Insane Water Slides!
We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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    Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

    • alesha russell
      alesha russell

      I'm already in Europe

    • Michel Demian
      Michel Demian

      Thank you for making me vomit

    • Colorful

      After the pandemic u could , there are pretty cool water slides here

    • Coolify


    • Coolify


  • gru6mp is me
    gru6mp is me

    Buy a Waterpark and let ZHC costumize it

  • matt fogt
    matt fogt

    Does anyone else have claustrophobia

  • Cold coconut
    Cold coconut

    Yo I’ve Ben on the Orlando volcano

  • Scott Epic gamer team
    Scott Epic gamer team

    I was in a shark tank tunnel water slide and the glass broke I swear

  • Gabby Rose
    Gabby Rose

    My friend go stuck on the upside down part of the Wisconsin one and went backwards... 🤭

  • Mr Sempi5268
    Mr Sempi5268

    5:01 I love that slide it’s in Atlantis in the Bahamas it’s very steep

  • blueapollo 10
    blueapollo 10

    jimmy im sorry to break it to you but that slide in wisconsin is absolutely awesome and you need to go there!

  • Zak Hulme
    Zak Hulme

    What is that creature from game wise ? 2:03

  • Koto

    Bruh didn’t think I’d see a slide from my city here cuz my city isn’t special at all lol

  • Gg Gaming
    Gg Gaming

    I’v bin teh

  • Aloma Holsten
    Aloma Holsten

    I have gone down the shark ones

  • krzysztof ozarek
    krzysztof ozarek

    If y’all want to know that last water slide that you saw the water park is called noas ark water park

  • Athletix 123
    Athletix 123

    1:40 this one is called Verrückt, and I am pretty sure it was shut down because a little boy got decapitated riding it😔

  • Y/N L/N
    Y/N L/N

    ✨Yes we German are good at designing slides✨ I was near at breaking my skull in one slide of ours-

  • Marc Verjans
    Marc Verjans

    I think that i did the first slide too

  • Alexandra Drozd
    Alexandra Drozd

    How dare you poland is the best

  • Style&Trends

    Thank you for 6k subscribers ❤ab plz 7k karva do🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • HopBunny

    Your my most favorite UZmatchr I love your videos 😊

  • issy_busy is weird
    issy_busy is weird


  • Iva Garza
    Iva Garza

    The one that goes in the sharks is in the Bahamas. There is also a slow one that you can see the sharks longer

    • Iva Garza
      Iva Garza

      The fast one is the one where all you can see from the top is some brick forming a tunnel to go in the water. It also has sharks


    Plzz make avideo on sliding in the tallest slides in the world

  • Wayne English
    Wayne English


  • starthium

    5:04 This is the Leap of Faith at the Bahamas.

  • Rosi E. León B.
    Rosi E. León B.


  • ashlyn barnes
    ashlyn barnes

    I’ve been watching for four years now and have watched every one of your videos can you post more often of random stuff

  • Marites Abog
    Marites Abog

    Carl is the best but christ is always killing him

  • Marites Abog
    Marites Abog

    I love all your vids and funny

  • AnimeFanPlays

    me being polish lol

  • B.S

    1:54 thats the so called ”Cobra” in sweden

  • Just no
    Just no

    7:37 my dad did that i think

  • Vihaan Ajaya
    Vihaan Ajaya

    child made the twirling slide

  • Carl Daniele
    Carl Daniele

    Ah great, my fear of water slides are increasing

  • Elijah-Leo Flores
    Elijah-Leo Flores

    That wasnt a saw its was like a soft rubber mat

  • chely ಌಌ chanಌ
    chely ಌಌ chanಌ

    Chris looks slimmer

  • V P Kaushik
    V P Kaushik

    Ruff is the first person in a long history of a series

  • Carol Ripley
    Carol Ripley

    I like it

  • Briana Barrett
    Briana Barrett

    O my goooooooodddddd!!!

  • fy gamers
    fy gamers

    preston has bin on that end slide!!


    Chris is the funniest guy in Mr beast crew


    Please make your next Mr beast video as **We went in carzy waterslides**

  • jessica velez
    jessica velez

    I love you

  • Sharps Michael
    Sharps Michael


  • rosa morales
    rosa morales

    Mr.Beast water park coming soon? 🤔 maybe? Please?

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    I went on the shark tube water slide in Atlantis, can confirm it was terrifying and sick

  • Mr. Sock
    Mr. Sock

    Fun fact the last on is at Wisconsin dells :)

  • Oscar Alvarez
    Oscar Alvarez

    “Getting slab against your sister 👀” ayooo

  • FATSOW Tv.
    FATSOW Tv.


  • May Bannister
    May Bannister

    Y’all should make a water slide place because it’s Chris said he wants too and i personally think I’d be a good idea for a video!!!!

  • Slooshe

    5:59 when you take the mannequin challenge way to seriously:

  • James Upright
    James Upright

    World Water Park in West Edmonton Mall... check it

  • Jen Jimenez Menendez
    Jen Jimenez Menendez

    hi mr Beast

  • lol

    1:44 I think someone actually got decapitated on the water slide

  • cruzkiano maistry
    cruzkiano maistry

    Bro this is crazy

  • It’s FNaF Gamer!
    It’s FNaF Gamer!

    5:15 that waterslide in TX

  • JackieBalls 234
    JackieBalls 234

    The ride at 5:04 is at Alantis in the Bahamas and that tank you go through at the bottom is a see through thing where the sharks swim, I rode it it was so much fun

  • Felipe Fabian Viteri Calisto
    Felipe Fabian Viteri Calisto

    how many likes are this comment end up with

  • Jacky Ramirez
    Jacky Ramirez

    Thumbnails be like :o

  • Brendan Pearlman
    Brendan Pearlman


  • Harley Plank
    Harley Plank

    The one where they wore seatbelts that slide got shut down something awful happened to a little boy on it so they shat it down

  • 3than M
    3than M

    You should do a 100 player waterpark building competition

  • Strangejett13

    I have been on the water slides with dropping floors. They look so much scarier than they actually are. Outside looking in or on video it looks fast, but while in it feels so much more slow.

  • Blue Collar Men Productions
    Blue Collar Men Productions

    I want a donut now

  • My Beautiful MEmEs
    My Beautiful MEmEs

    Ahhhhhh People from Perth have u been to adventure world? Lol 😂

    • My Beautiful MEmEs
      My Beautiful MEmEs

      #the crackin #the abis

  • O p a l
    O p a l

    4:21 I have been on that

  • Yaboibw

    That water slide you need straps for is actually one of the most dangerous waterslides in the world

  • raymundo aguirre
    raymundo aguirre


  • Charles Coffelt
    Charles Coffelt

    So the one you wondered about the music is in Galveston Texas and that’s super fun it’s called the monster

  • JonahWayz

    I went to this lazy river in Singapore and there was a part where over you there was a sting ray tank. I was always terrified the stingrays found a way in the lazy river.

  • Michael Kowalski
    Michael Kowalski

    It’s cool to see some of my home slides lol

  • Chancey C
    Chancey C

    7:37 I've been on one of those slides at Orlando Studios I couldn't breathe for a bit

  • Brannon Johnson
    Brannon Johnson

    5:28 I’ve been on that water slide before but it wasn’t scary

  • Thomas Janzen
    Thomas Janzen

    Omg this is crazy

  • Emmett Rose
    Emmett Rose

    3:37 wiat that made me have tears in my eyes wth

  • XxGaChA_KiDxX

    The water slide that looks like a giant knot NEEDS MORE SPEED

  • Thomasjames

    One time I was in a tunnle with glass wall's and ceiling's there was sharks swimming above you and hammerhead's starfish and basically every under water life

  • yt_mhythix

    I’m polish

  • Jack

    3:00 the "saw" is actualy a black carpet

  • thanos boii
    thanos boii

    Siam park In tenerife is just a new level

  • Maryvung Hung
    Maryvung Hung


  • Kaushal Guntur
    Kaushal Guntur

    5:00 is Dubai, Atlantis

  • patricia fulmer
    patricia fulmer

    i have been on that last one before

  • AnTsAnS

    5:30 omg i think I was on this slide like 2 weeks ago it’s in Florida but I think it’s an older clip or just VERY VERY similar lol

  • Chad Keepers
    Chad Keepers

    My brain at 00:11

  • Austin Hallam
    Austin Hallam

    I always wonder what my east UZmatch channel would be like with out chris

  • John Babb
    John Babb

    1:29 thats aquatica ive been there its so fun its in florida

    • John Babb
      John Babb

      1:53 another aquatica ride lol

  • {Sunnii_Mocha}

    "Can you die?" "Yes!" 10/10

  • K Jayanth
    K Jayanth

    Nice video keep it up make more related videos

  • jxnnx 257
    jxnnx 257

    In my town(germany) we have a water slide thats like water rafting or whats it called but without a boat or smth Sometimes there are like little stops It can happen you just rush thru there and run some kids over like bowling

  • Aiden Lynch
    Aiden Lynch

    I’ve been on the phone yellow one were you said “wouldn’t you just bounce off the wall” it so fun.

  • Nathan McManmon
    Nathan McManmon

    I feel like this guy has a ton of money and does challenges with his friends. This is a joke btw

  • Sarah Newbold
    Sarah Newbold


  • Adrian Helerea
    Adrian Helerea

    Check the Tower of Power from Siam PARK, Tenerife

  • Sarah Newbold
    Sarah Newbold

    What wooow

  • Sarah Newbold
    Sarah Newbold

    A shark slide

  • Komar agresywny
    Komar agresywny

    To be fair Jimmy you destroyed some Polish fans dreams

  • Samantha Massey
    Samantha Massey

    Jimmy: It’s bringing me tears. Me: Crying because of laughter because of the Woo.

  • Mustard Guy
    Mustard Guy

    I went to the Bahamas like a year ago and I went down basically all of the slides there. It was so fun bc a couple of them went into a shark tank you you were swimming with sharks basically

  • 22 Lego Bricks
    22 Lego Bricks

    i am from germany ich komme aus deutschland aber da sind die wasserrutschen nicht so geil

  • Kalvin Allen
    Kalvin Allen