Tiger spotted on front lawn of home in Fleetwood neighborhood

  • jaxtonsmomma

    Ok so first off, nobody should be allowed to own a tiger in the US unless it's for a zoo. That owner should automatically lose that wild animal since it got away and could have killed someone. Hope the neighbors raise hell.

  • Shaa prosperous1
    Shaa prosperous1

    I'm moving Texas and own a tiger 🐅 😎

  • Mike Campbell
    Mike Campbell

    they want to take gun right away now they want to take your 🐈

  • Mike Campbell
    Mike Campbell

    This is proof that a wild animal could be lot peaceful and loving than a human being.

  • Jason Tabor
    Jason Tabor

    Well after they catch this line maybe they could do something about all these monkeys causing problems around this country

  • trueGrizzlesFAN22

    Base in that video and many days watching Documentary. That Tiger was praying on that man. Even when the Tiger bent downward... So the officer didn't shoot but many others kill black or woman for no reason in this country. Go figure.

  • Fredrick Pierce
    Fredrick Pierce

    Tigers are friendly. They just paint picture on tv that make them look unfriendly.

  • Aryan Ahlawat 319
    Aryan Ahlawat 319

    Americans might kill him and put him on the grill

  • seiom jvony
    seiom jvony

    Imagine walking your dog and this 🐯 burst threw the glass 😅

  • Neil D
    Neil D

    Why is he allowed to keep a tiger in a house

  • Jorge ascencio
    Jorge ascencio

    Carole Baskin

  • Suckafree 831
    Suckafree 831

    There are more tigers in captivity in Texas. Then there is in the world.

  • R P
    R P

    You got moron as a neighbor

  • Sno Man
    Sno Man

    Glad deputy didn't shoot

    • seiom jvony
      seiom jvony

      Idk...but that's gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeaaatt!!!!

  • Aaron Reynolds
    Aaron Reynolds

    Karen making it dramatic when clearly he was a pet 😂 just a over grown pet 🤣

  • snoopy wl13
    snoopy wl13

    I'm sorry but if I'm hopping into my car and a tiger come up on me I'm shooting it. Idc how majestic the animal is its dying


    Lol I love how the guy says he can get the tiger. If a tiger wants to be free it will

  • ashley wilson
    ashley wilson

    not to mention its just a kitten she cant be more them 6monthd old

  • Kris Rose
    Kris Rose

    Scary for the neighbors, sad for the tiger. Why wasn’t the guy charged?? I hope this animal gets rescued someplace suitable for a tiger. People who own wild animals like this are the stupidest in the universe

  • Zay Dior
    Zay Dior

    idc i want one still 😹

  • Amita Bisht
    Amita Bisht

    Meanwhile here in India in the leopards come down from the mountain in my hometown and kill livestock or small animals including dogs.Its OK.They have to eat.Nobody goes after them.Ofcourse there are cruel people here too but I would welcome a tiger in my house for a few hrs.however dangerous .

  • GearrahHereMan

    When I saw that Tiger out so casually, all I could think was . Where TF is Mike Tyson at?

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    Deputy: "Sir turn around for me, spread your feet and put your hands on the car" Tiger: confused meow

  • HeavenFoundWithin

    LIE "it approached the man in an aggressive manner.." No way not at all that was the most docile tiger ive ever seen.

  • Jimmie Lee Patterson
    Jimmie Lee Patterson

    It's only a cub


    Idk...but that's gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeaaatt!!!!

  • nino doesn't care
    nino doesn't care

    I live in Houston

    • mmpj twod
      mmpj twod

      Bullets I don't play with wild life.....

  • Ampo Delgado
    Ampo Delgado

    Sounds about white.

  • SAVO

    If that Tiger was a nigga. The officer would have fired.

  • Coreas Kevin
    Coreas Kevin

    Tigers completely harmless .

  • killingerk

    lol it's an indoor cat

  • Rock Steady
    Rock Steady

    I bet no one is going break in his house, ever.

  • Joseph Rikers
    Joseph Rikers

    A real TV news crew would of got a statement, no?

  • Niq's Intentional Life
    Niq's Intentional Life

    I laughed when the anchor said, “this cool cat or kit”. Haha

  • Kwamain Jennings
    Kwamain Jennings

    Damn a police won’t even shoot a tiger approaching him like he in the wild but a black man can’t even walk down the street safe......... smh

  • Roman Kozlovskiy
    Roman Kozlovskiy

    He lost that car obviously

  • Run from Humanz
    Run from Humanz

    Damn that tiger walking around is almost as dangerous as the police

  • Ceasar Johnson
    Ceasar Johnson

    So the owner didn’t know his ferocious wild tiger wasn’t out roaming his hood that whole time? Sorry… someone could have been killed.

  • Ralph Firley
    Ralph Firley

    I always thought Tigers were from Detroit. ⚾

  • Big. R
    Big. R

    America is a true jungle. Such a backward and third world nation.

  • Chaplain Win
    Chaplain Win

    Bullets I don't play with wild life.....

  • soy César
    soy César

    Humans took over their homes!

  • Road runnner
    Road runnner

    The tiger was acting aggressively but the officer didn’t shoot him but they will shoot a black man and the tiger was safely let to back into its home smh

    • Road runnner
      Road runnner

      @Ray Supreme smh !

    • Ray Supreme
      Ray Supreme

      Yup its crazy,

  • Marchristopher Adkins
    Marchristopher Adkins

    If it was a black 🐅 he would have got shot

  • Daniel Cobb
    Daniel Cobb

    There should be a $10k dollar fine

  • VanHellsing

    Well cared for fed tiger I guess

  • Juan Moran
    Juan Moran

    Live the tiger alone

  • Worthy Robinson
    Worthy Robinson

    It's my best friend in a outfit I don't own a tiger

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    Imagine walking your dog and this 🐯 burst threw the glass 😅

  • Daylee Lover
    Daylee Lover

    Its illegal to own a pet if my dog was out there I will flip out and run back into my house

  • Bryan Morgan
    Bryan Morgan

    It's someone baby

  • Classic Movie Lover
    Classic Movie Lover

    That guy better rid of his Tiger right away or someday it will kill him or someone else! It always happens to people with exotic animals as pets.

    • dolita windo
      dolita windo

      Sweet real estate west houston

  • Mike Madden
    Mike Madden

    KARMA UPDATE....... Tiger : Free Roaming Owner: Murder Suspect....Now CAGED !

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon

    The tiger was just going after all the Karen's in the neighborhood....

  • radfoo72

    Houston needs to change that stupid law!

  • A D
    A D

    That deputy was patient ASF to be fair, that tiger came up REAL close to him and he still managed to keep his cool 🥵

    • Nick Nick
      Nick Nick

      Wouldnt be the same if it was a Panther.

  • Robbie McDermott
    Robbie McDermott

    You mean this wasn’t Florida?

  • Richie Hembree
    Richie Hembree

    So let Joe out of jail and he cud get it back

  • Nini bella
    Nini bella

    This is crazy. People please stop using wild animals as pet. "Wild" is there for a reason.

  • Really Bruh
    Really Bruh

    Gun gets pulled on an unarmed tiger, doesn’t get shot. Gun gets pulled on an unarmed black man... well you know how that goes.

  • Terry Seldon
    Terry Seldon

    She has a right for fear the only reliable cat to have is a lion from cub.. Or any original animals.

  • javier book shadows contributor du
    javier book shadows contributor du

    wish it was a zombie tiger oh well

  • James 007 Wright
    James 007 Wright

    Welcome to real world ,its crazy that we live in this bubble lol u go to other countries where its normal for things like this

  • St. Louis King
    St. Louis King

    Noway you don’t shoot a tiger approaching you 😂😂😂this whole incident is weird

  • arfirv chodury
    arfirv chodury

    Sweet real estate west houston


    He will eventually kill someone or something unfortunately. This idiot still got to keep the cat without Wildlife Preservation being called.

  • D G
    D G

    If that was a panther he would be dead a long time ago smh

  • Early Earl
    Early Earl

    Isn't that illegal 🤔

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    I remember the good old days when people use to keep their kids in the house or maybe their family members. This is crazy no way you can control that thing

  • xaime glez
    xaime glez

    Tiger munching on neighbors: THEY’RE GRRRRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!

  • tzilla

    Didn't look like he was aggressively approaching the officer

  • Shyt Talker
    Shyt Talker

    This land belongs to the animals Animals rule🙂

  • Donkey KingKong
    Donkey KingKong

    This tiger would of been blasted had he been black. Fawk the police.

    • yuoop noke
      yuoop noke

      It was raised with love so it's harmless.

  • dave h
    dave h

    That police man was restrained as they have shot things for far less

  • dave h
    dave h

    0:06 "why was the tiger there in the 1st place"? State the obvious question.

  • silent_ride_home

    The neighbor lady on the phone is why I don't hang out with females lol. Sooooo dramatic.

  • G Spizzo
    G Spizzo


  • Jasper DiLincoln
    Jasper DiLincoln

    I'd have a new fur coat...lol

  • Ellen Fern
    Ellen Fern

    That's amazing the tiger thinks hes a dog which is a problem they wont be able to house the tiger with other ones for a long time.

  • Ellen Fern
    Ellen Fern

    How did they get a tiger? Really?? But the way he was acting he knows that humans that feed him.

  • Jalapeño Heaven
    Jalapeño Heaven

    I almost thought the reporter was jimmy garrapolo

  • Anna K
    Anna K

    0:49 “... the carnivorous cat...” ALL CATS ARE CARNIVORES, YA DRAMA QUEEN DIMWIT!

  • Captain America America
    Captain America America


  • charlie s
    charlie s

    That's it, I'm moving to the jungle where there are no damn TIGERS!


    loose tigers that can kill get more respect than a black person on the street.

  • Kurt Morris
    Kurt Morris

    they said it is illegal to own a tiger in Houston. Where is it legal to own a tiger?

  • Odiee99

    It was raised with love so it's harmless.

  • nicolerenee7

    What is a tiger doing in The United States, anyway..?

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson

    People shouldn't have exotic pets!!!!!

  • ThisNamesNowTaken

    Apparently cops are more hesitant to pull the trigger on an approaching tiger than they are a black man

    • Mel

      The tiger was not armed with a gun or knife.

  • Gerardo Contreras
    Gerardo Contreras

    😂😂😂 I wonder what's the impression of the carrier of that route.... dang!

  • Amado Sanchez
    Amado Sanchez

    He doesn't own the tiger, they're just friends.

  • Shavor Walker
    Shavor Walker

    Wow!!! That tiger at some point will probably end up in an animal assault of some kind, maybe it will get shot in the process... Any neighborhood is great to raise a tiger... I’m sure kids love to play with tigers...

  • Baby Gee
    Baby Gee

    This is one of the craziest things I ever seen this tiger which is supposed to be in a zoo or in the wild is advancing on the officer that has his gun pulled out...note that this is a wild animal and this damn thing will eat you he does nothing to it but a unarmed black man gets killed and the whole world sees it which one is scarier a wild tiger or a unarmed black man

  • Kelly Jean Smith
    Kelly Jean Smith

    I'm really glad the cop didn't shoot the tiger. Too many officers shoot first and ask questions later. Animals usually suffer the consequences of a human's bad judgement. I'm sure the guy loves his big cat but the suburbs is no place for a tiger, regardless of how domesticated the owner may think it is. I hope this cat winds up in a sanctuary since once it has human interaction it can never return to the wild.

  • M Goody
    M Goody

    I’d be more scared of roaming pit bulls, they should be put down

  • Dolly Babies reborns
    Dolly Babies reborns

    This should not be allowed it’s bad enough some zoos cage these exotic animals Owning a tiger should not be allowed n residential area the owner before owning a tiger or lions should atleast live on 15 acres

  • Xan’cy Pill’osi
    Xan’cy Pill’osi

    AOC says people can’t feed themselves but this guy can feed a tiger

  • The Lone Wolf
    The Lone Wolf

    This doesn’t look like India

  • King Cane
    King Cane

    Soooooo. What happens to the so called owner that decides to endanger the entire community with their pet fetish

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