How I Survived My First Pokémon Nuzlocke
Believe it or not, but I've never actually attempted a Pokémon nuzlocke before... so what could possibly go wrong?
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  • PKTimTech

    I subbed for MOAR

  • chez lord the inevitable
    chez lord the inevitable

    I always nickname all my Pokemon

  • Francis Burtts
    Francis Burtts

    Fucking beast of a snorelax 3x psych and he lives he’s a tank but my god

  • manicmcgee1

    Alpharad literally fucked around and found out against Sabrina 🤣🤣

  • Ruka Ziku
    Ruka Ziku

    I am saddened deeply by the passing of Spy Kids 3 and Hotdog... true legends.

  • Seth Sybrandy
    Seth Sybrandy

    That Gastly name was legendary

  • sebi fuma
    sebi fuma

    This was absolutely one of the best things I've ever seen :D:D::D so funny and well done :D

  • Goldie Lashley
    Goldie Lashley

    Doctor is wrong let's see you do this again but with hg/ss along with both leagues.

  • Salvo Ocello
    Salvo Ocello

    This commentary, the pictures 😂🤣

  • Salvo Ocello
    Salvo Ocello

    “Are a puss?” Is the BEST attitude for nuzlocke!!!!

  • Spot

    do gen 2 next

  • yeetermrboi2

    Pokemon : Kids game as soon as somebody puts rules on it : 18+*

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    I love how perish song is just megalovania

  • James Raffaele
    James Raffaele

    HE COPIED MY BIRDUP!!!!! (jk lol)

  • r3tr0m0nk3y MIMI
    r3tr0m0nk3y MIMI

    this was emotional xD

  • Jellyman4 Boom47
    Jellyman4 Boom47

    21:43 "WHAT DID I SA-" *Ad plays*

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C

    He does know the nuzlocke doesn't start until you get your pokeballs lol

    • MonkeyJosh33

      not everyone plays with that rule

  • Jellyman4 Boom47
    Jellyman4 Boom47

    Spoilers: Title needs to be changed to: How I survived my *second* pokemon nuzlocke.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    You don't have to stay in and die to perish song bro

    • MonkeyJosh33

      @Caleb Smith I think he said on stream he realised right after he said it

    • Caleb Smith
      Caleb Smith


  • Asger Haahr
    Asger Haahr

    I could spend my time wisely but i wanna use several days animating the alakazam massacre

  • zavion pippert-board
    zavion pippert-board

    all i'm saying is if i was in the call your death count would be 0

  • Marty McDonalds
    Marty McDonalds

    >sees a battle duck Oh that might be a problem later

  • Michael Cantor
    Michael Cantor

    Wow this is easy is what i thot when i was to underlvled for stowside and got sepet by the gost tipe gym in shield

  • {Is That Chara? No It’s Para!}[NN:Para]
    {Is That Chara? No It’s Para!}[NN:Para]

    Mankee The new destoryer of the seventh universe

  • Grig_M57

    15:12 damn, the feels

  • Bitey Fish
    Bitey Fish

    What is this played on?

  • just for comments
    just for comments

    Imagine doing this without any revives.

    • Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller


  • Hungry Jack's
    Hungry Jack's

    jolteon is a special user. you use a physical dig. you wanted to build up a body count. also filling up a full team 6/6 is the most guaranteed way to get some casualties on your team. the game is built to be a pain when you use 6/6 instead of dividing that battle EXP into 3 or 4 fighters.

  • Parth Shilimkar
    Parth Shilimkar

    Bro you need to try itemless nuzlock

  • Isiah Bertrand
    Isiah Bertrand


  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson

    3:05 Duuuuuude, use Low-Kick. I swear, he killed it on purpose.

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen

    When I saw transformer with the eyepatch, all I could think was "I'm here to talk to you about the Pokevengers initiative". And then he died.

  • Corbin Cope
    Corbin Cope


  • M.R. Newcomer
    M.R. Newcomer

    For the last time. BLUE'S RATICATE ISN'T DEAD

  • jdcONhizPC

    @Alpharad When you played Escape from the city was that a specific version or just a sped-up version?

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Just so you know, you didn't lose your first nuzlocke, because the nuzlocke starts as soon as you get pokeballs, so Funko Pop didn't die.

  • BrrGoPanda

    What was that song that Alpha used when he was leveling up his spy kids 3??? someone tell me please :d

  • fungus the 3rd
    fungus the 3rd

    Dude you know you can grind you don’t have to go in to every battle right away

  • CrowMan

    I was recently watching a youtuber who was attempting a Fire Red Nuzlocke he lost the game when he was battling the Champion so this inspired me to start a Nuzlocke of my own.

  • Chami eciao
    Chami eciao

    Is coughing shiny?

    • CrowMan


  • Chami eciao
    Chami eciao

    I cried irl for fyrus

  • Clout of the Dominus
    Clout of the Dominus

    This video is fucking beautiful. RIP Fyrus

  • The meltan gamer
    The meltan gamer

    Why not gooigi, h he’s Luigi 2

  • JJako

    The use of "Don't Ever Forget..." in this was fucking PHENOMENAL

  • WeeScottishLass

    Me: Subscribes~ You: My favourite movie... Spy Kids Three! Me: Unsubscribes xD

  • Joshua Loomis
    Joshua Loomis

    that's why you never call you son brayden

  • Piglord

    The amount of undertale references in this video

  • webhead52

    Does he know instead of keeping lapses in for perish song he could have switched out ater and not died

    • CrowMan

      Yeah he could've but I don't think he knew about that.

  • Ehouse33 Householder
    Ehouse33 Householder


  • FruitySonia

    Y'all did not just use the master ball on that Onix 😟

  • that one Guy
    that one Guy

    Weedile named mew3 is that a pokemon abridged reference?

  • भारतीय वेस्टीज टीम
    भारतीय वेस्टीज टीम

    Hey in 15:31 there is one of the one piece opening song it's Me Sunshine in background it's Me Sunshine

  • Milky Waves
    Milky Waves

    Sidenote: Did I see a JoJo reference.

  • Alejandro 1037
    Alejandro 1037

    cried at 15:16

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt

    The first 15 minutes felt like the entirety of Jojo part 3, the rest of it felt like stone ocean.

  • Jaime Dela Cruz
    Jaime Dela Cruz

    Could have used physical attacks against Alakazam

  • Zack Awesomeness
    Zack Awesomeness

    Fuck me the Don’t Ever Forget playing the background legit made me tear up

  • Zach Sills
    Zach Sills

    Sturdy doesn't even take its current form until gen 5 Someone's a Pokémon Zoomer

  • Mags _Wargod
    Mags _Wargod

    Let me get this straight you had the chance to put “game over” on spy kids 3 grave and you didn’t!

  • Gene Stev
    Gene Stev

    Lol the Eric Andre reference

  • kingofice Hyuge
    kingofice Hyuge

    Psychic types are weak to poison you have Venus sore

    • Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller

      Uh, it's the other way around. Poison is weak to psychic

  • Nathan Salyers
    Nathan Salyers

    Now do a kaizo nuzlock

  • Felix Hoffmann
    Felix Hoffmann

    what is that banger song you used in the elite four?

  • The Faceless Channel
    The Faceless Channel

    Nuzlocke rules if you think something won’t kill it’s absolutely gonna kill

    • CrowMan

      Yeah I lost my jolteon to a Machamp's Revenge ._.

  • SpookSpook

    FYI losing the first rival battle in a nuzlocke won’t count because the run won’t start u til you get Pokémon

  • Matt Watt
    Matt Watt

    'never finished Pokemon stuck in the first town! so many god damn pidgeys...

    • CrowMan

      You can change the rule to not catch the pokemon you already have.

  • Lance079


  • eve1231

    When he said which is what makes it exciting I laughed blood

  • Damien Little
    Damien Little


  • LeeMe YT
    LeeMe YT

    You could have name luigi 2 to twuigi

  • Kosmic Waffle
    Kosmic Waffle

    3:30 Somebody ring the Dinkster?

  • Adam Bowden
    Adam Bowden

    I’m shocked with how many JoJo references there were

  • Pog Birb
    Pog Birb

    I see that nova escaped from your basement.

  • alvaro alva
    alvaro alva

    Clamslam, I like it!

  • Tomås Nerisma
    Tomås Nerisma

    You know, he’s known as an internet funnyman, but real talk he’s got an amazing ability to tell a story with ups and downs and get you emotionally invested. I feel like it’s not as well seen, but videos like this really show he’s a great storyteller. Can’t wait for him to narrate an audiobook

  • Kirbo

    I’m not crying, it’s just water….

  • Courtney Scheffler
    Courtney Scheffler

    Luigi 2 worst video game villain in history

  • gachatuber _ hyperionut
    gachatuber _ hyperionut

    Alpha, You had fucking snorlax, You just needed to switch the dumb arcanine into the snorlax in the first turn , and nothing would of happened, brayden, your dumb to

  • timoty greenjean
    timoty greenjean

    Yoshi was my favorite pokemon and i cried when he died

  • Adib Nezami
    Adib Nezami


  • Adib Nezami
    Adib Nezami

    Nooooooooo Hot dog

  • Meloetta the Hedgehog
    Meloetta the Hedgehog

    Fyrus’s death could have been prevented if he just switched out.

    • TheMoonkey

      Fyrus was gonna die no matter what

  • Zack Eller
    Zack Eller

    Why did I cry wtf I'm mad at myself (cried at the Laura's part fml) I've gone soft

  • The N-Word
    The N-Word

    Punished TRANSFORMR and Venom FUNKO POP?

  • The Leader Of The Crocodile Revolution
    The Leader Of The Crocodile Revolution

    Looks like spy kids 3 went "sleeping with the fishes" (kill me)

  • Jake

    Ok does anyone know the escape from the city remix that he used while daycare grinding

  • TheGoldenCatz YT
    TheGoldenCatz YT


  • Luigi the Octoling
    Luigi the Octoling

    What’s the music u used during the final battle with Luigi 2

  • mythical skeleton
    mythical skeleton

    Sturdy doesn't leave you at 1 hp until gen 4 besides instakill moves

    • Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller

      Until gen 5 bro

  • Evilrymon

    20:21 this.

  • Mobile Player
    Mobile Player

    Spy kids is the best.

  • Fav 1958
    Fav 1958

    should've stalled against alakazam with hotdog's dig. would've stalled and probably done more. I think Arcanine was a physical attacker in gen 3 and alakazam had poor physical defense. but poor alpharad. those losses must've been hard. this teaches us all a lesson. don't listen to ur friends kids

  • kennova fast forward
    kennova fast forward

    That Sabrina fight, was by far the most devastating nuzlocke moment I have ever seen in my life.

    • Scrittle

      It's fitting, because Sabrina is one of the hardest NPC's in the game. Alakazam is the strongest non-legendary in the game because of its high speed and special attack, and at this point in the game there is no hard counter to it outside precise planning. She's a known nuzlocke ender, even though most people fall to Misty and Gary.

  • Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers

    FYI sturdy only stopped the ohko moves like fissure in gen 3

  • Adam Rodgers
    Adam Rodgers

    Its fairly common to not count the first battle as a nuzlocke failure

  • Yagon2005

    Yo why did I actually almost cry during the Alakazam fight?

  • UltraEvan Rodrigues
    UltraEvan Rodrigues


  • UltraEvan Rodrigues
    UltraEvan Rodrigues


  • Jonathan Mercado
    Jonathan Mercado

    In retrospect why didn't he use bite 🤔

    • Bridge Seller
      Bridge Seller

      Both special and weaker than Flamethrower, cool

    • EddyKidPlayzYT

      Dark type is special in gen 3 sadly