The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 5 BREAKDOWN! Spoilers! Easter Eggs & Ending Explained!
The Falcon \u0026 The Winter Soldier Episode 5 today spoilers! Beyond The Trailer breakdown \u0026 reaction 2021! Easter Eggs! Ending Explained! Madame Hydra!

The Falcon \u0026 The Winter Soldier Episode 5 REVIEW today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction and review of Episode 5 with spoilers, "Truth"! Marvel, MCU, Disney Plus! Sam Wilson gets the shield back and visits Isaiah Bradley! The Dora Milaje are taking Zemo to The Raft, and Thunderbolts! Plus Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes her debut as Contessa Val aka Madame Hydra! Is she going to recruit John Walker for the Dark Avengers?! Share your own reaction as you watch each full episode of The Falcon \u0026 The Winter Soldier on Disney Plus in 2021! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on UZmatch today!

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  • hell 0
    hell 0

    42:28 Its sad that she did not recognized the greatness that is THE RUSH st PIERRE

  • Tony Randall
    Tony Randall

    Agrees and is glad Marvel isn't pulling any punches when it comes to the dialogue/script. Has always been a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Very happy she is in MCU. Sam is Captain America!

  • antant06

    Holy crap Zac S's cyborg was so good. That link if true would be epic!

  • Kell Harris
    Kell Harris

    I was very impressed with John Walkers actor. I believed the guy was unhinged. He actually made me feel sorry for him because ultimately he was always trying to do the right thing. He was brave and self sacrificing but he feel from grace. And I do believe the serum influenced him along with his combat PTSD. He is a fallen hero. They used him and just threw him away like many other veterans.

  • mjamitche5

    Anthony Mackie is a phenomenal actor. You can really see it in this episode.

  • Raymond!

    I'm so proud of how Grace's discussions are so well done, thought out and are a little peak into the problems with American society and history and she does it in a very respectful way.

  • Miljan Tanić
    Miljan Tanić

    You don't understand people feeling for Karli because you've never had to be a refugee in your life.

  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey

    I couldn’t stand Carly in the first couple episodes but towards the last ones I definitely sympathized with her way more than John Walker

  • Ryan Nelson Holt
    Ryan Nelson Holt

    Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”, not Michael Jackson.

  • Reginald Rich II
    Reginald Rich II

    Wow, thanx for mentioning Bruce’s Beach. It’s in Manhattan Beach, CA...a city that I enjoy very much, and I just recently learned about that.

  • Vinsanity

    i wish curtis from punisher could meet with sam just to talk shop since they're both veterans counselors. and i really want feige to recognize marvel netflix in the mcu. 😀

  • D H
    D H

    Grace...... grace grace grace.... did you just spoil Spider-Man: No Way Home at 9:12 ???!?!?!?

  • Andri Mufid
    Andri Mufid

    37:39 Nods to CA:CW

  • Cornelia Amiri
    Cornelia Amiri

    I love your breakdowns and reviews. think this show is just absolutely awesome for anybody, even people that are unfamiliar with the comic story. I consider it a must see.

  • Zion the Elder
    Zion the Elder

    Good job but can African Americans be invited to the table to write? Geesh

  • Zion the Elder
    Zion the Elder

    I felt Bucky when he said, "yeah we do." 🙌🏾

  • Paul Hickey
    Paul Hickey

    Can someone please make a movie about the bruces beach story?

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia

    Best episode of the show. Amazing show. Really makes you think and be somewhat optimistic. Seeing Sam as the new Cap will be amazing

  • Stacy G
    Stacy G

    John Walker feels like he just came out of the Amazon show The Boys

  • Nytellem

    I never knew about Bruce’s Beach thank you America as stripped so much away from Black people. It’s depression and Sad as a Black person in America. 😞

  • Nytellem

    I don’t Understand why people side with John and Karli. It jus shows how dark a lot of people actually are in this world.

  • houseofleaves12

    Plz don’t spoil up coming marvel shows and movies just because you have inside information.

  • Corey Parsons
    Corey Parsons

    Ok Grace before you go on a Tony pity party about Daddy Stark making the shield you had better acknowledge where the metal was taken from in first place. This show hasn’t a addressed it and neither has the movies. Wakanda Forever 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • Frank Corso, Jr.
    Frank Corso, Jr.

    You're great in front of a 🎥 I'd love to see you on TV 🙌

  • Christopher

    Coulson Vs. Contessa.... reunion of Old Christine.....Hmmm.....Would be an AWESOME scene!!!!!

  • IM Thig
    IM Thig

    "Language!" - Cap

  • WebWay2000

    Yeah I would love to seen a flashback of Isiah

  • Roger Speed Art
    Roger Speed Art

    Poorly cast in Marvel- Brie Larson.. personal opinion.

  • JayVon Jones
    JayVon Jones

    I love the fact that Sam and Bucky are friends now

  • Chad-Michael Simon
    Chad-Michael Simon

    38:24 In my second viewing, I noticed that they introduce the shield scene with this iconic shot, and then it cuts to all the trees being wrapped. The implication is that they threw it, and yeah... that's gonna kill the trees. I can see them doubling over and looking around like two dudes who accidentally broke somebody's window. "D'OH!" "Oh, shit!" So, they take time to cover the trees so they can play catch without destroying the property. I thought that was brilliant.

  • Aaron Gilbert
    Aaron Gilbert

    Nobody is cap except Steve end of story, Sam will NEVER live up to the og captain America Steve rogers


    What's in the box!!!???

  • Diego Castro
    Diego Castro

    Bruce’s beach isn’t solved lmao. The city is giving it back to the city but asking them to have first use. Let the Bruce’s decide on their own and give them the financial reparations they’re own

  • Mister Twister
    Mister Twister

    no thanks

  • Willro Family
    Willro Family

    I've noticed in a couple video's now that Grace is fond of saying God Damn. I love it!!

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen

    I honestly really liek John Walker. I understand his motives

  • Lincoln Tudor
    Lincoln Tudor

    Grace .. not all black people in America hate the Stars and Stripes.. we all don’t have one monolithic experience of pain and victimhood in this country despite that being what’s taught everywhere.

  • Terry Griffin
    Terry Griffin

    Thanks for the Bruce's Beach story, don't think I would've ever stumbled across the article. As for FaTWS episode 5, I loved every bit of it and it's the best episode yet. Hope the finale keeps stride!

  • Park Jimin is my light
    Park Jimin is my light

    I think that when Steve gave the shield to Sam in Endgame people were so against it. But in the moment they saw they got a John Walker, we all agreed Sam is the only one who should have that shield. It's so satisfactory to see Sam to the same conclusion than us in this journey. And next week it will be a killer chapter.

  • Raymond Curry Jr
    Raymond Curry Jr

    When Sam said keep the wings!!!🙌🏿💪🏿🔥🔥 lets go Sam we got work to do.

  • Raymond Curry Jr
    Raymond Curry Jr

    Sam wiping the blood was rough man. hurt cuz you knew he was thinking about Steve.

  • Mychael Blue
    Mychael Blue

    John Walker heading towards Hydra Cap.

  • High-Powered Play
    High-Powered Play

    It's not clearly to me what Carly's issue even is. The specifics regarding how poorly the assimilation of those blinked has been handled is not clear. Also it's such an unusual crisis that I can't really imagine it being handled well no matter who was in charge. There couldn't have possibly been a procedure in place for something like that. Furthermore my understanding is that her crew aren't among those who were blinked and she expresses an us versuses them mentality regarding those who were in an off-hand comment. In my opinion the flag smashers' motivations is the one thing about this series that has been poorly handled.

  • jameson stalanthas yu
    jameson stalanthas yu

    I think it will be fine to have him in the Thunderbolts, secretly sponsored by HYDRA. We don't have to love every member, especially if Walker is there to "redeem" himself, and none one actually really needs to know it is Walker. In the comics, no one knew they were villains until much later.

  • Kyle Christopherson
    Kyle Christopherson

    "Batroc has serious case of cauliflower ear" did you not know Batroc is George St. Pierre 13 time UFC champ? That's not some prosthetic the effects team did, that from years of wrestling, jui jitsu and getting kneed, elbowed, punched and kicked in the head LOL

  • Ovan61


  • salvador155

    Lol Grace. Iron Man wasn't looking for justice, he was just pissed off

  • G.M.E Jay
    G.M.E Jay

    JW is now my favorite character

  • Javon Gillam
    Javon Gillam

    It was a great episode and the best one yet..

  • Chris Lounsbury
    Chris Lounsbury

    I like how Sam Didn't completely side with Isaiah. It shows that one persona's injustice doesn't mean every other single person of that same skin color should be "bitter and blind." Too often today we literally have people insisting that certain races should be a certain way just based of skin color. Sam rising above that and understanding that he should set an example is great.

  • kensredemption

    Also; There was a missed opportunity for the producers to use CCR’s Born on the Bayou during Sam’s training montage.

  • Bdubs

    He’s not a villain. Villain is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overused. He was a protagonist but now is an antagonist.

  • kensredemption

    Grace, you need to do a collaboration sometime with Erik Voss at NewRockstars.

  • J B
    J B

    Yes.. Grace..brake it down!

  • Randy Cropsey
    Randy Cropsey

    John walker being on the thunderbolts would make me root for them more lol

  • Chad-Michael Simon
    Chad-Michael Simon

    Bam! Another beautiful analysis, Grace. It hit me hard when you highlighted the contrast between Isiah's line and Sam's nephews playing with the shield. The show is doing a fantastic job of showing, not telling AND showing all sides being equal on their own terms (whether we agree with them or not). You're right. That's sophisticated storytelling, and it's going to stick with me forever, too. 23:17 Interesting point about the flowers! I hadn't seen the trailer, so I didn't notice their absence. I'm thinking of monuments I've visited in Russia. Sometimes there are flowers. It's sporadic. For the Sokovia memorial, I think too many flowers wouldn't be realistic. Ultron happened 11 years ago in MCU time. Maybe they thought only having a couple would be distracting? I think even just one or two from that day's visitors would be a nice touch. I wonder what's been rebuilt there. The background here is an abandoned plaza surrounded by forest... I wonder if Wanda will ever come back here. So many What Ifs!

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto Correa

    This show need to be 23 episodes. Even will some cringe movements. Still love the series. I want long season and multiple season's pls

  • Anđela Joković
    Anđela Joković

    i loved seeing that sokovia monument with serbian on it

  • Kyle Leinen
    Kyle Leinen

    So far for me - MCU TV has been mediocre at best. WandaVision disappointed and F&WS has been average. Hopefully the Loki show brings it up a notch.

  • MoTreangelo

    Torres looks young enough to be a Disney Plus Young Justice I mean Young Avengers Falcon

  • MoTreangelo

    I love how Batroc the Leaper actually leaped out a plane.

  • JB NC
    JB NC

    Dang Grace that language to start the video!! GD literally the worst word in the book.

  • Rui

    you know what will never make sense?....THE PHYSICS OF THE SHIELD!!!! it makes no sense!!! how does it work? how do they always catch the handles? how does it float like that? is it vibranium magic!?

    • oedipa maas
      oedipa maas

      The handle thing isn't that weird, it's basically like juggling knives. They're both spinning and you just gotta time it right. After enough practice it becomes completely reflexive. Everything else, yeah - "because magic space metal" is pretty much the only explaination

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez

    If Cyborg said it in the Snyder cut, how would they be able to copy this quote if this was filmed a while back. Just using logic here.

  • KC Friend
    KC Friend

    This show is topping some of the actual movies for me!!!

  • karson bollinger
    karson bollinger

    Can’t wait to see Val visit Westview and rescue Agatha

  • Missy Reviews UK
    Missy Reviews UK

    Have you seen the Shang chi trailer it’s really good 😌

  • TheCinder24

    No movie math yesterday 04/18. Should I be concerned?!?

  • Karl Taylor
    Karl Taylor

    With reference to Bruce's beach, you may want to look up the story of central park. It's a very similar story.

  • shroom head
    shroom head

    The Queen of comedy in mcu love it

  • wildarms25

    The shield doesn't make Captain America's. It's great leadership good judgement call listening to the squad and more

  • Nick Zales
    Nick Zales

    You and the wokemaster, nerdrotiic? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • wordsinahandle

    29:27 yes. Mahatma Gandhi was busy in post production of the Thriller music video at the time :p

  • Mike James
    Mike James

    Not everything is woke Grace, get over yourself.


    John W. has to go thru being a knock off Capt. first before he's US agent in the comic.👍🏿


    I feel like Sam every day... Diehard representing my the love for my country and race simultaneously...while in fact both of those loves are in contrast to one another...! Awesome show!!!


    Bucky's arm is self repairing like T'challa's suit....

  • George's Gluten Free Comedy
    George's Gluten Free Comedy

    'not welcome". understatement. try legally barred.

  • Pablo Limonta
    Pablo Limonta

    Great episode

  • Perennial Beachcomber.
    Perennial Beachcomber.

    Great breakdown! I agree that this is a great show. The production team obviously put a lot of thought into the casting and the show! "Falcon" and "Winter Soldier" are surprisingly good characters. "Sharon" and "Zemo" are believable and awesome. The supporting cast and guest stars are good too. I'm enjoying the show --except for the writers' decision to make "Karli" a callous murderer, which seems so out of character for her that it reminds me of the propaganda on the evening news. The segments involving Sam and Bucky just doing normal things are a little too long.

  • Samurai JACK3D
    Samurai JACK3D

    Hol Up So The Spiderman No Way Home Plot Leaks Are True? As An Norman Osborn Being A Elon Musk Type

  • King Katie
    King Katie

    Oscar Nominations video? (:

    • Heekamalo Kilo
      Heekamalo Kilo

      She already covered the nominations. She'll definitely cover the winners. :)

  • Shane Montgomery
    Shane Montgomery

    I’ve been thinking about the last episode and it hit me that the way the government responds to John Walker V how the responded to Isaiah Bradley just reinforces the message this serious is communicating about race in our nation. Isaiah was just following orders and broke the rules by rescuing his fellow soldiers and the US Government faked his death and imprisoned him for 30 years. John goes rogue and kills someone in full view of the public and he loses his rank and pension. What an accurate portrayal of how we have two standards in our nation.

  • Nick Kelly
    Nick Kelly

    Captain America is like Marvel has written its heroes as heroes of the people. It was important for the writing to show that Sam is a man of the people. If they finish this off right the people will anoint him as Captain America. That is the importance of the boat.

  • Martin Synn
    Martin Synn

    Grace, Batroc is played by Georges St-Pierre one of the greatest MMA UFC champions... that explain the ears.

  • Brand X
    Brand X

    The government screwed Walker. Would've been one thing to strip the mantle away, but they took away everything he earned. All for killing a Flagsmasher, a villain group, right after a member of his group killed his partner.

  • kc5mgl

    Do you have to say GD every few minutes?

    • Willow

      Who cares

  • Josh Movilla
    Josh Movilla

    The fact i expected to like the action sequences but ended up loving all the quiet scenes??!! Not to say the action was bad but i just found myself wanting skip them just so I can hear them TALK and TALK about things. 😱😱😱

  • theylied1776

    This show demonstrates what it's like to be black in America? I'm black, ambidextrous, and the manliest man who's ever been a man. That's right, I'm a triple threat.

  • Noron Blythers
    Noron Blythers

    How Fury didn’t know about Isaiah ?

  • Noron Blythers
    Noron Blythers


  • Sean Damien Hill
    Sean Damien Hill

    I think removing the flowers from this sokovia monument was great storytelling idea, no flowers means no one remembers them. Except Zemo of course

  • Kenosis

    Goodness I hope Sharon is not the power broker. That’s weak story telling.

  • D-1STONE

    Grace, I bow and tip my hat and appreciate your acknowledgment to the black history in your content. ❤️💪🏾

  • Rob Scalise
    Rob Scalise

    Hey Grace been enjoying your work for some years now and your approach is so enthusiastic, professional, & thorough. Your videos on the state of the business always informs me (us) in a fair way that does not occur to me. Keep up the great work Grace!

  • Iwillone

    Some Iron man nods with John Walker this episode declaring himself as Captain America and the hammering noise (- ^ ) Sam telling Bucky to start with one person reminded me of the Josstice League scene between Batman and Flash

  • Tosh Omni
    Tosh Omni

    Great breakdown. I think people are making a mistake with the Contessa by associating her with Hydra since she only joined them to betray them and help destroy the organization from within. She has much more of a connection to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. and even the Skrulls possibly. In no way is Zemo less of a dangerous psycho than John Walker.

    • José Sarango
      José Sarango


  • Sabel

    On the subject of miscasts, I’m still not sure about Karli 😅 She is playing the exact same type of character as she did in Solo and I haven’t feel compelled by either one

  • Michael Mark
    Michael Mark


  • dave goodrich
    dave goodrich

    Great reaction video as always