Falcon And The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained Review | Marvel MCU Easter Eggs
Falcon And The Winter Soldier EPISODE 6 Breakdown \u0026 Ending Explained Review | Marvel MCU Easter Eggs. We review, recap and explain the sixth episode of TFATWS on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss where things could be going with Wakanda, US Agent aka John Walker, Bucky, Zemo and Sam of course The Power Broker.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier is the new Marvel MCU Phase 4 Disney Plus show that follows Captain America's best buddies as they take on Baron Zemo, The Flag Smashers and US Agent. We will be doing weekly breakdowns, trailer reactions, easter egg hunts and discussing the things you missed in our reviews and recaps.

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0:00 Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Breakdown
0:39 Episode 5 Recap
1:52 Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 6 Easter Eggs
6:58 Sharon Carter / The Power Broker Explained
12:17 John Walkers Lie
14:04 Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ending
15:07 Post Credits Scene Theories
16:31 Series Reaction And Review
20:44 The Future Of The MCU

Now Episode 6 is called One World, One People the mantra of The Flagsmashers. However it's also a song by Femi Kuti.

We open with The Flagsmashers forming their attack whilst Sam and Bucky head towards the GRC. Along the way Sharon appears in disguise, donning the same high tech facial prosthetics that Black Widow did in The Winter Soldier.

This speaks to her two faced persona throughout the series and though in the end she is pardoned, I appreciate that early on they were teasing us with her perhaps having a hidden side to her.

Turns out the Flagsmashers were waiting for Sams arrival and they gas the vote meeting before he swoops in Donning the Wakandan Wings, Suit and Shield. This feels like it was ripped straight out of the Sam Wilson Captain America run and it's an amazing looking costume that feels so good getting introduced in this hero moment.

He tells people he's Captain America and we get a repeat of the hilarious conspiracy theory from episode 1 which says that Captain America is on the moon which...if these shows have taught me anything, he definitely is.

Before we can appreciate it though Batroc arrives and the pair face off in a moment that echoes the opening of The Winter Soldier.

Turns out Karli wants the GRC to evacuate, rather than remaining inside and she actually tries to bargain with Bucky at one point. Bucky mentions that he's fought for something bigger than himself and failed twice which I'm guessing might be Civil War and Infinity War but let me know below if you disagree.

He Tells Karli to do one and we realise that she was simply buying time to enact her own plan.

In the car park he steals a bike and Sharon sticks an explosive made of mercury Vapor on a Flagsmasher named Lennox.

Now throughout this season one of my big criticism has been that most of Sam's fights have been ground based. Outside of the first episode he's been down to earth in order to allow Bucky to do things but having him get to take to the skies to chase a helicopter is incredible. I love how he throws the shield to smash a window and then jumps out to catch it.

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    Heavy Spoilers

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    • Karl Michaelides
      Karl Michaelides

      Hi Paul, I think that John Walkers shield displayed symbolism to the audience, much similar to the way the Boat did to Sam. When John went to fight Karli with the shield she easily kicked it away showing that it wasn't a threat to her, she couldn't have done this to the Vibranium one. I think this is when John realizes that it's not enough to just look like Captain America, it's about what you're made of, though both Shields look similar one has been made of the toughest metal on earth and the other crumbled easily. The mantle of Captain America needs to be passed down to someone who won't crumble and that's when John realizes Sam is Captain America

    • Burhan Blum
      Burhan Blum

      Shoutout to "Screen thrush"...

    • Caio Almeida
      Caio Almeida

      @David Fraser Zemo’s butler

    • Bob Johnson
      Bob Johnson


    • Chris Stevens
      Chris Stevens

      @e3vL1 It was all a bit forced I thought. As soon as he became Cap he was so over powered it just became silly

  • MarcOfDeath

    How did Zemo end up in that prison, wasn't he being taken back to Wakanda?

  • Mel Free
    Mel Free

    Wait, is it controversial that this show is better than WandaVision? I liked WandaVision a lot. It was such a fun show to watch and speculate about. But... common. FatWS is obviously better.

    • Mel Free
      Mel Free

      The only thing I didn’t like is that they obviously wanted me to feel sad when Karli died and I just... didn’t. I just thought, “Good.” I didn’t like how they repeatedly tried to paint her a merely a “misguided teen,” and tried to dismiss the “terrorist” label when that’s exactly what she is.

  • Sanjay Raju
    Sanjay Raju

    3:22 When Bucky says he fought for something bigger than himself and failed twice, he’s referring to the time he fought for America and got captured. And the time he fought for Hydra and got defeated.

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    I like when falcon see’s karly gets killed he looks disappointed like she wasn’t about to kill him

  • Larry Kelly
    Larry Kelly

    WandaVision kept me wishing Friday would come faster. This, not so much.

  • Boldkid

    That makes sense

  • Christine Valerie
    Christine Valerie

    I still don't think Sharon is the power broker. She doesn't really acknowledge that outright. When Karli asked how powerful the power broker is without super soldiers,, Sharon only answers "More powerful than you." But she could still be talking about someone else. I think she shot them both just to tie up loose ends and be done with them.

  • wille4w

    In Spider-Man Far from Home, Happy mentions that they are loading Cap’s prototype shield. Could this be Falcon’s? @HeavySpoilers

  • Psychoseacap

    I still think Bucky should be the new Cap, much more fitting than Steve’s pet.

  • Psychoseacap

    The show was alright but I am getting so tired of racism being used as a plot point. In this universe half the world was eliminated and brought back and the first issue Sam is worried about is if they reject him as Captain America because he is black? Oh come on dude, I am so tired of seeing the race card being played.

    • R Scott
      R Scott

      He talked about this. The storyline comes from the comics written years ago. It's not new. Removing any references to racial issues from the storyline would have been a strange move. The Isaiah character wouldn't make sense. Racism as a theme seems to be a big part of Marvel comics, so you'll see more of it. I don't know why it bothers you, but you can pass on the MCU if you're offended by the topic.

  • Armor Bearer The Pilgrim's Progress
    Armor Bearer The Pilgrim's Progress

    In summary, at the end of the series Falcon makes a speech that was written by Xi Jinping so that the series can be released on the Disney Channel in China.

  • Freddie Shreddie TV
    Freddie Shreddie TV

    John Walker was my favourite character

  • Aditi Vikram Singh
    Aditi Vikram Singh

    I'm new to Marvel, can someone please tell who the old guy in the car was? I've tried to find him but couldn't.

  • joshua kent
    joshua kent

    Why did Steve Rogers age and Bucky hasn't Bucky is over a hundered and lived all those years as the winter solider when Steve went back in time to live his life he'd be the same age as Bucky dosent make sense

  • wanderingseth

    If they finally DO introduce Mephisto one day, everyone's gonna crap themselves.

  • Chris Casey
    Chris Casey

    So this whole episode is in new york and spiderman was busy or something? C'mon

  • Martin Phipps
    Martin Phipps

    Norman Osborne is the REAL Powet Broker.

  • Soothing Relaxing Sounds
    Soothing Relaxing Sounds

    It was not good to much PC garage

  • Gow Mitch
    Gow Mitch

    This was far better than Wandavision, I even liked Walker at the end

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven Roberts

    Him catching that truck completely took me out of the show. He's not a super soldier and that suit couldn't handle that weight.

  • Deven Hennelly
    Deven Hennelly

    it was dope

  • JUICEbaseball

    Honestly, the Disney+ Marvel shows, both of them, are second tier to Netflix/Marvel's Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones...

  • crimsonraen

    Thanks so much for the video! The series was so fantastic! No idea which I liked more, but I just love seeing them set things up for future content!

  • PR Dream
    PR Dream

    0:47 A-Train and Homelander 😂 I understood that reference

  • Jorge Carbajal
    Jorge Carbajal

    3:22 Bucky is referencing his fall from the train in The First Avenger and being snapped by Thanos in Infinity War. 21:26 I didn’t see that coming.

  • Andrew Glebus
    Andrew Glebus

    I think that the powerbroker is a title, and a mantle, and the one that Zemo was familiar with, is a completely different person who Sharon likely killed or otherwise took the title

  • Luis Quezada
    Luis Quezada

    Sharon carter is a skrul

  • Van

    Why did the flag smasher super soldiers die so easily compared to Steve, Bucky, and Isaiah?

  • Ben Thor
    Ben Thor

    completely agree

  • Jonathan Waldie
    Jonathan Waldie

    It was a killer finale!

  • Diego Garzon
    Diego Garzon

    The ending title should have been “Captain America and The White Wolf”. Bucky’s arc since civil war is all about leaving the winter soldier persona behind and I feel that arc ended in this show.He’s the White wolf now not the winter soldier.

  • Anwar Moukhaiber
    Anwar Moukhaiber

    The amount of anger inside me when they didn’t make the title card say Captain America and THE WHITE WOLF* was immeasurable!!! Wtf marvel!!

  • Anwar Moukhaiber
    Anwar Moukhaiber

    Maybe zemo did know the power broker (the old one) my theory is that just like in princes bride the pirate roberts legacy was passed down to many men and just like that maybe the title and legacy of the power broker was passed on to Sharon which we might see that back story in the future. But thats JUST A THEORY...lol

  • Anwar Moukhaiber
    Anwar Moukhaiber

    They need to start doing more scenes with spidey and Sam and strengthen their bond because they are the new Tony and Cap!

  • rasta life
    rasta life

    So why is it ok to re cast captain america but marvel can't recast black panther

  • HyperPanda

    Am I the only one who thought it was really obvious that Sharon was the powerbroker. Like she was just really suspicious. She had a bunch of expensive shit and looked like she was fine with her life, yet she wants to go back? Also as soon as we saw her make that call after they all left, I just knew she was the power broker.

  • Cheeser

    I feel like they focused on sam more than bucky throughout the series when it should have been the opposite the winter soldier is awesome and they definitely left something to be desired from bucky

  • Agent Omega
    Agent Omega

    Rumor has it :Walker wasn’t taking acting classes, just training with police

  • Nerdette's NewsStand
    Nerdette's NewsStand

    Your editing is amazing, like.. wow

  • Agent Omega
    Agent Omega

    Power Broker should be King Pin. Aren’t the names synonymous

  • Agent Omega
    Agent Omega

    Labels hinder Empathy* & Walker didn’t get impaled. Sweet review tho!

  • Prafull Vyas
    Prafull Vyas

    I like your analysis and breakdown of Movies and Stuff. I enjoyed the scene where Winter solider repeats what Falcon did to him in Cap America movie with the car seat scene. last but not the least, I would like to win the JL movie draw.

  • Karan Abraham
    Karan Abraham

    You giving away snyder cut? I'm good🙅‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • Hayden Baker
    Hayden Baker

    i didnt like how they did nakajima they opened it up in episode one and was never heard from again and we never even got to see his reaction or the results from it

  • Karan Abraham
    Karan Abraham

    Wyatt got death threats? That's MAD. Got dizzy fanatics watching this series

  • Karan Abraham
    Karan Abraham

    I think the first time Bucky fought for something bigger than himself was in the first Captian America movie😂

  • Charlton Williamson
    Charlton Williamson

    "That damn Mephysto," says another plain white dude.

  • CrunchyTaco77

    Marvel is killing it right now. Can’t wait to see Loki.

  • TheLulouz

    I'd rather watch a series with Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker than him as Bucky in a series of his own! Dew it, Disney!!!!

  • Goodboy

    lol the power broker reveal was so stupid . Would have been better if it was Mephisto, am i rite? I knew it in the first scene where she shows up. Somone dips out of the bar with a hoodie. Someone starts sniping people starting with Shelby then she's all by herself and nobody's trying to kill them anymore. For some reason they show her taking off her hoodie. I knew then. But then... why are all her assassins trying to kill her and where were her snipers during the scene with the scientist. Utter trash. That being said. I loved the series. And I literally cried for Isaiah Bradley. That end was really something else, man.

  • Iceberg Mays
    Iceberg Mays

    Lmao!! you gotta throw Mafesto somewhere in!!!! I hope he makes a cameo so you can finally rest easy. Why did i choose this over wanda vision... And i loved wanda vision.. is because Dora Milaje cameo>>>>>>

  • Mike MacCormack
    Mike MacCormack

    Best theory I have heard is that Sharon Carter is a Skrull - Secret Invasion!!

  • Wendall Arrow
    Wendall Arrow

    Man I thought about the power broker only like twice in the whole series. Didn't seem very important

  • Myles Carrillo
    Myles Carrillo

    Infinity war and probably WWII

  • Zang

    What if Sharon Carter was on the phone with Mephisto (●__●)

  • Jason Abroad
    Jason Abroad

    Carly and the flag smashers were absolute trash. The most boring villains lol and non scary/ intimidating characters

  • Lar A
    Lar A

    I feel like theres a huge chuck of peeople watching this show tht dont realize theres source material so a lot of the things they are "realizing" are obvious lol.

  • Phillip Robertson
    Phillip Robertson

    Try that Bucky fought NAZI'S, which was the first fight bigger than himself. Civil War he wasn't in control. WTF dude

  • Mr. 101 (myke)
    Mr. 101 (myke)

    11:13 shed a tear in here. a beautiful moment.

  • SuraneMEDIA

    I think the failing twice at representing something bigger than himself was 1. Being a U.S. soldier at war and 2. The Infinity War

  • Nicholas Massengale
    Nicholas Massengale

    The Thunderbolts have to be coming right? Marvel left legit can flood the market if they want right now The Thunderbolts Young Avengers Avengers Defenders reborn Etc.

  • Darin Hernandez
    Darin Hernandez

    best time to be a marvel fan rn.

  • Jamil P
    Jamil P

    It's the US Army and Hydra...?

  • Ari Kalish
    Ari Kalish

    Loved the show...wish ending was more action than the slower part but overall loved the series

  • Jackson Leinfelder
    Jackson Leinfelder

    This was easily one of the weakest things the MCU has ever put out. It's up there with Thor: The Dark World for me as the lower tier of the MCU.

  • DRLCreations

    Loved the show. Could have been better with action tho

  • Melissa Schweitzer
    Melissa Schweitzer


  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé

    I don’t enjoy Sam Wilson in this tbh, I always found him such a flat uninteresting character with very little complexity to him. All the attempts to add some depth to his character barely scratch the surface when they could’ve committed and gone far deeper, it lowkey was frustrating to watch at times.

  • Juice Crew
    Juice Crew

    The shout out to the DW episode is so great! I can't watch that episode of DW without flat out crying!

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen

    The original power broker was snapped, and Sharon Carter was not. Sharon pretended to be snapped in order to assume his identity.

  • Life On Saturn Productions
    Life On Saturn Productions

    This show was amazing regardless of what was cut from the story. Episode 5 and 6 were beautifully written.

  • Gladys Hartmann
    Gladys Hartmann

    Really enjoyed the series, especially Zemo. Just ordered a Barron Zemo t-shirt😁. Thanks for your great videos.

  • Ben Garcia
    Ben Garcia


  • Gunslinger 100
    Gunslinger 100

    When Mr Nakajima asks why Bucky killed his son, he says, “I had no choice”. That’s what Steve told him in the Quin-jet in Civil War

  • Ben Garcia
    Ben Garcia

    You my dawg definition!!!

  • Dom Skywalker
    Dom Skywalker

    His name is either Captain African American or Falcan America. I won't hear otherwise.

  • ArtiimusPlays

    I just generally didn't care for the story telling on this. Last 2 episodes just felt thrown at me and wrapped up. Could of used like 2 more episodes in my opinion. ( ALSO the " lamar's life not mattering " is a nod to black lives matter in their way )

  • Jackie N
    Jackie N

    I could have done with less action and more character development, but I always feel that way with the MCU. Bucky goes to talk to the father of a son he killed, but we don't get to hear how the conversation ended? Classic MCU bail on letting us see the interesting parts. I enjoyed the series, but canon ended with CA:TWS movie for me.

  • Robyn Luffman
    Robyn Luffman

    Bucky literally fell for World War 2 so I had thought that would have been something he was referencing to Carly

  • Teflon Tom
    Teflon Tom

    Great show

  • Catha Mohl
    Catha Mohl

    Okay but like, was anybody going to tell me that Zemos actor is also the german voice actor for Lightning McQueen or did I really had to find that out myself through a shitpost on Tumblr?

  • TheRealSeal

    All I could think abt during this ep was where spiderman was

  • Matt True
    Matt True

    90% sure Sharron became the Broker after the Blip, either he got Blipped or Ronin found him, and she filled in the void. I'm also certain that Sharron is playing the long game and has a goal related to taking down the 10 rings. I believe she was talking to the Mandarin in the post credits scene, finally securing her way to infiltrate them.

  • Matt True
    Matt True

    The first time Bucky tried to fight for something bigger than himself was WW2 and he lost that by becoming the Winter Soldier, the second time was the Battle of Wakanda in Infinity War

  • Sizmic Media
    Sizmic Media

    I felt the same way about wandavision. i enjoyed it but in hindsight, I got nothing from it and the characters (Wanda and vision) ended in the same place they started story and character wise. Sam and buckey are definitely different people after this series. They grow and this story had weight and high stakes.

  • Kory D
    Kory D

    I would think WWII was bigger than himself lol

  • ApexSmoke X
    ApexSmoke X

    I am not crying your crying, great review 👏🏾 keep killing it Paul with the puns. 🍻

  • Tegan

    Am I crazy or is 0:47 from the show The Boys??

  • bray Txiv
    bray Txiv

    They should call falcon- falcon America

  • Dolly Lee
    Dolly Lee

    Didn’t see anyone note that at :48 the scene was from The Boys

  • RahLoh

    haha they boys scene not even a minute in...

  • Sara Weger
    Sara Weger

    I’m one of those people who can like things pretty equally and unbiased. So I definitely love both shows but I can see where the theories made wandavision have a special type of hype, and ultimately watching experience. Waiting for a crazy theory to come true can outshine the storyline they created.

  • Rosalyn Robinson
    Rosalyn Robinson

    WandaVision suffered from telling not showing. I watched a video essay on the movie Passengers, where if Acts 1 and 2 had been switched, there would have been a much more engaging dynamic. I agree that WandaVision made the big reveal too soon, and the storyline suffered from it, causing emotional disengagement for the audience.

  • JJ G II
    JJ G II

    Why does one world one people always involve acting like a locust plague upon the Western countries? Wakanda is rich and woke. Immigrants should all go there. Captain Wakanda can’t be racist like white people because only white people are sinners. Right? Who wants the first stone to throw!

  • LawwysLaw

    This was so good but I prefer WandaVision

  • Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez

    Bucky meant World War 2 where he failed and got caught by Hydra and then infinity war where he was dusted

  • Mr Model
    Mr Model

    The final episode 6 was THE WORST TV SHOW IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF TV: badly written, horrible direction, just plain stupid - the entire series. If these people will be making the next Cap Am movie I fear it will be on par with George Lucas making Star Wars sequels: absolute disasters.

  • Curtis Badger
    Curtis Badger

    loved it. I WANT A SEASON 2!!! The Mephisto work-in!!! hahaha STFU Paul. Utterly ap-Paul-ed

  • Dan is on the YouTube
    Dan is on the YouTube

    Captain America has to be a super soldier! And another example of the snowflake mindset of the industries scared of being called racists. So they cast more black actors and keep the word of racism on everyone’s minds making it an on going problem