they use souls

  • gaming stuff
    gaming stuff

    But that is the only way bruh 7:58

  • Adomas Jarmalavicius
    Adomas Jarmalavicius

    whait, what about thermal energy?

  • Credo Crine
    Credo Crine

    Theory about Mario’s toes?

  • Legendary Hunter
    Legendary Hunter

    Game theory forgot about geothermal energy

  • 5h4d0W W4tch3R
    5h4d0W W4tch3R

    Can we please get a Returnal theory????

  • DeoxyRibenKnight

    I literally have a science test on food cycles 😂

  • erik lapidus
    erik lapidus

    If enderman did cultivate the nether, they wouldn’t have water for a very long time, so now they are allergic to it.

  • Ahto Põder
    Ahto Põder

    there was a law about energy... dont remeber the name of the law... but i do know that energy cant be lost... energy can only be converted... so even if we do have inefficient way of using calories, the energy technically isnt lost... sure its lost to us, but not the ecosystem... so a closed off ecosystem like the nether can work fine... so yeah... Correct me if im wrong... i like being smarter than i already am... and i dont like faulty information in my brain. (also, im not smart... no one is... we learn all life and still die dumb a.f.)

  • Bloopityblop

    They could also be living off of the chemicals from the lava, that exists in real life too so it would only be logical.

  • ツThat Gold Artist
    ツThat Gold Artist

    that chest is the gif from the official minecraft website.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    Desert temple roofs are the same shape as a 100% made beacon, that is all, maybe some lore


    6:59: Dats a mad Sunflower.

  • Steven Muller
    Steven Muller

    hey, your wrong on soul power alright you see when the player joins but when they die. they respawn But the souls don't come form players they come to form the mobs on the overworld like zombies and cows

  • Sabine neston
    Sabine neston

    How long could you survive being locked in your car and using the food you buy from the grocery shop

  • Random King
    Random King

    What bout geothermal energy? Lavas hot after all

  • CinderGT

    Try Friday night funkin

  • glitchy oof
    glitchy oof

    MatPat if you haven't already can you do a theory about the guardians and elder guardians like in your enderman video about the ancient builders, you said that the naturally generated structures were made by the ancient builders, also if you didn't notice guardians seems to be made of prismarine and elder guardians seems to be made of an older version of prismarine and the "spikes" on guardians are orange, and looking at all orange blocks from this link the block that looks like the spikes on guardians are red sandstone for the elder guardians, the spikes seems to be made of lapis lazuli and in your dark builders theory about the illagers you said that lapis is known to be a magical stone, so the lapis is probably where they got they're mining fatigue power, it also kinda looks like blue ice but i dont think thats it, in the Minecraft wiki it says that Guardians move toward a powered conduit and all light sources, flocking around them. However, a guardian that approaches within 8 blocks of a conduit is damaged by 4♥♥ every 2 seconds. i dont know what this means, but im trying to figure out, it also says that they are pufferfish like mobs so that could be the tail, they are also hostile to squids, glow squids and axolotls, their spikes have a thorns related effect too i dont know why they attack squids and axolotls on sight but i think it have something to do with their "programming" yep that's right (well most likely wrong) my theory about the guardians is that they were made by the ancient builders and they were made with prismarine bricks, red sand, a thorns enchantment book in their core that powers when they reach out their spikes shoots lasers of small lightings beams that they got from lighting rods and the elder guardians were their biggest success and they attack squids , axolotls and unknown humans that they don't remember because they tried to take their treasure that they kept in buried treasure chests, (im 99.9% sure this made no sense and is incorrect)

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    Think MatPat's aware of RetroGamingNow?

  • Mooshroom

    Please make music theory

  • GCXgaming51

    if you get above the ceiling theres mushrooms they could somehow transfer energy down

  • Khan Maykr
    Khan Maykr

    The soul Energy? It’s called Argent, get it right.

  • Johnny laureano
    Johnny laureano

    6:15 n

  • Spencer Richardson
    Spencer Richardson

    i mean 3rd option for how the nether sustains itself, extremophile bacteria maybe form enough nutrients that the mushrooms can use.

  • Kenneth Pg3d
    Kenneth Pg3d


  • George Meyers
    George Meyers

    Sun literally firing it's lazers at us lol.

  • Jas Ren
    Jas Ren

    What it the deal with custom portals and the fleet one, since if you write in a book in quil fleet there are 1,000s of ships why are they there, why are there even ships in the end, where are the elytra from?

  • Dolphin Platinum
    Dolphin Platinum

    Could do a theory about Piglins, like if the ancestors are trying to terraform the nether then they must’ve brought food, being pigs, but since the pigs had to eat Fungi it turned them into piglins



  • Sebsen231

    The bed exploding don’t make sense as the same thing happens in the end

  • EliExcalibur

    do a friday night funkin theory about the lemon demon

  • Nova Knight
    Nova Knight

    If you look at soul sand's texture you can see souls. The same souls you see in a warden's chest... Thoughts?

  • Alva N.1
    Alva N.1

    Mat talking about getting energy there from the soul, and me sitting there just like, heat is energy...

  • Green Reaper Games
    Green Reaper Games

    What about glow stone

  • Souppyy__

    (Tone is /j) 6:33 JUST USE THE METRIC SYSTEMMM

  • One Certain Esquire
    One Certain Esquire

    Maybe the nether is just the geothermal bottom to a planet with a frozen top?

  • Souppyy__

    Matt sounds like my science teacher explaining consumers,decomposers,producers,etc.-

  • Mhmm music
    Mhmm music

    Invincible film theory

  • Pro Gamer 381
    Pro Gamer 381

    14.1m subs amazing

  • KaiserRedGamer

    1:18 Dutch Minecrafters: *GEKOLONISEERD*

  • The New Order
    The New Order

    As a Doom Eternal player, the title had me thinking about Argent Energy from the game.

  • FartPigeon TheMerchant
    FartPigeon TheMerchant

    and then every minecraft player can break a tree its unlikely that a single person could break a tree not to mention multiple. there is like millions of people in minecraft that can break trees

  • fire nap
    fire nap

    Hey join the dream smp

  • Yan Bai
    Yan Bai


  • Blazer Ray
    Blazer Ray

    Well... could have been called Grave Site...

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
    Chicken Noodle Soup

    who says calories exist in minecraft maybe thgey have a better system of getting energy

  • Siddhanta Pathak
    Siddhanta Pathak

    Can you make a theory about this why are six’s and Monos name number six=6 mono=1 is a new character 61 or 16?

  • SeanTheGamer 0
    SeanTheGamer 0

    Its just a Block game

  • Lømic

    Hey mat! I have a theory, but I really need some votes in the replys to tell the story.

  • alvar45

    "plants are the only thing that can harness energy from the sun" sunfire elves: soo...we are plants..... pd: hello to all TDP fans!!

  • ironfang bigheart
    ironfang bigheart

    If that's the case why would you turn on creative mode can you dig straight down to the nether?