Star Wars: A New Hope Radio Drama - Nigel's Edit
STAR WARS: EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE - The Original 1981 Radio Drama.

I've combined all episodes of the original radio drama using excerpts from John Williams' original soundtrack and Ben Burt's sound effects for a more seamless blending from one episode to the next. This is how I want to experience this fantastic piece of work.

I hold no right to the material nor claim any credit for the final product. All content ownership remains with the proprietor of the original works. No breach or infringement of rights intended.

Star Wars was a thirteen-part (originally 6½ hour) expanded radio adaptation of the original Star Wars film. Produced and broadcast in 1981 by National Public Radio as part of NPR Playhouse in the US.

A reoccurring question is about the running time of the radio drama. "What has been cut to reduce the original running time? I have removed the narrated intros, outros and end credits from each episode to created the seamless story. This has reduced the over all running time for each complete drama.

Written by Brian Daley
Directed by John Madden
Exec. Producers Richard Toscan and Carol Titelman
Narrated by Ken Hiller


"A Wind To Shake The Stars"
"Points Of Origin"
"Black Knight, White Princess, And Pawns"
"While Giants Mark Time"
"Jedi That Was, Jedi To Be"
"The Millennium Falcon Deal"
"The Han Solo Solution"
"Death Star's Transit"
"Rogues, Rebels And Robots"
"The Luke Skywalker Initiative"
"The Jedi Nexus"
"The Case For Rebellion"
"Force And Counter Force"


Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker
Ann Sachs, Princess Leia Organa
Perry King, Han Solo
Bernard "Bunny" Behrens, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Brock Peters, Lord Darth Vader
Anthony Daniels, C-3PO
Keene Curtis, Grand Moff Tarkin
John Considine, Lord Tion
Stephen Elliott, Prestor - more widely known as Bail Organa
David Ackroyd, Captain Antilles
Adam Arkin, Fixer
Kale Browne, Biggs Darklighter
David Clennon, Motti
Anne Gerety, Aunt Beru
Thomas Hill, Uncle Owen
David Paymer, Deak
Joel Brooks, Heater
John Dukakis, Rebel
Stephanie Steele, Cammie
Phillip Kellard, Customer #2

Support cast includes James Blendick, Clyde Burton, Bruce French, David Alan Grier, Jerry Hardin, John Harkins, Meshach Taylor, Marc Vahanian, John Welsh, and Kent Williams.

Here is a list of the additions / edits I incorporated to create Nigel's Edit of the Original 1981 Radio Drama.

Time: 0:25:00 - 0:25:45 / Ep 1 / Ep 2 transition
Time: 0:48:30 - 0:49:30 / Ep 2 /Ep 3 transition
Time: 1:11:20 - 1:11:45 / Ep 3 / Ep 4 transition
Time: 1:11:45 / Added R2D2 Beep
Time: 1:14:05 / Added Dewback noise
Time: 1:33:20 - 1:33:50 / Ep 4 / Ep 5 transition
Time: 1:57:45 - 1:33:50 / Ep 5 / Ep 6 transition
Time: 1:58:00 / Blended the sound of Luke’s Land Speeder
Time: 1:58:06 / Added an extra call to Luke from Ben
Time: 2:04:43 - 2:04:47 / Added Dewback noise
Time: 2:18:22 - 2:18:40 / Ep 6 / Ep 7 transition [used different music to original broadcast]
Time: 2:18:30 / Added Speeder sound effects
Time: 2:18:40 / Added Speeder sound effects
Time: 2:18:50 / Added Speeder sound effects
Time: 2:35:56 / Added C3PO “How Rude”
Time: 2:37:55 / Added Millennium Falcon Engine Effects
Time: 2:38:01 - 2:38:09 / Added Millennium Falcon Engine Effect as Ep 7 / Ep 8 transition
Time: 3:00:40 - 3:01:10 / Added Millennium Falcon Engine Effect as Ep 8 / Ep 9 transition
Time: 3:24:28 - 3:24:33 / Ep 9 / Ep 10 transition
Time: 3:43:33 / Added Death Star Door Effect as Ep 10 / Ep 11 transition
Time: 4:04:20 - 4:04:25 / Added Millennium Falcon Alert Sound Effect
Time: 4:04:36 / Ep 11 / Ep 12 transition
Time: 4:04:42 - 4:04:53 / Added Millennium Falcon Alert Sound and Engine Effect Jumping to light speed.
Time: 4:28:50 / Ep 12 / Ep 13 transition
Time: 4:47:20 - 4:47:25 / Added Death Explosion
Time: 4:47:47 - 4:48:08 / Added Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Sound Effects.
Time: 4:49:50 / Added Chewbacca laughing.

Please see the following links for details and history of the trilogy of recordings: )

  • Jared Hiller
    Jared Hiller

    Probably a dumb question but what from these dramas is still canon or is becoming canon again?

  • Duneedon

    Uncle Owen sounds like Nick Valentine from Fallout 4.

  • Joseph Gioia
    Joseph Gioia


  • MusicGearNuts

    Holy shit that's better than the film!

  • MrViking2 McAll
    MrViking2 McAll

    These will always be *my* despecialised editions!

  • Zach Thornton
    Zach Thornton

    the blending of music and so effects makes this so good!

  • Zion

    Princess Leia sounds a lot like Lori Allen, who is also The Boss in MGS3

  • Garry Eckert
    Garry Eckert

    Thanks, went it came out in 1980's I was out of range of radio station than broadcast it.

  • Jan Alter
    Jan Alter

    Thank you for posting the 13 original episodes of the Star Wars Radio Drama. I had originally taped the episodes as I listened to them one by one on PBS in 1981 and was completely immersed in the quality of the acting, script, and sound effects. Unable to locate the tapes again until this morning on your channel, you have presented me 'A New Hope' of continued enjoyment.

  • Aaron Nelson
    Aaron Nelson

    This takes me back to being in elementary school and my dad playing this on Sundays at the park.

  • pete guit
    pete guit

    This Obi is quite anoying

  • Nebyeleul Demeke
    Nebyeleul Demeke

    I thought wedge was killed by Vadar over tantooine.

  • Klim Hawk
    Klim Hawk

    After watching the 77 version and every movie since then, this program is the best 👍

  • Darth Rock
    Darth Rock

    I recall hearing the original broadcasts. Tuning in every Saturday afternoon on my local NPR station to listen to this. Though at the time I was l, "wait, that didn't happen in the movie or the book?" I still enjoyed it. Thanks for doing this very difficult work. You've done an awesome job and rekindled the childhood memories of an old original SW '77 fan. Thanks for doing and posting this.

  • anthony ev
    anthony ev

    Han sounds like a creeper.

  • Gokay Dere
    Gokay Dere

    I ama looking for speech texts for this drama.Somebody help me?

  • whatmatters MOST
    whatmatters MOST

    Last time I heard this was on NPR in North Carolina in 1981 on the road from Roanoke to Raleigh to see my girl friend. Great memories. Thanks!

  • Chris Shank
    Chris Shank

    Too bad Hamill turned into a Libtard in his old age.....

  • GreenRiver Views
    GreenRiver Views

    C3PO cracks me up

  • evilchaperone

    The character that Ben engages with at first in the cantina sounds just like Will Smith.

  • Crocmaster McGeezax
    Crocmaster McGeezax

    I remember when characters had to work hard to accomplish things.

  • evilchaperone

    Wow. I really enjoyed this. I'll have to listen to the other two.

  • Sour Kraut
    Sour Kraut

    My father raped a woman . Reno Cop.

  • Darth plagueis the wise
    Darth plagueis the wise


  • Naomi Burgess
    Naomi Burgess

    “Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise.”

  • gspendlove

    Darth Vader is played by Brock Peters. You may remember him as Admiral Cartwright in Star Trek IV and VI, and as Ben Sisko's father Joseph Sisko in DS9. Legendary. His voice is almost as good as James Earl Jones's.

  • SdS Construction
    SdS Construction

    I stumbled on the cassettes of this radio drama back in the early 80’s at our local WaldenBooks at the Arnot mall. Loved it then, very happy to have found it again. Thank you for the upload!

  • H Easton
    H Easton

    These are awesome. Thank u for posting these.

  • Lucky Meat
    Lucky Meat

    Just found this! OMG! Fantastic work Nige!







  • Joshua Jeffreys
    Joshua Jeffreys

    "One day... Someone like me... Is gonna animate this... And please you... And your entire fecking fan base."- Some space douche probably

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man

    I didnt even know this existed! Thanks so much for posting this! : )

  • Michael Menard
    Michael Menard

    This is great to fall asleep to,some crazy ass dreams lol

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    Obi-wan: These blast marks are too precise to be anything other than the work of imperial stormtroopers. Luke: Well ... this vehicle is rather large - so it is possible they hit that. But all these small dudes? Obi-Wan: Not sure I follow. Luke: Let's put it like this. The safest place in the galaxy is an imperial stormtroopers firing range.

  • Don't Panic
    Don't Panic

    This is so fun. Halfway through, this radio program reiterates two foundational qualities of the force commonly misunderstood by fans and producers today, one muddied by George Lucas himself through Yoda, one willfully ignored by the inadept. Around that point, it is relayed that age isn't a rigid disqualification for beginning to learn the force, leastwise by Obi-wan; not only is he choosing to train Luke as a young adult, he himself relays he had started his own training when he wasn't much younger than Skywalker. Both revelations contradict Yoda's view in the prequels when he tells Obi-wan that Anakin is too old to train. Second, are modern fans' impression that the force is something confined to bloodlines, ignoring every other Jedi that's existed in the galaxy, including Obi-wan, and all other force-wielders, like the orphans from the sequels. Certainly, Star Wars is telling the Skywalker Saga, the story of one bloodline, but this focus neither precludes nor restricts its reality in other characters. Don't know how modern fans keep missing this, keep insisting the force is restricted to particular lineages, like it's something only certain humans are capable of. The alien Jedi in every film is proof enough this isn't so. After that, it's a wonder why Disney expanded the force's capabilities with teleportation, telecommunication, healing and the ability of force ghosts to yet physically interact with the living world. I gather it was some function of choosing to be different from the original material to avoid paying Lucas any royalties or simple thinking they needed to amp up the action to retain the attention of modern audiences. Whichever the case, they've diluted its unique power in making it capable of doing more things, taking a very concentrated set of abilities and thinned it out, making it largely meaningless; if everything can be solved by the force, the force no longer is anything special. Given the ongoing politics of the current creative teams and producers, though, it's quite possible that was the point all along. Real shame; to value propaganda over loyalty and spirit and profit, to ruin a property, leaving billions on the floor, to serve a master narrower than the films: exclusion. Seems they're wising up a bit, though, given their philosophical realignment of their 5-year trade deal with China. Could be Disney will be Disney again, seeking once more to please general audiences in as few as two years. We could really use a return to optimism, eh?

  • Don't Panic
    Don't Panic

    Even in our polarized age, Star Wars continues to speak, perhaps especially because of our polarization. I'm less than an hour into this radio program and already am invested in the integrity and bravery and cause of the alliance, convinced they're doing the only right thing that can be done-- rebelling. I don't imagine our society will come to be faced with such choices as here, but we certainly are setting ourselves up for such confrontations. Our government, our media, our cultural leaders all seem determined to antagonize people instead of inviting them to the middle where the work of seeking mutually satisfying solutions can happen. Against Limbaugh's Four Pillars of Deceit are Emily Smith's more humble and more fundamental, Four Pillars of Meaning-- belonging, purpose, storytelling and transcendence. Star Wars continues to prove its power in transcending the evil's of apathy and contempt and nihilism, showing us how earnestness and sacrifice win us our freedoms, that resisting the worst in us wins us rationality and a prosperous world free from oppression. Presently, we're using the worst in us to pursue these freedoms, thinking our enemies are our political opponents who think differently from us, forgetting the real enemy is within ourselves, is in the methods we use to attain our goals. And in these rationalizations and in the acceptance of them, we each are becoming the stormtroopers of the Evil Empire, thinking we're the Rebel Alliance fighting against oppression. Sometimes, the best way to fight perceived oppression is to just skip the collection of political will to just live the lives we want, seeking collaborations with those interested in advancing their aims, advancing theirs in advance our own, especially when each contribute something universally beneficial to others, like liberty or opportunity or enjoyment or surcease. Lately, our polarization is restricting collaboration and all the fruits that derive from it, pairing each of us with barren and bitter orchards, when our mutual prosperity is within arms length were we only to reach for it. Were we to seek these symbiotic relationships, we would then avoid the possible creations of Evil Empires bent on destroying resistance and difference; one doesn't persecute those considered allies and allies don't allow allies to do inane things harmful to them or to others. In this setting, prosperity for the self is more likely to happen. Likely, it is the only setting in which it can occur. Sorry to ramble on like this; Star Wars just still inspires so much to this day, 44 years on. Back to the show...

  • DDD

    1:31:50 all the voice actors are great in this but the scenes between Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels are really special. Like when Luke tells C-3P0 about his first encounter with Ben Kenobi. You can’t tell me its not ‘canon’

  • Michael-jon H.
    Michael-jon H.

    lot of comments saying this is a audio book/book on tape. it most definitely is not that. Proper term would be full cast radio drama. audio books are just read, by one person, no john williams soundttrack or ben burtt sound effects(who i believe did for the movies). that and their is no book of this story. their is a script.

  • Michael-jon H.
    Michael-jon H.

    loved these the first time I heard them, bought on cassette at borders books. Until the mouse bought star wars they were considered top level cannon with the movies and novelizations of the movies considered equal cannon. shame that disney decannonized them and rogue 1(great movie though it was) rewrote a chunk of this.

    • Kurt E Pearl
      Kurt E Pearl

      I much prefer the Rogue One Death Star plans retcon, but it’s really interesting to hear this version.

  • Big Boy Floyd
    Big Boy Floyd

    Listened to this several times and the backstory and bens and Hans dynamic is amazing and Hans arc is better than the movie

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    wow 😲😳

  • Bill Cox
    Bill Cox

    I saw the movie when I was 7 years old and I am looking forward to this

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    went to watch this when I was little remember the hair standing up on my neck so I'm loving this madness 🤠

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    blooming Yankee folk destiny favours the 🤑

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    C3PO so gets it down at the Blu ray bar near xalon nebular xxx🤔

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    funny 🙈🙉🙊

  • Nicholas Cook
    Nicholas Cook

    R2D2 what an actor imagine the tears at the radio Oscars hurrah!

  • Chep’s City 🌃🧘🏻‍♂️
    Chep’s City 🌃🧘🏻‍♂️

    This is truly amazing! Work is flying by today! 😎🎧

  • Stewart mcminn
    Stewart mcminn

    Obi wan sounds like micheal caine

  • Jeremiah

    Personal stakes for Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan...

  • Snacks Two go
    Snacks Two go

    When you die as we ALL will soon. 99.9 sooner than they think 🤔 will kneel before JESUS. Romans 10:5/10. The One and only true Son of GOD Almighty, all others are false..JESUS was crucified on the cross at Calvary and then on the third day rose again, for you and I (John 3:16). So, Choose this day whom you'll serve. For if you don't it will be chosen for you and that is HELL Arguing with me is silly at best. Bc I'm just the messenger... 💌 Please call . 83.For.Truth.☎️.👍

  • Brudershaft

    Phenomenal work editing, well done!

  • dakevs

    Wow some of the scenes being read add so much more context to the movies. imho

  • John D. O'Brien
    John D. O'Brien

    I remember listening to this when it was first broadcast (as well as the Empire Strikes Back adaptation). Brings back memories....

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    Dang. I haven’t heard any of these radio plays in a couple decades. THIS is how the Special Edition movies should’ve been improved! They should have added extra great backstory instead of just changing minor stupid things. Awesome work on this! The only problem: All the damn ads are horribly placed.

  • Darrius GORILLA
    Darrius GORILLA


  • Lance Villy
    Lance Villy

    This is awesome 😎

  • Bruce Trott
    Bruce Trott

    I remember recording this on my reel to reel. I am so happy to hear them again

  • M Watts- Riley
    M Watts- Riley

    When Darth Vader is telling Laya that she will please her father by telling him where the plans are, she was actually talking to HER FATHER. He's an ass. Vader is pre menstrual. m

  • M Watts- Riley
    M Watts- Riley

    Why is there peanut butter on my phone screen? 📱 Damn kids. Why can't he just crash the car like other teens? 🚗

  • Joe Harney
    Joe Harney

    All of this should have been a Video Series instead of the Original Movie. THis is EPIC. Fills in all the gaps

  • ResistanceQuest

    When Bail Organa says, "Your true feelings towards [Lord Tionne] are not unknown to me," I've never been clear whether those feelings are purely contemptuous or in fact admiring in some way. I assume the former based on how she speaks to him at the table. Also, I mean, she basically straight mercs his nazi ass

  • WMEHS Studio
    WMEHS Studio

    I love this! Had to be recorded by a small Bronx community theater troupe. May da Force be wit yous guys.

  • Voice of tReason
    Voice of tReason


  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    That torture scene was super hard to listen to. Good lord 😔

  • Wallguardian

    This is the best thing I've ever heard, like a dream come true. I might even dare to say it's better than the original film by Lucas.

  • chrono2959

    I can't say I care for Vader speaking through all the force choking but overall in a way I enjoyed this more than the movie.

  • Stutz Bearcat
    Stutz Bearcat

    Did they drag dude voicing Han Solo off the street outside the studio?

  • frank

    Very nice

  • Kaltonian

    I'm a star trek fan rather than a star wars fan but anything audio drama gets a thumbs up from me

  • ArchEnemy969

    This is now the best memory of loving Star Wars I'll probably get. No remasters for me. No "special editions"

  • LacquationsAceptance

    I never heard of this for the past 43 of my life. This was a fun experience. The edits were great too. Thank you for merging the audio files into one file. I'd like to see a fan cartoon movie version of this. I really like the voice actor for Han.

  • OH - OH -
    OH - OH -

    I recognized Perry King's voice as Han Solo. He auditioned for the part of Han for the movie with Charles Martin Smith who you might remember as Toad from George Lucas's American Graffiti or as Oscar from The Untouchables with Kevin Costner.

  • Occams OX
    Occams OX

    Sand people must be just terrible shots.

  • Phil O'Shaughnessy
    Phil O'Shaughnessy

    The movie is immortal and never to be bettered, but this is utterly brilliant. The editing is superb.

  • A Very ETV Special
    A Very ETV Special

    Nitpicking here, and I know this is your edit, but this was never officially called “A New Hope” as the movie wasn’t either, at the time. Some markets published this program on cassette as “The New Hope” later though, when it was in a set with Empire and Jedi.

    • Procyon

      A New Hope was released under it's correct title on April 10, 1981, while these were airing from March 2- May 25.

  • Jacob Henderson
    Jacob Henderson


  • James Connors
    James Connors

    Great stuff. Thank you much.

  • BigStevieW

    Never heard these before...when it started all I thought was is playing Luke sounds just like Hamill....and then I checked cast!

  • G H
    G H

    Wait. What? This doesn't match NEW HOPE at all! Wtf... And the only character that's actually voicing himself is Mark Hamill as Luke! Wtf?

    • Procyon

      It gets to the actual plot of the film a couple episodes in.

  • Sgt Tau
    Sgt Tau

    I remember recording this on tape when it was originally broadcast.

  • seth zipp
    seth zipp

    Anyone ever play this side by side with the movie to make a longer cut of a new hope?? Cause I'm thinking I need to do this

  • Joseth Moore
    Joseth Moore

    !!! VERY AWESOME! Shared several times on Twitter & Facebook!

  • kenneth demuchest
    kenneth demuchest

    Very emotional actress that's please the princess. Wow!!!

  • GodsentJesustosetusallfreefromsin!

    This is my favorite!

  • Northern Mist
    Northern Mist've put a lot of work into this, a BIG thank you!

  • 91072craigster

    Vader and Obi-Wan's chit chat before and during their duel takes away from the power of the moment. I get it was radio and they had to paint a picture with words, but it's still cringey.

  • Jim of Aotearoa
    Jim of Aotearoa

    Well done. A fantastic job on the edit. When you want to listen to the whole thing the endless narration, credits and theme music really take a toll on ones nerves. This cut leaves ALL of the story intact, adds realistic effects not available to the BBC at the time and cuts the intro/outro out of each episode... The radio drama also has the advantage of having George Lucas' original vision of Biggs Starlighter as Lukes best friend/mentor.... showing who the hero of our hero was..... Biggs Starlighter always got done dirty by the cutting room it is nice that he finally makes someones cut.

  • Richard Scally
    Richard Scally

    They really are squeezing every ounce they can out of this, Juvenile Tripe.

  • Nigel Jones
    Nigel Jones

    Go to my Facebook group ( ) for ALL Star Wars audiobooks. Each audiobook will be sent out to each buyer in MP3 format and each audiobook cost £1 each. P.S. I sell more audiobooks than Star Wars.

  • Vito Santo
    Vito Santo

    Leia's torture scene is amazing!

  • Vaughn Mild
    Vaughn Mild

    According to the credits, the guy who plays Tackleberry from the Police Academy flicks is on this somewhere

    • Susan Maggiora
      Susan Maggiora

      Lol, he’s probably making sound effects. I definitely heard David Allen Grier in the group of pilots. I believe he was the one complaining about the target being hard to hit.

  • Christopher Glenn
    Christopher Glenn

    When I listen to the radio dramas of Star Wars, it's almost like watching the original trilogy again.

    • vinmanr2d2

      @vctjkhme When I tell my friends about this they just do not get it !?!?


    This is so cool!!!!!!

  • Phdintheory

    So I never really got that part where Vader struck down Obi Wan. When Vader checks the robes there's no body. And he states, "So that was the plan, to act as a distraction while the others made their escape." And Ben states, "By striking me down you've made me more powerful than you'd ever imagine." But then as we all know Obi Wan is in the Ether as part of the force. So if he's dead where's the body and if he "vanished" then why didn't he come back later? Never really understood that part.

  • Sofia Collins
    Sofia Collins

    When Will This Crap Every End...Isn't 40 Years Enough?..Kiddie Garbage...

  • Jerry Richards
    Jerry Richards

    I think I had a comic book that came with a small flimsy record. Pluss I had a cassette recording I made on one of my several times i seen the movie in the theater. It was a fun time to be a teen with the star wars hype.

  • Brainwashing Detergent
    Brainwashing Detergent

    The beginning of Mark Hamill’s voice acting career!