Collected Miscellany - "Rosaria: Purger of the Shadows" | Genshin Impact
The City of Freedom is old in years but young at heart, innocent in spirit despite a history mired in complexity.
While the pure sleep in safety, a sinner spills blood in the night, taking the act of redemption into her own hands.
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  • Christopher Badillo
    Christopher Badillo

    Literally got her in my first pull. It was just meant to be 🤧😩

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1

    Pls bring to Xbox or don’t take my money

  • yousuf khan
    yousuf khan

    So we're all gonna ignore her Constellation? #Corona

  • Bun B
    Bun B

    I got her a few days ago and I love her so much already

  • Envy Tee
    Envy Tee

    3:15 - Rosaria's so powerful, she can harness the light of the moon itself to censor her cheeks.

  • Heehee Boii
    Heehee Boii

    FS6SU367M279 4BNSD3675J8D SBNBUK67M37Z

    • Karen


    • Heehee Boii
      Heehee Boii


  • Jurassic Aria
    Jurassic Aria

    1.5 STREAM WHEN?

    • Karen

      About 3 h

  • Camila Espinoza
    Camila Espinoza

    Genshin impact I'm a big fan of his game and I just wanted to ask them a few things these are that if it's ay a Valentine's day event I would like the character of the game to be able to go out with someone and that there new encounter missions Sincerely:A fan of your game

  • sean gabriel cortiguerra
    sean gabriel cortiguerra

    oh yea who is 1.5 character banner

  • Ifauyzan

    what did you get of getting update of genshin impact? free2play player not getting any 5 star like me?

  • Pizza ˋ— ́
    Pizza ˋ— ́

    Is it true that 2 new characters are coming (ice and fire?)

  • Kyle Lucas Lam
    Kyle Lucas Lam

    Does anyone know the settings to make genshin impacts graphics and stop crashing the whole app?

  • Rose 25
    Rose 25

    Please, to Mihoyo. we as a Traveler ask to pin on Teyvat unlimited. This is very helpful for those of us who are beginners. I am one of them. That's all. My advice, sorry if there is a wrong wording. For those of you who don't agree with my opinion, we can discuss it in the comments column ^^. Thank you so much ^^

  • spicyramen snack
    spicyramen snack

    Will the 1.5 livestream be available on UZmatch?

    • Nom Nom
      Nom Nom

      @ypz ' are you sure? it’s on the korean channel but not this one

    • ypz '
      ypz '

      Yeah its gonna be streamed here soon

  • Starstane _
    Starstane _

    Rosaria is the first four star character to ever have a "Collected Miscellany".

  • SAMofficial

    Wasnt it today for the schedule of 1.5 stream ?? Its 3 pm rn i saw 16th apr 11 am schedule

    • SilentMat20

      @Nom Nom me neither. Perhaps they posted the incorrect time?

    • Nom Nom
      Nom Nom

      @SilentMat20 i think it’s only in korean and in chinese, i cant find any info

    • SilentMat20

      @Kyousuke where’s the stream? Isn’t it time already?

    • Kyousuke

      @SAMofficial UTC time = Coordinated Universal Time Search it on google and you will know what time is it now on UTC lol

    • SAMofficial

      @Kyousuke what's UTC time? Lol i am waiting from nearly 4 5 hours Gottit thx its 9:50 rn

  • daji

    kaeya rosaria 🤝 teleporting behind their enemies 😎

  • v j
    v j

    Her voice is so familiar

  • Derrt776 _plays
    Derrt776 _plays

    My first wish in 1.4 i got rosaria.. how..

  • Peninsula

    I got her on my first wish..Paired with hydro, she is actually good on combat

  • Cutebunch123

    Mondstadt has been blessed with Thickness of Rosaria

  • Potatointhesky123

    Mm 69k

  • Gaming with Azian
    Gaming with Azian

    0:54 who else was not looking at the cryo vision

  • Definz 120
    Definz 120

    Finally four star character got interviewed by Genshin impact 👌

  • Panos Gakos
    Panos Gakos

    16th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka

    • Someone

      She's gonna get realised with inazuma so in 1.6 or 1.7

  • Center Green
    Center Green

    Guys when you playing genshin impact what are are gadjet using Android or PC Why GENSHIN IMPACT are not compatible any Android phone

  • gramps

    I got her by chance :D

  • Niel Glymore
    Niel Glymore

    Omg we have rosaria

  • Dory _
    Dory _

    This makes my spear turn into a lance

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo y

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • Andersson Melgar
    Andersson Melgar

    Pot for Nintendo switch

  • J Z
    J Z

    i wish MiHoYo will put a trading system in 1.5

  • bruno paixao
    bruno paixao

  • Fialovej Biftek
    Fialovej Biftek

    Rosaria looks really happy and her skin looks really healthy.

  • Jason Martinez
    Jason Martinez

    Off topic but I'm still waiting for the Switch port of Genshin Impact finally receive news.. Hopefully at E3 we will finally get some news on the Switch port. I predict that the Switch port specs will be 720p 30 fps docked, 512p 30 fps handheld. With dynamic resolution too if needed.

  • Denis de Paula Alves
    Denis de Paula Alves

    Saiu o Tower of fantasy, está ótimo, ou genshin melhora ou o jogo morreu.

  • Kay

    Love that I got her and childe in the same 10 pull, now i can save for Zhongli

  • Binoy Mathew
    Binoy Mathew

    So she's like Catwoman... 😏 I like this one.

  • Jason Crites
    Jason Crites

    Pls make a system of trading characters for characters bc I want Klee so bad I wanna trade someone fore her😭✋🏼

  • Yasya Moba
    Yasya Moba

    Di tunggu code primogem gratis nya min:)

  • Mimi_

    I am the only one who just noticed that the guy who talks here have the same voice as dainsleif

    • Mimi_

      @Loonation oh wow it's really cool

    • Loonation

      He is

  • Gui •-•
    Gui •-•

    Xbox? ;-;

  • Hirajii Ishikawa
    Hirajii Ishikawa


  • Denis de Paula Alves
    Denis de Paula Alves

    No live, já vazou tudo a muito tempo. Ainda vem que já vai sair Tower of Fantasy.

  • shondelB 5
    shondelB 5

    When are we gonna get paimon as a character?

  • Khue Truong
    Khue Truong

    Genshin is badddddd

  • moonocity

    please muhoyo for the love of god, make genshin impact less gb on android.

  • KoolRanch69

    Please just make Rosaria realdolls already

  • gacha_Shadow

    When can Genshin have skins?

  • Felicia Michelle Tohar
    Felicia Michelle Tohar


  • Felicia Michelle Tohar
    Felicia Michelle Tohar


  • Ozzy

    Where is the nontendo switch version!!!!

  • I dont know Lmao
    I dont know Lmao

    I am simply here to say that i want endora to stay with me during battle plss, dont fix it, its not a bug, its a feature, plsss MIHOYO FCK

  • Руслан Керимов
    Руслан Керимов

    Русское комьюнити, в бой!!!

  • Saiki’s Coffe jelly
    Saiki’s Coffe jelly


  • Panos Gakos
    Panos Gakos

    15th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka

  • Ashton Sanchez
    Ashton Sanchez

    I’m still waiting for a new piece of the map

  • The TUSK
    The TUSK

    ;-;, ill trade C1 Childe for C0 Rozaria pls...

  • Héctor Ramírez
    Héctor Ramírez

    Por qué tienen que poner como un examen al nivel 25 no puedo lo intente y lo intente pero no ayuda🥺🥺

  • Maco X
    Maco X

    Yo please allow the players to change between aether and lumine

  • Fuj1wara

    Genshin Impact x Touhou Project when Mihoyo 😳😳

  • はここにありますアルジョイッシュ

    Should have been a 5-star tsk tsk*

  • Alien13xd 17
    Alien13xd 17

    They should put the game on xbox

  • ALien

    Пришла сюда для того, чтобы зардиться энергию и наконец выбить себе Розарию, а то всё луки да луки 😶

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

  • Charms

    Pls add trading characters

    • Gopez, Xian Racel T.
      Gopez, Xian Racel T.

      If they add a feature that makes character trading possible, then they will significantly make less money. Making the whole gacha thing useless. That's why they're not going to add it.

    • Jamal Hardiansyah
      Jamal Hardiansyah

      Wth, are u serious? That's business bro, nowhere on gacha games do things like that

  • Pietro Roberto
    Pietro Roberto

    Sooo she is basically Monsadt's Batman.

  • MoonyLighty

    Just got her, absolutely stoked! She’s gorgeous. (now for Childe...)

  • Utkarsh Mishra
    Utkarsh Mishra

    We know that well, shut that crap up and tell us.... give us some hints for the future plan of ending of the siblings journey.... how LONG are u going to stretch the STORY

  • Baljit Alatunjit
    Baljit Alatunjit

    Mihoyo pls bro stop focusing on event and start to making permanent content for genshin we are to bored mannnn

  • Кiра Бiлоцеркiвська
    Кiра Бiлоцеркiвська

    Hello, I would really like to play genshin impact, but I get bug 9907, please tell me what to do

  • Genshin Mobile
    Genshin Mobile

  • Juan Selacome
    Juan Selacome

    Mmmmmmwinter voice. Perfect

  • Ikky Momo
    Ikky Momo

    Rosaria I Need U :( but i no get u, why

  • Mandu the dumpling
    Mandu the dumpling

    mi hoyo could create and anime/serie/movie, with genshin characters and that amazing animation if they wanted, but they just don’t xd

  • Lucky Lucky . WinndChester
    Lucky Lucky . WinndChester

    Make a dendro caracther.

  • Tsunade senju
    Tsunade senju

    I'm waiting with varka's character

  • Jordan Camille dela Rama
    Jordan Camille dela Rama

    Pls add some romance🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Blue na animator
    Blue na animator

    I just want to say.. make a MOVIEEEE!!!

  • Cris Nonie Melchor
    Cris Nonie Melchor

    Is ayaka a real character?? If yes, when will she be released?

    • Thy Do Khanh Pho
      Thy Do Khanh Pho

      probably after Inazuma

    • Gokage

      @Cris Nonie Melchor no problem

    • Cris Nonie Melchor
      Cris Nonie Melchor

      @Gokage ty for the reply💖

    • Gokage

      She is real but she wont be released for a while

  • Gucci lover 445
    Gucci lover 445

    Who knew this guy was dansleif

  • Panos Gakos
    Panos Gakos

    14th day of asking mihoyo to releash ayaka

  • Eevee Girl
    Eevee Girl

    Is Klee ever coming back

  • Jaden Valeriano :P
    Jaden Valeriano :P

    Is Genshin already out on Nintendo Switch?


    Rosaria e forte já testei ela

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Turkish language support plss

  • Kagamine

    I adore mihoyo now for giving me rosaria💗

  • Sobi aka Gamer
    Sobi aka Gamer

    IM TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THIS ON MY PC AND IT WILL NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER OPEN I PRESS LAUNCH IT JUST DISSPAERS IDK WHAT TO DO I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 2 DAYS IM GOING TO GIVE UP SOON / 私のPCにこれをダウンロードしようとすると、それは決して開かず、私は決して開かないことを意味します私はそれを起動するだけです / 当我尝试将其下载到我的电脑时,它永远不会打开,这意味着我永远不会打开,我只是启动它 / idk what langes you spea ;-;

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      B4 special