BABY PLAYS ROBLOX FOR THE FIRST TIME! In this video my baby plays roblox for the first time! Can you believe my 6 month old plays roblox?!
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  • Dean Henry
    Dean Henry


  • Elizabeth Fernandes
    Elizabeth Fernandes

    Hello baby Jayden you look cute

  • Ochako’s gf♡
    Ochako’s gf♡

    I haven’t watch you in so long and omg he’s so cute😭

  • Erika Rivera
    Erika Rivera

    Jayden: ecz byttttttth In chat: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE Me: u can just ban the person XD

  • Cecilia Chan
    Cecilia Chan

    He cute

  • lina HH
    lina HH

    she is the best gamer ever

  • Elizabeth Bean
    Elizabeth Bean


  • Leah_Love_Ashe

    Aww he’s getting so big!!!

  • Elliemaeplayz

    Why is this the cutest thing ever 💓💓💓😗😗

  • Aiyannaplayzgaming Scott
    Aiyannaplayzgaming Scott

    Umm did anyone see the curse words bleep it out

  • Angela Banks
    Angela Banks

    Jaeden is so cute sorry if I spelled his name wrong

  • Wilma Masters
    Wilma Masters

    I love it

  • Stokes Stuff
    Stokes Stuff

    Little jayden already playing roblox :)

  • Witold Kolasinski
    Witold Kolasinski

    Pls do another one🥺🥺

  • Alex Edwards
    Alex Edwards

    Awww his so cute

  • Nya Oceans
    Nya Oceans

    I’ve never seen anyone more adorable then Jayden ❤️

  • Armandas B
    Armandas B

    He should play bloxburg and build momma a big house

  • Chloe Walker
    Chloe Walker

    Omg I have the piggy plushyyyyyy 😁

  • Kaleah Hinds
    Kaleah Hinds

    Zai I will mark jayden's fist Roblox words in my diary.

  • Jesup Hensley
    Jesup Hensley

    Baby jaden has grown up so much !!!!

  • Zena zrng
    Zena zrng

    Lord she's a queen and deserves an award for being this good of a UZmatchr

  • Andrea McManus
    Andrea McManus

    Can you add me pls

  • nasro samow
    nasro samow


  • gift nelson
    gift nelson

    Her: he’s already a gamer. Me: oh we should call me gamer baby 😂

  • gift nelson
    gift nelson

    Omg hi I haven’t seen ur vids since 2020 omg. Ur baby is so cute. I miss ur vids so much!!!!!

  • JJ

    Ur son is so cute

  • Jazmin

    1:26 someone swore in chat-

  • Erick Alexander Velázquez Sacor
    Erick Alexander Velázquez Sacor


  • gladys hernandez
    gladys hernandez

    Baby fever level:100%

  • Anahi Jacobo
    Anahi Jacobo

    Omg I have the same piggy toy as jaden!!!

  • シxxcryptiic

    I used to watch you so long agooo

  • Summerfaeires

    He’s so precious!!

  • Titania XI
    Titania XI

    When I had stopped watching zai, she wasn't married and now she's married and has a whole baby

  • Gacha Horror
    Gacha Horror

    yep but surewhen he will be teen that game wont probably exis anymore but atleast he can have fun.

  • Nancy Beckley
    Nancy Beckley

    hes like mini male u xx Hes an angel

  • Allison Oliva
    Allison Oliva

    When he’s 10 ima be so old💀

  • Luvcy

    When you said I will let you be what ever you want and you support him it include killing

  • Victoria Vanessa violet Plays
    Victoria Vanessa violet Plays

    Try making him play meepcity

  • CJ Pumpernickel
    CJ Pumpernickel

    is that your son?

  • Cookie09

    When Jaden gets a little bit older can you PLEASE get him a computer and let him play roblox with you.

  • Maddiline !
    Maddiline !

    can you tell Jayden to come to my house and sneeze on my laptop? has too cute i need a memory to cherish before he starts getting embarrassed

  • AnimeGeek

    The baby’s so cuteeeeeeeeeee

  • Samuel Adeyemi
    Samuel Adeyemi

    Jayden is a Alt F4 champ

  • Kayla Marshall
    Kayla Marshall

    Jadan is sooooo cute

  • alicia davis
    alicia davis

    Omg he is cute

  • Haley Weerts
    Haley Weerts

    a want to be zai

    • Haley Weerts
      Haley Weerts

      a love her

  • Haley Weerts
    Haley Weerts

    thats rigt

  • Haley Weerts
    Haley Weerts


  • milkyflower

    I'm taking screen shots this is so freaking cute!!!!!!

  • Aziz Majeed
    Aziz Majeed

    I love jaden

  • Shelonda Blair
    Shelonda Blair

    Sooooo cuuuuuuttttteeeee

  • Joan Wilbrandt
    Joan Wilbrandt

    omg this is my first time woutching and i love it seeing that baby melted me little heart im happy for you to have that baby

  • Danni Lowe
    Danni Lowe

    Just like his mommy

  • Jesus Olvera
    Jesus Olvera

    I can’t wait until Jayden grows up ahhhhhhh

  • Cristy’s Channel
    Cristy’s Channel

    Aww l have a sister she is a newborn too aww this is cute

  • Cynthia Colon
    Cynthia Colon

    I got a gamer name… [game Jay Jay]

  • Panda Oso
    Panda Oso


  • Panda Oso
    Panda Oso

    Add me on Roblox

  • ItsAllica

    He the cuties little sunflower😊❤️

  • Issa Nundu
    Issa Nundu

    This video Is so adorable. Well Jayden Is, He wanted to play that's why he bit you're hand, well sucked It.

  • Shamy Games
    Shamy Games

    I love baby Jaden and his family they are so adorable. You started bringing up a beautiful baby boy he is so adorable playing roblox. I can't believe he is growing up so fast 🥺🥺🥺🥺. You need to stop growing. Love you Zai, Rickey and baby Jaden 💗💗

  • Sanika Rahman
    Sanika Rahman

    Zai: “as you know Ricky is a tower legend” PinkLeaf: *bet*

    • Sanika Rahman
      Sanika Rahman

      @Jesla - Tesla how the hell am I hating

    • Jesla - Tesla
      Jesla - Tesla

      She was joking stop hating

  • Presley Smith
    Presley Smith

    OMG, Jayden is already crawling?!

  • Esthetic with sophia
    Esthetic with sophia

    Omg he already likes roblox

  • SimplyAicha2

    He's so adorable

  • _Xx I cant think of a name xX_
    _Xx I cant think of a name xX_

    I haven’t been watching you guys in while but I’m so happy that baby Jaden is having fun!

  • Crypticz III
    Crypticz III

    he so cute I love your baby boy >3

  • naomi mercado
    naomi mercado

    Zai I Love Your videos. Also Jaden Is Soooooooo Cute 💕💖

  • emma Jean
    emma Jean

    Aww the baby is so adorable

  • XHex Andy Gaming
    XHex Andy Gaming

    Zailetsplay do you know baby Jaden slapped you in the face

  • Sabreen Ali
    Sabreen Ali

    my fav youtuber is zai

  • Levy Pierre
    Levy Pierre

    So cute 😍

  • Earthworm Scrunkie Rat
    Earthworm Scrunkie Rat

    He's going to be the best Gucci roblox UZmatch baby there ever was

  • leafyInspire

    His sneeze tho :0

  • Dreaka Ragland
    Dreaka Ragland

    He's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • HaileySummer

    Jayden is like the cutest thing ever✨💖✨💖💖💖

  • Galilea Tapia
    Galilea Tapia

    Am sorry

  • sonya Lamondie
    sonya Lamondie

    Yayyyyy baby Jayden ehhhh

  • Arcade Pac
    Arcade Pac

    He is so cute omg yes

  • Mias bloxs
    Mias bloxs

    He is so handsome:))

  • Amanda Grayson
    Amanda Grayson

    He is so cute zai. U and ricky are great parents and love u guys so much I have been watching u since u started yt ❤

  • Ashley Escobar
    Ashley Escobar

    can I just say one thing that baby Jaden is so cute!

  • Comales sfg SFGM
    Comales sfg SFGM

    hi jayden u so cute and wow i love ur keyboard bye bye baby jayden u so adorable i wish i can hug u

  • roger alcantara
    roger alcantara

    Yeah she works so hard on this videos

  • Nutan Gowli
    Nutan Gowli

    whes so cute he doesnt even cry . when i was a baby i cried alot

  • Youknowwhoiam

    What keyboard do u have?

  • Shanaya Turner
    Shanaya Turner

    The baby is so cute

  • XxItz Mabel BerryxX
    XxItz Mabel BerryxX

    *Me seeing jaden* AHH OMG ITS JADEN HE IS SO CUTEE!!! 😍😍 AWWWWWWE

  • Tammy Williams
    Tammy Williams

    Im sorry zai he looks like Ricky

  • Genesis Perez
    Genesis Perez

    cutes thing ever! godbless you jaden and your mum and daddy!

  • iluv.niyaaa

    HES 6 MONTHS NOW!?! OMGGG I havent been here since he was a little boy😭❤

  • Vickie Foreman
    Vickie Foreman

    Thx for looking at my comment

  • ClaireplaysYT

    Zai is the most craziest mother yet so precious XD

  • Aaliyah Lefranc
    Aaliyah Lefranc

    He soo cute 😩🥺🥺🥺😖🥰😍😚

  • Amanda Grebba-moreno
    Amanda Grebba-moreno

    your lil jadan is sooooooo gorgous and cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  • ilovepigs wowo
    ilovepigs wowo

    My video keeps loading

  • Josealfrefo Angel
    Josealfrefo Angel

    He so cute

  • Arayelle Bain
    Arayelle Bain

    Awww he cheeks so chubby and cute

  • Flower Brielle
    Flower Brielle

    I should get Jaden a pop it on Amazon

  • Geetha Nagarani
    Geetha Nagarani

    So cute baby

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