PAINTING FOR BEGINNERS || Unusual Art Techniques To Create Your Own Masterpiece
00:00 Acrylic painting with drill
00:20 Popsicle and toothbrush painting
01:03 Paint fruits in one touch
02:33 Sea wave painting
02:58 Acrylic paint landscape with cotton buds
03:40 Glue pouring art

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  • Aquila Psalm Ferrer
    Aquila Psalm Ferrer

    i hate there songs is not for lord


    the title should be like how to waste paint or how to use excessive paint for simple picuters. really so much wastage i can't even imagine how they had the heart to waste paint. painting needs patience. seems like they don't have patience so waste paint. i am student who goes to drawing classes. i will paint ine whole canvas with a nice scenery with their waste paint alone

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    lalitha kancharla

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    Lívia Sahyoun Piotto

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    Lívia Sahyoun Piotto

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    Mantasha Anzar

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  • Mantasha Anzar
    Mantasha Anzar

    Colour waist kitna hua h ..... Agree-✓

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    Kausar Jawaid

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    Shruti Sharda

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    Shruti Sharda

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  • Hope

    Umm I feel like a lot of paint is going to waste, although the paintings in this video seem doable I can't spend much on paints and even canvas so basically low on money but looking to ways to decorate my room any ideas?

    • Shruti Sharda
      Shruti Sharda


    • Just a Random person ;)
      Just a Random person ;)

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