42 Dugg - Free Merey (Official Video)
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Official music video by 42 Dugg - Free Merey © 2020 4PF/CMG

  • 3 Threesmiles
    3 Threesmiles

    Im here after his molesting video never heard of him till they showed him getting freaky with his son

  • 215 B
    215 B

    Song give me the chills free my boys

  • Alvin Rodriguez
    Alvin Rodriguez


  • 123 233
    123 233

    Free Junior free noopie y'all gone b home one day❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • SW3A SKi
    SW3A SKi

    Imagine loosing him 😢

  • Robbie Walker
    Robbie Walker

    Free my uncle b4 I break him out 💯💯😎💪

  • Sally

    Lost my whole family & the lil Star in the picture !? ♤♡

  • Deezy Green
    Deezy Green

    This shit hit hard lost my day 1 nigga to the system got pinned for 2nd degree murder of a infant till this day I know he ain’t do that shit got a family an shit he ain’t even here to rock with niggas shit hurt freeJ

  • Two Tone
    Two Tone

    Street nigga feelings

  • Ben10 Never Broke Again
    Ben10 Never Broke Again

    This hit hard

  • kateria anderson
    kateria anderson

    Free the real

  • 414 Mafiablue
    414 Mafiablue


  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    “Wish you had a bond you know money ain’t the issue” nah fr free my shooter

  • Pat Miles
    Pat Miles

    She went crazy on this

  • Gabriel Rea
    Gabriel Rea

    Snap gabrielr214090

  • Gabriel Rea
    Gabriel Rea

    Free dw nathan brandon lmk if u can help .

  • John Wilbert Jr
    John Wilbert Jr

    Much Respect From Louisville

  • Logan Sinclair
    Logan Sinclair

    💕 the homies 💜

    • Dubhead20 Gangster
      Dubhead20 Gangster


  • Emiliano Sepulveda
    Emiliano Sepulveda


  • Chasethecheque

    Free my dad man soon come home 🙏🙏 been 3 years already goin 💪

  • C. Satia
    C. Satia

    Best young out the D

  • Shalonda Smith
    Shalonda Smith

    Getting fried currently to this 🌬🌬💨💨💨

  • Tentoes Down
    Tentoes Down

    Yea we Doing Wrong still 🇲🇽💯

  • T. Paige
    T. Paige

    This been on repeat for 3 days straight #freedaguys

  • Love Winterr
    Love Winterr

    This song still hit home when I use to be sad about my brother being incarcerated

  • Lavon Shelton
    Lavon Shelton

    You will reach where you are trying to go I promise you … just keep going

  • Rogue Wolf Records LLC
    Rogue Wolf Records LLC

    I'm not trying to loose my love ones in prison for some dumb shit

  • Lu Capalot
    Lu Capalot

    “I had to check the luggage had me carrying too much baggage❗️❗️” niggas aint catch that tho 🤨

  • Mohamed Adan
    Mohamed Adan

    Long as yall get yours ima get mine

  • Ogbakpa Great
    Ogbakpa Great

    Positive Days Ahead

  • David Daniels
    David Daniels

    This song hit different when your day one locked up. #freepookie2021

  • Money Milly Mafia
    Money Milly Mafia

    TayTay made the beat Money gon' hurt you, I know you don't feel me Niggas talkin' crazy, boy, I swear that shit kill me Forever, forever As long as you real, we gon' always be together Label tryna tell me to switch my style Say I'm in the hood too much, and I'm too wild Long as y'all get yours, I'ma get mine Old lawyer taking Xan, probably gotta sit down Gotti just called, hope they free my dawg When shit ain't going right, wish it was me and not y'all Fuck paying the lawyer, bro, I wanna come get you Wish you had a bond, you know money ain't the issue And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Swear to God, bro, I wish that I could come get you All those people 'round really ain't my niggas And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Still doing work for my son Still in my bag, still on my own Merey just wrote me, doggy bone, you got it Keep making us proud or all of this shit don't matter I'ma hold it down, still write my letters Bitch come around, must've seen my Patek Still selling to the addict, used to be the way I eat Send a Wocky to my dad, say he been having problems sleepin' Keep my music to myself, really don't wanna do no features I can't wait 'til I see you, fill you in on what's happenin' Niggas hating on me, prolly mad that I'm a rapper I had to check the luggage, can't be traveling, too much baggage I thought niggas was happy, real talk, I seen it all R.I.P. to Rece, you the one I see in all us And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Swear to God, bro, I wish that I could come get you All those people 'round really ain't my niggas And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Still doing work for my son Still in my bag, still on my own And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Swear to God, bro, I wish that I could come get you All those people 'round really ain't my niggas And, yeah, a nigga still doing wrong, still Yeah, I still pick up the phone, still Still doing work for my son Still in my bag

  • Tumi Ramss
    Tumi Ramss

    This that pain music

  • Vlone Shando
    Vlone Shando

    This is one of the best songs I heard this year I know I’m late

  • Finneseblo


  • Abek dominguez
    Abek dominguez

    Favorite song by dugg

  • Kala Never Broke Again
    Kala Never Broke Again


  • Ayrrion Allen
    Ayrrion Allen

    Link 42 fr email

  • RoadRuna DraCo
    RoadRuna DraCo


  • Nomercy

    Free da guys 💔

  • JFOE 9
    JFOE 9


  • Capo Williams
    Capo Williams

    Locked up right now the warden hate a Nigga I'm still littttt

  • Kingjosiah 8BP
    Kingjosiah 8BP

    1.8k dislikes people don't know real music

  • NCG G'Baby
    NCG G'Baby

    Istg this a daily a play ‼️

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson

    I’m on my granny fault you have a beef well my cousin Sada baby 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦣🦣

    • Jackie Robinson
      Jackie Robinson

      Don’t play with me I am seven years 7 Hold don’t play with me go to big score game

  • All things NiNi
    All things NiNi

    This song too short

  • Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez

    Best song on album

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez

    Free my babydaddy

  • Det 313
    Det 313

    Lost a stupid ass cousin to system had many convos with dude dog wouldn’t listen ig. He got a life sentence now. Only 18

  • Crik Crazyy
    Crik Crazyy


  • NSL JayR
    NSL JayR

    “Had to check the luggage can’t be traveling too much baggage” 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Dubhead20 Gangster
      Dubhead20 Gangster


  • ItsThaWoo

    Bless Up Everyone Keep Yall Heads Up High

  • Sum1stopme


  • Bombardier The Forth
    Bombardier The Forth

    Gang already ❤️

  • Slick


  • God’s Son
    God’s Son

    This hit harder than free woo to me… mans in pain i can feel him. Free my brother out the feds

    • Dubhead20 Gangster
      Dubhead20 Gangster


  • Jordan 2pf
    Jordan 2pf


  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart

    Draw Down Decade got smoke for my opps for ten years ong💨💨💨


    I absolutely love me some 42Dugg

  • Jacob Santos
    Jacob Santos

    Rip lloyd 2018

  • 251HipHop Nation
    251HipHop Nation

    Man for some reason and I hope nobody thinks this is weird or anything but I kinda get in my feelings when I listen to this song..

    • TheRealKingEddo

      You not the only one bro I been feeling like that too since it came out last year

  • Ikodie Austin
    Ikodie Austin

    love u 42 dugg 🖤

  • matthewheathcock

    42 most underrated hip hop artists today

  • reann j
    reann j

    My babe 😓💔 ima hold it down regardless

  • Lordspittah

    The pain of the cell

  • Mary Price
    Mary Price


  • Ruth Vega
    Ruth Vega

    Yeah I like the song

  • J more
    J more

    67 dimzy lookalike

  • Aaron vega
    Aaron vega

    I love the song so much

  • Toshith B S
    Toshith B S

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  • Youngtaliban. FREE Palestine
    Youngtaliban. FREE Palestine

    Free my brother out the pin

  • Black Air Force
    Black Air Force

    dam this one hit different. just lost my dawg to the system , been hurting my heart since then Stuck in my feelings for my dawg

  • Mia Mack
    Mia Mack

    Stg bruh I wish I could come get you, all these people round really ain’t my niggas! 💯💔

  • Mia Mack
    Mia Mack

    Free my brothers 💪🏾💔

  • Amy Garcia
    Amy Garcia



    This shit go hard💯

  • Brandon Franklin
    Brandon Franklin

    dude in thumbnail kinda looks like Lamar Jackson bout that action

  • Karson Keyes
    Karson Keyes

    Mane free all da guys out da chain gang one way in no way out

  • DsoLowkey X
    DsoLowkey X

    Swear to God bruh I wish that I kan kome getcha

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee

    I felt when he said "Yeah a ni**a still doing wrong still" I’m on parole but can’t shake violating daily 🤦🏾‍♂️💔💯

  • Lydia Ayye
    Lydia Ayye

    Stay/keep Motivated

  • shizzy.29

    Broski should rap like this more

  • Man Man
    Man Man

    Free all the members out that hell on earth fasho✅

  • Jobias Cube
    Jobias Cube

    Damn this hit different 😭

  • Sanshayla Brooks
    Sanshayla Brooks


  • Fire Shii
    Fire Shii

    Free allen

  • Chris Kettles
    Chris Kettles


  • Teddy Handsome
    Teddy Handsome

    Free my brother celso lucero😭💔🙏🕊️🐻💯 elmwood correctional facility

  • Noah Vasquez
    Noah Vasquez

    Free zay💔⛓

  • K Sosa
    K Sosa

    When shit ain’t going right, wish it was me & not y’all...

  • Nae Munnie
    Nae Munnie

    Free my dawg he been down 8 years ! 💯💯

  • JB Justo
    JB Justo

    Free merey 🤧🤧🤧

  • Crip Cee
    Crip Cee

    FreeMe #FreeUsRealOnes #FreedaOnesWhoMatter #Free7stTray

  • Kimberly owens
    Kimberly owens

    Free mery this song go hard as heck fire🔥🔥🔥🧯🚒

  • tame_ steam
    tame_ steam

    he put cap on the paper LMAo

  • INot Iris_Builds
    INot Iris_Builds

    This is sad now I’ma (CRY) this song tho

  • BJ Bllackk
    BJ Bllackk

    My big brother facing life at 22 I grind everyday I bwas 17 when I had my first kid im the youngest in my fam and i gave my mama her first grandkids this hit different fr💯

  • Trill G
    Trill G

    I'm in prison currently..I feel dis x1000

  • Isaiah Samuelu
    Isaiah Samuelu

    Long as y’all get yourz I’ma get Mine !