THUNDER and RAIN Sounds for Sleeping BLACK SCREEN | Sleep and Relaxation | Dark Screen Nature Sounds
Let the relaxing nature sounds of THUNDER and RAIN take you into a state of deep relaxation. Feel the power of the thunderstorm and the dancing rain...

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This video has a dark/black screen so you don't have to deal with any unnecessary light from the screen when attempting to sleep/relax.

THUNDER and RAIN Sounds for Sleeping BLACK SCREEN | Sleep and Relaxation | Dark Screen Nature Sounds

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    I grew up falling asleep to rain & rainstorms. Now I live where it rarely rains .Every night I look forward to this. I NEED it ...especially when I'm restless. 🌧

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    i are food guy

    Goodnight everyone

  • Chin chin Rodriguez
    Chin chin Rodriguez

    Everytime i am going through stuff and can't sleep i always look for this sound, helps me stop all the voices in my head and stops me from overthinking. Rain really calms my mind 💕

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    this video is TOP tier ✨🌚🌧⛈⛈thank youu

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    I watch this everynight 😩 been like 6months now lol it helps so much I play it on my tv on blast and the screens pitch black 😍

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    RAINING BLOOOOD!!!!!... Wait

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    Me who has a phobia of thunder: This is so calming-

  • Running Bear
    Running Bear

    I suffer from severe insomnia and yes it's a real thing, this video being played on one phone and the sound of Shamanic therapy on another combined helps me fall asleep within minutes. This is one of the many reasons i give thanks to mother nature herself. If you've read up to here so far, may i say that i hope by now your already feeling tired and can sleep better. From the Mohawk tribe, stay healthy and prosperous...good night my brothers and sisters.

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    I love sleeping when it's raining, now with this it can rain every night

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    Anyone else hear the backup beeps of a truck? Also who else is jamming this tonight?

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    When it said: ☁️⚡🌧 I felt that.


    AD Free relaxation at its best. Thanks, & Thanks to the Universe for everything we are blessed with. Amen. Sleep good you friend that just read this. Stay powerful stay grounded to the highest true divine

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    The 21k people that disliked: I didn't like the part when it rained.

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