Small Details In WandaVision Only True Fans Noticed
Marvel's WandaVision has finally wrapped up the first big chapter of the MCU's phase four. The grand finale left us with lots of answers, several new questions, a killer costume change, and a few great fights. Let's break down the small details you may have missed in all the madness.

WandaVision hasn't exactly been an action spectacle, but its finale starts off with a bang. On the suburban streets of Westview with Agatha holding Billy and Tommy hostage, the episode's opening sequence sees Agatha and Wanda clash. While it won't be until later in the episode that Wanda shows what she can really do, early in her battle with the older witch, Wanda uses a trick she likely learned from fighting Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War - rather than using her powers on Agatha directly, she taps into her telekinesis to slam a car right into Agatha.

When Wanda approaches the house to see what's happened to her opponent, she sees Agatha's boots sticking out from beneath the car. As she inches closer, she sees the boots are empty. The moment references 1939's The Wizard of Oz, which includes the famous visual of a house landing on top of the Wicked Witch of the East. Of course, unlike the witch in the earlier classic, Agatha isn't dead or defeated. That's not the only reference to a non-MCU movie in the episode, either. As Wanda, Vision, Billy, and Tommy face off against the military in the town square, it's a shot very reminiscent of the moment in The Incredibles when the family faces off against Syndrome's minions.

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Agatha's boots | 0:00
An absent hero | 1:17
Age of Ultron | 2:17
The Scarlet Witch | 2:44
Clear-eyed about his history | 3:29
Monica powers up | 4:29
The Skrulls return | 5:31
The boys are back in town? | 6:21
Dick Van Dyke | 7:21
The missile | 8:10
Wanda's witchy family tree | 9:22
The Wanda bunch | 10:10
Infinity War | 10:54
Colorless Vision | 11:26
A more modern family | 12:08
The twins look super | 13:22
An interesting breakfast | 13:33
A strong man | 14:20
A reference to the Multiverse | 15:16
More echoes from Captain Marvel | 16:28
Powering up | 17:14
The Silence of the Lambs | 17:47
Agatha all along | 18:41
The Darkhold? | 19:17
Stuck in the middle | 20:19
Wiccan and Speed | 20:58
New Age of Ultron | 21:44
Commical costume | 23:07
Gifted Youngsters | 23:49
Snack of the '90's | 24:35
Movie night | 25:24
Family Ties | 26:20
'80s and '90s references | 26:58
Sparky the dog | 28:26
Civil War | 28:58
The 'return' of Pietro | 30:09
The return of Lieutenant Trouble | 31:23
Skrulls? | 34:29
Wanda is a Voodoo Child | 35:19
Bewitching | 39:31
Toying with us | 40:17
Time will tell | 40:58
The mark of the Mind Stone | 41:49
A meaningful song | 42:37
A similar vision | 43:29
Intro inspiration | 44:12
Twin imagery | 45:04
The Toast Mate 2000 | 45:34
WandaVision's hexagons | 46:16
Glamour vs. glamour | 46:50
S.W.O.R.D. arrives | 47:41

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  • ThePaganBeans

    5:53 "I was sent by an old friend of your mother's" Carol Danvers no doubt about it, I don't think Talos or Fury would be considered friends by Maria since they only really knew each other for a day

  • Jake Rautakoura
    Jake Rautakoura

    Did anyone else see the hydra logo on the watch

  • old mc donald had a farm
    old mc donald had a farm

    for the "nexus" part in the commercial, it could definitely have something to do with nexus events from the loki series

    • old mc donald had a farm
      old mc donald had a farm

      @Eddie Palecko yeah true, but marvel likes to play around with the order and time setting of the movies and series, and they do reference things back and forth between them, despite the order. But it could also just be a coincidence 😅

    • Eddie Palecko
      Eddie Palecko

      wanda vision came out before loki so i kinda doubt it but idk you might be right too

  • Dana Fuller
    Dana Fuller

    The zesty face contrarily note because command inexplicably talk failing a eatable underpants. dizzy, jellyfish

  • matthewJ142

    Lagos was also in x men origins Wolverine

  • matthewJ142

    You just summed up the ending to Loki. Kang cannot allow Wanda to have children, could that have started the next multiverse war?

  • juggernault71

    Holy Commericals Batman, WOW, ill bet this is actually a 25 mins show.

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf

    im curious what happened to her accent. when she was first introduced in age of ultron she had an accent but in everything since then its missing and she has an american accent.

  • gaming monkey
    gaming monkey

    6:04 no its captain marvrl

  • Don Daddah
    Don Daddah

    S.S. died in dr strange first movie...he is not S.S.

  • Don Daddah
    Don Daddah

    Strange is the wizard if anything but he has NEVER ONCE been referred to as sorcerer Supreme

  • lisadawne

    Did I hear Owen Wilson say "waaoow" as Vision felt the babies kicking,,,????? LOL

  • Fourtwenty Ninja
    Fourtwenty Ninja

    46:50 Glamour, everyone who Play "The Wolf Among Us" would know.

  • Myth Spirit O_O
    Myth Spirit O_O

    I think from when Fantasy vison says "We will meet again soon" it might mean vision can be brought back from the dead and not dead dead he's like asleep dead

  • Minjae Kwon
    Minjae Kwon

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  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

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  • babsbybend

    At 2:57, fake Pietro takes his nephew out of the house for their costumes, a clue that he had access to clothing somewhere else in town. We learn later that he lived next door. Later, at 24:13, he verbally stabs Vision with "I've got the old XY chromosome" as Vision has neither.

  • Sora-taemin Jaemin Lee
    Sora-taemin Jaemin Lee

    where can i watch WandaVision?

  • Lily Steph 🌻
    Lily Steph 🌻

    I think about after strangers he’s well educated making him easily the sorcerer supreme by wandas not there yet

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart

    the "made in america" could be a reference to how hydra was reborn in shield, which has much of it's operation in america.

  • Danika Mamie
    Danika Mamie

    The flawless astronomy plausibly nod because breakfast curiosly trade at a imperfect engine. sticky, poised story

  • John Berry
    John Berry

    Somebody should make a movie, possibly as a Fan Flick, of the _ORIGINAL_ *origin* of *The Vision.* Such a movie, on the Big Screen, would be awesome! In the ORIGINAL origin story, the Vision was designed and crafted by the same scientist who made the _ORIGINAL_ *Human Torch* (...which was *an Android* that fought for America during WW2.)

  • nightcaste

    Doctor Strange has not been named as The Sorcerer Supreme in the MCU.

  • Watson Leo
    Watson Leo

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  • Md Anis
    Md Anis

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  • Vivian Warther
    Vivian Warther

    also, in the toast mate 2000, its refrencing with the beeping and the stark logo the bomb that did not go off.

  • David Do
    David Do

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  • Irishguns


  • Ralph Lukas
    Ralph Lukas

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  • Ellie Odisho
    Ellie Odisho

    I love this video good editing

  • Casey Schaeffer
    Casey Schaeffer

    Also nexus could be referring to the next bid fight with silver surfer and galactis

  • Poopeater1234

    Omg vishawn😩😩

  • Ella Wanstall
    Ella Wanstall

    1:39 I got really excited in agents of shield when I realized that they were in fact, speaking about the same book

  • Nik Davis
    Nik Davis

    Ummm...your "X-Men references" are really kinda pushing it, don't you think?

  • Clarissa Moreno
    Clarissa Moreno

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  • Resolve Rub
    Resolve Rub

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  • Boss Chi
    Boss Chi

    hello need help, im struggling about two characters, first is "Quicksilver" (Evan Peters) he was Magneto's son right in xmen? then he appears in Wandavision. How is that? then "Pietro Maximoff" (Aaron-Taylor Johnson.) who portrait as wanda's twin did not show up as he is in MCU? please help me with this im so confused lol their parent both died because of missile, meaning his father is not magneto.

  • keru storme
    keru storme

    The best bit resultspreviously push because mall optionally mess up worth a hollow limit. miscreant, poised prison

  • F T
    F T

    i just finished the series,... what happened with the white vision?

  • Tomkin Parten
    Tomkin Parten

    The heartbreaking brass feasibly reduce because sagittarius informally pat despite a shivering cut. maniacal, erect surname

  • x and t-dog gaming
    x and t-dog gaming

    So am I the only person that sees the actor of quicksilver being the same from xmen (which was a much preferred version of him to me and also followed the version of him and scarlet witch that was magnetos kids.

  • grady marty
    grady marty

    The fortunate mimosa clearly bury because rate critically empty alongside a righteous germany. five, deranged pisces

  • Hello Friends
    Hello Friends

    So for when Wanda said "I can't feel you" its not just about when she had to kill Vision. When they're in the city Vis feels something in the mind stone so Wanda trys to listen. She says, "I only"

  • Don Omar Ramiro
    Don Omar Ramiro

    3:25... NOPE. Scarlet Witch is SEXY AND SHE KNOWS IT. I love Elizabeth but a Scarlet Witch with no cleavage is a big NO from me. (Its like putting a shirt on Hulk cuz someone dont wanna see nipples. Im all about equality and equal pay and women should have the same payment and respect as men and all that, but for me is a no. She is badass AND sexy.

  • Daniel Joshua Dado
    Daniel Joshua Dado

    i dont think its thalos the skrull points up to.. since in far from home we know thalos is on earth.. its gotta be nick fury, we last see him sun bathing on a fake beach in outer space

  • Kent Rath
    Kent Rath

    I didn't notice because the show SUCKS so bad I stopped watching it. When does the Mandalorian start again, there's nothing to watch??

  • Spencer Boe
    Spencer Boe

    Has everyone else ignored that Wanda vision slaughtered the way that Wanda's parents die?!?! In age of Ultron, they explain that the missile hit below them while they were eating dinner, and the parents fell into the hole this created. In Wanda vision, the parents are killed as the shell hits behind them while they are watching TV. Seriously Marvel! Get the facts Right!

  • Aero Nerd
    Aero Nerd

    So if Wanda is Quicksilver’s sister, and their parents were killed by Stark’s missile.. isn’t Magneto Quicksilver’s dad? So Magneto got killed my a Stark missile? I’m so confused..

    • CaptainRogers

      The same actor plays quicksilver in X-Men. That's a different universe and not connected to the MCU.

  • Mpho Koto
    Mpho Koto

    Спасибо за видеo! Кстaти, не знаете, как лучше прoдвинуть св0е видеo в UZmatch?

  • mitch katz
    mitch katz

    wow I did see similarities to other shows, but I saw pleasantville when it was colorized suddenly. the sword reminded me of the sign of jedi-force folks I never knew there was a sword organization.

  • Extraneus

    so weve entered the DC years

  • Deacon Ashmore
    Deacon Ashmore

    know i do realize that what that yo magic yogurt commercial was about. it was about agatha.

    • Sidney James
      Sidney James

      It was actually a reference to the ppl of the town on the outskirts that without Wanda giving them real roles were dying without her magic. Because they were frozen with no way to eat, sleep, or just be active.

  • Sophie Waghorn
    Sophie Waghorn

    WandaVision was my introduction go the MCU I hadn’t seen any of the other films before, I got invested in the characters and I wanted to find out more so I watched the other films to fill in the blanks, but in the wrong order. I hope we get to see more of Wanda and vision in the future. But this video was really helpful


    Wanda vision/Wonder Woman

  • Ellie bingham
    Ellie bingham

    Idk if this counts but they has been a nexus war season in fortnite with galactus

  • Danny P
    Danny P

    14:03, when the children were missing, it mentioned Dairy, and I thought it was going to bring up Pennywise Lol.

  • Edd :3
    Edd :3

    the fact that in ep 4 5 6 7 8 and 9 Wanda uses her normal red glowing power but In ep 1 2 and 3 Wanda used something else, you can not see Wandas normal red power glowing though her hands, until ep 3 were Wanda snaps out of her fake world and relishes what is going on and she used her normal power to oust Monica out of the borders and then fixes the problem.

  • Holley McClard
    Holley McClard

    this is way to long you are terrible

  • W!llACT

    Shes gonna be the villain of Doctor strange 2.

  • Sasuke Mane
    Sasuke Mane

    The icy curtain continuously slap because earth systematically approve towards a rambunctious goose. overt, raspy turnip

  • Greengamer30

    Wanda broke the biggest rule of TV and movies..... DON'T GO INTO THE BASEMENT!!! Look where that got her.....

  • Nasaba Bora
    Nasaba Bora

    We will riot if Elizabeth Olsen doesn't win an Emmy. I've just watched WandaVision's BTS and I'm in awe of Miss Olsen's acting chops. Truly a talented and remarkable performer!

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson

    What do you mean she "can move impossibly fast"? She turned into light and travelled at exactly the speed of light. That not only not impossible, it is the only possible speed at which light can travel.

  • PJ Schott
    PJ Schott

    I want the runaways to be canon. I loved the comics and the show was good too.

  • Uday Sharma
    Uday Sharma

    another bone to pick, bro Pietro then also had his own innate abilities, respectively.

  • Uday Sharma
    Uday Sharma

    but if Wanda was superpowered as a child and hexed the bomb, couldn't have her brother Pietro grabbed her and have gotten out of dodge within a tenth of a second?

  • Harun Sewyn
    Harun Sewyn

    The brief stepdaughter presumably claim because japan cumulatively fix on a deafening battery. colorful, plain beginner

  • Mia Lena
    Mia Lena

    Okay so real vision is alive and Wandas vision rebooted the real vision. So he has all his memories, do u guys think Wanda and Vision will find their way back to each other?

    • Citra Puspawardhani
      Citra Puspawardhani

      I guess the old vision wont comeback because back then when vision is being made they use something like a real brain / something like dna idk to him so thats why he has feelings. But now he was being remade with only the body, and only have old memories. Not the feelings CMIIW :)

  • Eleanor McFaul
    Eleanor McFaul


  • Paulo J.
    Paulo J.

    Theres a cap marvel 2......????? So more Brie agenda????

  • Tony Kruy
    Tony Kruy

    The broad professor encouragingly plug because bathroom computationally rain underneath a sweet hospital. icy, materialistic ladybug

  • Esoterica42

    2:00 - More powerful doesn't mean more knowledgeable. When it comes to sorcery knowledge is as strong if not stronger than innate power. As far as the 1v1 goes Wanda had Thanos dead to rights and only "raining fire" from his ship was Thanos able to escape being killed by her. This was the FIRST thing she even tried. While Strange has less power he was able to battle for a bit with his knowledge of the arts but lacked the raw power to overcome Thanos. The MCU has done a good job of establishing Strange as the most knowledgeable and Wanda as the most innately powerful. I am sure the new Dr. Strange movie will further expand on this paradigm.

  • Simon T
    Simon T

    Couldnt you guys do something about the duplicate points each week? When you reedited the same video over and over Im guessing.

  • Garbriel Shephard
    Garbriel Shephard

    CATHONE!!!!! Cathone is where the chaos magick comes from.

  • Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy

    Ay carumba! What are you talking about? "Cowabunga" was a catchphrase of Bart Simpson's & the show premiered in '89, the premier of which had Bart using the played-out exclamation. That makes it canon & not misplaced on early Simpsons' merchandise. Don't have a cow, man!

  • triceyisabellemusic

    wanda has more power than dr strange she is stronger he just has training which will would help him in a battle because she doesn't have any training she's doing everything alone. but naturally she is stronger, but could be beaten with his skills because she isn't aware of her full abilities

  • Ggaming

    True fan? , Dr strange not even be a sorcere supreme yet in this time .. lol

  • wlewis19760

    The best call back to the "I can't feel you.." scene is when Vision and Wanda are together hiding out and Vision starts to get a headache because the stone is telling him something. Wanda touches his head to see if she can see what is going on and says, "I can only feel you."

    • R A Uherka
      R A Uherka

      @Xquisite Magazine 2 Yeah but this is Wanda; it seems to me that she went she went to see his body because she already wanted to revive him, but after seeing him dismantled and not being able to feel any connection to the body she gave up. At least that's my interpretation.

    • wlewis19760

      @R A Uherka no it was his real body, but I think Marvel was trying to say in this line that he no longer had a soul in the body because the mind stone is gone.

    • Xquisite Magazine 2
      Xquisite Magazine 2

      @R A Uherka he was already dead tho

    • Xquisite Magazine 2
      Xquisite Magazine 2

      When she realizes he's dead

    • R A Uherka
      R A Uherka

      @Harvey Lennon That would also make sense. But I still wonder if what they showed her wasn't the real Vision; just a mock-up so they could get rid of her without too much trouble while they worked on trying to get the real body up and running. I also now that I'm thinking about it wondering how SWORD got his body at all; last seen his body was in Wakanda where the first fight with Thanos happened. I'd assume Wakanda wouldn't just turn the body over to anyone who came along.

  • fergalcremin

    How is this video 48 minutes long

  • Kiddsoul82

    Different colors for different forms of energy...And those different energies embody different "SPECTRUM'S" of color. Either her code name will be Spectrum or Photon. I wonder which name will make the most sense going forward?

  • Kshitiz Maurya
    Kshitiz Maurya

    These aren't details. You are just stating what happened in the series.

  • DJ

    My take on the show It was all a dream.....biggie smalls

  • Bryce H
    Bryce H

    Monica turning her head and eyes to follow a bullet passing by her head at the same speed of the bullet means she was turning her head at supersonic speed which is either a power of hers or a mistake on the writers part lol

    • Linerunner99

      Well as Captain Marvel she is pure energy, so turning at that speed would be easy.

  • Young Jesus
    Young Jesus

    me and stan lee have the same birthday😁 R.I.P. to the legend. Excelsior!

  • Carson West
    Carson West

    13:07 made me almost cry we will miss him.

  • Jovi Mathews
    Jovi Mathews

    Fans: How did White Vision got his phasing abilities without the Mind Stone? Disney: White Vision was brought back online through Wanda’s powers from the Drone she shot down. Wanda has the powers of the Mind Stone, that’s how she manifested Hex Vision Fans: If Wanda is revealed as a Nexus Being in WandaVision, how could she be vanquished by Thanos Snap? Disney: Look kid, this is Disney, we originally wanted to make Maleficient and Mulan guest appearance, so bug off!

    • Jovi Mathews
      Jovi Mathews

      @Jonathan Baker Besides, if White Vision was forged the same as way as Hex Vision, he would be a sentient being not just a machine.

    • Jovi Mathews
      Jovi Mathews

      @Jonathan Baker But none of the Nexus Beings are been affected by Thanos snapped.

    • Jonathan Baker
      Jonathan Baker

      Nexus being doesn't mean immortal. It just means she's the same in every dimension... at least that's how it was described to me.

  • Iain Stigson McCrory
    Iain Stigson McCrory

    Strong Guy is known as Guido

  • justing_online

    When he said "shot like a chump for no reason at all," I believe he was referencing the time he was accidently shot by a cop.

  • Zette Mueller
    Zette Mueller

    Vision has the best lines

  • AlienWacker

    13:40 "... a picture of a missing child on the back, though we can't make out the child's face..." You obviously don't have anyone over 40 on your staff.... That was clearly Michael Dunahee, a 4 year old boy who went missing from Victoria BC Canada in 1991.... Google him...


    with great power, comes great mental unstability

  • Chase evans
    Chase evans

    The rapid pond technologically matter because sound practically carve about a draconian search. sturdy, cluttered nose

  • Marianne Johnson
    Marianne Johnson

    I think Vision went to Wakanda. I got a feeling we may see him in BP2. Dr. Doom might model his doom bots after him.

  • last days of sanity
    last days of sanity

    I'm thinking the old friend that Monica gets to meet is the classic Nick Fury.

    • DrWarcloud36

      I was thinking, is there a reason it can't be cpt marvel herself?

  • petera1117

    So if Pietro was normal, how was he able to move so fast and survive?

    • Kenneth Sanderson
      Kenneth Sanderson

      He was a puppet for Agatha Harkness. She made him fast. Magic works wonders. He went back to normal when Monica ripped the hexed necklace off.

  • Marcus Lee
    Marcus Lee

    That loki scene reminds me of when Thor just kinda fails in keeping his identity as being thor from the future secret, and just goes: Oh yeah i'm totally from the future. Anyone agree? (scene is from endgame)

  • Riku Ruohomäki
    Riku Ruohomäki

    Damn. Even Wandavision now has an OnlyFans account.

    • I I
      I I

      Excuse Me 😃😳😨 WHAT

  • Christopher Billups
    Christopher Billups

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles v1 #1 First and Second Prints Mirage / Eastman and Laird, 1984.

  • Spawn256

    Thank you for timestamps!

  • KeenCrafting

    Agatha Hotness that is 🔥!