Oreo CEO: Stop Making New Oreos
The perfect cookie exists, we can stop now. To see almost 20 minutes of bonus footage of Brennan reacting to Oreo varietals, go to signup.dropout.tv
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  • CollegeHumor

    Want 20 minutes of Brennan in character reacting to Oreo varietals? Dropout's got you covered: www.dropout.tv/videos/oreo-ceo-bonus-footage

    • Cole Veinot
      Cole Veinot


    • Cole Veinot
      Cole Veinot


    • eyeseer1

      Can you ridicule Nutter Butters and the Girl Scout Cookies industry?

    • Gus Turner
      Gus Turner

      I will join on the condition that we get an OnlyFans CEO video. These are my demands.

    • Rain Hunter
      Rain Hunter

      I mean D20 made Dropout so worth it but this made it better

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    I want bereavement Oreos

  • inthecornerinablanketwithacupofcoffee

    Brennan's perfectly-cut scream at 2:54 is my new textone.

  • Carl Stacey
    Carl Stacey

    That scream...

  • Martboom

    This has so many perfectly cut screams, it's perfect

  • samanmalee de silva
    samanmalee de silva

    ok ok lets just say this to the community I NEVER EATEN A ORIO

  • Ethan Wheeler
    Ethan Wheeler

    "careful kids are putting razors in your candy" Oreo: *WE'RE PUTTING PHONES IN YOUR OREO*

  • ValTx

    2:48 😂😂😂

  • Sudiksha Ananthraman
    Sudiksha Ananthraman

    At this point, Brennan is carrying College Humor

  • RAINE Tv
    RAINE Tv


  • Harl3inger

    The eyetwitch while he's staring at the camera is perfect

  • iamthewallrus

    "android Oreo"

  • Pentium Deusex-Machina
    Pentium Deusex-Machina

    Oreo didn't invent Oreo anyway. Hydrox did. Oreo won on marketing, and now all the creative effort they didn't use to come up with the original idea has gone into making new flavors.

  • Fishy Sticks
    Fishy Sticks

    Happy how well these do

  • Kirara

    Ok but, Mint is actually good...

  • That guy
    That guy

    This is so true .. lmao

  • JasCotton

    Technically Oreo stole the perfect cookie from Hydrox. Which was reportedly better... a hundred years ago at least.

  • Victoria McCauley
    Victoria McCauley

    Historical precedence for handing out sweets at funerals in some early industrial European traditions. Honestly sounds great. Like, celebrating someone's life with comfort food just makes sense.

  • Obelisk King
    Obelisk King

    Brennan: Do me one better. Do you believe that there is someone out there who hasn't already had a Oreo? Me: *AFRICANS*

  • Tara Fauver
    Tara Fauver

    I actually want The all letters Oreo

  • Black Talon
    Black Talon

    Energy drink oreos and Ramen noodle oreos would be delicious.

  • Mr. Donald Trump
    Mr. Donald Trump

    I enjoy Oreos

  • Vesperitis

    2:54 that scream is the literal definition of perfection, and I need to kill myself now because I will never meet that perfection for the rest of my life.

  • UnsounderDesert •_•
    UnsounderDesert •_•

    Love ceo vids

  • PMtoAM

    Smores and carrot cake are so fuckin good tho

  • Nathan Vanek
    Nathan Vanek

    The WiFi one was the best!

  • Nathan Vanek
    Nathan Vanek

    Actually, why DO they need to make new Oreos anymore?

  • Caroline Kessler
    Caroline Kessler

    Halloween is very much a flavor

  • Danielle J. Kim
    Danielle J. Kim

    but I'd really like to try the LETTER DUST OREO... with vanilla ice-cream....

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson

    this one is so fucking funny omfg

  • Charles Barton
    Charles Barton

    Hydrox is better

  • Christian Mænnchen
    Christian Mænnchen

    Please do ceo of tiktok

  • tyler patti
    tyler patti

    Hear me out guys cookies and cream Oreos

  • Life Is Pain
    Life Is Pain

    2:50 that scream broke me

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    If Oreo in real life could get away with it they would.

  • Syrup sky
    Syrup sky

    This guy is the CEO of every company

  • Silverninja

    I work at a grocery store and half of the aisle is just different variations of oreos.

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer

    Now i want Oreo soft cookies.

  • Quentonius

    Ok inside out oreo kinda looking fine

  • Edward Nygma
    Edward Nygma

    Honest to God, this series, and this man, are the last thing keeping me subscribed here. Love him so much.

  • Amr Salameh
    Amr Salameh

    His face expressions😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Reecealepticeye 1000
    Reecealepticeye 1000

    The double stuffed Oreos is the best Oreos

  • Kleppiium

    They forgot hot Cheeto flavored oreos

  • BabySloth

    If someone were to make the Wifi Oreo, mobile hotspots would be free and popping up more frequently

  • River

    Fun fact: If you Google, "Who is the CEO of Oreo?", Brennan comes up.

  • clickthecreeper

    this video made me go buy oreos

  • Andrew Stalker
    Andrew Stalker

    I’m gonna have to disagree with you there, Brennan, because Oreo’s best product was the Oreo Cakester, but they discontinued it.

  • WayOfFire

    I know a lot of these flavours were made up for comedic effect but all credit to you because I had no idea when the flavours stopped being real and ridiculous and started being fake and ridiculous. Bravo. 👏

  • noideaofhowtocallme

    LMAO This is so genious

  • Mollusck Scramp
    Mollusck Scramp

    Shut up and take my money

  • bathestyles

    Oreo Thins do slap though

  • The AlbinoDorrito
    The AlbinoDorrito

    2:52 is fucking golden 😂😂😂

  • Palathaxx

    I'm watching this at about 2 in the morning, and I was on the verge of falling asleep, but "now with real wood" made me laugh out loud.

  • Cam Adams
    Cam Adams

    Actually the inside out Oreo looks good. Id run with that

  • michale andmore
    michale andmore

    When he says 4:55 and Alexander wept for there were no more world's to conquer, I felt that

  • Johnathan Smith
    Johnathan Smith

    So I'm craving Oreos...

  • I-sore

    To be fair, I was super stoked when I found gluten free Oreos. The alternitives prior arn't all that great, at least comparitivly

  • Wonderlust King
    Wonderlust King

    Brennan is my ideal man

  • dakota almanza
    dakota almanza

    "we done did the good cookie"

  • Nathan Kittock
    Nathan Kittock

    They need to do this to M&Ms

  • Qwertycat

    Okay but carrot cake Oreos hit different

  • Goodstorms Games
    Goodstorms Games

    I would like an original oreo with the actual buttercream filling and a cooky that doesn't taste like dust.

  • WillMac

    I've never had an oreo

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B

    Me when they don't reference moreos: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • Aetheris

    the oreo's product list has 4 pages

  • Owen Luster
    Owen Luster

    what about the lady gaga oreos those exist?

  • Amr Salameh
    Amr Salameh

    *choked* with a sinful glot of bullshit Oreos

  • TCAT King
    TCAT King

    They recently made a lady gaga flavor... when. Will it end?

  • Sir Snortsalot
    Sir Snortsalot

    **laughs in Simon Spier**

  • Stalin for time
    Stalin for time

    Oreos having too many flavors. Kit Kats having over 300 different flavors where half of them are only in japan: First time?

  • KIURazin

    Finally a edible ceo stuff.

  • Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen
    Oscar Malik Carsce Nissen

    Yo they should cut out the middleman and just sell the stuffing and oreos separately, then people would be able to put as much stuffing on their cookies as they want right no more double stuffed or triple stuffed just oreo

  • Ryan Healy
    Ryan Healy

    Watching this a second time, while eating an Oreo brownie, because thats a thing Oreo did.

  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus

    All I want is oreos with no filling. I realize I'm alone on this but the cookie is better than the creme

  • Darknessblade

    3:39 We made the perfect cookie 100 years ago. UUHM NO you stole the idea from hydrox ------------- and where are all the Hydrox jokes

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer

    Me:When is this corporatist growth gonna stop? Consumerism:🤷‍♂️

  • Jon Galonja
    Jon Galonja

    You know what, I'll say it. Oreos suck. There are so many better cookies and Oreos are just... mediocre.

  • Hurricaneria

    ngl if they stop making peanut butter oreos I'm gonna cry

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    My brother literally only eats ice cream oreos. And my sister only eats thin green tea oreos. So I actually do think there is some use to these many variations of oreo.

  • Sheriff Martymoe
    Sheriff Martymoe

    Fun fact: Oreos actually are stolen from a brand called hydrox

  • Veronicz

    The worst part is that some of these oreo ideas sound like real ideas and/or would probably do well.

  • jamarr 27
    jamarr 27

    2:54 this shit gets me everytime

  • Luke Busler
    Luke Busler

    They should make a reverse order where the cracker part is in the middle and the stuffing surrounds that Edit: if I just watched literally 4 more seconds of the video

  • mew umu
    mew umu

    Ain't gonna lie I'd try like, half of those Oreo flavors lol

  • Jesse Jarvis
    Jesse Jarvis

    I actually kind of really want a pumpkin spiced latte oreo....

  • Phoenix Murphy
    Phoenix Murphy

    Where are the ultra Oreos though

  • Victory Victorious
    Victory Victorious

    I adore the strawberry milkshake oreo’s consistency. It’s my favorite.


    We work really hard Don’t !

  • OceanFragments

    Yo so like...I'd absolutely eat the cream on the outside oreo though. Even the packaging looked kinda good.

  • • frostedjosieos
    • frostedjosieos


  • lucas K
    lucas K

    You should do a ceo of redskins bur the new names just get more offensive

  • Li Shaoran
    Li Shaoran

    Oreo thins exist though? They're quite good too.

  • Ben

    I wonder what Halloween would taste like

  • Zedark

    Brennan is the king of perfectly cut screams 2:54

  • Shinobi Pizza
    Shinobi Pizza

    God forbid he discovers Lady Gaga Oreos.

  • SoulStar

    All of the CEO videos are so good!

  • Fred Barr
    Fred Barr

    I would love a Dodecatuple stuf oreo

  • Bianca Brooks
    Bianca Brooks

    Where is the Moreos guy?

  • Firstanold Lastington
    Firstanold Lastington

    Sketch: OREO IS WORKING TOO HARD MAKING EXTRA SHIT NO ONE WANTS!! See 20 minutes of bonus footage on Dropout. Me: DROPOUT IS WORKING TOO HARD MAKEING EXTRA SHIT NO ONE WANTS!! See my painstakingly edited 3 hour rant about it on TikTok.

  • dee Smith
    dee Smith

    These ceo videos are fuuny