Talented People On Tik Tok Worth Watching
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  • Charlotte Grant Colless
    Charlotte Grant Colless

    With my tongue

  • Charlotte Grant Colless
    Charlotte Grant Colless

    I can kinda do the three leaf clover

  • Olivia Hover
    Olivia Hover

    I can pick up everything with my feet as well. I guess I have a new talent.

  • Olivia Hover
    Olivia Hover

    My friends at school could beat box like that.

  • one_direction_addict

    Lia must say hello friends it’s me in her sleep lol!! She’s so fun to watch and I love her vids xx

  • Tallulah Guiney
    Tallulah Guiney

    I can cross my eyes while playing piano

  • Kaia Mayumi Floralde
    Kaia Mayumi Floralde

    sssniperwolf : does my hat look funny me : no it looks beautiful

  • Bryan Armstrong
    Bryan Armstrong

    One of mine helmet when I do this one thing I don’t know do you say I can’t really keep up with it mines mosquito bite on paper and I’m going to the store and then I mean like put that bang yeah I mean grandma much I don’t hurt me

  • FuadTNT

    only person i trust saying worth watching unlike other scammers -_-

  • °Izumi°

    When my dude Drank the soda in one SECOUND I could beat him

  • Harmony Nona
    Harmony Nona

    The abaft daffodil natively spell because zoology fourthly book before a obnoxious damage. solid, faint fair sushi

  • G u r e x l l a - Topic
    G u r e x l l a - Topic

    The whole garage band lol

  • Yuki Storm
    Yuki Storm

    My talent is I can tell what soda is what even in a glass cup

  • Eyeless Ele
    Eyeless Ele

    Wen you live in the nederlands what you see al day humans with chouche's in there hands riding a bike🤣🤚

  • nh aw
    nh aw

    The shallow north korea postoperatively found because cardboard cosmetically sign within a handy rugby. woebegone, bizarre court

  • Shoji_Games

    I can't even get up when Im waking up =~=

  • ᴅᴀʙɪ

    3:42 "bump roping"

  • Michael Mckinnon
    Michael Mckinnon

    I can make a wired noise with my wrist

  • SwLopez

    I got your add of curent before watching this vid

  • Anagha Paul
    Anagha Paul

    hehe you make the best videos ever ssniperwolf: oww she jump ropes on her BUTT!! me: crying, i feel sorry for her and her butt

  • •The Memer•
    •The Memer•

    My Stance Is Weird- People Stand Straight, And I Stand Curvy =D

  • Skinny boy Simon
    Skinny boy Simon

    8:43 my face when I take a 💩

  • Lily Bergeron
    Lily Bergeron

    First of all you are awesomeeeeeee and my talents are I can tie shoe laces with my feet and I don’t know if this is a talent but I can jump bareback on a horse

  • Toby Heayns
    Toby Heayns

    Now do a full song beatboxing

  • PaperBag

    Da Sky is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bloo

  • Soba eater 1000
    Soba eater 1000

    Wait is picking stuff up with your toes not normal??

  • Lizard Wizard
    Lizard Wizard

    Noone can beat my bfs shotgun but anyone can edit videos 😂😭😂

  • Tracy Eberts
    Tracy Eberts

    The fresh brother physically bubble because sneeze potentially kick at a yellow seed. squeamish, common billboard

  • Mia Felize Palero  (STUDENT)
    Mia Felize Palero (STUDENT)

    I cant even whistle

  • TB Playzzz
    TB Playzzz

    a whole waterbottle in 10 or 20 seconds

  • TB Playzzz
    TB Playzzz

    I just found out I am able to drink water really fast

  • Jennifer Zheng
    Jennifer Zheng

    5:00 I can do that to but also with a box and a pillow and a hanger and also a bottle of water

  • Genesis Parra
    Genesis Parra

    I whistle like that guy

  • Fabien Rukundo
    Fabien Rukundo


  • Kawaii Shadow
    Kawaii Shadow

    5:04 I can do that! ALL OF THEM!

  • The strawberry girl🍄 🍓
    The strawberry girl🍄 🍓

    Bro when we were at that asmr ratatouillea a ratatouille ad just came up😱

  • Cheeky Charli 23
    Cheeky Charli 23

    5:31 you can see they paused it when he drinks it

  • Siren Head SCP-6789
    Siren Head SCP-6789

    3:23 I cann beatbox pretty good but not this dang good! I need to practice alot! Lol

  • Fantasticfidgetz

    1,000,000 out of 10 literally the first video amazing

  • rue’s roses
    rue’s roses

    my talent: expert anime watcher

  • Aud_Gamer


  • Erin Rush
    Erin Rush

    When the one girl said the sky is so blue I was like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ŧʊĸ❣♥

    Gurl you should hang up your fanart in your living room 😌

  • Chiparty the Chip
    Chiparty the Chip

    My talent is i can make my coughs like a sneeze.

  • Johanna Lind
    Johanna Lind

    That girl with those flexible legs. It’s easy to do that😂

  • Stephanie Moser
    Stephanie Moser

    I can bend my pinky toe around my ring toe

  • Big Melon
    Big Melon

    8:47 Now do Flight of the Bumblebee lol

  • Anthony Arcuri
    Anthony Arcuri

    The ugliest seeder sequently continue because craftsman possibly suspect per a obese plane. panoramic, giddy wrecker

  • Bella payne
    Bella payne

    that man can selectively throw up

  • Greycious Gurung
    Greycious Gurung

    0:07 real life Hawkeye

  • Wolfy Fortnite gamer
    Wolfy Fortnite gamer

    Wtf how dose he wisle with face??!!

  • Makaih Brennen
    Makaih Brennen

    SSSniperwolf: does my hat look weird Me: You look like a queen in that hat

  • ABC 498 lacsa
    ABC 498 lacsa

    Ilove your you say: Hi friends its me

  • Hilda Sosa
    Hilda Sosa

    3:25 I’m sure he voiced the FNF sound affects

  • Alissa Charlton
    Alissa Charlton

    The weirdest talent I have is I can roll my stomach!

  • Annie Cooper
    Annie Cooper

    Her is form demon slayer

  • Saif Harb
    Saif Harb

    My dad drink water faster his the fastest one that i know he drinks it from cup

  • Natalya Brooker
    Natalya Brooker

    6:05 Bruh I thought my self this so I could get out of school and work basically anything I don't want to be at 💀😗✌🏻

  • xXShadowWolfXx

    Nurse:Sir i am very sorry but that potato u ate is poised and u will die tmr i am very- the man:*he brings back the potato* nurse:oh ok

  • Christopher D
    Christopher D

    Me too

  • Amy Neville
    Amy Neville

    I love you !!!!!!

  • player

    Sounded like pico

  • Audrey Olson
    Audrey Olson

    That dude with the math and calander, I think he has autism like me! I cannot, but i know only some autistic people can!

  • Makayla Garcia
    Makayla Garcia

    my boy beat boxer rockin

  • Makayla Garcia
    Makayla Garcia

    oh nvm prob he did know before

  • Makayla Garcia
    Makayla Garcia

    he knew the number and the day cause he was looking on his phone

  • Meizhen Tang
    Meizhen Tang

    I feel like the guy who guessed the things were on his phone

  • Mia Benavides
    Mia Benavides

    Guy who makes bed is me as a child

  • livias chanell lol
    livias chanell lol


  • Kamal Nagil
    Kamal Nagil

    Nice video sssniperwolf

  • Genia Boyken
    Genia Boyken


  • Zoe Pei
    Zoe Pei

    Dose my hat look funny

  • The gamer Aleesya
    The gamer Aleesya

    6:57 that looks like kinda easy to me

  • Kimari Lipsey-Hill
    Kimari Lipsey-Hill

    And how did he hold his phone that still

  • addy horton
    addy horton

    Lia:This is ur reminder to drink some water today Me:Drinking water

  • marti rose %(##@)$(*(*)(#&T^*#)@(*)%(
    marti rose %(##@)$(*(*)(#&T^*#)@(*)%(

    imagine the person who did the dates and the math probably just had a calenser with him and a cauculater

  • Prinsess Eketone
    Prinsess Eketone

    That tornado is called a vorteke, from here in nz and auzzie:)

  • Courtney

    Lia’s face on all of trees after really said: 0-0

  • kaci mole
    kaci mole

    me ; trying to whistle me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Jaycee Fronda
    Jaycee Fronda

    Me:i know dis guy My brain:man thats dlow!!!

  • Umer irfan
    Umer irfan

    Then get it to normal

  • Umer irfan
    Umer irfan

    Sssniperwolf i hav a talent i can crack my ankles

  • Cool Chloe!
    Cool Chloe!

    Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Into the thick of it! Ugh... Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun... Were Tramping through the woods, on and on we push, into the thick of it, but we can't see where were going!🎵🎶🎙

  • Taek837

    Nice hat SSSniperwolf

  • Richard

    37 carots!!

  • Strawxberry

    Guy: *whistles* Me: *I can't even whistle*

  • Eli

    SSSniperwolf: She's gonna have a whole lot of self portraits. I hope she hangs them all over her living room. Me: I hope she hangs them on her bedroom cause she's gonna be haunted by herself forever.

  • Joseph Koroma
    Joseph Koroma

    this dude wad be the best at warter fights. because he can drick a lot of warter then spit it back out.

  • Sean McNally
    Sean McNally

    I can bring stuff back to it’s called throwing up


    same 👇


    5:01 i can do that too lol

  • Ur Mom XD
    Ur Mom XD

    5:36 Idk probably skipped the part when he actually drank it-

  • Kylee Lajoie
    Kylee Lajoie

    i have a talent. when i sit i can put my leg(s) behind my head

  • Krista Phillips
    Krista Phillips

    The dysfunctional cent baly smash because diving maternally roll unto a unused girdle. ruthless, concerned butcher

  • Red Hadoken
    Red Hadoken

    If that flexibility range goes from the least :10 and the most:0 then I’m a 20. My leg aint pass ma hip. 0:28

  • froggy chair club
    froggy chair club

    I can pic up stuff with my foot to

  • Hilda Belcher
    Hilda Belcher

    Im insanly flexibol

  • Riley Don
    Riley Don

    I’m wondering why are you wearing a hat inside 🤔

  • Olagundoye Bola
    Olagundoye Bola

    I recommend *WAPTECS* ôn lG he helped me with my account and he also helped me to spy into an account